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STM Forum was launched late one night in January 2011 with the goal of providing case studies, guides, high quality information on a variety of topics and to act as a core networking hub for industry veterans.

7 years later we are ​ the authoritative forum on affiliate marketing and our reach continues to expand. We now provide higher education, host conferences and local networking events, and are continuing to improve and expand what the forum offers every affiliate marketer.

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🎖️[$1 Guide] STM Drill Instructor Choo-Choos in $XXX/month /w Easy Offers 🎲Launch Campaigns for Beginners with Leadbit Dating

May 21, 2020

🎖️[$1 Guide] STM Drill Instructor Choo-Choos in $XXX/month /w Easy Offers Sometimes, many times, Neo a.k.a. @twinaxe a.k.a. STM’s drill instructor’s mysterious ways are beyond us all. Remember the $1 guide? Great. Remember Lazy Neo’s unique ability to put a twist on yer campaigns (effortlessly so)? Amazeballs. Now how could STM’s drill instructor possibly spoon feed ye all again using them 2 unique qualities and products? Here comes the choo choo: “The Instructor” managed to weave together the $1 guide with a twist. Quote: “Basically I wanted to check if it´s only good to make the first few $ with push subscription offers or if it could be worth to run it for higher profits as well. I didn´t follow the guide exactly but took it as a base for my tests. My test campaigns are no big money makers but for me it was more important to check if a beginner can make his first real online money with it or not. For this task, these campaigns are really nice and every low profit campaign is still much better than a losing campaign.” How? Push subscription offers, 35-40 of them - low payouts but super easy to convert, with a chill flow. Smart CPA/CPA goals - name me one person who doesn’t like having slave-robots doing all the work for ye? Initial results for RU: Post-optimization + more GEOs: Best part? @jaybot jumping in and gasp starts yelling at the drill instructor because he and many others didn’t get the main idea – which offers, where do you find them,”plz send halp”, et cetera. Even more results: Drill instructor jumps in and clarifies everything so that yer 2-year-old cat can easily run this stuff. Bestest part? This thread is meaty - it’s dripping with delicious info-juice, down to all the replies. >> Go ye here and listen to yer drill instructor - copy-paste some ideas and off ye go to $XXX/month << [SPONSORED] The Simplest Way to Launch Campaigns For Beginners in Leadbit Dating Dating is one of the most popular verticals now. Many newbies hope to pass moderation easily, but moderators often reject campaigns. How to avoid this? Take the mainstream offers in #Importantfact: there are adult blocks on non-targeted GEO offers for most mainstream offers. Ask the manager which offer is suitable for all GEOs to be 100% confident in the passage of moderation. First of all, we recommend DATEHIKER - an offer with payment $3.6 for an unconfirmed registration. What is the advantage? You will be able to easily pass the big boss - the moderator and get leads from any GEO. Leadbit has offers on every taste: Want to promote SMARTLINK? We have it for you: WW and CIS! Or maybe games? Try this one! WORLD OF WARSHIPS | WEB GAMING SOI | WW Leadbit Dating is an international CPA-network working with dating offers on the best terms from Leadbit. Leadbit is an international multi-vertical affiliate network. The affiliate program suggests exclusives and WW offers in Gambling/Crypto, Dating / Adult, Finance, Nutra, Sweepstakes verticals. Affiliates have access to a wide range of tools: promo translations, TDS, domain parking, and much more. You get: 🔹 More than 150+ Dating and Adult vertical offers! 🔹 Exclusive offers with high ROI 🔹 Increased bids for large volumes 🔹 Multiple GEO offers 🔹 Industry's insights 🔹 Bonuses for CPA-tools Choose the best for yourself - work with Leadbit Dating! Contact Leadbit Here: Telegram Skype account18.leadbit E-mail Thank you! WANTED: Senior Advertiser Manager A distant cry for help echoes across the Slack channels. Our bros over at AffJobs need our help. Guns blazing, STM jumps into the fray: Most wanted: a Senior Advertiser Manager over at Converting Ads s.r.o. They need a dangerous lad or lass with the following deadly skills & responsibilities: _Quote_: “We are looking for a Senior Advertiser Manager with at least 6 months’ experience in the Sweepstakes and/or Casino Affiliate Marketing Industry to join our growing team in Prague. We are an international affiliate network with direct offers in finance and crypto verticals.” A few requirements: For this role, you must have the right to work in the Czech republic Excellent leadership skills Ability to manage and guide team members to achieve the best results Very good knowledge of English is a must for daily communication A few responsibilities: Ensure that the best Advertisers, offers and deals are live in our Platform Oversee and manage the successful operation of daily tasks within the Advertiser Team Make sure that all the necessary digital contracts (IO’s) are created and completed by the Advertiser Team when starting new partnerships and/or adding new financial entities from current Advertisers. _Rest of the stuff is in the job posting_, yours truly approved. As a senior advertiser manager, ye get to see the true ins and outs of the aff biz. (Aces up yer sleeves) Not only that but ye get to bring in bags of bounty doing so. A few of the listed benefits: Annual bonus (if the company reach the yearly target) Monthly bonuses 25 days of vacation Attendance of international online marketing conferences Yours truly’s benefits: Czech Republic, Prague = marvellous beer Lots of pretty lasses (or lads, if that’s yer thing) Prague is known as “the heart of Europe”, basically ye’d be an hour’s flight away from any country in the EU. (as soon as Corona is over with, that is – bless Cardi B) >> Go grab ye some Czech beer and check out this full job post ASAP << STMers are the Boxers of the Internet World A quick (but lengthy) one, worth yer short attention spans. One STM newbie is completely oblivious to the fact that they can write copy better than yer average scumbag affiliate, observe and drop yer jaw. If long walls of text are scary, TL;DR below in bold: “Let me just say that I have an incredible amount of respect for anyone that's figured this out, and especially those of you that have gone it alone and are now writing posts to help others. There is an overwhelming amount of information to absorb, and I salute those of you that have gone before me. It reminds me a bit of when I first started boxing. Having been in the Marine Corps and practiced martial arts as well as weight lifting for years, I considered myself to be in great physical condition. After a few months of hitting the bag and training with mitts, my boxing coach threw me in the ring for 3 rounds of sparring. After two rounds I was dead, and I spent the third round playing defense, grappling with my opponent so that he couldn't hit me. At the end of the match I couldn't keep my hands up and I took a clean shot to the temple, which was thankfully absorbed by the headgear I was wearing. The only time I had ever felt so tired was after a 12 mile hike with a full load during combat training down in Camp Pendleton. Leaning against the ropes in the corner of the ring, sweat pouring off of my face, I couldn't believe that professional fighters go for 12 and 15 round bouts. It was at that time that I realized a newfound admiration for these guys that get in the ring and get punished for upwards of 45 minutes. You guys are the boxers of the internet/sales world. This stuff is simply incredible.” >> Also, go check out this guy’s follow along - he’s onto something <<

