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STM Forum was launched late one night in January 2011 with the goal of providing case studies, guides, high quality information on a variety of topics and to act as a core networking hub for industry veterans.

7 years later we are ‚Äč the authoritative forum on affiliate marketing and our reach continues to expand. We now provide higher education, host conferences and local networking events, and are continuing to improve and expand what the forum offers every affiliate marketer.

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ūüíĶ $11,820 in a Day

August 04, 2021

ūüíĶ $11,820¬†in a Day How many Big Scotty G's does it take to change a lightbulb? That depends on the¬†payout. Listen fellas -- word on the street and pics on STM walls whisper of two things: Uno.¬†TikTok may just be the next big thing Dos. Keep yer eyeballs sharp and finger on the trigger Tres. What? Waiting for an invitation? Get to work. Onto the main bits...lookie there below for Big Scotty G hit¬†$55,045 in a month. "It was a really good month". A good day, too: Spend $5,700.69 | Revenue $11,820 Profit $6,119.26 Scotty G cracks another offer bringing the total to¬†3¬†and has his eyes set on 10 working offers...because testing's basically free now. There's hearsay of "big secret group of millionaire marketers¬†that buy, sell and trade 'cracked' offers with one another to make even more revenue." What if ye could trade in your profitable TikTok campaign for a YouTube one making $500k/month? As I said...eyeballs sharp and finger on the trigger. >> Big Scotty G Strikes Again...Here << [SPONSORED]¬†3 Unicorn Offers For Serious Affiliates Only! Affiliates working with Evolve Performance are SMASHING IT with these lucrative offers - check them out! MoneyGram: We ALL know MoneyGram! Most people use them to transfer money offline. What many people don't know - is that the¬†online transfers¬†portion of their business is REALLY taking off - a whopping¬†86% growth year over year! And this growth is FAR from saturation. Sign up today to grab YOUR piece of the MoneyGram Pie! Venue: Tired of tiny payouts? How does $80 CPA on first purchase sound¬†(no matter how much the customer spends)? With over 3 million products and deep linking available, this is THE top-grossing offer on our network right now! What sets Venue apart is that they¬†offer customers the ability to finance their purchases over time. They have different payment programs to suit every credit tier! Sign Up to Promote Venue Now! Lemonade: $180 payout for Homeowners insurance,¬†and solid payouts for Renters, Life and Pet! After¬†an impressive IPO in 2020,¬†Lemonade is back in hyper-growth mode. We are seeing¬†insane results on native and social platforms. Sign Up to Promote Lemonade Today! $1000 Bonus: All new affiliates that sign up in August can earn a¬†$1000 Bonus¬†for running traffic between August 1st -¬†September 30th! See For Yourself - How Awesome We Are: Come meet us, the awesome Evolve Team, at ASW Meet Market Table Number: 1007.¬† We'll also be hosting a party for all our affiliates.** >> Sign Up with Evolve Performance and Run Our Lucrative Offers << 45% ROI, Consistently No better feelin' than reaching stable profits. And there ain't no better feeling knowing ye can do it anytime. @lilgator¬†splashes screenshots proving he's got what it takes babeh. Next step? Add more zeros. >> Watch The Lilgator Move Here << The Follow-Along Messiah's¬†$20,729 Revenue Did ye feel a sudden disturbance in the force? The Follow-Along Messiah (@jaybot)¬†skipped a week of updates. Does this foretell a future of green or red screenshots? Time shall tell. In the meantime, he drops a¬†casual $20k revenue screenshot: >> Heed His Words for He is Wise And Stubborn. Veery Stubborn. Praised Be The Jaybot << Explore These Weekly Babies Out More threads ye should check out this week: Follow along:¬†Jaybot Revealed! Ever seen The Mysterious @Jaybot himself? He's as witty as ye'd expect. Plus, he's waiting for his check in the mail for placing a gorgeous looking STM bag on his desk. More inside. Knawledge:¬†These Ads Suck: How can they be made better? A homegrown spytool reveals some of the top native ads. If ye like numbers, stats, statistics, STM and distrubution graphs, which you do, then click the link above. Knawledge:¬†Facebook ads for real estate company Ever wondered what ye should charge when approached by a real estate company begging for leads? STM pros answer. In detail.

