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SINCE 2011

STM Forum was launched late one night in January 2011 with the goal of providing case studies, guides, high quality information on a variety of topics and to act as a core networking hub for industry veterans.

7 years later we are ​ the authoritative forum on affiliate marketing and our reach continues to expand. We now provide higher education, host conferences and local networking events, and are continuing to improve and expand what the forum offers every affiliate marketer.

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I want to lie down and cry! 10+ Campaigns with 0 Conversions - Are the end times near?

By Administrator • December 12, 2018

I want to lie down and cry! 10+ Campaigns with 0 Conversions - Are the end times near? A member is about to throw in the towel on paid traffic, but as a last resort decided to ask for some actionable advice on "what's working" right now. What follows are replies from experienced affiliates with decades of combined experience explaining how things really work if you're on the verge of quitting. 10 Campaigns and 0 conversions later and you give up...what? If you're a newbie still struggling to make your first conversion or to reach your first profitable campaign, you'll find enough advice and motivation from this thread to keep you going. Persistence and determination will prevail! Fight or flight? See for yourself 3 Steps to Fix Disapproved Facebook Ads Is Facebook disapproving your ads and giving ambiguous reasons? Never fear - use this 3-step process (step 1 has 4 sub-steps) of elimination technique to find out EXACTLY why your ad was disapproved, then fix it and resubmit to get it approved! Selling to Germany? New Law in Effect Jan 1st 2019. Are you going to be the scapegoat? If you sell physical products to Germany - even if only online and low-scale - you need to deal with this immediately! As member pekadis puts it: "What usually happens with these things is that they find a few scapegoats that are made an example of what happens in case of non-compliance to scare everyone else into complying." Don't end up being one of them! Looking for scapegoats, resistance is futile. Better read this... Creatives for Male Enhancement - Should you do them dirty or clean? Matuloo, vortex and other members jump in to help. Lots of amazing advice on banners, landers, targeting, traffic sources, and angles. A must-read if you're thinking of breaking into this vertical. How many enhancement pills does it take to screw in a lightbulb? Click to find out!

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Newbie Reaches XX/Day Profits

By Administrator • November 28, 2018

Newbie Reaches XX/Day Profits Member burster has achieved his first xx/day in profits by the end of the 40-day tutorial - all the best on reaching xxx/day very soon! STM Membership Deal for Cyber Monday! Cyber Monday has come and gone - but it's still NOT too late to join STM on 25% off the first month! Use coupon code: STMCYBERWK Good Tips on Lead Gen Sweepstakes Offers Includes some very good tips on lead gen sweeps offers: List of big lead gen sweeps advertisers, list of big affiliate networks that focus on these offers, pros and cons of working with a network vs. going direct with the advertiser, how these leads are monetized, and more! How to Create Custom Audiences Based on Specific Event in Manychat Another great post by iAmAttila, this time a step-by-step guide with lots of screenshots! "ManyChat is awesome, I love it because the open rate of a messege is 80% most of the time, and it's a great way to market to a highly engaged audience. To lower your acquisition costs you can use custom audiences and then generate a lookalike based on the criteria that resembles your best customers." Tech News Weekly - Nov. 23rd In this week's issue: Why do ads work in spite of being ignored by most; a company that went from $0 to $100 million acquisition in 2.5 years; an example of a micro-startup that only took 10 hours to create; and more!

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Here’s How I Blew $2300 on Ecom, FAILED and What I've Learned

By Administrator • November 21, 2018

Here’s How I Blew $2300 on Ecom, FAILED and What I've Learned (Golden Tips Inside) Bet you've read a ton of case studies about successful campaigns, but have you ever read a case study on a FAILED campaign? This case study by IAmAttila will tell you about all the different testing, optimizing, and troubleshooting you can do when campaign results are disappointing. If you're still trying to find success in ecom, read this thread, take lots of notes, and try some of the tactics suggested - it may just help you turn your campaign around! Promoting Dating? Should You Go Direct or with Network? This question was asked by member totalik. Some of the most experienced members operating in the dating niche respond with pros and cons of each option. Is Diet These Days Dead? Lots of knowledge bombs in this thread on how to make diet "work". FB Messenger Bot - How to Monetize? Member with thousands of users on messenger bot is wondering how to monetize effectively, and received several great suggestions. Pay special attention to maynzie's contribution. Save Big on Affiliate Tools and Services! Looking for deals on spy tools, traffic, and more? Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales and discounts have started to pop up in this subforum, including discounts on Adplexity tools and a cash-back promo by Exoclick. These are time-sensitive offers you'd want to take advantage of TODAY! Weekly Tech News - Nov. 16th In this week's issue: Google trying to kill carrier-billing offers for good, Alibaba breaks Singles Day record with $30B, and more!

