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STM Forum was launched late one night in January 2011 with the goal of providing case studies, guides, high quality information on a variety of topics and to act as a core networking hub for industry veterans.

7 years later we are ​ the authoritative forum on affiliate marketing and our reach continues to expand. We now provide higher education, host conferences and local networking events, and are continuing to improve and expand what the forum offers every affiliate marketer.

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[CASE STUDY] How to Cash In $XXX/day From Push List Bounties – Mandalorian Style

November 20, 2019

[CASE STUDY] How to Cash In $XXX/day From Push List Bounties – Mandalorian Style What’s the one common denominator for The Mandalorian and typical greedy affiliates like us? We collect all the bounties. Big or small, it doesn’t matter. Forget the 80/20 rule – that doesn’t apply to passive stuff. If it’s ROI-positive it goes into our bank accounts. We add anything we can to our bottom line. On that note: @sushiparlor slammed open the doors to a monstrous (and lucrative) case study encompassing a story, screenshots, numbers and $XXX/day (passive) bounties. Having push campaigns is only part of the equation. But how else can you tightly squeeze out precious profits out of your already slightly profitable or breakeven campaigns? The answer’s super simple - you build a push list, passively. How do you build a push list passively? That one’s simple too and we’ve mentioned it not-so-long-ago – Monetizer. More specifically, Monetizer lets you collect AND monetize push subs automatically. Want proof? @sushiparlor had this to say: “...What it offers is the ability to make money off of owning a push list without managing it. They provide 80% revshare for any money they make on your push subscribers which, at the time of writing, is the best public deal I’m aware of.” ... Set up a new monetizer account to keep my stats separate and clean. Pay and run traffic through it over the course of 2 weeks and afterwards let it sit for a further 2 weeks to see how much passive income it generated. Share all my results (and hope it is good results). This I thought would prove that this method works even if I started from scratch. ”_ _ Sushiparlor started from scratch just to prove his point. This stuff works and it’s working right now as you’re reading this. Anywhom, I’ll let the numbers speak: “31.9% ROI over 28 days probably isn’t an amazing results in the affiliate space but personally as an ex-finance guy I am happy with it especially when we keep in mind that this method was:” But given this is: A) Extremely low maintenance (he says he spent a lot more time writing out the case than he did working on the campaigns). B) Consistent returns (this is a passive-level style income, you build the list -> Monetizer monetizes is and that’s it). “And if you keep at it you can definitely reach $xxx per day and reach the top of Monetizer's push revenue leaderboard (I'm currently within top 5, sorry humble brag P.S.: The nitty gritty details, as usual, are all laid out bare naked in the thread: Opening a Monetizer account (plus one tip to speed things up if you’re tech-disabled) Finding or having an existing affiliate campaign (you’d be surprised at what you need, and no, you don’t need a profitable one) Settings up the push collection funnel (there are 2 ways and the best part is @sushiparlour uses them at once) >>Go ye here before everybody else jumps in on this...people are already angry it’s out< [SPONSORED] How to Get Top Dollar for Your Remnant Traffic How to Get Top Dollar for Your Remnant Traffic Are you: -An intermediate-advanced level media buyer with remnant / back-button traffic? -A Network/Company with cheap remnant traffic? Send your remnant traffic to our smartlink to be monetized! No optimization is necessary on your part. Why Choose Our Smartlink? -The Push Notification offers are converting extremely well - even on the cheapest pop traffic that doesn’t convert with other offers -Coverage in a big list of countries (50 and counting) -Offers are 100% in-house -10+ different LPs for every geo, with auto-optimization based on performance -New LPs being added all the time, according