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SINCE 2011

STM Forum was launched late one night in January 2011 with the goal of providing case studies, guides, high quality information on a variety of topics and to act as a core networking hub for industry veterans.

7 years later we are ​ the authoritative forum on affiliate marketing and our reach continues to expand. We now provide higher education, host conferences and local networking events, and are continuing to improve and expand what the forum offers every affiliate marketer.

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🏩 30.7% ROI USA Dating

August 01, 2022

30.7% ROI Usa Dating Case Study Blessed be the @cupcake’s campaigns…and generosity. Un-fortunately, yours truly can’t share juicy details. For this is juicy dating, if ye catch my drift. Hide yo kids, hide yo nuns, and flick open this thread on yer smallest screen. Lemme show you some of the good stuff: Geo: USA. As I’ve already mentioned some time ago, when testing a new offer, I always choose USA. Affiliate network: Wink wink. Platform: ExoClick – one of my favorite adnetwork with a great list of sources and strong manager support. AdFormat: header 300x100 – in my opinion, one of the best ad format with the potentially highest CTR. Time period: May 06-18, 2022 Offer: Nice try, newsletter spies. Total spends: $ 1 031.98 Revenue: $1 348.80 ROI: 30.7% 👉👉👉 Take The Plunge Now PopUnders are among the most popular and highly converting ad formats used by affiliates. ​ And now, popunders have become even more attractive with a new bidding model from RollerAds - SMART CPM. 🔥 Unique and new - SMART CPM FOR POPUNDERS! ​ Smart CPM is a custom pricing model that allows you to buy traffic at the best possible price! No more overpaying! ​ Traditionally, Popunders are sold using the CPM model, however we at RollerAds decided to make this onclick Ad format even more lucrative for you. We already offer the CPA pricing model and this time, we bring you Smart CPM! ​​Get $50 BONUS for your first deposit, just mention this promo code “XXX” to your manager and launch new campaigns! How SMART CPM works 1- Choose the Smart CPM pricing model while creating an Onclick campaign. 2- Set up the maximum bid you are ready to pay. 3- The system will calculate the final rate based on the minimum price for your target GEO/Device combination and the top CPM that is running in that target at the moment. 4- You will automatically overbid existing CPM in your set limits. Why should you choose SMART CPM? 1.- Reduce the cost of your Ad campaigns. If the thousand impressions can be bought cheaper, the Smart CPM system will take care of this. 2- Increase your ROI or even change it from negative to positive. Earn more. With Smart CPM you have the possibility to purchase the same number of impressions at a better price without losing even a single conversion. Popunders have never been this efficient, every affiliate should try it! 👉👉👉 TRY IT NOW TikTok Search Ads, TikTok SEO & STM Mod Surprise Recall the good old days of Adwords & SEO? Same thing’s cooking up now. But on TikTok. Search ads are launching soon for all TikTok ad accounts. Many options for TikTok SEO services, TikTok camps and TikTok tools. Add TikTok. But the sweetest part? One ye olde STM moderator’s back from the far reaches of the interwebz. He joined back in Feb 2011. Curious? 👉👉👉 See For Yourself First Conversion In A Few Hours ‘Fore ye start wiping prideful tears, here: “I'm so pleased to say I got my first conversion on my first proper campaign today running desktop on push. I had heard how rare it is to get a conversion on the first day and wasn't too hopeful to get one, especially since it's a decent payout of $28. I followed vortex's pop guide and twinaxe's push guide and combined elements of both.” What? An old affiliate dog’s not allowed to chop onions? Piss off. It is indeed rare to get a conversion on yer first day. Especially so a $28 conversion. Yet here we are–wiping our manly testosterone ‘tears’. 👉👉👉Go Give Yer Thanks Here The Finest STM Has to Offer Ladies & gentlemen, May I have yer attention, please? Amy’s been hard at work curating literally the best threads on STM. Both recent threads like these: From 0 to $10M Exit How To Conquer TikTok - Completed Guide 400% ROI doing CC Submits Sweepstakes on REELS- Jump while it's HOT HOT HOT [Secret Tips] 6-Figures/Day with Casino Offers $22k Day And evergreen threads, like these: CHEATSHEET: DO's and DONT's of Push Traffic zero to 20k/day within 3 months of starting affiliate marketing The Mistake that Many Smart People Make Create At Least 21 New Angles For Any Offer In Under An Hour These are just barely the tip of the iceberg, my friend. Click dem links above and dig in. Yer welcome.

