$1,100 Profit But 10% ROI

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$1,100 Profit But 10% ROI

Remember @brentcollins?

Ye should.

Here’s why:

  • Spent on ads: 9923$
  • Revenue: 13905$
  • Profit: 3981$
  • ROI: 40%

Day 93 of his affiliate journey.

Ninety-three days to 4 figure profits.

But this game ain’t all ponies and rainbows.

Daily fluctuations on Zuckerbook are painful.

Day 107 3rd month

  • Spent on ads: 10800$
  • Revenue: 11920$
  • Profit: 1100$
  • ROI: 10%

One day, you’re rolling in cash.

The next?

Zero conversions.

How does an STMer fix this?

For one, by subbing to this here follow along:

👉👉👉 For Two, By Keeping a Finger on The Pulse on STM

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One STMer VS The Big Blue Beast

Speaking of Zuckerbook.

And follow-alongs.

Tuck this one in yer subscriptions, and follow closely.

“So after many days of research and warming up my BM, I finally launched a campaign late at night on Tuesday May 16. Using my best converting offer on native

The results so far are promising (after running five full days):

  • Revenue: $450
  • Spend: $189
  • Profit: $261”

Man’s got questions, too:

“1. I am throttled by the $50 per day spend limit per ad account. Currently only running on one account, but the max Meta will give me as we speak is three

  1. Image ads get much higher CTR than video, but the landing page CTR on video is much higher, plus Meta sends most of the traffic to the video ads. And the three conversions I have gotten have all been from video ads. Now I know it's a very limited sample size, but that brings me to concern....

  2. I can only get one video ad approved. A similar video ad has not gotten approved once. And that original ad has now been rejected twice (after initially being approved)

  3. Only one of the three conversions is showing in Facebook (I am tracking through Voluum using the FB Conversion API). Maybe this is normal, I dunno”

Sound questions,

Here’s what ye should do.

Grab yer mouse, flick open this thread and scroll down.

Absorb digital gold from veteran STMers, such as:

  1. Why ye want to have extra agency accounts and a pro-tip to keep things churning in case The Zuck chops you down.

  2. In the end, it doesn’t really matter if yer using images or videos–and the one and only metric ye need to keep an eye on.

  3. Whe you need to be careful with ad approvals, and why one single approved video ad may actually be a bad sign.

Do you ye like my bullet points?

Ye’ll love the digital gold inside.

👉👉👉 Go Here & Sub To This Follow-Along…Now

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