🔥100 Handpicked Landers from Adplexity – $0.01 Each 💳Get $250 Worth Of Traffic For FREE

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🔥100 Handpicked Landers from Adplexity – $0.01 Each  💳Get $250 Worth Of Traffic For FREE
🔥100 Handpicked Landers from Adplexity – $0.01 Each

What can 1 Washington bill get ye these days?

100 landers.

From Adplexity.

That’s like $0.01 per lander according to yours truly’s brilliant mathematical mind.

They’re all handpicked.

Squeaky clean (by the industry’s greatest pros, trust me – their lander ways are beyond us all. You can kiss sneaky scripts and redirects goodbye.)

And literally ready to rock & roll – Plug’n’Play, if ye may.

The ‘cream of the crop’, as they put it.

What type ‘o landers?


  • Nutra
  • Bitcoin
  • Casino
  • App installs
  • Sweeps
  • Dating
  • Way more

But why all this for just $1, ye ask?

Well, I ask _why not?_

Yer welcome, as usual.

P.S. Jump in there and whisper in @alex_om’s ear what the next batch of landers should be. If ye have an ecom fetish or a Zucc fetish or anything in between you let him know.

>> READ MORE URL: Go get ‘em, tiger <<

Get $250 Worth Of Traffic For FREE

The TwinRed ad-network is excited to announce its exclusive popunder / interstitial / pre-roll / banner spots, on high-quality tube sites: | Category Rank: 11 | 400k daily impressions | Category Rank: 33 | 1.5M daily impressions | Category Rank: 113 | 170k daily impressions | Category Rank: 93 | 2.2M daily impressions | Category Rank: 90 | 1.8M daily impressions | Category Rank: 116 | 90k daily impressions | Category Rank: 219 | 1.1M daily impressions | Category Rank: 412 | 250k daily impressions | Category Rank: 294 | 168k daily impressions | Category Rank: 599 | 100k daily impressions

Top geos across all the sites are US, DE, UK, FR and IT. These sites convert well for cams, dating, nutra, adult gaming, betting/gambling and VOD offers.

To test these exclusive sites, and many more, ensure to sign up to our network using this link and get up to $250 free credit* with your first deposit!


*Special promotion for STM users who sign up through this STM newsletter. First deposits to newly created accounts, not related to other active accounts, receive free credits of $50 from a deposit of min. $100 and from first deposits of $500 we will add $250 to your account. Free credits are non-refundable or transferable to other TwinRed accounts and will be applied to your TwinRed account after the first deposit has been received. Offer valid for 30 days.

Facebook Mega Banhammer Deluxe

This poor affiliate’s entire innocent BM felt the Zucc’s gentle, creepy shoulder rub.

It’s all gone.

Not just the 1 ad account running a WH offer.

But the entire thing.

The problem is, FB’s been trigger happy for the past few months.

Word on the street is the Facebook waters be shaky.

But has the Zucc been waking up on the wrong side of the bed or is there another, more sinister problem?

Mr. @stickupkid and @fbqueen herself just dropped some clues.

Ye may wanna check inside yerself.

Something-something ‘Business Integrity Guideline written specifically for affiliate / ecom campaigns’, to quote @fbqueen.

>> The Zucc antidote right here <<

The Way of the Native Bid

Can cheapass bids work on native, tier 1?

Let’s say you can throw $500/day at Taboola or Revcontent and let’s say ye wanna run mainstream dating?

Should ye expect a steaming pile of shitty placements and web-striken conversions with a low bid?


But also, dive in and witness with yer own greedy affiliate eyes exactly how bids on native work.

Down to the last crumb.

>> Witness the way of the native bid here <<

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