to the current trends (Champions League, Joker, etc.) -NO CAPS Why Run with Mobipium? -Solid company with 10 years in the industry -All partners have dedicated Account Managers -Flexible payment terms (weekly payments, paying via wire, Paypal, ePayments and Paxum) Average EPMs for Recommended Geos and Carriers: By the way: Affiliates are also banking hard with our Mobile Content and Dating offers (direct and in-house). Ask your Mobipium AM for details! >> Click here to join Mobipium now! << How Lazy STM Neo Got his Push Beginnings Underway Guess what? Lazy STM Neo is now an STM mod. Halley-looyah! He can now infect us all with his laziness day in and day out. You think laziness is your ally? You merely adopted the laziness. STM Neo was born in it, molded by it. Now, he teaches us his ways. Are we glad he’s aboard the STM ship. Let’s call his first thread as a mod... the beginning of a lazy new era. “In some areas we all are beginners and this is why I thought that I just tell about my Push story and how I started as Push newbie ... “I spent maybe $8k on Push for about $6k revenue and with the knowledge I have now I could easily have saved a good part of the money.” “Then I wanted to scale some offers that I ran on Pops and because I had so many Pop campaigns running for it already I wanted to see if I can scale a bit with Push. And boy was I surprised, yes I could scale it pretty good on Push. I decided to test more on Push and it didn't take long to have the first $XXX day and not much later I had the first $1k+ revenue day and my best revenue day was about $2k and best profit day was about $900.” I suggest you keep your eyes glued and that “Subscribe” button pressed down hard. For what’s to come is about to surprise you. “Right now I write a Push Traffic 101 about these things, a small guide with some tips and tricks about how to start with Push Traffic without losing too much money aka without making some of the stupid mistakes I did Upcoming key takeaways? “- What trafficsource to use and when to use it (some are better for testing, others are better for scaling) How to work with creatives (I like it simple and effective) How to target and to bid What to run and how to run it How to scale” The juicy stuff’s inside, as per usual. >> Valuable lazy lessons in here << The Scaleship Arrives to Day 100 of 100 - One of STM’s Best Follow Alongs...Ever You know Tim (@wakeboarder) by now, if you don’t then shame on you, sir. Unfortunately I bear both good and bad news. Bad news first: One of STM’s best follow alongs ever has just reached its promised end. What an incredible journey this was. Tim has kept a neatly packed, extremely organized journal of his and his team’s professional and personal journeys @ The Scaleship - a top secret location somewhere in Slovenia that they rented for 100 days in order to scale their business all over Europe. And learn. And grow. And hire male erotic dancers for photoshoots. And test 11 checkout versions. And read 22 books in 100 days. And, the best news: Revenue: 142,730.96€ Orders: 3747 Spend: 34,390.33€ Profit: 41,732.56€ Oh yes. Next goals? Hitting 5000 orders per day. There’s no doubt they’ll do that. The question is, WHEN is the new follow along being posted? Just do yourself a favour and go in and read Tim’s ENTIRE follow along, like, right now. Some of the seemingly quick tips are literally game changing. >> Follow The Scaleship’s Full Journey Right Here << Newbie Digs “to Infinity & Beyond”...Only to Find Profits Another day another profitable newbie follow along. Nothing beats the feeling of hard work paying off after putting in everything you’ve got and seeing the fruits of your labour. This guy persisted big time. We’re talking detailed, painstaking updates. Being able to keep your nerves in check when all you have in front of you are red, negative ROI rows. Persistence pays off and it’s gonna keep paying off. You only need one more key element before you reach success: @vortex Amy guiding you along the way with invaluable advice. Following Amy’s advice closely is your shortcut to a profitable follow-along. But the thing is, it’s not just Amy on the forums – we’ve an entire army of expert moderators teaching you their mysterious ways. >> Follow The Scaleship’s Full Journey Right Here <<

