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STM Forum was launched late one night in January 2011 with the goal of providing case studies, guides, high quality information on a variety of topics and to act as a core networking hub for industry veterans.

7 years later we are ​ the authoritative forum on affiliate marketing and our reach continues to expand. We now provide higher education, host conferences and local networking events, and are continuing to improve and expand what the forum offers every affiliate marketer.

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👸$7,804 “Very Unique” Washingtons 📲 Push Like A Pro

August 06, 2020

👸$7,804 “Very Unique” Washingtons Look, fellas, gonna keep this special snowflake short. Lookie here: This be one “very unique” follow along. So unique, in fact, it bears “unique fruit”. Who’d have expected? Lemme explain, in case sarcasm typically darts right past you. 1. Hard work 2. Persistence 3. Determination 4. Asking questions 5. Not quitting 6. Fill-in-the-blanks Extremely unique. Examples of OP asking detailed questions and taking action: “What would you say that the biggest difference to an offer is: - How to advertizer monetizes it and sends conversions to the network - How the offer lander looks - How fast is the offer lander - How the affiliate network deals with your earnings from the advertiser - The quickness of redirect speed of the affiliate network Anything I missed?” Results? $7,804.10 revenue in July, minus $6,408.15 = $1,395.95 profits. Main point being? @roiter123 put in the work. He took advantage of STM’s army of legendary moderators and ye-olde-school affiliate dogs. He asked questions. He persisted. Need we say more? Do ye see the pattern? >> Give here yer unique thanks << [SPONSORED] Push Like A Pro > FIND IT HERE << Who is Pushground you might ask? Pushground is a performance ad network that allows media buyers and affiliates to maximize their performance-marketing, by providing a global supply of high-quality Push ad traffic. Get a competitive advantage with Pushground’s robust campaign automation and the industry’s most refined user “freshness” targeting in a fast and powerful platform. Get started today with a 20% deposit bonus for all STM members! Just follow the link below and tell your account manager that you’ve come from STM. >>Signup at Pushground<< 💰How Long is the Typical Affiliate Bill? Our Zeropark buddies have asked – and answered – a serious question: 💰 How much money do you need to be successful in Affiliate Marketing? This thread though. This is how you make a proper STM thread if ye want affiliate gangsters to buy yer traffic or swing yer offers. And trust you. (Vendors – one eye touching the monitor, the other pointed at a notebook) Anywhoms. Here’s what’s covered: What are the costs of affiliate marketing? Should you spend money on affiliate marketing courses? How expensive are the additional affiliate marketing tools? Revenue vs. profit Cash Flow Managing expectations as a beginner in affiliate marketing P.S. Newbies may wanna take a look before diving into the deep end. That’s why we see >> READ MORE << Taboola Why U Treat me Like This? $840 Spend -> $240 Revenue Feast yer eyes and satiate yer hunger. Newbie tears below. How did we miss this one? “I'm a Native Newbie who just started native in May. This taboola campaign was running for 5 days, spent 809 USD, generated 4 conversions, 240 USD revenue. I set 0.46 USD as smart bid and 3000 USD monthly budget with balanced delivery. In the first 3 days, it looks promising but there're no conversions in the 4th and 5th days. So I paused it in the 5th day.” The offer? Ecom, $60 payout, in the US (muy competitive, no?) Why did the performance drop though, for real? >> Basically, go find out why it’s not a good idea to run ecom offers on Taboola, in the US. <<

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🌴192.41% ROI - 1 Camp, 1 GEO, 1 Offer, ZERO Effort 0️⃣ Covid–19: Pay ZERO Taxes in 2020