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$20k/day (TikTok Breakthrough)

July 28, 2021

ūüíĶ $20k/day (TikTok Breakthrough) Oh you read that right. The prophecies were true. The¬†first¬†affiliate TikTok breakthrough¬†just happened...on STM of course. A glorious milestone and an end to a marvelous follow along -¬†$20,000 revenue a day on TikTok¬†by our local innovator @ScottyG. As the man himself put it - "I'd like this to end up as a successful Follow Along thread, one without filler, one with a¬†story. A beginning, middle and end." But is this truly the end of Scotty's journey...or merely a beginning? Ye may want to check his posts¬†here¬†to make sure. P.S.: Large agencies circle this follow along hoping to snag a piece of his catch. So if ye want his secrets ye may have to buy him a drink and send over a private message - and be nice. >> TikTok Breakthrough Here, Yer Welcome << [SPONSORED]¬†One Zero-Cost Business Tool You Should Be Using¬†ūüĒ• If you STILL haven't checked out, you really should! Some of's Most Powerful Features: Visual editor to easily¬†create forms, capture pages and sales pages Integrated¬†autoresponder¬†with¬†unlimited email sending Membership sites¬†to host online courses and other exclusive content Sales pages with¬†1-click upsells Managing¬†your own affiliate program Sign Up to For Free Now! Important for Affiliates: Promote and earn¬†40% lifetime commissions¬†on all sales of\ the platform itself and their online courses! They've paid over $1,000,000 to their affiliates, and pay out over $100,000 in affiliate commissions every month: You can find other offers from and tons of other merchants on the marketplace! is the¬†easiest, cheapest, and most accessible¬†business-building tool\ on the market And it's the¬†only one that's 100% free. You can use it yourself or promote it to others, either way, you'll be making money in no time. Click here to get a account! (Zero cost forever, no CC required) The team uses its own tool to grow, market, and manage its business! They have over¬†8,000 customers¬†and a projected turnover of over¬†$5M this year. It's an online business tool that's made for entrepreneurs,¬†by entrepreneurs! (The founder of the platform even uses it to run his own web marketing business!) ¬†>> Claim Your Account Now! <<¬†<< Making $70k/Month = Unhappy? Ye start affiliate marketing in 2017. Ye get to¬†$70,000 dollahz per month¬†with push traffic. And ye feel unhappy. Unsatisfied. Sad. Does money itself ever make you happy? That's exactly how @Rhino feels right now. Is there a solution? Have any STMers ever had this feeling? >> Go Ye Here To Find Out << Explore These Weekly Babies Out More threads ye should check out this week: Follow along:¬†Target: Profitable green campaigns\ Profitable green campaigns indeed - @abitaach shows his first green numbers babeh. wipes affiliate tear of pride Knawledge:¬†Motivation: what pumps you up?\ Do ye need motivation? Or good old discipline. Habits. Or meth, alcohol and andrenaline. STMers reveal truths. If ye ask yours truly -- stop whining and get back to f*cking work. Knawledge:¬†Travel at ‚ā¨ 1000 per day\ Goal: travel. Results: green. See inside. More knawledge:¬†When you get the targeting just right\ Speaking of Big ScottyG, how does a $50 payout out of $0.02 spend sound? Pro-Tip: If ye never ask or never do, ye shall never know nor get anything. Now how does this apply to your affiliate career? (Yours truly came up with this wisdom) Yer welcome.

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$2,370-day (TikTok)