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Monetizer Just Made It Easier For Newbies To Make Money

By Administrator • November 14, 2018

Monetizer Just Made It Easier For Newbies To Make Money Log into this STM post to see a green-ROI screenshot! This is an arbitrager's gold mine! Monetizer (aka Afflow) has recently implemented an Offer Marketplace, where users can now cherry-pick individual offers to send traffic to! In a glimpse, you are able to view the 25 offers generating the most revenue on the entire platform. Listed next to each offer is data such as EPC, conversion rate, and even how much revenue it has done today. If you haven't run Monetizer/afflow for a while, definitely consider giving it another test! The STM Nightlife Schedule for AWA ... Wanna Join Us? If you love to party, get a copy of this list of official AWA parties! Also in this post is a link to a secret document of UNOFFICIAL parties! You absolutely NEED to get your hands on these lists if you're coming to AWA! What Does Getting to XXX/Day Look Like? Member bossbigpaws wants to see some scenarios of what is required to reach 3-figures/day in profits. Tips from matuloo, mrbraun, and vortex can practically be rewritten into a small guide. XXX/day will feel so much more attainable after you've read this thread. Overall About Push Notifications Member ptgtate has kindly started this thread to share some tips on running push traffic, and a number of other industry experts have followed suit. Some of what you'll find in this thread are: Traffic source recommendations, vertical suggestions, tips on creatives and copy, tips on bidding, and more! Weekly Tech News Nov 8th: Google Banning YOUR Ads, FB with a New Ad Format... Another great issue from matuloo: Google blocks "abusive" ads; new Facebook ad format that allows a much-bigger image to sell your product; why using paid ads to get your first customers is probably wrong; and more!

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Finally - the New and Improved 40-Day Newbie Tutorial is Here!

By Administrator • November 07, 2018

Vortex' 40-Day Tutorial 2019 Been wanting to enter this industry but still on the fence? The long-anticipated update of the 40-Day Pop Tutorial by Vortex is finally being posted! Some lessons are entirely new, with others heavily edited/rewritten. The first few lessons have already been posted - there's no easier way to learn paid traffic than with this step-by-step tutorial! Wild Boar Liquidator and Wakeboarder JV Update: Member wakeboarder is now doing 200+ euros/day at 700%+ ROI with his dad's new ecom store! His systematic testing and optimization strategy is very impressive and educational - a must-see if you're doing ecom! An Actual Facebook Tip That Works and Can Help Make You More Money! iAmAttila strikes again! This time with a super-valuable tip on how to reach profits on a new offer as quickly as possible. Should You Focus on Excluding Instead of Including? Saturating your narrow audience on Facebook? Member "salus group" shares a new strategy for creating audiences that has radically improved their lead quality and volume. Cool Bot-Catching Trick For Natives Member jack_l shares with us an old but ingenius way of detecting bot traffic, which has sparked a big discussion on the topic - 25 replies so far in just 3 days! Weekly News Nov. 1st In this issue of moderator matuloo's weekly tech newsletter: A list of the best 100+ marketing tools in 30 categories, how best to structure your ads to monetize Christmas shoppers, FB's financial report revealed (I can't believe how much they're making and spending!)...and more!

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Facebook Automated Rules - How To Increase Your ROI%

By Administrator • October 31, 2018

Facebook Automated Rules - How To Increase Your ROI% Did you know Facebook can help you optimize campaigns AUTOMATICALLY based on rules you specify? Check out cassshy's step-by-step guide on how to use this feature to save massive time and increase ROI. (Just one of the many uses of these automatic rules: Automatically adjusting the bid to keep a campaign green.) The Affiliate Contacts Directory Calling all Affiliate Network and Traffic Network Reps! STM has created a new contact info database to help affiliates get in touch with vendors. If you're a vendor rep, please enter your contact info today! More exposure to your business can't hurt, right? And don't worry about spam - the database can only be accessed by STM members that are logged into the forum. Wild Boar Liquidator and Wakeboarder JV Yet another amazingly systematic and detailed follow-along by member wakeboarder, who is helping to blow up their dad's business of selling (get this!) an attractant for wild boars! The product practically sells itself to boar hunters, and now with wakeboarder's marketing skills, has the potential of hitting it big! Contributors of this thread include ecommerce expert pekadis, so be sure to read beyond just the first post. Follow Along: Amy's 40 Day Guide Follow Along (with Binom) An update on this Follow-Along-Of-The-Year: Greg has found his FIRST PROFITABLE CAMPAIGN! Just less than 3 weeks ago, he was a newbie starting from scratch. If you need inspiration to get started, this would be it. Weekly News Oct.26th - Huge AD Fraud Exposed, Email Marketing After GDPR ... Matuloo had his gums ripped apart at the dentist's prior to writing this week's pain-inspired issue! Huge android app ad fraud affecting millions of users; the future of crypto; 3 simple steps to increase security when using public wifi; and more!