July 29, 2020

192.41% ROI - 1 Camp, 1 GEO, 1 Offer, ZERO Effort Isn’t life that much better when yer making money out of thin air? But first, lemme clear things up real quick ‘fore we get into Jaybot’s follow along. On behalf of @jaybot: “Shut up.” Could he have made ‘mo dollarydoos had he not tested other things? Of course. Could he have made even more had he scaled? Affirmative. I mean, even Lazy Neo himself chimed in: But then look at this: That’s “One camp, one geo, one offer, zero effort” And “zero effort” has a mighty fine ring to it, no? That’s like what, $100~ out of the blue? I’d take it. So would you. As for scalin’, _who knows_, man? Maybe @jaybot’s’a’brewin’ a little something-something? Stick one eyeball out for updates. >> Shut up and go sub to jaybot’s follow along...and give the man a thanks << [SPONSORED] Covid–19: Pay ZERO Taxes in 2020 Has covid-19 affected your business? What if we told you there’s a solution that will: -Allow you to pay ZERO taxes -100% legally and set up REMOTELY from your home -Free up business capital -Reduce paperwork to free up your time Digitas Finance is the only tax consultancy firm in the world that exclusively serves digital marketers. This is what they can do for you: Step 1 – Set up a tax-free corporate structure for your business, in an affiliate tax-friendly jurisdiction, REMOTELY from your home. Step 2 – Set up bank accounts and debit/credit cards for you. Step 3 - You enjoy tax-free business profits! Bonus: Depending on your situation, you may also enjoy tax-free salary and dividends withdrawal. Here are actual case studies of recent clients... Case 1: Beginner Affiliate Marketer, Irish National Before-Tax Profits = $87k Take-Home Profits = $10K (only 12%; the rest went to taxes) With Help From Digitas: 0% corporate tax and 0% personal tax Case 2: Advanced eCommerce Marketer, UK National Digital Nomad Before-Tax Profits = $1.4 million Take home Profits = $450K (only 32%; the rest went to taxes) With Help From Digitas: 0% corporate tax and 0% personal tax Clients include the Affiliate World Conferences, the STM Forum, and many more. Exclusive Offer for STM Members: Fully remote setup with bank account, debit/credit cards for just USD $7,999/yr. Contact Digitas Finance today for a free, no-obligation consultation on how much you can save in 2020 and beyond! >> Click Here to Pay Zero Tax << Ain’t Spending Other People’s Millions ‘No ‘Mo Ye know, running an agency ain’t half bad. Look at Don Draper – alpha as fudge. Makes ya wanna light one up afresh, aye? (maybe don’t) Anywhoms. Living the agency lifestyle, while low risk and low ROI, gets ye to learn the ins and outs of any particular niche/vertical/industry. Also, it’s scalable. But in a sense, spending other people’s benjamins sheds a _layer of tummy butterflies_. I’m talking about the butterflies ye get when you have to spend your own hard-earned gold purse. Especially at first. But then comes a time where ye realise that monthly retainer + 5-10% of ad spend is pennies compared to what you can bring in STM-style. Case in point: This guy’s coming over from the agency “lyfe” and wants to dip his toes into the land of plenty (AM): “I just finished running a multi ad platform (FB, IG, Search, display, YT, etc) ad agency where ran ads for business who sold courses, lead gen-email submits and ecom for other businesses. Now it's my turn to reap the rewards. I am pretty new to this AM stuff. No flex here. Just honest, what to learn and help share.” … “Can you help me create a focus path?” What do ye think happened? P.S. OP has quite the extensive experience, plus many paths to take. Stuff gets interesting. >> Agency lyfe no’ mo’ go ye here to see OP’s chosen path of affiliate bliss << Taboola, You’ve Been a Bad Boy – Ads Under-delivering Taboola’s off the chain and ain’t hearin’ no one. Smartbids be damned. Thread context: “I'm running some Taboola's SmartBid campaign and I'm struggling with this issue very often. Even in large geos such as US I can't spend more than a few hundred dollars per day.” Spoiler alert: It’s OP’s fault for Taboola’s under-delivery. Even better: Revealed inside are the inner-schemes of intricate SmartBidding techniques. In other words, ye better jump in and see how the pros do it before ye start pulling yer hairs. Protip: High bids need not make you pee yer pants. >> Juicy details inside, as per usual << -49.80% ROI – Put the Gun Point-Blank to This Camp’s Head? Would you kill this camp? $-1,391.67 in the red. -49.80% ROI swirling down the drain. Campaign Details: Traffic: MGID Product: Energy Saver Network: AdCombo Type: C.O.D. Payout: $23 Tracker: BeMob Duration: 90 Days +/- What do ye think? Queue native legends storming in, such as: - Legendary @matuloo himself - Notorious @jack_l The results? Screw the results. As per usual, the thread took a sharp turn. It’s not about putting a gun to this camp’s forehead. At all. At this point, it’s entirely besides the point whether to kill it or not. Typically, the juiciest bits are inside. But here’s a taste: Ye should never be too granular with yer camps... >> Here’s why <<

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🧙‍♂️1 Weird Trick STM Wizards Use to Combine Mad Data 📌My Sweet STM COVID-19