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How to Buy a Click Once and Resell It 1000 Times (and win $1k)

November 18, 2019

How to Buy a Click Once and Resell It 1000 Times (and win $1k) “Q: How many copywriters does it take to change a lightbulb? A: I’m not changing a f!@#$(ng thing!” I’m not even touching that subject line because it’s written by someone with a LOT more experience than me. Master copywriter and old-school (since 1996, btw) direct response master, John Alanis, started spilling gold on STM recently. His knowledge-bomb threads drip with copy gold. Just the way they’re written is fascinating, not to mention the meaty and useful bits. This guy’s the real deal – inside this thread yer gonna learn how he got to join STM in 2014 and how he got to speak at STM London 2015 shortly after. An email master and legend is about to teach you his sacred ways and I suggest you listen. Closely. “I joined up, started reading the posts, and began contributing on the topic I know most about- opt in email marketing. There are many ways to make money in affiliate marketing, but I always loved list building and opt in email marketing because it’s one of the best ways to buy a click once, and resell it over and over, even thousands of times over days, weeks, months, even years.” The funny part is this is going to be just a tiny part of a series leading up to a contest. “...I’m going to share with everyone what is working for me now and how you too can buy a click once and resell it thousands and thousands of times. They say the more you give, the more you get, and since I want to get a lot, I’m going to give a lot over the next few days.” Spilling the beans on what’s working for him in 2019 is putting it mildly. Finally, in return John would want you to join a contest where he (yes!) needs help & advice fixing his internal pages (“on-page design, finding more offers to promote, people to buy traffic from me on a wholesale basis”). So you get to not only learn but make cash doing so at the same time. But let’s not skimp on the most important part – our beloved Hugh Hancock (caurmen), the legacy he left behind and the lives he touched and changed. Even after his passing he is still our (by far) most thanked STM member and for good reason. 15,770 thanks, unsurpassed by anyone. John tells his story of how he met Hugh in his next series, which you must read ASAP. (more on that in the following piece) >> Go ye here to learn more about the contest << ⚡RUNNING NATIVES, PUSH OR POP? THIS TOOL WILL SAVE YOUR A$$ ( 70% OFF ) The difference between a profitable and unprofitable campaign most of the times is just bad placements. If you can cut out those quickly, your ROI will turn from red to green. TheOptimizer is the #1 rated tool by super affiliates to automate their campaigns and cut money draining placements quickly. What does it do exactly? Block bad publishers or bots automatically based on conditions you set. Change bids based on your ROI and stop campaigns automatically if losing too much money. It’s like having a 24/7 assistant watching your campaigns and making sure your money is never wasted. Combine your spend and revenue under one dashboard. See exactly how much each ad has spent and earned in one place. You won’t have to go back and forth between your tracker and traffic sources. Get email, slack and telegram alerts 24/7 if your campaigns start suddenly losing money or other conditions set by you are met. Bulk create campaigns into many traffic sources at once with one click. Many many more to list here... P.S For the newsletter readers you can try all the above at **70% OFF the first month. Just use the links below and the coupon: STMNEWS NATIVE: POP/PUSH: Remembering Caurmen (Hugh Hancock) (That above is Hugh at an AW conference) In Hugh’s memory this won’t have any of my cheesy writing in it because even this short line itself is painful enough to wrap up. (Although, I’m pretty sure he would 100% appreciate and laugh off a crazy email if he’s still out there somewhere.) Hugh has touched and changed so many people’s lives that you owe it to yourself to go and read this. As promised above, please jump in and see John’s touching story of how he met Hugh. I’ll leave you with the story’s end so you can start from the beginning: “When I heard Hugh passed away last year I took it hard. Really hard. It felt like an old, long time friend had died, and he had. Hugh and I only met once, only drank whisky together once, only told stories in person once. But it felt like I’d known him a lifetime, and perhaps St. Paul’s Cathedral looming over us in the dark that night was an omen. Not a bad one, but an omen that Hugh would always be with us, looming over us, sure and steady, a good, evil peated Scotch in hand.” >> We miss you, Hugh, rest in peace << Newbie: “Where can I use (specific) logos on push” > For safe push traffic sources clicky here <<

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[$200k Profitable Native F-Along] $50k This Month - The Flying STM Dutchman

