$1.2M in 2 Months 💰 Native Ads Launched at TwinRed 🚀

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$1.2M in 2 Months 💰 Native Ads Launched at TwinRed 🚀
$1.2M in 2 Months

2020 was one challenging year – everyone felt the pain of getting banned for running whitehat angles.

Many struggle to choose a vertical.

@cassshy delivers a great $1.2M in 2 months case study showing exactly how much whitehat leadgen can bring you in.

See why you should go with direct advertisers instead of networks.

And how to avoid problems with lead quality, lead discrepancy, daily caps, bans and more.

Additionally, see what types of offers you should be running and what the best seasons and months are.

P.S. If the word ‘bans’ worries you, @stickupkid clears things up. It’s usually the affiliates at fault, not Facebook.

>> Go read @cassshy’s full case study here <<

[SPONSORED] Native Ads Launched at TwinRed!

Adult Ad Network TwinRed has launched their native ad format which promises to bring even higher conversion rates to their advertisers, especially for those running dating, nutra and casino offers.

TwinRed’s native format allows advertisers to:

• Use the “crop” feature for best creative optimization on different sizes

• Add a ‘call to action’, as well as brand name and headline text

• Use {Browser / Country / City} macros for best performance

• Test their campaigns across different sizes and layouts to ensure optimal delivery

• Target direct quality traffic sources

Sign up at TwinRed now and speak to your personal account manager about the best tips & tricks for this new native format!

And if native is not enough for you – TwinRed’s Push Notifications are now also available via RTB! Contact to start monetizing push with TwinRed.

Facebook Verticals for 2021

Speaking of @cassshy, in this thread he shows you which verticals you should focus on in 2021.

Yes, lead gen being one of them.

Ecommerce too, obviously.

But do you think the following verticals are dead?

  • Crypto (everyone thought it died in 2018…now there’s a way to run this without a cloaker too)

  • Gambling – no way you say? Think again. Bigger payouts expected in 2021, too.

  • Dating –tThanks to global lockdowns dating’s doing quite well again.

And there’s one other vertical revealed inside that starts with a negative ROI but pays off in the long run.

>> Go see the best Facebook verticals for 2021 right here <<

Plutus Toolkit - Automatic GitHub deployment using webhooks

@plutus drops in yet another marvelous tool from his toolbox:

Automatic GitHub deployment using webhooks

Warning: This is 100% technical.

Not recommended for non-techie people.

Here’s an explanation in plain English from @plutus himself:

  1. You have your own server

  2. You added DNS record that point to that server

  3. You created repository with your codebase

  4. You pulled that repository on your server once

  5. You set up webserver to serve files from that repository when accessing your domain

Now the script kicks in.

It set up webhook module that will automatically pull any further changes from the repository when they occur.

One important note is that the GitHub repository name must match document root directory name of your website.

The way it works right now, is that it requires repository that is already deployed once and set up in the web server.“

P.S. There’s a massively-detailed explanation of how all of this works from a non-tech perspective thanks to @vortex asking. Plus you’ll see our other tech-wizard @jeremie chiming in and clearing a lot of confusion around Github, Amazon S3 and CDN.

>> Go grab this tool and say thanks to @plutus again <<

Vortex’s 40-Day Tutorial Updated: Day 19: Setting Up Hosting and CDN

Speaking of hosting and CDNs… @vortex just updated the 40-Day tutorial.

This is Day 19: Setting Up Hosting and CDN, and oh boy is it detailed!

What’s covered?

Setting up Namecheap as the domain registrar, Route 53 as the DNS service provider, Amazon S3 as the webhost, and Amazon Cloudfront as the CDN.

This lesson will show you how to host your landers for FREE, and show how to set it up step-by-step.

>> Go check the tutorial <<

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