July 22, 2020

🧙‍♂️ 1 Weird Trick STM Wizards Use to Combine Mad Data Google sheet spells and incantations taste best when served by STM wizards. What’s this one then? Ye know how in Voluum you can only export data for the past 30 days? It stinks. Big time. But this STM wizard (@caravaggio) spent their mana making a mystical Google Sheet – it combines a number of jumbled up sheets into 1. Magically. Here’s how the spell works: 1. Go to yer tracker and select whatever data ye need for the past 30 days. Then select _placement (Zone ID), revenue, costs and conversions_. Export CSV. 2. Repeat step 1 for a different period. 3. Go to the Google Sheet Data Combiner and paste yer data into the ‘Data’ sheet -> gg. 4. Watch the magic happen and thank Yours Truly for hooking you up. But why make such a sheet tho? Here’s what the chief himself says: “The biggest problem with such 2 lists is that you have duplicated placements and different revenue / costs / conversions. What the sheet does is split data based on placement. So it finds placement (even if you have 2, 3 the same) and add revenue, costs and conversions.” Yer welcome. >> Click here to enter the portal to the Magic Google Sheet << My Sweet STM COVID-19 Aahh, the sweet smell of COVID-19 in the morning. 2020’s about to be one unforgettable year. Anywhomz. My top tier advice on what to do during these quarantines and the sudden influx of demented Karens foaming at the mouth. Instead of being _bored out of yer mind at home_, do this: Step 1. Cancel the Netflix sub. Step 2. Flick yer TV remote out the window (pray it hits a Karen between the eyes) Step 3. Cancel the WoW sub. Step 4. Dump yer girlfriend. Step 5. Delete Facebook (maybe leave the Business Manager alive). Lawyer up. Hit the home gym (this is all Reddit’s advice, don’t mind me) Step 6. Get married to STM instead. Step 7. Start doing affiliate marketing. Seriously. Name me a better time than right this instance to start doing AM? Here’s a little bit of help to get yer lazy ass off the couch. Yours truly’s influence and persuasion skills know no borders and have managed to net ye some discounts. Use the coupon RELIEF20 and grab 20% off yer first month with STM. Yer welcome. >> Don’t be shy and don’t be a wuss, checkout’s right here << $1 Guide Bears Tasty Fruit Even in July 2020 “Finally, after spending £10 on the campaign my Revenue was $11.71.” - Newbie However, this newbie did something different. A twist to the $1 guide, if ye may. You’ll see inside. Anyways. Amusing how a puny little bit of innovation can net positive ROIs, no? Talk aboot an evergreen, anyone-can-get-their-feet-wet guide to entry-level affiliate marketing. Literally anyone. Yer grandma included. Go thank this newbie and thank Amy too for making it all happen. Lest ye want to see Yours Truly under yer bed tonight. >> Wet feet in here << 2020 Spring-Summer Sweep Trends to Bring in $10k/day Slap yer sexy swimsuits on. Put on yer heavy-duty chemical protective clothing. And dive right into 2020’s wettest spring-summer sweepstake trends. That’s March 1st to June 15th, 2020, FYI. Also, 2019 included. This thread has about 10 thousand tons of graphs and images. And priceless lines of text, of course. Like this: Mind you some affiliates are still making $X,XXX - $XX,XXX / day on FB. Despite the Zucc’s intense shoulder rubs and deathly stares. P.S. Sweeps are all alive and well, and sipping margaritas waiting for bloodthirsty affiliates to swipe ‘em up. Mind you, these detailed reports are all based on CC submit sweeps. P.P.S. Yer welcome, again. >> Grab ‘em by the sweeps, right here << Lazy Neo Starts a Follow Along?? What? The Chosen One has had an epiphany. A vision, per se. One morning he woke up and his sleepy mind’s response was something such as this: “The coding and programming section shall rise from the dead.” “_My plan is to get some automation for my campaigns running so that I have more time for other things_.” – He whispers. Why, of course – why else do ye think he’s known as Lazy Neo about the STM streets? tl;dr Python + Lazy Neo + Binom API = Quote: “What I did so far is to grab the all-time stats for a specific campaign group in Binom and print all the campaign names in this group.” The goal? “My next step will be to collect the campaigns tracker IDs, this is very easy by just changing the ['name'] to ['id'] Then I will make the script to loop through all these campaigns stats and pause offers based on simple rules.” Mysterious are the ways of the chosen one. >> You should sub to Neo’s follow along, trust me. It has been said: “Give the hardest job to the laziest person”... <<

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🏦 Affiliate-Friendly Bank Minus The Evil Bits? 📌How to Bank from the Most-Untapped Geos

