🔥 $10k/Day on TikTok

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$10k/Day on TikTok

Observe, this kid’s bringing in good dollarydoos.

“I started running TikTok ads with my friend @Harnur recently, and we have touched $10k/day within 20 days.”

$10k/day in 20 days.

By a 20-something year old.

“I am in my early twenties, so I am looking forward to connect with all the young people crushing it in this space and make a lot of good friends.”

Go join a mastermind with @zaneaff.

Young or old affiliate dog it matters not.

Yer welcome.

👉👉👉 Give Thanks Where It Is Due

My Funnel Ain’t Workin’

“I tried to run an offer on AdCombo but I got 0 conversion. The funnel was: Fb Traffic -> Pre Lander -> Final Lander Offer. I tested 2 types of pre landers with 3 landers offer.

The campaigns setup was:

  • Lead to Lead/ViewContent with broad audience and female audience;

  • Engagement to ViewContent with broad audience and female audience.”

This poor man got 0 conversions.


Inside, ye shall find his landers, offer and the ads.

Then ye scroll down.

And what do ye find?

STM mods on the offensive.

Plus, one legendary @stickupkid and his warlock sweeps spells on FB.

Or, how to run sweeps on FB not only without getting banhammered…but with account managers helping your sneaky affiliate campaigns.

Plus, what makes a great advertorial, and what’s wrong with @spappello’s funnels.

Plus, way more, as per usual.

👉👉👉 Hop In There

Shy Lurkers Come Out of Hiding

Listen, I get it.

Maybe it’s intimidating.

Being around STM wolves.

You write a few words.

And then close that tab in fear.

“Hi all!

I'm Alexey, I've been around a year or something, but only now I'm writing this post.

I started my career as an affiliate 1,5 years ago, just as a hobby. Now it's still a hobby (since I have to earn something to pay for my brave experiments lol), but I'm really looking forward to growing my skills here.

I'm currently running Nutra COD offers on Facebook for Tier-2 and 3 (some native as well, but volumes there are really small). What I'm looking for is where to develop myself. I think I'm ok at Facebook and probably can run anything there. But tbh I've no idea what to try outside Nutra.

I'll be very grateful for your advices. And glad I've finally made the first post here lol”

Be like Alexey.

Come out of the shadows.

We don’t bite.

We’ll help you scale your stuff.

👉👉👉 Say Hi To Alexey

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