July 21, 2021

$2,370-day on TikTok A massive affiliate marketing transition slowly unfolds before our very eyes. 37 conversions later and @scottgilmour woke up to a $2,370 day. On TikTok. wipes tear He done us proud. "Very excited to see where this offer takes me. Once again, thanks STM, love it here and couldn't of done it without all of y'alls help. p.s: I'm going for $10,000/day, the hustle continues. " - Scott Keep an eyeball out for all things TikTok and STM. And Scott. And affiliate marketing. Oh, and by the way, here's a lesson @scottgilmour learned that ye need tattoed on yer forehead: "OFFER IS KING, QUEEN, JUDGE AND JURY FOLKS." All hail the offer. >> TikTok Magic In Here - Watch This Space << [SPONSORED]  Earn 40% Recurring Commissions FOR LIFE Most affiliate offers only pay one-time. When the campaign ends, your income drops to zero. The secret to building a residual income, is to promote affiliate programs that offer lifetime recurring commissions. Check out the affiliate program for They pay out over $100,000/mo to affiliates on average, with $1,500,000 paid out in total so far! Here are reasons why you need to check them out: High Commissions - Get 40% of all sales for and their online courses. Lifetime Commissions - Refer someone to, and earn commissions on ALL  future products they purchase, forever! 2nd-Tier Commissions - If your referrals promote the affiliate program, you earn 5% commission on the sales they make. Strong Tracking - Your referrals are permanently marked with your affiliate ID.  So even if they only buy something after many years, you'll still get commissions.\ Here's How Simple it is to Promote -When you sign up for a free plan, you are automatically given a unique affiliate ID. -You just need to send visitors to using your affiliate ID and the site will convert them into paying customers and clients. -You can send traffic to any page on their site, and earn 40% on the sale of ALL courses and subscriptions. Plus, what could be easier than promoting an all-in-one online business tool with an unbeatable free plan? >> Click Here to Join the Affiliate Program - Earn Your Share of Over $100,000 in Monthly Commissions << Google Compliance Secrets (+ AMA) One of our resident wizard-mods @jeremie went through a great book called Google Compliance Secrets written by Dathen Fairley and published in Jan 2021. It shows you how to stay compliant and never get banned. There's intricate stuff ye won't hear anywhere on affiliate streets: Google's internal "Risk Meter" Innocent mistakes ye make that get ye banned after the first click The "Core Four" to a Google compliant checklist Way, WAY more - yours-truly is just too lazy to list 'em all Go read @jeremie's massive summary here. The best-est part? @jeremie has secured a special AMA-like deal with Dathen Fairley, only for STMers: "I just had a chat with Dathen to ask him if he would do a Q&A for STM, or a review of affiliate landers to give us tips on how we can improve them. And he replied that he would love to. So if you have questions about Google Compliance, or if you have landers that you would like an opinion about, please reply below, or send me a PM if you want to stay anonymous. Same thing if you want to suggest a lander without revealing the domain or logo, you can send me a zip and I can host them. Questions can also extended to Facebook or other social networks compliance, as most of them took their guidelines from Google, and Dathen work on these too with his clients." But there's a hard deadline: July 23rd. Go now and ask yer questions. >> Ask Yer Google Questions Here Now << Explore These Weekly Babies Out More threads ye should check out this week: Follow-Along: Mastering Affiliate Marketing Using Facebook Paid Ads @malocardoso's quite the storyteller. It's who you know not what you know. Keep an eye out for this. Knawledge: Speaking of @malocardoso, here are his simple rules for success on FB. Knawledge: @jaybot swings digital dope - Burning native questions receive revelations. More knawledge: FBQueen tells ye how to tame the FB conversion beast - and the one main thing ye should laser-focus on as a newbie. Pro-tip: Click "Top 10 Stats" on the forum homepage, then click "View more", then set "Results to view" to 200. Be amazed. Yer welcome.

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July 14, 2021

@jaybot's Grande Summary - $102,400 Revenue How did this slip past yours truly's prying eyes? Mr. Big-Money-Bags, a.k.a. The @jaybot, posted his latest grande summary/update/report and the results will shock yer socks off. "Total revenue this year for all camps is a little over $102,400." More: "$4700 Green for the month. That's a liveable wage in some areas. Yes. I spent $30k in a month. That's the yearly salary for some folks." But wait, there's more: Did ye know it's been 24 months since this follow along's humble beginnings? Twenty-four months. 2 years. Ever seen anyone as dedicated? >> Legendary Follow-Along Here << [SPONSORED] 2020 WAS OUR BEST YEAR...! Last year we broke all records making money with dating products, and we couldn't have done it without your support! This year we want to do the same thing! Break records and make money for all of us! Want to join us? We showcase some of our best tips for dating media buying: TIP: Cooperation is essential --> Your AM will help you out with suggestions and feedback. Don't hesitate to reach out to your account manager at TrafficPartner for questions, tips, suggestions or just a chat. Our goal is to reach the highest number of paying users, so pay attention to our optimization comments regarding performance of offers and sources. Remember - better ROI for us means higher payout for you! TIP: Go niche... try advertising specialty (fetish, MILF) dating products. These products are targeting users with special needs. These niches are more lucrative usually come with higher ROI. To benefit from the biggest infrastructure of dating-sites in Europe and Americas join us and grow your revenue with deals in over 50 GEOs (including USA, Brazil, Germany...) Are you a publisher, media buyer or webmaster we buy your dating traffic. Start making money here: >> Start making money here << Why Rising Taboola Costs Are A Blessing @jack_l's wisdom and insights are boundless. Eternal, if ye may. Here's why. When you hear "rising X traffic source cost" you do one of two things: 1. Shiver\ 2. Shiver violently I mean, who likes high traffic costs? Affiliates don't, neither do advertisers, neither does any STMer. Or do they? Thanks to @jack_l, you can see through a "macro-lens" how and why this is a once in a generation wealth-transfer and how we can all fill our greedy pockets with coin. >> Secrets In Here << Episode V: The TikTok Strikes Back "It was a shitty week." @scottgilmour When it comes to TikTok and STM follow alongs, it ain't all Ewoks and C-3PO swinging shrooms around a campfire. Nay. When there are ups, there are downs, too: "Been talking with @jaybot about this but no one mentions how horrible it can feel when you're burning money and it's just not working. It's a dark and scary place to be in." Indeed, what do ye do when all yer campaigns fall apart? >> The TikTok Saga Continues <<