November 07, 2019

[$200k Profitable Native F-Along] $50k This Month - The Flying STM Dutchman Hear ye, hear ye! STM newbie blooms & turns STM pro. $200k total this year and $50k just last month. The Dutch sure know their native traffic, man. You can see it in his eyez, and you can sense it in the airz and in between countless greedy affiliate rows of content on STM – success. Mr @tey165, a.k.a. TeyTey a.k.a. The Flying Dutchman’s quick rundown is over ‘ere: “I started out on pop around november 2018, then did some push and since February 2019 almost exclusively native. Done around $200k revenue total so far. My biggest campaign is slowing down but I've done $50k this month. Only running white hat ecom offers at the moment. Average roi is between 10% - 20%. Low but steady. $xxxx/day profit has been hit a few times. Trying to get there consistently.“ His weapons of choice? Taboola & Outbrain. Also, 4 key learnings you want your eyes glued to, ASAP. In particular, there this one game-changer of a gold-dripping tip in point 2. P.S.: Actually, forget all that, let me take you on a quick trip down memory lane, this is what I wrote in an email this March. Quotes: “ “Quote: “I'll keep on grinding, hopefully I'll look back to this thread in a year from now and laugh at my current numbers (Your truly): “We all know what’s going to happen in a year from now…” Well whaddya know... [BONUS INSIDE] 450 Million Real Push Users Are Waiting For Your Offer We’ve just celebrated Halloween, and a bunch of important events are quickly approaching: -Black Friday -World Cups -Christmas Work these holidays and events into your ad angles, and clean up in Q4! Here Are 8 Ways PropellerAds Can Help You Hit the Jackpot: -You won’t find faster ad delivery than with our Push Notifications traffic. (And what could be more important to time sensitivity than speed?) . -PropellerAds has just reached 450 MILLION Push Subscribers! (The secret to big profits is scalability and reach - which we can provide!) -Lowest CPM and CPC bids on the market + smart optimization tools = Maximized Profits For You! -The “Smart Rotator Creatives Testing Tool” will automatically rotate up to 8 creatives in an ad set and pause the worst, leaving the best ones running to maximize your conversion rate! -Our “Target CPA” feature allows you to set a price you’re willing to pay per conversion, and the algo will automatically blacklist traffic segments that don’t convert at that price. -You can use our “User Activity Targeting” to target the most active users! (No other network has this feature!) -Our platform is so easy to use, even your grandma can run push campaigns! -And if she’s ever lost, our friendliest and most-helpful support team will be on standby to answer questions! To celebrate the reaching of our 450 Million Real Push-Users milestone, we’re giving out $50 BONUSES! To claim yours: Register by clicking here Send message “STM newsletter” to The first 10 people will get promo codes with a $50 bonus! Ready, set, GO! *bonus can be applied on the next $300 deposit How to Throw $5k in the Wind (or Taboola, in This Case) This guy’s offer converted at 1 in 30 everywhere else but native. “Few things to keep in mind: Offer works very well (on FB, IG, Liveintent, Google, Linkedin, and even managed to break even on Quora with small $450/day budget). It's an Ecom offer Here's the funnel: AD 》 advert 》 offer page》 Checkout” Did he figure it all out? Go ye here and see From Untangling a Small Push Scaling Problem to Epic Wisdom From ‘96 This thread took a sudden turn. Basically “I’m running a profitable campaign, HALP how do I scale?!!?” In turn, the guy got super-sharp recommendations. But that’s when this thread got really juicy. @jaybot jumped in and basically laid the chips on the table with which push networks have “good quality” to “pretty close to gambling”. But then it got steak-dripping-in-juice-level, juicy. An old-school direct response guy called John Alanis, who goes by the nickname of @johna5150 dropped his 25+ years of knowledge on how to scale carefully. Just look at this and tell me if it doesn’t make you want to hug his entire 8134 character post: “Processes lead to riches, excitement leads to bankruptcy. Or even worse, having to go get a job.” Don’t miss the golden river, go here AWAsia 2019 in a Nutshell: You're in for a treat Lemme quote Chaz ‘cuz his stuff is always spot-on: “It’s been 4 years now since Affiliate World Asia's 2015 consummation. SNAPSHOT: -It’s grown from 1300 to 3300 attendees. -Booths more than tripling from 57 to 190. -We trailblazed Tactical Flashlights, Dropshipping, Cash on Delivery and Push Ads. -There's been speakers from Facebook, Google and Snapchat, and almost every Moderator from STM grace the stage. -We’ve hosted some of the biggest parties in Affiliate Marketing history - Roboteka, STM Island, Affiliate After Hours and let’s not forget about when we rented a private jet to Ibiza. Remember this, with Affiliate World, things only get better.” -- Insert run down of what your days at AWA 2019 are going to look like -- Also: “That’s what’s about to go down! STM has been a crucial part of Affiliate World over the years, and we plan to keep growing in directions that interest you. As always, let us know if you have suggestions, or feedback, we’re all ears to the STM fam.” Damn straight! Also: There’s Sellers World Conference if you like to gently hug Bezos (or Bezos to hug you...and rub your shoulders). Just don’t overdrink and bring a notebook, go here for AWA Dubai & Affiliate Marketing – what’s the connection? What comes to your mind when you hear about ‘Dubai’? Sandpit… World’s largest airport… World’s tallest building… A melting pot of global cultures… Expo 2020… Sandy beaches… A ‘hot’ tourist destination… Well, yes all of this, but there’s also something more, which might be of interest to you affiliate marketers who face a substantial tax bill every year! That’s correct – Dubai is a place which could bring your tax bill down to ZERO! But why just Dubai? Do you want your business to operate in a less-regulated environment so you could focus your energies on the real ‘job’ at hand? Drowning in tax and accounting paperwork and trying to juggle between doing the actual work that matters? Are you tired of catching up with financial and legal jargons to stay on the right side of the tax man? Do you want to keep your personal and corporate identities confidential? Do you wish you never have to fill another tax return ever again? … how about all this, and paying ZERO taxes! Welcome to Digitas Finance - an iStack family member specialising in providing tax optimised solutions to global affiliate marketers. So how does this work? The solution comprises of setting up a tax-free corporate structure for your business in one of the world’s leading tax-free zones where you not only enjoy tax-free business profits but depending upon your personal tax residency situation, you also enjoy tax-free salary and dividends withdrawal. Tax-free has a nice ring to it, no? Digitas Finance specialise in the affiliate sphere and helped save over $25 million in taxes for tons of leading companies in the sector. There are 3 packages to choose from and there’s no hidden charges or surprises. Interested? Find out more here:

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$303,000/mo Rev on FB - BH Vader turns to WH light side