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How to Make Profitable Push Notification Traffic Campaigns

By Administrator • October 24, 2018

How to Make Profitable Push Notification Traffic Campaigns Been thinking about testing PUSH traffic? Look no further - STM Moderator Matuloo has just posted a detailed case study on a profitable campaign he ran on MEGAPU.SH. This case study is practically a mini-tutorial, as everything is revealed. Follow Along: Amy's 40 Day Guide Follow Along (with Binom) Created by the legendary Greg Morrison from OMG (OneManGang), one of the most highly-regarded experts in the SEO industry now learning about paid traffic on STM, this follow-along is shaping up to become one of the most-popular threads on STM this year! With 70+ posts and 1600+ views already received in less than 2 weeks, it is one of the most-detailed follow-alongs ever. This thread has inspired several other members to start follow-alongs as well. If you're a newbie in paid traffic (pop traffic especially), you'll definitely want to check out this thread! Fraud Report from the Advertiser Ever been accused of sending fraudulent leads by an affiliate network or advertiser? Member rajivwalia is faced with this unfortunate situation. However, with the help of the STM community, rajivwalia is taking measures to block potentially-fraudulent traffic, in order to avoid similar incidents from happening in the future. Way to turn a negative situation into a positive one! Why 1000s of Affs are Flying to Bangkok this December Still sitting on the fence about attending the Affiliate World Conference in Bangkok this December? Reading up on other members' experiences may just help you decide. Sweeps & Facebook = €$€ Another follow-along with good tips on how to generate profits using the sweeps+facebook model. Member henrik is generating some green already - looking forward to seeing bigger and bigger profits! Weekly News Oct, 18th : Trump Killing Drop-shipping, Google to License Android... In this week's tech newsletter curated by matuloo: Trump further discourages Chinese imports by possibly killing a 144 year-old postal treaty; Google finds new income stream; 10 lessons you can learn from Marketo when planning a multi-million/billion dollar exit; and more! (P.S.: If you're in the ecom business of selling Chinese goods to Americans, read further down the thread to find some gold tips from vortex on how to get around Trump's wrath!)

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5 Epic Lessons I Learned From Running Facebook Ads Since 2014!

By Administrator • October 17, 2018

5 Epic Lessons I Learned From Running Facebook Ads Since 2014! iAmAttila has dropped a bomb of a post that anyone running on Facebook simply MUST read! Some of the best tips include: What types of images has resulted in the highest CTR (along with example images), a simple trick to finding killer ad headline ideas, the ideal audience size to target, how much to increase your budget by when scaling, how to layer audiences to create an ultra-targeted audience, how it can be more profitable to build a list from FB traffic and sell to that instead of going straight for the sale in the ad, and more! Facebook Sweeps Follow Along Over the course of just 3 weeks, FB-newbie hadomi went from -100% ROI to high xx/day in profits while learning to run sweeps! 3-figure profit days should be just around the corner. Lots of gold to be gleaned from the 2+ pages of discussion, with the OP's detailed-documentation of the process, plus guidance from experts such as maynzie, stickupkid and nickpeplow. Promo Code for Ecommerce Mastery Live: Asia Missed the early-bird pricing? Here's your second chance - get a whopping $200 discount on the current price, and learn from the best of the industry including Tim Burd, Max Finn, and many more! Weekly News From the Online Advertising and Tech Worlds - 11th October Some of what you'll find out about in this issue are: How much your FB identify is worth (the answer WILL surprise you!), the effects of GDPR, Facebook's new diagnostic tool, Bill Gate's latest project, and how Google is finally making its way into the a HUGE market it currently has no presence in.

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