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$10k Profit

July 10, 2021

$10k Profit "I am going to finish just shy of having my first $10k profit month on native" -@sd31677 Clap...clap....clap These are solid numbers, my friend. Litres of blood, dozens of bruises, hair pulling, support from fellow STMers and here we are. But there's one big contributor to @sd31677's success. It's this specific thread by @jack_l: "This follow along by @jack_l helped me SO much: I have probably read it 10 times. I will probably read it another 10." Yours truly suggests ye do the same. Maybe, ye know what? Double up and read it 20 times instead. May jack_l's campaigns be blessed for an eternity, and may his CRs be ever higher. He's one of our many resident native wizards. And may we see @sd31677 add another 0 to the end of his monthly native profits soon. Go ye here and witness with yer own eyeballs [SPONSORED] Gratogana, the best pick for Spanish Players NetoPartners, the affiliate program behind Gratogana, the Spanish Brand for slots, scratch cards & instant win games, shows once more that it knows how to adapt to the Spanish casino market, that according to (DGOJ) Spain's Q1 2021, GGR was 10.2 per cent higher than last year! With this context, Gratogana surprised us recently by adding Chinese themed games and in addition, they will be launching Live Dealer games from Evolution toward September. On top of that, by promoting Gratogana you will benefit from: 1. Unique games that your players will love & can't be found anywhere else 2. Easy registration & top payment methods that leads to better conversion 3. Local license & regulation that brings stability in the market 4. Taylor made deals that will fit your traffic needs. 5. 24/7 affiliate manager support. 6. Fast & secure payments Join the Gratogana NetoPartners Affiliate program today and get 50% RV in your first month! @fastaj, The High Roller Gets Back in The Game @fastaj returns yet again, this time with a high-roller baller native follow-along. What makes this 'thanks' and 'subscribe' worthy is the fact of @fastaj's proven track record of successful follow alongs. The plan? This: Plan: TS: Taboola Vertical: eCom Geo: US + other T1's 7 day goal: Learn native best practices, the optimizer, etc 30 day goal: Get to $1k per day in revenue with native How it's looking so far plus next steps: 2k spent, 2k earnt so about breakeven. Next steps: Just trying to get that spend up on the first campaign, barely spending like $300 with a $750 budget so I'll need to play around with it Let middle 2 camps run 1 more day, else I'll just cut them Bump last camp from $250 to $400 daily budget Launch a 3 Taboola campaigns over the weekend My thanks button's down here CPC, CPA or Smart CPM? A newbie asked the following: CPC, CPA or Smart CPM, which will be profitable?? As per usual, @matuloo and @twinaxe provide guiding lights and a helping hand to a lost newbie. In case you're an affiliate hatchling, I suggest ye read closely. Newbs Go Here