November 01, 2019

landing combos on AdСombo, to save you money on split-testing!) #1 - [15821] Black Latte Type: Diet drink Where to Run: FB, Native (MGID, AdNow, Outbrain), Push (DaoPush, PropellerAds, RichPush, AdsTerra, MegaPush) Best Prelander -> Lander Combo: [42036] -> [41753] Why It's Great: Thai food is tasty and beach season there lasts forever! #2 - [19766] Black Latte Zero Category: Diet drink Where to Run: FB, Native (MGID, AdNow, Outbrain), Push (DaoPush, PropellerAds, RichPush, AdsTerra, MegaPush) Best Prelander -> Lander Combo: [61436] -> [61438] Why It's Great: [same as above] #3 - [6466] Intoxic Type: Bad breath treatment Where to Run: FB, Native (MGID, AdNow, Adskeeper), Push (MGID, PropellerAds, DatsPush, DaoPush) Best Prelander -> Lander Combo: [22477] -> [11607] Why It's Great: As high as 65% of Thai people may have bad breath (according to! Help them get rid of it! #4 - [17783] Detoyic Type: Parasite-removal Where to Run: FB, Native, Push Best Prelander -> Lander Combo: [49078] -> [49077] Why It's Great: Bad breath can be the first sign that a person may have parasites! So run Intoxic to build an audience, then retarget and sell Detoyic - match made in heaven! #5 - [11243] Smoke Out Type: Stop smoking spray Where to Run: FB, Push (AdsTerra), Native (Outbrain, Taboola, AdNow, RevContent) Best Prelander -> Lander Combo: [26056 -> 25496] Why It's Great: Did you know that 35.8% of the Thai population smokes (according to It's bad for health, and smoking where it's prohibited can result in hefty fines and even jail terms! #6 - [11924] Night Comfort Type: Stop snoring spray Where to Run: FB, Native (Outbrain, Taboola, MGID, AdNow, Best Prelander -> Lander Combo: [31044 -> 27087] Why It's Great: More than 1/4 of the Thai population are habitual snorers (according to! (Tip: Overweight and smoking can both contribute to snoring, so retarget those custom audiences from your weight loss and smoke-cessation campaigns!) #7 - [17544] PUELLA Cup Type: Menstrual cup Where to Run: FB Best Prelander -> Lander Combo: [49496 -> 51013] Why It's Great: White-hat ecommerce product that doesn't require cloaking to run! (Tip: Target women under 50 y/o, before menopause begins) This cup lasts 5 years and more than pays for itself in the amount of tampons/pads saved. #8 - [1303] Goji Cream Type: Revitalizing cream Where to Run: FB, Native (MGID, Taboola, AdNow) Best Prelander -> Lander Combo: [47593 -> 42643] Why It's Great: Removes wrinkles and moisturizes skin at the same time - the answer to all women's prayers! #9 - [18311] Tiny Mask Type: Face mask Where to Run: FB, Native (Taboola) Best Prelander -> Lander Combo: [51075 -> 51080] Why It's Great: Helps women look younger, and who wouldn't want that? There's half of the entire population for you to scale to! #10 - [6146] Atlant Gel Type: Male enhancement gel Where to Run: Native (Adskeeper), Adult (Exoclick) Best Prelander -> Lander Combo: [38058 -> 19071] Why It's Great: The average size of Thai men is only 4 inches (according to! Think of the scalability! Sign up here to access these offers now! Show Me the Money! Salivating yet? If not, these juicy payouts may just get you there - and we've increased them further to help you scale more easily! Still not convinced? These stats may help: -Approval rates are 50-60%! -100% of the leads you send are processed promptly. We now have one more call centre to handle the call volumes, which means better approval rates for you! Before you go - Download Our Gift! As promised, we’ve downloaded some ads and landers from Adplexity to help you run these offers! Here’s the download link: (Disclaimer: Creatives we show may not be accepted by all traffic sources - please find out what each traffic source will and won't allow!) In addition, AdCombo provides landers that are hosted on our servers, ready to handle your traffic. You can access them in your affiliate interface after signing up to AdCombo (by clicking here). Big shoutout to Adplexity for sponsoring the landers! That’s all we have for you today! Soon there will be even more special offers for Thailand and other Asian destinations - so Stay Tuned! $303,000/mo Rev on FB - BH Vader turns to WH light side What’s the sound Darth Vader makes when he’s breathing? KHOOOOH PUUUHRR (Unironically, @casshy’s avatar on STM is Yoda. @casshy = OP in question going to the light side of the force) But anywhomz, @cassshy’s making $303,000/mo revenue on Facebook running whitehat, clean Jedi-level lead-gen stuff after being all nice and affectionate towards BH stuff. How about dem apples? “I would like to tell you about my journey and how I managed to jump from BH Facebook traffic to WH leadgen. I used to run BH traffic a lot since the beginning of 2017 and run it on pretty big volumes.” You know the game, it’s rough but ROIs are high - 200-600%. You run stuff, the Zucc slaps you across the face. You step to the side...and so on. … “Then Facebook started to sweep all the farmed accounts, I know this for sure cause I used to lost hundreds of them on a weekly basis.” “So I decided to try WH.” “... leadgen offers for EN speaking GEOs. I am working exclusively and only with direct advertisers. So, networks, do not even try to beat my current payouts.“ Here are a few glorious Vader screenshots: August (meh) September (oh yeah, now we’re talkin’. $140k rev) October (the good stuff) Oh btw, @cassshy said he’s getting a “Poor Ad Experience” - issue promptly solved by a quick link out from our very own @stickupkid explaining how to fix these. If anything you might wanna jump in there just for that one tip. Also this thread’s turning into a morphling - OP decided to post regular his success story. Talk about gold. Darth Vader’s whitehat journey’s over ‘ere - Subscribe [Continued] @sushiparlor’s unicorn riding skills net $XXX/day Deep breath. If you remember Mr. @sushiparlor’s struggles (e.g. $30,000 revenue and $0 profit/breakeven), frustration with trackers, white hairs, et cetera. Hold your chair’s handles tightly with your greedy affiliate hands for this is the shortest STM news piece ever: “Have managed to "push my way out of breakeven" and making low $xxx/day at this point (have done it for most of this month now so doesn't seem like a fluke).” Slow. Clap. Well done mate. What led to this? Primarily having a teammate, but not only. For one, he didn’t give up. For two, ye’ll have to see for yerself inside the thread. He even crafted the read more link, what a top guy this lad: >>“PS. I'll probably share tips/case study at a later date of how I managed to be profitable, am just waiting for stats to come in.”<< Voluum DSP Review Done 100% Honestly