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🧑‍🌾 How to Build a Media Buying Team, STM Style

July 26, 2022

How to Build Your Media Buying Team Lets say your campaigns hum along greenly. Lets say they’ve been humming along for the past couple of months. But yer getting tired. Maybe ye want a vacay. Maybe ye want to scale things up. But time’s nowhere to be found. Campaign after campaign, creative after creative, lander after lander–yer time’s running on empty. What happens when you, the machine, stops working? 5 figure days go down to 0 figure days. But lets assume, unlike yours truly, that ye don’t hate people. What ye can do is you can build a media buying team. That way, your campaigns keep running when yer not around. @estebangira shares his pro-tips on how to build your very own deadly media buying spec ops team: “The idea of creating a media buying team was "How can we still earn money if we stopped running campaigns” … My Current team are: Media Buyers, Assistants, Account Manager, Designer, Web Programmer, Accountant- All of them are in house - and some freelancers when are needed” Yer welcome. 👉👉👉 The 6 Key Steps to Creating a Media Buying Team, Go Here [SPONSORED] Searching for affordable traffic options? Dive into the LATAM market! You are likely already aware that there is huge revenue potential in the LATAM market for the iGaming industry! Netopartners’ affiliates have been making impressive headway across Latin American countries over the past couple of years. ​ What makes LATAM the 🔥🔥 choice at the moment for online gaming marketing? ​ I’ll keep it short and sweet 😎 -Gambling traffic is far cheaper than for European countries - yet with higher conversion rates. With Peru, Chile, and Brazil showing great ROI. -Access to 650+ million people of which over 80% are internet users and the majority are social media users. -The common Spanish language makes it easy to adapt marketing materials & strategy. -LatAm is an emerging market with HUGE forecasts of online gambling revenue. It should reach a jaw-dropping US$2.6bn by 2025. -Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, and Panama have legalized online gambling. Regulated markets let customers feel safe and create a reliable gaming experience on all levels. >>Get more info on LATAM<< How can you tap into this market? Netopartners’ latest partner brand, Jackpot Island, is a Malta-licensed and regulated brand, localized for the LATAM market (Peru, Chile, Brazil, etc.) The brand basically sells itself 🤑🤑 Players can expect fun, engaging online casino promos, generous welcome bonus offers and the BEST games online!!! Like with all of NetoPartners partner brands, Jackpot Island gives its players constant 💰 bonuses to keep them wanting to come back for more! Partner with Netopartners and enjoy this exclusive deal. 👉👉👉 Check out this offer A Native Nooblet’s Desperate Cry For Help Get ready for yer weekly dose of thread-gems. This helpless newbie ushers a desperate cry for help: “Hey STMers, I'm a native noob doing my baby steps in IM with search arb. ?Running though the FA of @jack_l, I've noticed the following (not exact quote, sorry): "The main metrics of success in paid AM are Total Campaigns Started/Average Loss Per Failed Campaign". That got me thinking about the question "how to decide from the start what is a failing campaign?" What is a failing campaign? How do pro STMers know when to cut their losses? If ye want to see the exact rules deadly affiliate such as The Jaybot ruthlessly cut campaigns. 👉👉👉 Then Go Here, Now Looking For: Debt Relief Offers Ahoy. Direct advertisers, networks and in-betweeners: This guy’s looking for debt relief offers: “I am running debt relief offers but got low conversion caps atm so I am looking higher caps for my high quality FB traffics. I love to run Freedom debt relief, Accredited, National debt offers.” USA, CA and UK. Go help the man out. Perhaps ye’ll get other interested affiliate eyeballs on yer offers too. 👉👉👉 Go Here

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💎 57% ROI on TikTok in 4 days