July 15, 2020

🏦 Affiliate-Friendly Bank Minus The Evil Bits? What’s this, ye ask? A bank for online marketers and ecom people? Copy-pasta below: “Most banks suck. They are slow. Massive fees for everything. Endless KYC. Slow sign up process. Cards have limits. Little or No Cashback. Most of them just offer the bare minimum service to customers and charge a whole lot for it. Not very nice. So what if there was a bank that could do more for you? _A bank that actually solves problems for you rather than create them_? So a team was assembled and we created our vision for the perfect bank -- and we are dying to know if you agree with our vision. Introducing Juni: The Only Bank in the World Tailored for Online Marketing & E-Commerce Businesses.” Don’t ye love it when threads sell themselves? It has that nice, new and exciting ring to it. That funky buzz and tension in the air. Case in point? Basically get $250 washingtons in 5 minutes for free if ye check out this futuristic bank. They sold this part well too, lookie below. Quote: “Other than getting a sneak peek of your future bank we are also offering $250 to each user who completes the 5 minute demo & survey. The money will be credited to your account once we are live and you start using the service.” As is customary, yer welcome. >> Hold yer breath and dive right into Juni - it be free right now + free benjamins << How to Bank from the Most-Untapped Geos > Give Me a Piece of the $24 Billion Pie NOW!<< How to Hire Thirsty Freelancers as a Non-Techie, Easily How ‘bout we test a new newsletter format? Bite-sized thread chunks. Why? Because: 1) Ye are busy and always want the juice ASAP (lazy) 2) I’m busy (lazy) 3) Speed & ease -- This guy’s looking for a full-stack tech person. For landers, tracking, servers, api stuff, convert wireframes to HTML etc. A right-hand man, if ye may. Should he hire one-off freelancers? Or scour the job boards for a full-time position? Do ye need to split-test yer employees? >> Clickie here for tips, tricks, hiring strategies and STM pearls of wisdom << The first conversion’s the most memorable – thanks to @vortex’s 40-day guide Indeed it is. It’s the most memorable one of all yer conversions. Ye take it with ye for life. This is what hooks ye in. “This stuff works.” It’s that tiny spark. A spec of hope. Light at the end of the tunnel. >> Go ye here and encourage a newbie...and lest we forget where we come from << Mo’ Money, Mo’ Problems – How Do Ye Handle Cashflow at High Volumes? Do ye think super affiliates sit atop stacks of rat-infested dollah-bills – throwing money at traffic sources care-free? Nay. How do they run big camps without running out of cash/credit before the next payout plunges in? Quote: “Do you have a bunch of credit cards? Really high credit limit? Or just got a pile of cash in the bank?” In short, yes, yes and yes. If it’s cashflow ye want – ye definitely don’t want to be stuck with month-long payouts. Negotiate for weeklies. Always. More in the below linkie: >> @matuloo, @twinaxe and other legends show ye how they get dat cashflow – Hello American Express... << This the New Sweeps? Basically, a brand new offer type’s popped up on ye olde radar. The sweeps market’s regulations compared to 10 yearz ago is like a rope around a sweep offer’s neck and a flimsy, rotten chair underneath. These guys wanted to transform the sweeps market – and they’re onto somethin’. A full-blown guide on where/how to run these brand spankin’ new sweep offers. Best part? 100% approved by Lazy Neo himself: “I tested 27 campaigns so far but only kept 2 campaigns running. These two campaigns run without any maintenance and made about €606 revenue at about 90%-95% ROI. Total I made €667.95 total revenue at about 30% ROI.“ Best-est part? Expect a Lazy Neo guide on these bad boys. My advice In the meantime? When ye see an opportunity... >> Go ye here and sink yer teeth in deep ASAP <<

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🎰These Sweepstakes Are Rigged With Conversion Armour 🎮iGaming affiliates – From SEO Affiliates to Sophisticated Media Buyers

