🏧 $1,200 in a Day (800% ROI)

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$1,200 In A Day, Yuge ROI

Let’s start things off with dem numbers:

“I made $880 today in revenue with $1,20088 being my highest **in a day on the network just last month.” – @brianaustin07

This here man made $31,670 out of about $3,500 in ad spend.

According to my advanced math skillz, that ROI = fat triple-digit percentage.

Or thereabouts.

There are a couple of culprits responsible for such high ROIs.

The network in question, Maxbounty (yes, they’re still here), is an affiliate favourite.

A sweetheart, if ye may: “Great network that ALWAYS pays on time. My money hits my account every Wednesday at the same time of day”

Not that we endorse anyone, but maybe they’re onto something.

The second success-culprit has to do with ‘obscurity’.

The man in question reveals he’s been running this bad boy for over a year.

Snap this here link below in a new tab:

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[SPONSORED] How to 10x Your ROI on Sweeps

Sick and tired of running the same, old, boring, iPhone 13 offers?

Well guess what? So is your audience!

The biggest affiliates in the sweepstakes vertical know this one key to high ROI:

➡️ ➡️ ➡️ Instead of promoting iPhone 13 offers to broad audiences, they promote CUSTOMIZED sweeps offers to NICHE audiences.


🔥 Cookware for Cooking Enthusiasts

🔥 Dysons Vacuums for Clean-Freak Moms

🔥 PS5 / XBOX for Hardcore Gamerz

🔥 Fashion Giftcards for Shopaholics

You can LITERALLY offer ANY sweepstakes prize to ANY audience.

Change the prize, and you have a new offer!

Is your head buzzing with ideas yet?

If you’re wondering, “but where can I find these offers with customized prizes?

Here’s where we - The Fellas Ads - come in!

✅ We have an in-house design team that can create offers with customized sweeps prizes, exclusively for you! (Just ask!)

✅ We can even create the pre-landers for you, AND host them!

We’re not just an affiliate network that provides offers and that’s it. Our founders have 10+ years’ experience working in the industry. We know how the traffic works, we know how the offers work.

We provide you with offers, landers, pre-landers, and know-how - everything you need to make serious profits.

Reach out to us now - let’s make some bank together!

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A Follow-Along’s Final Chapter + One Red STM Squirrel 🐿️

How can a squirrel teach you affiliate marketing, ye ask?

Watch closely.

I’ll let @larsometer speak for himself:

“This is my last post.

The day has come to write the final chapter of my Follow Along.

The reason for this is pretty simple: Every book ends once the story is told.

My mission was to make it in the AM World. More specifically: I wanted to make enough money so that I could live from it.”

Wipe a manly tear, and carry on down the page…

“But hey, somehow I made it through all the dark days and even weeks, again and again…”

It took this man 2 years to build confident affiliate marketing skills.

A normal timeframe for anyone mastering a new industry.

But that’s all besides the point.

Despite STM, networking & hard work, @larsometer still had to face his demons all alone.

Fears take many shapes & forms:

  • perfectionism
  • control issues
  • catastrophizing
  • feeling too stupid / not enough
  • being unable to concentrate/getting distracted by little things (basically being in alarm mode)
  • being unable to relax

This is where the Red Squirrel chimes in.

“Long story short... all of the sudden a red squirrel came to visit me every morning. We became friends, squirrel learned to trusts me and finally brought all his friends to me.”

With ample opportunity to observe and study squirrels, @larsometer got taught priceless lessons. Red squirrels are, and I quote again:

  • extremely curious
  • they move quickly and know no obstacles
  • committed to the max, when they smell a nut they try everything to get it (really everything, no matter how sneaky)
  • they crack every nut no matter how big
  • playful and lighthearted

The rest of this priceless bullet list’s continued inside…

P.S. A few posts down ye’ll find @larsometer’s most important catalyst for success, coupled alongside 4 crucial success factors.

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I Feel Like Quitting

An STM nooblet cries for help:

“I hate to write this, but I am extremely overwhelmed.

My positivity and mindset is just not there at the moment.

I enjoyed creating camps and running them initially, but, I've been dreading this entire process for about 2 weeks now.

I can not figure out how people make a living doing this when it seems so inconsistent.

One creative works well in one camp, and then completely fails in I try it again, or do I scrap it?

Was it the image or the copy?”

What’d ye think happens next?

I’ll throw ye a couple of bones to gnaw on:

@jaybot: “I quit every * day.”

@fastaj: “I quit like 2-3 times for 1-2 months each time”

@waynedouglas78: “I'm GLAD I quit all those times.”

@larsometer: “I don't believe in positivity and mindset too much.”

@brianaustin07: ”In the beginning of last year, I decided to give up on making affiliate marketing work for me consistently and got a full time job. “

Ring any bells?

Basically, this thread’s priceless.

Yours truly would repackage into a PDF and sell it to ye.

Easily so.

But I won’t.

Here ye go, a link, yer welcome:

>> Read Carefully, Here <<

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