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$XX,XXX/day native follow-along wakes up

October 23, 2019

[Q3 Update] $XX,XXX/day native follow-along wakes up @jack_l a.k.a. Serial Entrepreneur a.k.a. Probably has the longest-running follow along. Ever. He just hit the res button with 5-figure/day numbers. (For the un-gamers in here, a “res button” or “rez button” = resurrect button, shortcut, et cetera. The spell that revives your dead newbie friend so you can keep fighting together until you see the sunrise.) Anywho, Jack’s most definitely back. What a consistent bastard this guy. (can you taste the envy in my words?) In other words, he keeps posting those mega-detailed, value-ridden updates and he hasn’t stopped as of yet. Got profitable quite a while ago but still religiously updates his follow-along. Mad respect. His last major update happened on 02-03-2019 (“Top gross in a single day is $2000”) + further updates on 03-09-2019 (major insights on listicles, like a 700-word checklist/bullet point heaven) This time? 3062 words or 16,754 characters of an update. Quick summary: “-Running Revcontent, Outbrain, and Taboola. -Testing probably 2 offers/angles a week on average, usually on Revcontent on my favourite widgets, or on Taboola SmartBid. -VSL's, ecom, lead-gen, listicles. “ Probably one of the biggest takeaways from that novel of a post is to never spend 90% of your energy on the lp’s like he did int he beginning, but on stuff that has a much higher impact instead, as TheDudeAbides has been preaching for a while. Aside from keeping that daily P&L spreadsheet, focusing your energy on the highest impact part of your campaigns (revealed inside), Revcontent tips + this one big strategic advantage – it’s all in there. For Jack’s religious updates, go ye here [Sponsored] Get the Latest Winning Campaigns For $1 ONLY Our second SNEAKPEEK REPORT is available now, with even more crucial insights on the hottest trends and successful marketing techniques. The October SneakPeek features 57 CAMPAIGNS, up from 45 in our previous report. We’ve also collected feedback from YOU, the affiliate marketers, letting us provide you with the best, most relevant data possible. We give you COMPLETE INFO ON THE LATEST SUCCESSFUL CAMPAIGNS, run by your competitors - AND ALL FOR JUST ONE DOLLAR. Split across MOBILE, DESKTOP, NATIVE and PUSH, SneakPeek covers all the most important verticals. Access the most crucial info available, including: creatives ready-to-use landers GEO traffic sources affiliate networks offer name payout offer vertical. _This comprehensive report is available for $1 ONLY!_ GET IT NOW SneakPeek Report is the ideal way for you to STAY ON TOP OF CHANGES in affiliate marketing. The industry is constantly moving forward, and what worked yesterday may not work today or tomorrow. Pick up SneakPeek and TRACK THE LATEST TRENDS AND MOST SUCCESSFUL CAMPAIGNS AROUND. Don’t let this opportunity pass you by. Download it today. Once purchased, you’ll get the link to entire report sent straight to your email address. Using razor-sharp AM ninja skills to crush MLM/Network Marketing Affiliate marketing lets you build an unstoppable skillset. SEO, SEM, AD buying, landers, lead gen, copywriting, UX, statistics, analytics, behavioural psychology, storytelling, A/B testing, funnels, all sorts of traffic sources mastered...and the list goes on and on. Said skillset is being used by Raj Patel to completely crush MLM/Network marketing. “WHY IT WORKS? Cause 90% of the people in this business are still doing it the old way of conference calls, in-person meeting etc.