July 08, 2020

These Sweepstakes Are Rigged With Conversion Armour Thread context: “I have tested sweeps when i just started my journey while following Amys 40 days guide, but quickly left that vertical as i couldn't seems to get it working successfully. I moved on to the finance vertical via push, specifically loans and been doing quite well with them. ...i decided to dig a little deeper into the offers themselves to find out why the fudge there are no conversions. _Using remote desktop to my sis computer (to ensure my cookies have no effect) i started testing each and every offer..._” Let me to summarize this guy’s findings: 1) SOI is not really SOI – Only 1 of 15 tested fired a conversion. 2) “Conversion armour” – 14 offers required the user go through the entire funnel (or led them astray) 3) The offers cheat because they didn’t fire a conversion even after winding through each and every miserable page. Is he onto somethin’ or is there more to the sweeps game than meets the affiliate eye? _Maybe_ yes. But also _no_. SOI means single opt-in – but ye still have to fill the entire form, you just don’t have to confirm yer email by the end. Affiliate networks scrub, yes – how else are they gonna snag margins, ey? Solution? Stick to direct advertisers (if the dollarydoo-flow allows), or legit networks. Also, our local sweeps-expert mod @stickupkid says this: “Keep an eye on your daily CR, lets say it's between 12-16% that seems quite "steady". But 2% - 10% is a big difference for example.” Ye’ll find the rest of the story in there. Anywhomz. That’s not even the best part of this thread. Nay! After @jaybot jumped in with his usual influx of swear words sprinkled with kindness something quite remarkable popped up. Here’s how it went: @jaybot charms OP with seductive profanity -> OP unveils exactly how to run payday loan offers in South America, profitably so. Lander screenshots included. The entire sneaky angle’s in there. All ripe and up for grabz. Yer welcome. >> Basically, go grab a free and highly profitable angle plus see the inner-workings of the sweeps game in greater detail << [SPONSORED] iGaming affiliates – From SEO Affiliates to Sophisticated Media Buyers Working in the affiliate industry, you learn to wear many hats, constantly adapting your skills and becoming an all-round digital marketing master! The industry has evolved, and so have the tools we use to ensure we are on top of our game. If you had asked any affiliate working in the gaming industry 12 years ago, what the focus of their strategy was, they’d likely say attractive sites with strong SEO focus, but in recent years the ball is in the court of forward-thinking affiliates who are driven media buyers and know that a diverse marketing strategy is key. More and more media buyers are getting into the iGaming industry and shifting the traffic completely with a focus on push traffic, social media traffic, native ads, pop, programmatic, GDN, PPC and more - so if you are a media buying guru, this is your space to shine! If you’re thinking, “I bring all that, I just need the right partner!” …Meet NetoPartners! With over 10 years of balancing the understanding of affiliates’ needs with believing in the games for which they are the direct advertising partners for, NetoPartners is the ideal partner for motivated affiliates entering the iGaming industry! Their team and platform are there to guide their partners and can support all traffic channels. NetoPartners tailors the journey to each of their partners: Creating commission plans for you & your traffic needs CPL/CPA/REVSHARE High-converting, attractive marketing materials An experienced team to support you With all of this, your path is paved for success! Go on then >> find out how NetoPartners can help you succeed “I want to lose 18 kgs in 3 months” - STM’s Weight Loss Counselling “I currently weigh 87 kgs and am 5" 9' tall. The diet plan I have chalked out is fine. Please can anyone suggest the right exercises to reduce belly fat (a good youtube video that has helped someone should be good)? 6 kgs a month seems realistic and achieveable. What do you think?” Asking the world’s largest hornet’s nest of Acai Berry slinging and Garcinia Cambogia dealing affiliates for weight loss advice. Hoookay. One of the replies, as anticipated: But ye’d be surprised. Many legends tuned in. Some with actual aid. For instance: People recommending apps like MyFitnessPal. Checking your testosterone levels. Keto diets. Lifting weights, daily. Paleo. Yada yada. Something called Kinobody – literally no clue what this is – recommended by @popcash (yes, the ad network, they’re all on the forums) Personally imo, the bestest part? Legendary @matuloo’s advice, by far: “I got the million-dollar advice: Eat LESS!” But most importantly: I love beer and fat meat too much to sacrifice any of it “ I rest my case. >> Affiliates aren’t all underwear digital superheroes it seems, some of us do workout, go ye here << Rioting Facebook Advertisers = Drool Over Lower CPMs? Hey Zucc, how does yer seat feel? Smoking? Linkey here: “The survey showed that a third of the top 58 advertisers will, or are likely to, suspend advertising, while a further 40% are also considering doing so. On Monday, Ford and Adidas announced their intention to halt all advertising on the platform, joining corporations including Honda, Verizon, Diageo and Unilever. Others, including Starbucks and Coca-Cola, have paused all advertising on social media but stopped short of officially announcing support for the “Stop Hate for Profit” campaign, which is coordinating the Facebook boycott.” Ouchy ouch. What’s STM’s take on this? Shall we begin “The Drooling”? Perhaps so. @stickupkid and @matuloo have chimed in thus far. Let the games begin. >> Go ye here and find out <<

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🔥@jaybot’s Multidimensional $X,XXX/Week Success Story Newsletter Piece 🏆 The best ways to promote after lockdown from Leadbit