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$3238 Revenue in 1 Day

June 30, 2021

$3238 Revenue in 1 Day @jaybot‚Äôs a big boy now, reaching new heights: $3238 revenue in one day. He spent more than $2,8k in a single day, running one offer. As @diplomat puts it: ‚ÄúNow we are talking.. Those are some proper* big boy* stats.‚Äú >> Now Why Don‚Äôt Ye Go Hit That Thanks Button, Like, Subscribe (to STM) & Share << [SPONSORED] FREE Clickfunnels Alternative ‚ÄĒ Create Your Account NOW! Are you selling physical or digital products online? Building your own list of email subscribers? Wanting to build your own online course? You don‚Äôt need to spend hundreds of dollars on multiple complicated tools and integrations to run your online business. Because there‚Äôs an All-in-One business-building platform that will cost you nothing. You read that right - $0, forever and always! It‚Äôs called, and it has all the tools you need to build your online business! Create opt-in/squeeze pages, websites and sales funnels using the easy-to-use visual editor Build email lists and send unlimited emails, using the integrated automated emailing tool Add 1-click upsells and order bumps with the payment page editor Create and manage your own affiliate program Host membership sites Build your own online courses, where students can log in to access course materials Manage subscriptions and installment payments Have all your invoices automatically generated With a, you can get access to all of these features for free - forever! Simply put, is the easiest and most accessible business-building tool on the market. And it‚Äôs the only one that is 100% free! But you don't have to take our word for it...try it for yourself ;) >> Create your free account while the offer is still available << Vortex' 40-Day Tutorial 2021 Now LIVE Drop everything yer doing right now ‚Äď The 2021 version of the 40-day pop tutorial is FINALLY completed! Go here now Read it. Absorb it. Thank Amy. And get to work. >> 40-Day Tutorial 2021 Edition Is Right Here << Cost-Effective Push Solution for 1M+ Subscribers @david-cc‚Äôs got over 1M push subscribers. Growing by over 50,000 per day. The problem is, at this scale, services like Pusher, Onesignal and others get expensive. And they don‚Äôt let you export your subscribers. So what do you do? You build an in-house solution. But that takes time, effort and a dev team. What else do you do? You use what other STMers use. >> Go get a cost-effective push collection services << First $100/Day Remember @lilgator? He just reached new heights too. drumroll His first $100/day. Calmly hitting that refresh button on a Tuesday waiting to see his $10 in profits. But then the strangest thing happened. Pouring himself a drink to celebrate the victory, suddenly conversions pushed profits to **double-digits. More drinks, a couple of days and a few more countries and he scaled to $100/day. Funny how that works, no? >> Sometimes ye just gotta throw the spear, go here <<

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10k+ Per Day With Sweepstakes Offers

June 30, 2021

10k+ Per Day With Sweepstakes Offers A picture‚Äôs worth a thousand words - just look at those juicy stats in the image above! Member @blackemil has been cleaning up with sweeps offers on Facebook. His secret? He stays FAR away from the typical iphone / samsung / walmart offers. So what types of offers is he running‚Ķ? Check out the thread to find out! Not only does he divulge the secret to his offers - he practically gives away his whole method‚Ķ From FB accounts‚Ķto ad scaling! Emil also reveals one trick he‚Äôs been using to increase his ROI by 20-30%! ‚ÄúBut I‚Äôm a newbie - can I do what he‚Äôs doing?‚ÄĚ No need to fret - Uncle Emil‚Äôs got you covered with his advice for newbies. Take Emil‚Äôs wisdom, apply it, and there‚Äôs no reason why you can‚Äôt achieve those numbers as well. >> Start Banking Hard on Sweepstakes Offers << Two crunchy ad formats and top Crypto tips from RollerAds To approach STM-ers early this summer, only the best news shall do. Our affiliate guild peers from RollerAds, a renowned traffic source, wanted to spread the word about their two crunchy advertising formats: In page push and Calendar notifications. In page push is a special kind of Push notifications that appear as the user visits the webpage. Its benefits include: Increased CTR: In page push notifications appear only when the user actively interacts with the site Broader targeting capabilities: In page push allow you to target iOS and MacOS users as it doesn't have regular limitations of the Push format Higher ROI as the iOS audience is traditionally more profitable to target In RollerAds, the format works on the CPC model. Calendar notifications are another format that is getting traction lately. These ads allow you to send push notifications to users' calendars thus avoiding regular push filters. The creatives for this format only require a title and a description so launching a Calendar campaign is not much of a hassle. The format also works on CPC in RollerAds. And what could be better than trying out these formats on a profitable offer? Crypto is one of the most lucrative verticals in affiliate marketing. Some networks' payouts reach $1000 and more which steadily attracts new users into the niche. The competition is inevitably high, yet the outcome is totally worth the risk of entering the new landscape. To help you profit with such offers, RollerAds put together a list of tips on running Crypto offers. To sum it up, here's what you should keep in mind: Pay special attention to your prelanders Separate desktop and mobile traffic Get on good terms with your broker To learn more, check out the guys' blog. And if you're ready to dive in into the deep end, try launching a campaign! >> Create account << If This Doesn‚Äôt Motivate You, NOTHING Will First, please take a good look at the image above‚Ķ You must be wondering, ‚Äúwhat‚Äôs so impressive about a $1.44 profit?‚ÄĚ Let me tell you the back story‚Ķ On Monday, @vortex posted that interview with @blackemil, where he shared how to make 5-figures/day with sweeps on Facebook. On the same day, @scottgilmour reached out to @blackemil for more tips, signed up for Fluent (big advertiser with their own in-house sweeps offers), and started a campaign on Tiktok. The first campaign tanked right off the bat. With -100% ROI and 2% LP CTR. But Scott didn‚Äôt give up. He had faith. He KNEW the offer was good. He went hardcore into split-testing. 8 different video creatives and 7 landing pages. Before Tuesday was out, he posted the image above announcing the $1.44 profit. All this - happened over the course of just two days. Imagine where he‚Äôll be in the next month or two. I‚Äôll pause here for dramatic effect - and to let that sink in - if you‚Äôve been sitting on your arse instead of taking massive action to better your future. [Pausing...] Wait - are you STILL HERE?? Head over to the STM Forum right now, get some motivation, and get some campaigns set up! >> Check Out Scott‚Äôs Post Here For More Motivation << [Download] Spanking New Sweepstakes Landers Tired of all those stale sweeps landers you keep seeing in spy tools? You know: Surveys, spinning wheels, giftboxes‚Ķ Ready to test some exciting new landers? Our beloved @scottgilmour has very generously shared some new sweeps landers he wrote himself! Yup - they‚Äôre available for you to download, no strings attached! When you see them you‚Äôll agree - they‚Äôre a real breath of fresh air! >> Download Scott‚Äôs Amazing Sweeps Landers Now! <<