July 20, 2022

57% ROI on TikTok in 4 days Do we even need to discuss this? These dudes and dudettes (they’re an affiliate network) ran some offers as a case study. And boy did it work. The details? Here, I’ve highlighted the most important parts: Source: TikTok Target: Male 35+ Geo: USA Advertise period: 4 days Spend: $3367 Revenue:$5295 ROI: 57% As for the juicy details? These ye shall seek and ye shall find inside. And be sure to ‘smash that like/subscribe/thank you’ button in there. Or whatever the youngsters say nowadays. Yer welcome. 👉👉 Go Sink Yer Teeth Into This Case Study [SPONSORED] $1,708,356/mo Offer Revealed - and How to Run It Yourself Before we reveal the offer, here are some juicy tidbits: -Average payout = $112.50 -EPC $3.5-$5.0+ -Multi-geo offer (WW with exceptions) + broad audience = SCALABILITY! -It’s on Clickbank so you’re approved to run -Refund rate < 4% The offer is GLUCOTRUST. Our top affiliate made $1,708,356 last month - here’s proof: Check out the highest-converting VSL: And the text sales page: Below, you’ll find ALL the information you need to make bank with this product. Traffic Sources: YouTube, Google/Bing, Native, Social (such as FB) Audience Targeting / Demographics: -Both male AND female audiences - Men - 56%, Women - 44%, Age 45+ -People that: Want to lose weight; want to control their blood sugar (e.g. people with diabetes); have high cholesterol or high blood pressure; have erectile dysfunction -Best geos: US - 86.24%, CA - 4.3%, AU - 3.1%, UK - 2.0%, NZ - 0.6% -Best devices: iOS - 46.45%, Android - 22.3%, Windows - 20.58%, Mac - 10.67% Angles and Creatives: -Best angles: 1)Weight loss, 2)Control of Blood Sugar Levels -Creatives: Since Glucotrust is a mature offer, you’ll find lots of ads and pre-landers in spy tools (such as Adplexity and Bonus Materials can be found on this affiliate tools page: Email swipes: 👉👉👉 Promote This Lucrative Product Today! Sensei Twinaxe In WIth a Guide: How to Run Financial Offers He, @Twinaxe The Chosen One, hath spoken: “This time I will show you how you can easily run financial offers. And with you I really mean everyone of you.” More: “It doesn´t matter if you are a beginner who´s just starting affiliate marketing … or if you´re an experienced affiliate …” What does he mean by financial offers? Loan and credit ones. There’s this one ‘tiny’ thread–if ye flick open this link–where He, The One unveils a couple of ‘tiny’ six-digit numbers. What’s so special about financial offers? Ye might add. Payouts. A lot of them are SOI/DOI lead gens. CPL+CPS. Simple funnels. It’s just nice. What ye should do now is you go in there and you subscribe. And ye wait, patiently. Why? That’s why: “In the next post I will show you a very easy way to start running financial offers so stay tuned.” 👉👉👉 Remain Tuned By Clicking Here And Subscribing To His Thread Dusting Off A Shiny 2012 Gem: Scaling by Finding Traffic Sources 2012 called, it wants its ROIs back. Amy just bumped this bad boy. By a ye olde mod, @tijn. But this thing still holds. And it’s fascinating. If ye want to learn how to find new traffic sources, the old affiliate dog way, this is yer chance. And don’t forget to pay yer thanks-dues. For this is what built AM. 👉👉👉 Go Here For Your Shiny Old Gem Thread

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In case ye really wanna make it

July 12, 2022

The Affiliate Success Mindset Course – Part 1 What’s the one thing keeping some people this close from their first profitable campaign? Their second profitable campaign? Sustainability? They inch closer and closer. Yet never get there. Some do. Most do not. Why is that? Let me flash these at yer neurons and you tell me: I'll do this later I always do things later I postpone having things done I have to be perfect Ring any bells? Precisely. It’s mindset. Lemme remind you–our very own @vortex just posted this, go watch it: 👉👉👉 Go Watch The Mindset Course Now Affiliate Marketing’s Mortal Enemy See that image up there? That’s what happens when ye ask legal to review yer copy. Allow me to lazily copy-paste this. “Even Oceanspray knows our pain. Legal, the bane of marketing.” 👉👉👉 Go Socialize Here The Sweet Smell of Your First Conversion Grab some tissues for your manly tears. After a great struggle this nooblet just got his first conversion. “So I've been following the 40 days tutorial and had some problems… … But I had no luck. ZERO Conversons. Everytime.” He then got a hold of a list of best-converting offers. And guess what? “Drove traffic to one in Indonesia and Boom one conversion in minutes! Feels great and my campaign is no only -32% so it's looking not too bad! Thanks to @vortex for the great tutorials.” Wipes manly tear 👉👉👉 Go Direct Your Cursor To The Thanks Button CHEATSHEET: DO's and DONT's of Push Traffic Old-ish but gold. This is still the de-facto push traffic cheatsheet. I’d tattoo these beauties on yer massive affiliate biceps. “We have this nice tradition here on STM to sum up the DO's and DON'Ts of different traffic types. I think it's time to sum up these also for PUSH, which happen to be the new favorite traffic source of 2019 already! Leet's get straight into it!” Bless The Erik. Yer welcome. 👉👉👉 Do’s & Don’ts Are Here Your Weekly Dose of Follow-Alongs This week’s flavour of follow alongs include: 1. @jjlundy 40-Day Follow Along A full-time software engineer with a $XX,XXX/year ecom biz. Recent college grad. Now about to tackle the great affiliate sea. 2. Fresh affiliate meat, coming in hot from Barcelona. I’ll let the master speak for himself, needs not he any salescopy: “I’m a direct response copywriter and today’s my first day as an affiliate.” “Landed back in Manchester this morning and signed up to STM straightaway. 100%, immersing myself in AWE Barca was a watershed moment for me. I feel like I found my people.” Indeed ye have.