July 01, 2020

@jaybot’s Multidimensional $XXXX/Week Success Story Newsletter Piece Ye know what? Yours truly has successfully managed to bribe Lord @Jaybot to write his own success story piece in the newsletter. (For real) At this pace, the newsletter’s gonna write itself if yours truly manages to hand out enough bribes to innocent STMers on a weekly basis. Anywhomz. Yes, @jaybot wrote everything below. Yes, he’s a talented fellow, well-versed in the arts of dealing “digital cocaine” newsletters on the corners of STM and launching successful, highly engaging threads. He has that weird knack for writing. What’d it take to bribe @jaybot? Check by the end, ye might be surprised. wink wink Here goes, this is all @jaybot’s doing below: ----- He spends 336 hours a week on AM. He does so by having clones, robots, and/or living in several dimensions. He also f*ing swears a lot and has recently infected our innocent vortex into swearing _again_. “_You're really f---in' inspiring! I rarely use that word anymore but there's no other adequate way to express my sentiments._” This is undoubtedly because according to the legendary twinaxe: to be better at affiliate marketing, you have to be better than Jaybot and use: "_more swear words_." The epic journey of the '_Most Boring_' thread reveals the secrets of Time Being An Illusion and Affiliate Marketers with Time Machines (wtf? I want one!) But it's not all weird fun and games. Jaybot also dives into his stats to show some entertaining musings on how 4 conversions on a $30 CC Submit offer performs better than 2147(!) conversions of a $0.05 SOI offer. And. Whatever wacky shit Jaybot is doing, it seems to be _working_. His latest unique update: $1993 revenue last week. $488 of it being pure, sweet profit. Which of course, he will probably spend quality time "relaxing with hookers." But long-time STM vet, diplomat-senpai jumps in to tell Jaybot it's time to: "get rid of those rookie numbers _and get into _big boy numbers_." And then goes on to explain exactly _how to do that in the "Most Boring FA Thread You Will Ever Read... Guaranteed!" ----- End @jaybot’s piece *wipes tear* Lemme just say this. The man got @vortex to swear (!), all the while banking in dollarydoos. Talk about multidimensional talent. This entire thread is golden, it’s sprinkled in gold. Jump in and read his entire journey beginning-to-end and provide yer thanks, to everyone. P.S. As for the bribes – it took beers, burgers, “The Last STM Backpack In The World” and ugh…”womenz”. More details to come in the future, perhaps. >> As Jaybot would say, “click that sh*t now and get all the juicy details!” << 🏆 The best ways to promote after lockdown from Leadbit 🏆 The world turns into normal life, BUT the trends in affiliate marketing are still the SAME! Guys from Leadbit show several current trends with approaches and offers in those niches that show active growth - they are gambling, dating, webcam, games. You can check the best GEO and offers to promote in the article. AND! began working with the largest suppliers of quality content and mastodons for the web and mob industry. Soon you will get access to the main full and browser games in Leadbit. Why do you need to test games promotion? ✅Games are white offers with an advanced target. ✅Have your site? Monetize traffic by yourself without fear of black ads from teasers. ✅Working with FB? Warm-up accounts with games and then promote adult or gambling. Find your advantage in games with Leadbit Gaming! Ping us: 💬Anna @annazhelez 💬Dmitry @DmitryLeadBit New verticals that will help to diversify the sources of our leads and to fill our pockets with plenty of cash. Choose CPL offers for some painless tests. With the help of them you can test niches, offers, GEO without spending much money and as a result, find a good combination. If you need really good conditions and professional support, Leadbit will be the best. Sweet @Vortex Whispers of a Freaky Good FB Spy Tool...That’s Completely Free for the Next 100 Peeps, But Only For STMers When ye hear from @vortex about literally anything being recommended, ye drop everything ye do and you go sign up ASAP. There is no “if” or “but”. Yours truly heard whispers of an FB spy tool so good, Amy recommends it wholeheartedly and even personally so. A quick dégustation: “More ads - a lot more than any other tool, worldwide... Filter affiliate ads only or by vertical - Don't waste your time finding what's good Preview and download affiliate pre-landers - including hidden ones Easy to search and use - even your grandma can launch profitable campaigns now“ The problem? There are less than 100 free (full access) spots left. Considering I signed up just a minute ago too, that’s an extra -1. **No clue how many more spots left there are, honestly. But yer welcome. Again. >> Go grab this and touch these generous humans’ thanks button << BREAD Pitt’s Deadly Affiliate Skills Net Rs 80,000 in Real Estate Commissions Listen, fellas. We’re gonna have to keep preachin’ that ye branch out of yer typical affiliate networks and sky-high crypto and such payouts. At least a little bit. We’re talking about the scary “out there”. The “mainstream”, if ye may. _BREAD Pitt_ did just that, easily so. Ad spend? Rs 500 for 21 leads Papercashmoney? Rs 80,000 in a nice payout According to my math, that’s about a bajillion % ROI. Anywhoms, case in point? For any ‘_mainstream digital marketing peasant_’, what Bread Pitt did might feel like pure wicked dark magic. But for your _typical affiliate_? It’s like a primal instinct. Always looking for that angle. In fact, for most mainstreams this is one of the most common mistakes. What Bread Pitt did was he netted the juiciest, most highly targeted audiences while barely lifting a finger. >> Go ye here and borrow Bread Pitt’s wicked magic <<

