[1 Hour Training] How to Write TikTok Super-Affiliate Angles

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[1 Hour Training] How to Craft Super-Affiliate TikTok Angles

Ever wondered how Big ScottyG crafts angles for his $XXX,XXX TikTok campaigns?

An angle is what makes or breaks yer campaigns.

It’s the one catalyst behind every single successful affiliate.

It’s the difference between seeing yer campaigns make money one day only to tank the very next.

It’s how ye get bonkers ROIs.

Big Scotty G decided to train a gaming buddy in the art of writing angles for TikTok.

In the hopes he’d get a new employee.

And guess what?

Ye all get to see this in action.

1 hour of pure uninterrupted angle magic spells, STM style.

Yer welcome.

👉👉👉 Write Great TikTok Angles Now

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A $12,752.00 Day

A screenshot’s worth a thousand words.


Can’t see?

Let me help.

$14.90 EPC.

$12,572.00 revenue.

Ye better hit that thanks button.

Blessed be thy ROIs @iwanttofly.

👉👉👉 Give Yer Thanks Here

Listen Like Thieves

Deadly affiliate skills can be applied to any business.

Affiliate or not.

Anything in need of leads or sales.

Any one product or service in need of eyeballs.

@iwanttofly ran campaigns for a friend of his in need of clients in the insurance space.

Brand new account, brand new page, brand new pixel.

Budgets? $50/day.


You bet.

But what makes something like this a walk in the park for any STMer?

For one, this ain’t a bleeding innocent CPL offer surrounded by hundreds of hungry affiliate wolves.

In other words, you’re not competing with other affiliates.

For two, once ye know how to run killer angles you’re ahead of 99.99% of the businesses out there.

For three, you have complete control over the entire funnel.

For…four, seek and ye shall see inside.

👉👉👉 Go Ye Here & Watch Closely…

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