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💵 [FA] From $0 to $10M Exit

July 05, 2022

From $0 to $10M Exit The Dude’s about to abide. @thedudeabides is one old affiliate dog. After feeling an ROI squeeze on native he set off to ecom land in 2020. Owned and operated. 90 days later he got up to $1M revenue per month during peak COVID. A year later? $7M in sales. Then thing went sideways–filing a suit against his partner. Crippling debt. Unpleasantries. Headaches. But Kelly’s now back. Fists on the table, stronger than ever. The goal? To build, scale, systemize, and exit an e-commerce company to the tune of $10 million+ by Jan 1, 2025. What yer going to do right now is sub to this thread. And give the man yer thanks. While we await, impatiently, for the next update. 👉👉 Follow The Dude Here [SPONSORED] Formula Revealed: 400% ROI Sweepstakes Offers Fact or Myth: 400%+ ROI with credit card submit sweepstakes offers?? It IS possible and here’s proof: The biggest affiliates running sweepstakes ALL know this one key to high ROI: ➡️ ➡️ ➡️ Instead of promoting iPhone 13 offers to broad audiences, they promote CUSTOMIZED sweeps offers to NICHE audiences. “But where can you find these customized offers?” Easy - reach out to The Fellas Ads! ✅ Their in-house design team will create offers with customized sweeps prizes, exclusively for you! (Just ask!) ✅ They can even create pre-landers AND host them for you! 🔥Are you in Barcelona for Affiliate World right now? Meet The Fellas Ads at Booth C26 or BOOK YOUR MEETING NOW! They are nice guys that can help you achieve that kind of ROI too! Ask them about: Their wide range of offers in: CC Submit Sweeps, Streaming, E-commerce (trial), Antivirus, Nutra, Mobile Content and Lead Generation Pre-tested and hosted sales funnels Keeping traffic quality top notch 👉👉👉 Book Your Meeting With The Fellas Ads in Barcelona! Watch This Guy Setup Sneaky Camps on Google UAC Speaking of follow-alongs. Meet Daniel. Daniel’s a full–time affiliate. If I mention the verticals Daniel runs they’d dig this email deep into yer spam folder. There ain’t much such content here on STM. When’s the last time ye’ve seen anyone run Google UAC campaigns? That’s Universal App Campaigns. Plus there’s one @twinaxe and one @vortex, and other interesting legends in there chiming in. 👉👉👉 Go Slap The Sub & Thanks Buttons Super-Affiliate Went from $30/Day to $10k+/Day By Changing ONE Thing Yet another unpopular STM vibe. We’re all devoured by ze numbers. They speak to us. But, numbers ain’t all. This super-affiliate went from $30/day to $10k+/day by changing only his mindset. Now’s yer chance to watch @vortex interview Bogdan–a super-affiliate and mindset coach–for a whole 30 minutes. But wait, there’s even more. This raw interview is the precursor to a mindset course. The best part is it’s already been posted. It’s called “The Affiliate Success Mindset Course” and part 1’s live and piping hawt. Do yerself a favour. 👉👉👉 Go Watch The Interview Here Fledgeling-Friendly Offers A newbie asks, a newbie receives. Are there offers that are more newbie friendly than others? Are there certain types of offers that go better with certain traffic types? When testing an offer, should you take 1 offer and try it with all traffic types? At what point do you think its time to cut an offer out? When you test an offer, what is your list of importance? Let yer inner affiliate noob loose and go read @matuloo’s @twinaxe’s insights. And take notes. 👉👉👉 Seek Answers Inside

