1 Roasted Shopify Store Plz 🛒

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1 Roasted Shopify Store Plz 🛒
1 Roasted Shopify Store Plz

Member @kelvinhe requested that STMers roast his Shopify store...“PLZ”.

He’s been building it for about 2 months full time.

“I have not been profitable and have only made a couple of sales. My conversion rate is poo.

And oh boy did he get roasted by some legendary STMers.

@jack_l reveals why the 2 products @kilvinhe’s running don’t convert at all (hint: they’re on native traffic) and how he can 10x his conversion rate.

Then an old-school legend dropped by, Mr. Charles Ngo, and gave 7 super precise tips on improving credibility.

>> Go check @kelvinhe’s store and either give...or borrow feedback <<

[SPONSORED] Popunder Traffic Myths Finally Debunked

So, popunder ads are dead and the traffic sucks, right? But how come we still see it all over the internet?

At PropellerAds, we’re pretty curious as well, so we’ve conducted a bit of research to find some answers - and our results will blow your mind!

(Spoiler Alert: We have a gift for you to download!!!)

Okay, are you one of those who believe in these Popunder myths?

Let’s debunk some common myths:

Myth #1: Popunder Traffic Has Poor Quality - The best way to disprove this myth is to look at the number of world-class advertisers are still working with this format (Spoiler: sooo many).

Myth #2: This Ad Format Isn’t Effective - Also not true, and you’ll see that when you download the PDF.

Myth #3: It’s Super Intrusive - Seriously now? Have you seen unskippable video ads?

At PropellerAds, we’ve worked with popunders for almost a decade now, and we’re completely sure that this format is alive and kickin’.

If you hear an affiliate talking bad about popunders, there’s a strong chance they’ve never even tried this awesome format.

Below, take a sneak peek at stats you can find inside our FREE PDF:

  • Top countries including India, Brazil, the USA, Indonesia, the UK, and France

  • 830M+ impressions in India alone

  • Average CPM for the top 5 countries is $0.63

  • Average conversion rates as high as 1.02% in some areas

  • 5.72 billion mobile device impressions per month


Ready to Get Started with Popunder Traffic?

Download our Popunder Traffic: Benchmarks & Market Trends 2021 Report and see the numbers for yourself.


You Run Youtube Ads?

Here’s a slightly olde thread recently resurrected.

An STMer asking for a buncha great resources to learn Youtube ads.

The primary recommendation seems to be Tom Breeze (YT channel) and his corresponding courses.

@wakeboarder a few more great resources worth checking out.

>> Go here if you want to learn Youtube ads <<

Can’t Scale on Outbrain?

This STMer has their own ecom offer and they’ve successfully scaled Taboola to 15+ Tier 1 and Tier 2 GEOs.

However, Outbrain turned out to be a different story entirely.

From the proven GEOs, 20% turned out to be instant home runs with $0.80+ EPCs.

30% needed **major optimizations.

And 50% of geos barely convert at all.

This thread received some super in-depth replies from @platinum from The Optimizer and local native wizard @jack_l.

>> Go here if you want to learn of the inner workings of Taboola and Outbrain’s algorithms <<

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