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🏴‍☠️Resurrecting 7-Figure Affiliates From Their STM Graves 🤑One Trick to Finding Profitable Campaigns

June 24, 2020

🏴‍☠️Resurrecting 7-Figure Affiliates From Their STM Graves Swipe the webs off yer monitors. Blow the dust away. And lemme take you on a trip down memory lane. Walking around the STM tombs you encounter a ye olde thread. From way back in 2014. 2014 = ancient times. A time when there was no Cardi B in chainmail armour. (Or was there?) Nor coronaviruses. Nor Donald. Nor that many banned FB accounts, The Zucc did not neet to suck on innocent advertisers’ souls to feed his insatiable lizard brain. But there are countless, priceless wise words that stand the test of time: The #1 huge-est mistake all affiliates make: action, not motion (i.e. lookie here: get shit done) Why you should not look for the “best” (cheapest) option when hiring employees Boundless wisdom from STM giants and 7-figure affiliates: Charles Ngo Legendary Mr. Green Mysterious @cmdeal The man, the myth, the legend – @stackman (“The mental note behind this is you're forcing luck.. you're forcing a big campaign by testing so much that it can't NOT work. Make sense?”) Sweet @polarbacon @kokofai Many, many more. >> Grab yer whips and toilet rolls, go ye here and roam the STM crypts << [SPONSORED] One Trick to Finding Profitable Campaigns Ever wonder why so many affiliates never reach consistent profits? To hit on a winning campaign, you need to test 4 things: Offers, Ads, Landing Pages, and Traffic Sources. Test enough combinations and you’ll find winners. Sounds simple - until you look at the math. Example: 4 Offers x 10 Ads x 5 Landing Pages = 200 combinations to test (And this is assuming the traffic is decent.) The scary thing? Even if you test all 200 combinations, you may not find a winner. Pro affiliates take a different approach: They do research to narrow things down first. And many of them rely on one particular data intelligence tool. Top affiliates use this tool to cherry-pick the most-recent campaigns, that have been receiving lots of traffic over at least a few days… Which means they have a good chance of being winners. Then the pros would test, tweak and optimize based on these campaigns. This way, there are WAY fewer combinations to test, and the success rate is MUCH higher. The tool is Adplexity, and here’s why it’s the best: -Shows you entire campaigns: Ads, offers (& affiliate networks), landing pages, traffic sources, placements, etc. -Tons of great reviews from users (google to find). -The biggest and most-accurate database of campaigns, bar none. -Intuitive user interface, easy to use. -Covers: Native, Push, Pop, Display, Adult, and In-App traffic. -Covers many traffic networks: AdCash, Taboola, PropellerAds, Exoclick + dozens more. The Good News: Adplexity is offering a 30% LIFETIME discount to our subscribers. Adplexity 30%-Off Lifetime Discount Think: How difficult it would be to compete with affiliates that ARE using Adplexity, when you’re not. You can’t afford NOT to get this tool. Show Me Winning Campaigns Today [FOLLOW ALONG] “So, sorry Jaybot, my cat shit on your work.” _Y so confuse?_ Let me provide context and reading material from this marvel of a newbie follow along. Copy-pasta below: “I just joined a couple days ago and I've been devouring as much as the info and posts as I possibly can. Total goldmine here, guys. Well done The follow-alongs that are most on the mind are Jaybot's Boring Thread, which totally made me fall asleep. BECAUSE I just don't want to stop going through that Odyssey since it's LOADED with valuable info and I fell asleep reading and re-reading it. It seems to be the most recent and updated follow-along on here. I even printed out parts of it, annotated it, then shredded it to keep the sanctity of this awesome forum. Then, I used the shreds for my cat's litter box. Saving money wherever I can so I can burn it on affiliate marketing. _So, sorry Jaybot, my cat shit on your work._ I've gone through diplomat's Starting from the beginning one recently too, which had posts that I really resonated with. I'm personally at a point right now where I'm generating about $300 revenue daily, but I'm sitting at between $50 - $250 loss, daily. I have one offer right now that if I ran that, alone, would bring in $200 rev, ~$40-50, profit daily. Then the rest of the loss comes from testing new offers and attempting to scale, which so far has been a failure of a mission.“ Tell me, where else have ye seen a forum thread being printed, then shredded, then used as cat litter? For the sake of STM’s sanctity. How noble. Anyway, that’s beside the main point. In here we have a newbie feeling like this: But at the same time @bennimen is persistent with updates. Despite his “internal alarms” –  “Against all of my internal alarms, I keep spending”. Case in point? This is yet another common trait of winners. Ye must realise you’re spending on your education. Anyway, let me wrap up with a piece of @jack_l’s reply in there and leave you pondering: “ can potentially let you earn more than doctors and lawyers who paid half a million dollars and years on end for their education” I rest my case. >> Now go ye here and subscribe to this follow along, you’re about to see a newbie bloom <<