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✨ 158,237 Conversions

June 28, 2022

158,237 Conversions ($279,786.28 Revenue) The lengths Lazy Neo’s prepared to jump…all in the name of no-hard-work. Maybe he’s got some bugs in there. Maybe he’s just better than the rest of us. Maybe, he’s a magnitude lazier than most. But I’ll let ‘the facts’ speak for themselves: Clicks: 8,357,494 Conversions: 158,237 Cost: $220,137.51 Revenue: $279,786.28 Profit: $59,648.57 Ye’d think–’running this many campaigns is impossible for any normal human being’. But ye’d be dead wrong, fwiend. Here, I’ll throw ye a bone: “...98% of the traffic is Classic Push…I run most of the campaigns direct linked…” More: “I still run the campaigns myself” Yer welcome. 👉👉 The Rest is In Here, Go Now The Legend of The Influencer Behold! A wall of text by STM’s Legend Himself–@matuloo. These aren’t yer usual paid traffic wizardries. Nay. This is about content. And influencing. Hard. A subject unusual to STM, but mui intriguing nonetheless. It’s called content marketing. Matej can take punches, and he does not give up. He wants to be an influencer. A cooking influencer. Hot juicy stakes & stats to be found inside. In fact, take a peek: Then look at dem numbers: 👉👉👉 Revel in Delicious Digital STM Sauce Here 6-Figures/day With 55 Media Buyers** No, yer eyeballs ain’t deceiving you. Six figures, 55 media buyers. That’s Zorbas Media. You’ve seen their epic-quality interviews. Now you get to see the inner-workings of their deadly affiliate skills. @vortex picks the brains of Nick Titan–team lead of ZM Team. Inside this interview ye’ll find: – What it takes to find a good network to work with. – What percentage of offers remain in their campaigns after testing (and how many they test) – The best countries to test in. – I bet yet haven’t heard of the traffic source they’re using. – Deadly angles, sneaky tricks, tactics and strategies ye’ve neve heard of. Yer welcome. 👉👉👉 Read The Interview Here

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👉 $0 to $20k/day In 3 mo.

June 21, 2022

Zero To 20k/day Within 3 Months Of Starting Affiliate Marketing This guy’s pretty humble, and shy: “This post is NOT to show off.” (@rcheungltd) Yours truly, however, is not. Take a real good look at these babies: 06-06 to 06-07 $36,707.00 Revenue. This man started AM in mid-December 2021. He hit $20k days by mid-March 2022. That’s three months. Three. Months. “My goal moving forward is to hit those 100k days within the coming 6-12 months. (hopefully) Im declaring it here to keep myself accountable.” Given this track record, I’d sub to this guy. >> Observe Revenues Here << [SPONSORED] CC Sweeps Offers That Give 400% ROI? Where to Find? Have you seen member @blackemil’s recent case study? The one where he shows how he did 400%+ ROI with credit card submit sweepstakes offers? You could be running those offers YOURSELF from the SAME network - The Fellas Ads! BETTER YET: Meet up with their reps at Affiliate World Europe in Barcelona! They are nice guys with lots of tips to give on how you, too, can achieve that kind of ROI. Talk to them about: Their wide range of offers and traffic in: CC Submit Sweeps, Streaming, E-commerce (trial), Antivirus, Nutra, Mobile Content and Lead Generation Pre-tested and hosted sales funnels Keeping traffic quality top notch Or just pick their brain on the latest industry trends! Meet The Fellas Ads at Booth C26 or BOOK YOUR MEETING NOW! Also: They will be sponsoring the Affiliate Big Bash Barcelona on the 5th of July. Get in touch with your Fellas rep to secure your tickets! >> Book Your Meeting With theFellasAds in Barcelona! << How to Generate Killer Big Ideas and Unique Hooks in Under 30 Minutes Since ye found last week’s AdWorld goodies tasty, I bring more. Yes, yer eyeballs can find these under STM’s Treasure Chest. Yes, for free. Yes, ye should watch em now. Basically, you can now crank out killer angles like it’s nothing. Copy legend Stefan Georgi’s mind reveals: – A 3-step formula for generating hooks and big ideas “on demand” (we call these angles ‘round on STM) – The 5 easiest places on the interwebz to find unique hooks for ads (no matter what market you’re in) – How in the hell do you use simple metaphors to increase ad conversions by 60%? – Use Stefan’s “ethical appropriation” strategy to ensure your ads resonate with your target market. This stuff remindds me of Breakthrough Advertising. No there are no aff links. Yes, there’s a reason this here book costs $500. Go watch the video. Then maybe buy the book if ye haven’t yet. Yer welcome. >> Watch The Talk here << Lets Talk Conferences @cupcake wants to discuss conferences: “My top list of conferences “must attend” for affiliates in dating industry: AWE, TES, AWA, MWC.” You’ll see The Legend himself tell you of his favourites. There’s The Chosen One. There’s an old-school affiliate dog. And there are talks of an STM mini-drunk meetup. Perhaps. >> Discuss Here << The Jaybot Saga Continues The @jaybot strikes again. This time, in red: “So I spent $36k to lose $2300 or so.” Will he feed his starving family or fail? @twinaxe, everyone: “Your FA is like a soap opera, we´re all happy with you when you have success and we all suffer with you when your performance tanks“ >> Follow The Legend of the Jaybot Here <<

