1 Simple Trick to Improving Your Life?

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I was just scanning through some recent blog posts and something caught my eye. This: http://www.bakadesuyo.com/2014/08/10-happier/ It's basically about meditation. Meditation? Yup. So I have never really cared about this. I'm a happy person. I get things done, I have always felt like meditation was for people who 'want to be in touch with their spirituality'. Something I couldn't care less about. But recently on the STM forum a post about an app popped up - called Headspace. I used it, and it's actually pretty good. Then I saw the above linked article and I thought a quick blog post was in order. It reminds me of trying to lucid dream - ya know, that deep state of being on the verge of sleep, body feels numb, mental clarity, and you're thinking god dammit just give me wicked dreams already! OK so meditation is not really for that, but it is apparently great for mental focus. Anyway, I'm going to try meditation. Jump on board and see how it goes. Have any of you added meditation into your daily lifestyle? Mandatory fancy photo:

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