$100k/month Follow Along [Almost There]

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$100k/month Follow Along [Almost There]

$100k/month Follow Along [Almost There]


Typically you hear of a newbie making a dollarydoo here and there.

They start a follow along.

They get profitable.

Many reach 3-4 figure a day.

And the majority find success and profit handsomely (thanks to STM, of course).

Occasionally though, you hear the STM bar doors slam open against the wall and in walks one mysterious badass looking guy.

And then everyone goes quiet and heads are turned.

That’s what pretty much happened here:

  • Guy walks into STM like a badass coming out of the shadows

  • Guy is sick of the agency life and dealing with clients

  • Guy starts a big (profitable) follow along

  • Guy’s already a third of the way there but wants to scale to $3,333/day or $100k/month

  • Guy’s gonna make it happen super soon

  • Your jaw drops and you start drooling at his weekly updates and numbers

  • You then hit ‘Subscribe to thread’ and the ‘Thanks’ button

He’s running clean whitehat leadgen at about 100% ROI.

He’s doing it consistently.

He’s scaling and posting stats and updates.

>> And, basically, you should just go here and hit Subscribe, yer welcome <<

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What do TikTok, Wild Boars & FB Ads Have in Common? 25% Lower CPAs

Bear with me on this one!

Mr @wakeboarder, a.k.a. Tim, a.k.a. “Lord of the Boars”, a.k.a. Creator of one of STM’s best-est follow-alongs ever, a.k.a. The _living embodiment of the entrepreneurial spirit strikes yet again_.

This time around we’re shown an ingenious way to:

A) Snag creatives for cheap from an untapped “influencer” “market” - TikTok

B) How to use said creatives and the exact age groups to hit

C) WHY this works so well and why you should jump into it ASAP

Think of TikTok as an affiliate offer with a street payout.

Picture thousands of hungry affiliates mauling each other for crumbs.

TikTokkers make no moo-lah, my friend.

That by itself should be big enough a clue for ye.

Basically,* that’s all I can reveal* for nowz.

We don’t want starving freebie-seekers putting their skinny hands on precious STM golden nuggets now, do we?

P.S. Check reply #10, again by Tim, showing a hilarious creative made for the wild boars - but you have been warned, do not eat/drink anything because you will choke and die laughing.

P.S.S. It seems this thread’s turning into one of dem butterfly-STM-effect threads and is getting even more golden nuggets.

Enjoy the snowball.

Go ye here, see how Tim does his magic, and then do it yerself while TikTokkers still haven’t figured out they can charge at least 10x more for this stuff

It’s The Small Victories - First $5 Revenue Day

You think that $100k/month follow along guy started there?


He started at $5/day too.

As mentioned earlier, here’s one of those newbies finding success, lemme just lazily copy-paste the entire thread below:

It was actually my first green camp (apart from my super lucky $1 guide smartlink one). I had been chasing success in POPs, only to try PUSH out of frustration and I got lucky.

I couldn't have done it without the amazing help and encouragement that everyone has shown me here at STM. You all deserve medals for being such helpful heroes!

I hope this is the start of a journey into profit for me. I'm looking forward to a better life for my family, and this $5 is probably the first tiny step forwards for me in my AM journey. That's why I'm excited. It's proof that I am learning and improving.

Now all I have to do is work even harder and make my first $10 revenue day.”

If you’re a newbie, please read that last line a couple of more times.

It is absolutely vital to your success to keep working harder after you find success.

This guy makes us all puff our chests up out of sheer pride.

Go make someone’s day better – encourage a newbie so they can reach those same $100k/month figures

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