$10,023.36 in 1 Day [Posted on 10/10/19]

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$10,023.36 in 1 Day [Posted on 10/10/19]

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$10,023.36 in 1 Day [Posted on 10/10/19]


Can ye hear the sound of motivation?

It usually goes like "CHA-CHIINNG", if you've gotten Shopify sales notifications.

@micoangelo, an incredibly motivating, positive affiliate creature decided to start a "motivational follow-along".

Dude hit $XXX profit days but wants more.

"My next goal is to pass $X,XXX profit days."

"My goal for this post is motivation, but not a cheat sheet.

I love success stories, don't you?"

Do we love success stories?

Does The Zucc drool over his keyboard when he target-locks an innocent affiliate account with his freaky lizard eyes?

Come on.

Anyways, back to the point, quoted and copy-pasted below:

"Update1: 10/10/19


I made almost exactly $10,000 in one day on Monday. Holy cow!

30% profit margin...

So I guess I already met and exceeded my goal (to hit $x,xxx... aka $1,000 profit per day)

The day before this happened, as you know, my max was $xxx revenue per day.

Since Monday I've had some weird technical issues. I have not been able to hit the same numbers... but it's proven to me that crazy things are indeed possible... It could happen for you too as soon as tomorrow!


All that happened just a few days following Michelangelo di Lodovico Buonarroti Simoni's first post.

What's to follow in the next few days? Weeks? Months?

I can see you drooling from here.

Oh, by the way, @micoangelo said he's coming to AWA (if you are too then please drop by the STM booth, say hi and "thank you for writing these newsletters" and remember to bring us drinks, thanks).

On that same AWA note, Amy jumped in asking him for a favour - to post in our Success Stories section.

In return, he gets an extraordinary gift.

One that may or may not get mentioned in the thread.

(Go check, if it doesn’t, I’ll probably tell you what it is in the next issue.)

Sponsored [CASE STUDY] Free Secret Weapon I Used to Make $114,548 in Profits

[Below are stats from an actual campaign run by an Idvert user.]

I’ll try to keep this short. Here is a part of my revenue for the specific offer:

My FB data:

My formula is super simple and easy:

  • Top offer
  • Angle for creatives
  • Scale quickly to win before there is too much competition

Top Offer Usually, I focus on only one top offer in any period. Mostly it is recommended by my AMs and has been run by other affiliates with good EPC and big revenue.

Angle for Creatives I rely on a spy tool to find angles of creatives to test. Note that I said ANGLE. I don’t suggest to copy the creatives directly, because Facebook has probably already flagged them. My team makes our own creatives based on the angles from winning creatives. For the money page, I would slightly change or even directly use good landers found in the spy tool.

My personal tips for finding the best creatives: a. been running for over 3 days b. has a good number of comments and engagement c. Money page is available d. creative is seen multiple times in the spy tool

Testing I set up at least 3 ad campaigns to test an offer, one angle per campaign. For each campaign, I will set the budget to at least twice the offer’s payout. For example, for an offer payout of $50, I would set the test budget for each campaign to $100 or more.

Also, I target broad to reach a larger audience.

Scaling to Make Big Money When the ROI of the ads reaches 200% I will scale, and I will stop the ads when the ROI falls below 100%.

I suggest using diverse creatives in an account when scaling up. And I keep an eye on the numbers all the time, adjusting 3 to 4 times a day as needed. In my experience, it’s safer to adjust the budget in smaller increments.

What I do when my creatives are copied by other affiliates

I would increase the budget boldly to speed up the quick money. In this way, I would consume bigger portions of the caps with good traffic, which would, in turn, lead to more great support from my AMs

Which spy tool do I use?

I use Idvert mostly as it has everything I need. You can sign up for their free trial to test it out, and if you like it, sign up for a paid subscription.

[The following information provided by idvert]

Idvert is developed for affiliate marketers, for niches including Crypto, Nutra, Casino, Sweepstakes, E-commerce, and more.

Key features:

-Multiple ad sources covered: FB, Native, and Adult

-Unique offer angle: We offer unique offer angle analysis in addition to ad creatives, money page, target information, etc.

-User-friendly filters and text search: You can filter by vertical, ad network, affiliate network, ads format, geo, language, etc. You can search by keyword in ad text, money page and url.

Top affiliates are complaining that Idvert is revealing their ads. If you’re not using this powerful spy tool, you’ll be at a serious disadvantage – because while your competition is copying YOUR ads, you’ll be left in the dark about THEIRS.

The regular subscription price is $199/month, but for a VERY limited time, we will offer you a ONE MONTH FREE TRIAL with no strings attached, just for being on the STM mailing list! After the trial period ends, you will enjoy a lifetime discount of $50 off the regular monthly price (from the second month onwards).

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Check Out Idvert Now, Go Here

The Scaleship Reaches Multiple All-Time Highs: €3,824.87 / day


Holy moly.