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🎟 Everyone is going to Ad World! Are you? 💻 Get Auto-Approved For 600K Affiliate Offers

June 17, 2020

🪑Let Me Pull You a Digital Chair Psst. Want some of this stuff? - Ogilvy - The Hustle - Neil Patel - Reddit - IBM Watson - The Tan Brothers - Jason Akatiff (Ads4Dough) - Anthony Sarandrea - Cat Howell - More, waay more Then let me cut you in on a wittle deal my wittle fwiend. Conferences ain’t just about us affiliate dogs no mo’. Nay! It’s about the entire digital advertising industry. AdWorld is 10,000+ attendees, 100+ speakers, 15+ tracks you can witness in yer underpants. How much? $39 for early birdies oblivious of glorious STM. $299 for under-the-rock-dwelling procrastinators. $0 Washingtons for STMers (thanks to yours truly’s shady deals) *But you need to be an active STMer for at least 1 month from now up until November. (Yer welcome, per usual) >> Prepare yer best underpants, go ye here and let your eyeballs rub Ad World’s lander << [SPONSORED] Get Auto-Approved For 600,000 Affiliate Offers! Tired of waiting forever for affiliate offers to get approved? (And landing pages and ad creatives as well!) While you’re spending half your life waiting for approvals, other affiliates are 10 steps ahead and generating revenue. Because they’re running offers that have ALL been PRE-APPROVED, and they don’t need to submit landers or ads for approval! Their secret weapon? The Admitad chrome extension. Here’s the magic formula: 1)Install the Admitad extension (in <1 minute) and sign up (in 10 seconds). 2)You’ll then have access to 60,000 offers from 30,000 advertisers! All pre-approved for promoting immediately! Search in Google, Bing or Yandex. Any site marked with an AD icon can be promoted. No need to generate deep links - simply go to the product page and copy the affiliate link from the extension! (You can add SubID tags as well!) Alternatively, sign up with your ad space to see the full list of offers (and access more tools for affiliate marketing professionals!) 3)Promote the link for $$$$$! See this video for an overview of this program. Interested yet? Here are more details: -The 60k affiliate programs are from established US, European and worldwide brands like Airbnb, Adobe, Walmart, Skyscanner and more. -Reporting includes traffic source, EPC, CVR, offer name, etc. -Use Admitad’s suite of workflow optimization tools to work faster and easier! -Find out how to promote these offers on adult traffic! On June 26th, Admitad and PornHub are hosting a webinar together - sign up for this webinar now! >> Start doing affiliate marketing the easy way with Admitad! << High User Activity = High Backend Quality? Basically, title. 1 CPI offer. 3 Campaigns. 1 Propeller Push. 1 Ferrari F40. Does push traffic user activity mean surprising backend CPIs? Lookie here: “The Low Activity campaign has 14% of the revenue of the High Activity campaign. The Medium Activity campaign has 48% of the revenue of the High Activity campaign.” That be a massive difference indeed. Coincidence? Methinks not. Does correlation mean causation? Methinks yes. But better go see for yerself. P.S. Watch Lazy Neo and Legendary Matuloo spew revelations in this thread in the meantime. >> You’d think 400 installs would be a nice conclusion but no, need to wait for another week’s stats, go ye here << Yogi Twinaxe Hugs Crying Nooblet (Plus a Money Cushion) You can feel tears slipping down this terrified newbie’s cheeks: “I just want to say I hope other newbies have more success than I do/did at this.” It drags on, but let me throw in a summary: “Waaaah I’m scared and angry, AM hard” – (juicy tears inside) Before I cut you loose inside this thread, lemme leave this here piece of the first post: “When you dive into AM it does make sense to have a money cushion that you can afford to lose. That doesn't prevent you from falling but at least you will have less bruises and no broken bones.” Also, expect wise words from Mr. Lazy Neo, a.k.a. Yogi Bear, a.k.a @twinaxe: “Dude, let me tell you some motivational words... When I am back on my PC Don't get frustrated, we all had to work our way through obstacles and roadblocks. And although it may feel very frustrating what you go through I can tell you that it's nothing compared to some stuff I had to deal with. Stay tuned for some calming words from Yogi Twinaxe“ >> ‘Tis a scary old beast AM, do you see yerself in this here newbie? Clickie here <<

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