100% You’re Not Running These Types of Offers On Native

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100% You’re Not Running These Types of Offers On Native
100% You’re Not Running These Types of Offers On Native

@platinum, one of the native wizards over at The Optimizer recently revealed a type of native campaign that:

A: Nobody’s running right now.

B: Is gaining traction.

C: Is “a piece of cake – especially when compared with the usual lead generation or straight sale offers.”

You know how many hoops you have to jump through (and how many dollars need to thrown) in order to make regular offers work on native.

But this is different because you don’t even need a landing page – they’re all direct-linked.

There are 2 downsides, of course, which @platinum goes over.

But the biggest surprise?

The sheer size of this thread.

>> Not only are there details and screenshots but you also get the automation rules on a silver platter <<

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Plutus Toolkit - Binom Cost Synchronizer

Speaking of wizards, @plutus is a tech-wizard and he has been on a roll lately.

First, his Offer URL Generator.

And now this – a Binom Cost Syncronizer.

Binom Cost Synchronizer is a python script that synchronizes costs in Binom using traffic sources APIs.

It basically executes a python script daily using crongjobs on your server.

It grabs your Binom campaigns and matches them with the traffic source campaigns based on the URL, then fetches the cost of matched campaigns for the previous day and finally updates the costs.

Worry not – there are installation instructions for non-tech inclined, mere mortals too.

@plutus also just got a nice reward for his continued contribution, efforts, and activity – one we don’t give lightly – a few months of free STM membership.

>> Go grab his tool right now <<

Tired of Ad Networks flooding the threads

@bako_kaye is in his full right to be pissed off:

“This morning I was just going through posts and new threads and I kept on stumbling these threads where the publisher comments on his own post to grab the attention of the viewer and also to move his post forward.

I'm in ad networking myself but even I think that what they do is a little extra.”

In other words, thread bumps by various companies on STM.

If overdone this can get extremely annoying.

That’s why we’ve got specialized sections and rules that all companies are required to follow – otherwise they get a warning and then the ban hammer.

@jeremie, @vortex and @matuloo jumped in to have a look.

Most networks follow the rules and are compliant. Networks are allowed to bump their threads only twice a week – if you see an infraction please let us know ASAP.

STM has to be kept clean and spam free.

On that note, here’s a reminder of our rules:

Rules for all members.

Rules for all vendors.

>> Go here to see the full thread <<

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