I don’t know if this is some sort of highly contagious super-intelligence-mutation from the wild boars, but Tim (@wakeboarder) & co are kicking ass.

Their Scaleship has reached the speed of light and is about to install a warp-drive it seems.

I mean, look at this:



Yesterday was the best day in terms of profit/revenue.

| Spend | Revenue | COGS | Tax | Profit | |--|--|--|--|--| | €546.41 | €3,824.87 | €1,512.91 | €382.31 | €1,383.24 |!

“OTHER GEOS As soon as we launch France, we will move to DE, PL and HU. “

“WORKFORCE Vanja joined us as our first full-time employee and so far she is doing a great job. Macgyver started a new production line over the weekend, and Zan optimized the admin WooCoomerce so that fits our workflow more. We can now fulfil around 200 orders per day. “

“Also, Zan has too much stuff to work on. He is optimizing the fulfilment process, connecting everything to WooCommerce, adding new countries/currencies to the same WooCommerce and the list goes on and on. “

They’re buying fancy, mega-expensive printers.

They’re hiring people (even offered some farmers near the Scaleship to join)

They’re doing product spinoffs. (for pet owners, Tim found a logo on Dribbble and offered to buy worked.)

They’ve got unique systemized processes.

Extremely detailed replies with photos…

(That above is a recent packaging shipment.)

They’re organizing deals with the print company.

Resolving all sorts of setbacks.

Complex analytics.

Cash-flow stuff.

Sneaky angles.




This email (or me) simply cannot do Tim’s Scaleship any justice.

Seriously just go and read the damn thing.

It’s invaluable, go ye here

“$1 Guide - My First Profitable Campaign“

If you have not heard or seen Amy’s $1 guide go here right now or I’ll tell The Zucc to come and rub your shoulders while you’re saving your campaign:

Basically, it’s so successful we see complete and utter newbies hit numbers like these all the time:

That’s $223 in revenue from a newbie so fresh he just came out of his momma’s womb.

Literally never touched anything even resembling an affiliate link.

Never generated any affiliate revenue.

0 experience.

All thanks to that guide and going through it step by step.

A brilliant way to get your hairy affiliate feet wet if ye ask me.

Just wanted to show you that even the uninitiated ones can bring in the dough with the right STM nudge.

Go here to see the screenshot and then go check this guy’s new follow along

UPDATE: Fastest Train to $10,000/month Profit?

Remember this one?

Lemme refresh your memory:

“What do you think is the fastest/most efficient traffic source or model to use to reach $10k/month profit (~$300/day) running paid ads as an affiliate?

I'm in a position where I need to waste as little time as possible getting to that point.

A bit more info: - I have full-time availability, and (I think) plenty of money to invest (let's just say $20k). - I'm not a newbie to internet marketing; I've run a couple of successful online-based businesses in the past, but no paid ads - Technical aspects of tracking, landers, pixels, etc, aren't a roadblock (I'm a web developer) - I have a decent understanding of the testing and optimization process (having seen a number of examples, but no direct experience)”

Insert wise STM mods & people giving this guy great advice.

Push vs native vs Facebook.

Yada yada yada.

Turns out he chose to focus on ecom plus Facebook:

“Hey, thanks for the followup. Well, it's embarrassing how long I spend "getting my ducks in a row" instead of just running ads. I realize my folly there.

That said, I've decided to focus first on ecom (DFO and GiddyUp) on Facebook to hopefully take advantage of Q4. I think that route is fairly safe with FB so I'm okay with it. As I get time I'll venture into native and push (I've been doing some spying using Anstrex for ideas). Planning to go nuts and test as much as I can during October. That's all I have right now... if I remember I may post back here with results.”

But that’s not important.

What’s important is this line:

“it's embarrassing how long I spend "getting my ducks in a row" instead of just running ads”

A common but crucial mistake.

The more you overthink the less of a chance there is of you launching that first campaign.

Planning’s not bad.

Yes, you need to know where you’re headed and what you’re supposed to do, of course.

But if you never take that first baby step your fears are gonna get the best of you.

You’re gonna have 0 campaigns.

0 profits (or losses).

0 experience.

1 fear.

How do you fix it?

As soon as you have your plan handy – just jump in and try it!

Do not hesitate.

As @maynzie put it: “Real life results > textbook theory”

“Just submitted a campaign on Facebook for an ecom offer. Actually I submitted it yesterday but FB is taking a freaking long time to approve. So it's STILL just sitting there In Review. “

“it took just over 24 hours to get approved ... it ran for a few hours... then rejected because there was "profanity or insulting language" in the video. No profanity, but on closer inspection, there was something that could be seen as "insulting language". Man, Facebook is super sensitive! So I removed that video and have resubmitted the ad.”

Where else could he have learned the above?

You gonna keep planning and doubting yourself or are you going to take action?

Re-read this thread now

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