ūüĆī $100/Day in Big ScottyG's TikTok Utopia

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ūüĆī $100/Day in Big ScottyG's TikTok Utopia
$100/Day in Big ScottyG's TikTok Utopia

Big ScottyG's explosive TikTok success kickstarted a TikTok revolution.

And so began @jack_l's Degen Tiktokery drift towards ScottyG's TikTok Utopia.

Others following suit. (blows Zuck a kiss).

All affiliate eyeballs have target-locked TikTok -- one of the highest-ever, most active sections on STM as of late.

Here are @jack_l's benchmarks, with $100 day ticked off.

"Here's a list of benchmarks I'm going to include on each post from now on with each metric I hit bolded ( no exact order just general upward momentum)

-First account created

-First campaign uploaded

-First sale made

-First $100 day

-First profitable day

-First $500 day

-First $100 profit day

-First $1,000 day

-First $500 profit day

-10 camps uploaded

-100 camps uploaded

-1000 camps uploaded

-First $10,000 day

-First $1,000 profit day

-First $100,000 day (shooting big here!)

-First $10,000 profit day"

Plus, there's one type of offer ye push to baby boomers (ecom gadgets, investing products, refi), and a different type of offer works on millenials - take a peek inside and see what jack_l has in store.

Oh, and maybe, perhaps, conceivably, perchance, possibly -- ye did not hear this from me -- somethin-somethin' big TikTokery may or may not be in the STM works.

Do ye too feel yer tummy butterflies getting excited?

>> Exciting Degen Tiktokery Updates Here <<

[SPONSORED] 5 Reliable Metrics to Gauge Your Email Marketing Efforts - by Supreme Media's Benjamin Rose

Last month I wrote about the new "Mail Privacy Protection Update" by Apple, which bans the use of the invisible pixel.

While some people feel that the update will bring the newsletter boom to an end, others argue alternative metrics can measure your email activity better.

Below, I'll give you 5 proven and reliable email metrics to help you plan out your campaign.

Conversion Rate - Possibly the most important KPI, your CR% depends on what action you're wanting the visitor to take (e.g. subscribing to the newsletter).

Clickthrough Rate - Open rates don't tell you whether subscribers are liking the newsletter content or not.  The clickthrough rate (CTR) would be a much better metric for this.

Using Reader Surveys - Send out a reader survey to ask your subscribers what types of content they would like to see.  Why guess when you can find out for sure?

Building API Integrations - Many companies are replacing invisible pixels with API integrations, to improve the accuracy and completeness of the data collected.  This can also improve Information security and consumer privacy.

Monthly List Growth - Monthly List Growth (MLG) is by far the most important KPI.  MLG shows how much your subscriber list is growing each month, which is directly related to how effective your newsletter is.

Collectively, the 5 metrics can give you insight into how effective your newsletter strategy is, and where you have room to grow.

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TikTok Tracking

Speaking of the latest degenerate Tiktokery craze there's been a slight bump in STM's TikTok revolution:


Ah yes, dem tokens ain't gonna pass themselves.

An avid victim of the TikTok movement trying to figure out TikTok tracking asked for help: Tell me STMers trying to figure out TT without telling me STMers trying to figure STMers are indeed trying to figure out TT, my friend.

Couple of ways ye can go about tracking this new degenerate beast:

1) The ScottyG way -- one half is 2-3 hours and finger-crossing , second half is a couple of seconds but perhaps not registering all conversions, all the time.

or 2) The Papa Zeno way -- yes, the Master-Wizard himself has this figured out for FunnelFlux pro and is willing to help innocent STM nooblets set this up regardless. Note, this ain't yet officially live on FF pro, it's just Zeno helping people out. Go PM him.

Where there's a will there's a way.

>> Good Luck and Have Fun <<

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