“ How about dem apples, eh? It’s like walking into a room, closing the door behind you and then suddenly noticing it’s full of innocent lambs, bewildered and staring at you. You can smell their fear. Your pupils dilate. The heart starts pounding. You know you’re about to get an easy meal. Lights out, end of story. “IT BLOWS MY MIND! --- IMAGINE BEING THE FIRST GUYS USING GOOGLE ADS BACK IN DAY - ITS LIKE THAT HERE!” He’s not even focusing on the multi-level part. He’s simply using his sharp AM ninja skills to move product. Everything else just falls into place. High re-occurring payouts, high retention rate, fast payments, products in high demand. “I have been earning high $xxx,xxx since I made the change. I just wish MORE affiliates were more open-minded..” Go here for an open playing field with practically no competition A Sneaky Way to Craft Angles from TED Talks “So...we looked at the data and what we found was surprising” Or, how the majority of TED talks start nowadays. In any case, what do you see when you watch a TED talk? Think. You see a person who has spent a TON of time researching or working on a super-specific topic. Perhaps even a lifetime. Do you get where I’m going with this? Hell yeah – angles, baby. Our very own @wakeboarder, a.k.a. Tim strikes again with a golden nugget. This is so surprisingly simple yet mega-powerful. Tim says he’s already got 2 super profitable angles doing this. Coincidence? I think not. Basically, couple TED talks with “social signals” and you’ve got yourself a tasty angle. Where else but on STM would you find this sort of creativity? As usual, go here for the main juice to be revealed 3 Other Proven Ways To Create High Converting Angles - Stop Spying & Ripping! I directly ripped this guy’s thread headline because he’s a master copywriter. Despite his thread being (somewhat) anti-RIP. You fellas get 3 more ways to craft angles today. He wants to make the internet great again. The best part? The thread’s written supremely well and I’ll just shamelessly copy-paste some bits in here, don’t judge: “Affiliates want to make money yesterday. And it seems the easiest way to achieve this is by spying and ripping. Now, don't get me wrong it can be a GREAT place to start... But what is this doing to your brain? Veteran copywriter here... with a bit of a hack for everyone! SMALL BACK STORY A while ago, I noticed that on BH copy deliverables my brain after a few weeks started forgetting how to come up with truly creative solutions to advertising problems... When I got back to my doing my preferred WH deliverables, I would literally have to read through my old copy or copy it all by hand to get my brain thinking in that pattern/level of creativity again... So can you imagine what rip and run are doing to your creative problem-solving? How do you expect to be able to crack those untapped niches that are a napping goldmine? Gonna wait till someone else gets the jump on that and makes all the monies before you jump on yet another trend? To help, here are some solutions... *It's honestly just pretty annoying to see the same angles all the time esp on native, so I hope this pushes us all to come up with some new angles and headlines Let's make the internet great again, please” The 3 ways? a) The RIP. (yes) b) Desired outcomes c) Emotional story The juiciest bit? Imagine getting your eyelids stretched out and your face shoved against the monitor. That’s how eye-opening these 3 ways are. Wanted and unwanted outcomes. The seven deadly sins. How to rip properly. Plus examples. Powerful stuff. Disclaimer: “P.S: All these examples were made on the fly, compliance and verity not accounted for. Test at your own risk lol” Go here and make the internet great again

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“Not Great, Not Terrible” - Mid 40s Guy Made $6MM Revenue But His Story’s Heartbreaking

October 11, 2019

“Not Great, Not Terrible” - Mid 40s Guy Made $6MM Revenue But His Story’s Heartbreaking

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[2019 Contest] Snag $500 For Free From

