🧙‍♂️1 Weird Trick STM Wizards Use to Combine Mad Data 📌My Sweet STM COVID-19

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🧙‍♂️1 Weird Trick STM Wizards Use to Combine Mad Data 📌My Sweet STM COVID-19
🧙‍♂️ 1 Weird Trick STM Wizards Use to Combine Mad Data

Google sheet spells and incantations taste best when served by STM wizards.

What’s this one then?

Ye know how in Voluum you can only export data for the past 30 days?

It stinks.

Big time.

But this STM wizard (@caravaggio) spent their mana making a mystical Google Sheet – it combines a number of jumbled up sheets into 1.


Here’s how the spell works:

1. Go to yer tracker and select whatever data ye need for the past 30 days. Then select _placement (Zone ID), revenue, costs and conversions_. Export CSV.

2. Repeat step 1 for a different period.

3. Go to the Google Sheet Data Combiner and paste yer data into the ‘Data’ sheet -> gg.

4. Watch the magic happen and thank Yours Truly for hooking you up.

But why make such a sheet tho?

Here’s what the chief himself says:

“The biggest problem with such 2 lists is that you have duplicated placements and different revenue / costs / conversions.

What the sheet does is split data based on placement.

So it finds placement (even if you have 2, 3 the same) and add revenue, costs and conversions.”

Yer welcome.

>> Click here to enter the portal to the Magic Google Sheet <<

My Sweet STM COVID-19

Aahh, the sweet smell of COVID-19 in the morning.

2020’s about to be one unforgettable year.


My top tier advice on what to do during these quarantines and the sudden influx of demented Karens foaming at the mouth.

Instead of being _bored out of yer mind at home_, do this:

Step 1. Cancel the Netflix sub.

Step 2. Flick yer TV remote out the window (pray it hits a Karen between the eyes)

Step 3. Cancel the WoW sub.

Step 4. Dump yer girlfriend.

Step 5. Delete Facebook (maybe leave the Business Manager alive). Lawyer up. Hit the home gym (this is all Reddit’s advice, don’t mind me)

Step 6. Get married to STM instead.

Step 7. Start doing affiliate marketing.


Name me a better time than right this instance to start doing AM?

Here’s a little bit of help to get yer lazy ass off the couch.

Yours truly’s influence and persuasion skills know no borders and have managed to net ye some discounts.

Use the coupon RELIEF20 and grab 20% off yer first month with STM.

Yer welcome.

>> Don’t be shy and don’t be a wuss, checkout’s right here <<

$1 Guide Bears Tasty Fruit Even in July 2020

“Finally, after spending £10 on the campaign my Revenue was $11.71.” - Newbie

However, this newbie did something different.

A twist to the $1 guide, if ye may.

You’ll see inside.


Amusing how a puny little bit of innovation can net positive ROIs, no?

Talk aboot an evergreen, anyone-can-get-their-feet-wet guide to entry-level affiliate marketing.

Literally anyone.

Yer grandma included.

Go thank this newbie and thank Amy too for making it all happen.

Lest ye want to see Yours Truly under yer bed tonight.

>> Wet feet in here <<

2020 Spring-Summer Sweep Trends to Bring in $10k/day

Slap yer sexy swimsuits on.

Put on yer heavy-duty chemical protective clothing.

And dive right into 2020’s wettest spring-summer sweepstake trends.

That’s March 1st to June 15th, 2020, FYI.

Also, 2019 included.

This thread has about 10 thousand tons of graphs and images.

And priceless lines of text, of course.

Like this:

Mind you some affiliates are still making $X,XXX - $XX,XXX / day on FB.

Despite the Zucc’s intense shoulder rubs and deathly stares.

P.S. Sweeps are all alive and well, and sipping margaritas waiting for bloodthirsty affiliates to swipe ‘em up. Mind you, these detailed reports are all based on CC submit sweeps.

P.P.S. Yer welcome, again.

>> Grab ‘em by the sweeps, right here <<

Lazy Neo Starts a Follow Along?? What?

The Chosen One has had an epiphany.

A vision, per se.

One morning he woke up and his sleepy mind’s response was something such as this:

“The coding and programming section shall rise from the dead.”

“_My plan is to get some automation for my campaigns running so that I have more time for other things_.” – He whispers.

Why, of course – why else do ye think he’s known as Lazy Neo about the STM streets?


Python + Lazy Neo + Binom API = Quote:

“What I did so far is to grab the all-time stats for a specific campaign group in Binom and print all the campaign names in this group.”

The goal?

“My next step will be to collect the campaigns tracker IDs, this is very easy by just changing the ['name'] to ['id']

Then I will make the script to loop through all these campaigns stats and pause offers based on simple rules.”

Mysterious are the ways of the chosen one.

>> You should sub to Neo’s follow along, trust me. It has been said: “Give the hardest job to the laziest person”... <<

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