@jaybot's Grande Summary - $102,400 Revenue

How did this slip past yours truly's prying eyes?

Mr. Big-Money-Bags, a.k.a. The @jaybot, posted his latest grande summary/update/report and the results will shock yer socks off.

"Total revenue this year for all camps is a little over $102,400."


"$4700 Green for the month. That's a liveable wage in some areas. Yes. I spent $30k in a month. That's the yearly salary for some folks."

But wait, there's more:

Did ye know it's been 24 months since this follow along's humble beginnings?

Twenty-four months.

2 years.

Ever seen anyone as dedicated?

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Why Rising Taboola Costs Are A Blessing

@jack_l's wisdom and insights are boundless.

Eternal, if ye may.

Here's why. When you hear "rising X traffic source cost" you do one of two things:

1. Shiver\

2. Shiver violently

I mean, who likes high traffic costs?

Affiliates don't, neither do advertisers, neither does any STMer.

Or do they?

Thanks to @jack_l, you can see through a "macro-lens" how and why this is a once in a generation wealth-transfer and how we can all fill our greedy pockets with coin.

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Episode V: The TikTok Strikes Back

"It was a shitty week." @scottgilmour

When it comes to TikTok and STM follow alongs, it ain't all Ewoks and C-3PO swinging shrooms around a campfire.


When there are ups, there are downs, too:

"Been talking with @jaybot about this but no one mentions how horrible it can feel when you're burning money and it's just not working.

It's a dark and scary place to be in."

Indeed, what do ye do when all yer campaigns fall apart?

>> The TikTok Saga Continues <<

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