0 to 7 Figures With Push Traffic Faster Than a SpaceX Rocket

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0 to 7 Figures With Push Traffic Faster Than a SpaceX Rocket

We live in ah-mazing times.

You get to watch not 1 but 2 SpaceX rockets park themselves automagically without any human assistance, live, before you casually swipe down to the next funny cat video or dropshipping ad.

Elon’s tech happened fast and he’s scaling it even faster.

When you see an opportunity you just have to jump on it, sink your teeth in, and iron out the kinks later.

On that very same note, Mr. @Chaz just shared all the key points from a major AWEurope talk.

Zero to 7 figures with push traffic from Mr. Andrew Payne’s 40-minute AWE19 presentation.

Andrew has delivered over 6.5+ BILLION messages to over 38 MILLION users.

In Tier 1 the US.

His first dip in the push waters showed promise with -35% ROI right off the bat.

(For the uninitiated, that’s a super promising first-time ROI in the AM world. It means in most cases you should be able to get to profits...Andrew obviously did, big time)

Andrew sunk his teeth in and scaled fast. Now he’s teaching us how to iron out all the kinks – a shortcut of sorts, if you may.

Anywhom, there are 12 main takeaways and 1 juicy bonus.

  1. How to build out your push traffic subscribers without the need for a network.

  2. How to optimize to reduce costs per subscriber

  3. Aggressive approaches to capture a subscriber using his Subscriber Backflow method – basically using a back-button that rotates up to 5-6 domains asking people to resubscribe, which netted Andrew & co a resub rate of over 30%, that’s pretty massive.

  4. Monetizing the backflow – this one’s sneakier than mongoose. You slap landers & offers in front of people indefinitely..or at least until they quit.

  5. What’s important in the ad copy – Hint: it’s not the badge or image.

  6. When and how to use the main 2 types of messages – which are general and tailored, each with their pros and cons (explained in detail by Andrew)

  7. Why split testing will make or break your campaigns – remember the quote “always be testing”? Yeah it applies here too, plus Andrew has a super important rule of thumb you should apply to your tests.

  8. Messaging Frequency – too mellow and you lose, too aggressive and you lose again. There’s a fine balance you have to keep as Andrew reveals in his video.

  9. Lifetime Value of a Subscriber – too many factors to list here, just check the vid.

  10. Messaging Frequency (again)

  11. Types of messages – too aggressive and you cut down the lifetime value of your subs.

  12. Promote a variety of offers

To put the cherry on top, there’s one bonus tip so good I just have to let you see it for yourself. It’s mega-simple yet super few people think of doing it and it results in massive ROI boosts.

As is the STM custom – all the revealing, value-dripping insights you’ll find in the thread and Andrew’s video.

Fire up those push rockets


Last time we spoke of STM’s win-win-win mentality and Amy’s upcoming, ginormous sweeps guide.

Srsly, this is like a massive skyscraper suddenly showing up next to a garden shed shockingly huge and contrasting.

Industry leaders, newbies turned pros, veterans and experts have all decided to join forces and help Amy write the ultimate sweeparoos guide.

The first 2 parts were released last week, and they were just too damn good that quite a few affiliates have expressed their impatience in the thread.

The good news is that the rest of the guide has just been released!

Run, don’t walk, to admire it in all it’s glory - then implement some of the tips before your competitors beat you to it!

Get all the parts right here


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If you remember this from last time a productivity freak Agent Smith showed up on STM and told us he’d deliver his secret ways of crushing to-do lists and getting stuff done with 0 burnout.

We mentioned the first part already got posted and it’s time we covered it in some more detail because you’re gonna need this if you wanna scale your campaigns and business like the big boyz.

“How I DESTROY My Todo-list Every Single Day”.

“Since I started implementing this system, I've been 10x more efficient every day. I RARELY get into slumps, because this system works around them.”

Let’s say that today you’ve got to:

– pause a bunch of camps

– check the stats on a number of risky ones

– load up some new landers

– ping a dozen of your AMs

– make sure to check the lead quality on that nasty offer

– talk to your VA

– everything else for the day, like eat, breathe and workout

What’s gonna happen is you’re probably gonna overthink every task before you get to it.

In fact, your overthinking is going to take longer than actually finishing said task.

That’s why you need systems and to-do lists.

You just look the task: “ping AMs at X and Y networks around 9:30am” – done, no need to overthink, just pure action taking.

As per @lyhras’ advice:

  1. You absolutely need a long term vision otherwise you’ll get caught in the blackhole of small day-to-day tasks. This is what causes burnout, fear and doubt.

  2. You have to “front-load” your planning. Meaning you need to setup weekly and nightly/morning routines. The nightly/morning routines are what makes lyhras crush his to-do lists every day. It takes just 10-20 minutes max every night but the results are stunning.

  3. An actual to-do system is a must.

“Everything I’ve talked about so far flows into my todo-list system, and makes it more efficient than it would be without the preceding steps.”

He uses Todoist to organise everything and put his plans and visions into place.

Plus there’s one bit you should pay special attention to in order for your day to go 100% smoothly and seamlessly.

You might wanna take a dive into the deep end of this thread because it’s gaining popularity fast.

K.O. your To-Do List Here


It doesn’t matter if you’re running whitehat or blackhat.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a good boy or a bad boy.

The Zucc’s gonna lock you up and all you’re gonna be hugging are your disabled ad accounts. This guy with a super long nickname along the lines of @smittywerbenjaqweryyuiopasdfg-something asked how to stop Zucc from locking him out.

“Whenever I'm working on a campaign, I often get locked out of my account for "suspicious activity" (i.e. editing an ad), and I'm forced to upload a photo and wait several days to hear back from them.

“To add insult to injury, my account is currently disabled after (I guess) being flagged too many times by the algo. I've uploaded my photo ID, but haven't heard back from them since.

All this time I have been running 100% white-hat campaigns in verticals such as refi, auto loans, and edu. I have done everything from the same device in the same physical location. I have only had one adset disapproved this entire time, and that was due to a minor issue that I subsequently fixed. The adset was then approved and ran as normal.“

See? 100% White-Hat Campaigns.

Zucc don’t care.

Zucc ban.


After a quick diagnosis by Dr. Stickupkid, our resident FB mod and expert, it turns out that the cause of the illness is simpler than you may think…

Plus the cure is something you absolutely must do for every account, every time.

Everything’s inside. Another golden thread.

How to hide from The Zucc


This innocent question by a crying newbie:

“Hi there!

I am all new to native ads & using taboola by spending daily budget of $500 for my first Whitelist campaign. But unable to get it scaled up (ROI) close enough to daily spend. Any guidance?”

Basically turned into a monster of thread.

It turns out that whitelist campaigns on native are a bad idea in general.

@thedudeabides chimes in:

“You're having trouble scaling spend or getting ROI?

IMO avoid whitelist campaigns unless they're on big sites if you want to do bigger volume.

A good enough offer should work broadly across the network without a ton of micro-adjustments needed.”

Quite a few more experience native people confirmed this too, alongside other interesting details on how to scale.

But the conversation then took a different turn – people mentioned James Van Elswyk’s courses and how, while they’re good, they may just be wrong.

It’s a matter of weighing in ads vs landers and which one has a greater and faster impact on your campaigns.

This is the meat of the thread despite the main topic of whitelists.

Do yourself a favour and read through all the long replies and you might just save tens of thousands of dollars on your next native campaign...

Things are not always what they seem

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