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$656/Day to $0/Day to $Shopify/Day

June 23, 2021

$656/Day to $0/Day to $Shopify/Day Tickle my yeet (new-age term, I‚Äôve no idea what it means) and answer me this ‚Ästhow does one make these 4 work on TikTok? Youngun gen-Zs with the attention span of a goldfish and holes in their pockets Affiliate offers Ambition Making money out of said affiliate offers and goldfishies ? Simple. Ye turn into @scottgilmour and bravely start a TikTok follow along. No one has yet done it ‚Ästthis man is a true pioneer. An innovator. Better keep an eye out, for TikTok may just become the new affiliate Zuckerbook, and it may just happen on STM first. Look at these green babies: Just 2 days earlier Mr. Scott boasted a massive $1.44 profit. But how? Inside ye‚Äôll find out invaluable insights, which you get completely free thanks to @scottgilmour‚Äôs own money and sweat. Just like these: TikTok‚Äôs not all about selling, you need to do the exact opposite or ye risk everything. See how to blend in and make TikTokers yell ‚ÄúHOW DO I BUY THIS NOW?!" Bidcaps /w Accelerated delivery‚Äôs usually a bad idea elsewhere...not here Why Scott lied when he said he‚Äôs focusing on Sweeps and ye get to see his Shopify trends and ads intelligence instead And finally, the cherry on top: Shopify babeh. >> Scott doesn‚Äôt want competition, so STAY AWAY from this link wink wink << [SPONSORED] 2020 WAS OUR BEST YEAR‚Ķ! Last year we broke all records making money with dating products, and we couldn‚Äôt have done it without your support! This year we want to do the same thing! Break records and make money for all of us! Want to join us? We showcase some of our best tips for dating media buying: TIP: Improvise. Adapt. Overcome! --> The online marketing industry happens in real-time. Try to react quickly and adapt to the current situation. For instance, during lockdown it is worth to use ad copies focusing on the chat or video possibility in dating products. TIP: Words have power --> Remember to localize your ad copies, use the correct language. Mistakes may discourage your audience to click on an ad. Proper translation is the key (if you run German campaigns, remember that √§, √∂, √ü, √ľ are your friends). To benefit from the biggest infrastructure of dating-sites in Europe and Americas join us and grow your revenue with deals in over 50 GEOs (including USA, Brazil, Germany‚Ķ) > Start making money here << 1 second LP Translation in 50 languages The Chosen One strikes again. Lazy Neo, a.k.a. @twinaxe‚Äôs latest creation is now live: Now you can translate 1 landing page to 50 languages in 1 second. For real. Born out of necessity (meaning laziness) The Chosen One wanted to find a way to test hundreds of campaigns and dozens of landing pages in different languages without ever lifting a pinky. And so he did for only he has the power and will to do so. @jaybot and @affpayingao already stole the script. Your turn. >> Go grab it << Lil‚Äô $49 Here ‚ÄėLil $18.50 There and Boom - Ferrari Well, well, well, would ye look at that? @lilgator‚Äôs first green figures. May your trackers be evergreen and Ferraris ever faster. @lilgator gives a fellow frustrated newbie wise advice - go read it if ye don‚Äôt want to keep trying and crying to no avail. >> Go give yer thanks right now <<

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