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🧑‍🏫 $1MM TikTok Ads Masterclass

June 14, 2022

[AdWorld] $1MM TikTok Ads Masterclass Your eyeballs ain’t tricking you, that’s a Vimeo video screenshot from an AdWorld video. An AdWorld video posted on STM. For free. This is its title: TikTok Ads Masterclass: Strategies & Frameworks From $1M Ad Spend (Kris Sugatan) Yer welcome. Bye. Keep an eyeball centred on STM’s Treasure Chest. You’ll see Ad World speeches and other invaluable goodies up in there. This speech’s going to get yer TikTok brain purring, trust me: – The targeting ye must stick to if you want consistent, scalable campaigns – Why ye want to get away from the learning phase ASAP (in 7 days) – How to test & scale quickly – Why vertical scaling works best – Why you want to be careful with horizontal scaling and why it doesn’t work after a certain point – A clever way to avoid creative rejections – The budget benchmark where your scaling game changes entirely – Priceless ad creation golden tips –Tons more Are these bullet points enough for ye? >> Watch The Speech Here << [NETWORKS] How to Email 72k Affiliates? Are you an affiliate network or traffic network, looking to serve more affiliates? I've got the perfect opportunity for you! We at STM have a mailing list of 72k affiliates (and growing) We provide value to our list by sending them 2 weekly newsletters: 1)The STM Newsletter - the one you're reading right now! Back issues are here: 2)The MRKTRS Newsletter - back issues are here: These are high-quality newsletters that get READ (you are proof of this)! Open up ANY back issue of any newsletter above, and you will see the "[SPONSORED]" section. This is where YOUR network or service will be featured! What you'll get as a sponsor: -Your message in front of 72k+ affiliates! -Multiple links to your website. -Have an STM moderator with 16+ years of marketing experience, to rewrite/edit/polish your content for best results! >> Interested? Email Amy/Vortex For More Information! << Run Campaigns With @Vortex, Every Day If ye wanna see how STM veterans grind & get ** done, now’s yer chance. Amy’s been setting up daily Zoom meetings. STMers been joinin’. Campaigns getting launched. Creatives being made. Dig around and keep another eyeball out for @vortex’s threads. >> See Here << Stock Up On Yer TikTok Tips Here’s a newbie TikTok FA to sub to. Man’s looking to tame the TikTok beast. Despite his wallet’s attemps to stop him, he’s going through: “Today I am starting an extremely boring tiktok follow along. My wallet asked some reasonable questions about why I should do that, but I never listened. So here I am I have gathered a lot of useful info from you guys while reading the forum. Thank you. Special thanks to @ScottyG, his posts are beyond helpful. I was able to compile a Word file divided into various sections with questions and answers. This kind of (hopefully) clarified something to me.” Get in there and arm yerself with invaluable tips and cut yer learning curve in at least half. Hopefully, yer spend too. Inside ye’ll find pro-tips from the lord of TikTok himself – @scottyG. Other deadly affiliates shed light on what to do and what not to do. Accounts. Budgets. Testing. Objectives. Actors. AIs. >> Follow Along This Follow Along Here << Is AM Possible With A Full-Time Job? Short answer, yes. Of course. People have done it and shall continue to do it. The question is, how rough has the journey been for various STM legends. Curious? Are you as curious as @pwllgogoch? The long answers ye shall seek inside. >> Go Here Now <<

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