October 03, 2019

[STM-Exclusive Contest] Snag $500 For Free From This just in! Tighten those shoelaces. Pull them pants up. (or put them on...affiliates being “professional” in their underwear is not an uncommon sight) Take a deep breath. Suck that belly in. ...Sit down, open your laptop, login to pop open a cold one and start a push campaign. Might as well grab some nachos because the moment you launch that camp you’re gonna get $500 for free / back. Megapush just announced their marathon contest. Total budget: $10,000 Terms: Each participant will pick an affiliate program and an offer of their choice. After the participant has tested the offer thoroughly, s/he is to make a post in the forum section "Megapush Contest 2019" to document the process and results. Piece of cake. (In short you just have to describe your entire lazy affiliate thought process behind your campaign and why you think it worked or didn’t. Doesn’t matter if your ROI’s negative or positive). Starting date: 01/10/2019 Easy money if ye ask me. It’s a minty-fresh of a thread this one and there haven’t yet been any posts so Megapush’s budget is still intact...but not for long. According to my calculations there should be about 20 spots total if you all spend $500 each. Better go in and check the thread for a few extra (but crucial) details ASAP and then go and launch your campaign. (And no, this is not a collaboration between STM and Megapush, they just like throwing free money at STMers. But who doesn’t? You’re welcome.) >> Free $500 in here << Grab Your Tissues - A Newbie Just Hit Rock-Bottom Right in the feels this one. If you’re not me you might even shed a tear. This guy has had it rough. 2 years of failed ventures: I got leads from Google ads for family business Promoting products on warrior plus Build 2 ecom stores Build an online agency Build a mentoring business He then went to the US to try his luck. He’s been there for 4 months and in his hands he’s holding a ticket back to Israel he bought with his last dollars. “I feel so lost, I've never been so broke.” “No business in my hand to work with.” “I see people that are successful here in this forum, Lately I'm just thinking, maybe I don't have what it takes…” Do you sense it? The tear running down your cheek. Those are tough words to swallow. But. A glimpse of hope. And then another one. And another one. @pekadis, @vortex plus other members jumped in with some massive posts that are not only going to tear you up but you’re gonna be crying louder than a teenage girl going through a breakup with “the love of her life”. Double up on those tissues because you’re in for a treat. (I honestly really don’t wanna spoil this, you have to see all the replies for yourself). Here’s one of OP’s responses to spice up your interest: “Wow! I never expected to see so much support! Thank you guys ! you are amazing, You've lifted my spirit! I've read every answer you posted, like 3-4 time! Lol :]” >> 😭😭😭 << [Case Study] CBO vs Non-CBO or Mr. White vs Jesse @FaceOnAsia, our latest great facebook expert mod addition has decided to generously share a CBO experiment / case study. All for the sake of gently pleasing your greedy STM eyeballs. Casually spending $1000/day for this test, because why not? “Idea/Hypothesis: I want to test out how ad delivery pattern of a campaign under CBO is different from non-CBO” CBO vs ABO (campaign budget optimization vs ad set budget optimization, for the newbies) The experiment? “A.$1000 daily budget CBO campaign with 4 ad sets each has similar size of audience B. 4 single ad set campaigns with $250 daily budget each and contain identical ad sets like in A. Basically separate A's 4 ad sets into 4 campaigns. Other settings are identical and I also use 2 brand new pages and 2 accounts to minimize the bias. I am running an offer in finance.” The results based on 1 month performance? Surprising. Unexpected. Intriguing. To say the least. CBO’s more stable but it actually didn’t bring as much profit as non-CBO. The ‘whys’ and ‘hows’ and juicy details are inside as usual. >> Witness the results here << A Wise Man Once Said...Your Ecom Biz is Living on Borrowed Time The wise man in question is @pekadis, our resident ecom expert. He’s on a spree with these posts he promised us. Deliver he does and he does it so quickly and effectively. “As I mentioned in my last post, you need to make small bets to find a winner. And when you find one, you maximise the returns on your bet by really going for it. What sometimes happens is that when people gain some traction, or find a succesful way of doing things, they all of a sudden think they have a moat. Which makes them think no one can pass. That they are safe. You can have a competitive advantage of course, but the question is how long can it be sustainable.“ “Example: buying in China and selling in Europe / US This is still common and is still a successful way of doing business. But it is getting harder. Because being able to access a market by putting up a website is no longer enough in the era of marketplaces” “So what can you do? You need to take a wide approach. Which is looking at: your direct business - the site your overall business - the structure of your companies your life - the financial structure for yourself“ You can fill in the details in your mind by jumping in. This is a must-read for most ecom people nowadays. >> Juicy details in here <<

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