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💵 $2,385 Profit @ 98% ROI “Just Testing Revcontent’s Updates” 💰 Make Passive Income From Lifetime Commissions

May 13, 2020

💵 $2,385 Profit @ 98% ROI “Just Testing Revcontent’s Updates” A while back @jack_l (a now veteran STMer) banged his fist on the keyboard. Fed up with Revcontent’s faster than Cardi B can whisper “KARHANAVIRHUSSS” near-constant updates, this brave man took action. Lemme quote: “So as those of us who follow native ads know, Revcontent has made a lot of changes in the last 6 -9 months. First, they got rid of their “official” whitelist feature… Then they got rid of tons of their “low quality” publishers (which was a good thing certainly)… Then they got rid of their “Brand” targeting… Then- last week- they got rid of “Topic” targeting as well… meaning the only choices are now “Native”, “Push”, or “Adblock”… whereas before within the Native category you could choose “Health and Fitness”, “Conservative News”, “Liberal News”, etc…” And so he set off to seek answers. Results? ‘Ere ye go: (mega-yuge paste) Average Value Per Conversion: Approximately 44$ (it depends what % of expected returns are factored in) – this is actually higher than the figure of 40$ I have been using as an estimate on the daily tracking, so that is good. -- Total Spent So Far: $5200.41 Total Revenue: $7,128.00$ (actually slighter higher but again, factoring in expected returns) Profit: $1,927.59 Profit Margin: 37% -- Total Spend Of “Whitelist Widgets”: $2,412.13 Total Revenue Of “Whitelist Widgets”: Approximately 4800$ Profit: Approximately 2,385$ Profit Margin: Approximately 98% -- Total Spend Of Run Of Network Widgets: $2,788.48$ Total Revenue Of Run Of Network Widgets: Approximately 2300$. Profit: Approximately -390$ Profit Margin: Approximately -17.5% Case in point? It still works, but: It’s not the results, it’s the revelations, son. (all the way to page 2) _Precious_. P.S. Jack’s using The Optimizer (who are also resident STMers), and they joined and threw in even more prophecies ye wouldn’t even get out of their CEO. >> Yours truly can only hook ye in with the numbers, for the rest is too precious to be let out into the wild – go ye here and read this right now << [SPONSORED] Make Passive Income From Lifetime Commissions Do you promote products and services to other digital marketers, or want to get started? Promote SEMrush to earn up to 40% lifetime recurring commissions! SEMrush is a swiss-army knife used by 5 million digital marketers worldwide. Features cover SEO, PPC, content, social media, and competitive research. So it’s an easy sell – most digital marketers can benefit from this tool. You’d be shooting fish in a barrel! Join the affiliate program (called “BeRush”) in 3 simple steps: Sign up in under 60 seconds. Instant and automatic approval. Get immediate access to your affiliate links, proven banners, high-converting landing pages, ebooks, and even SEMrush widgets. (Promo materials are available in 9 languages.) Earn up to 40% lifetime recurring commission for every new signup. We pay out twice a month. Plus, you’ll get access to our “Performance Incentives” – exclusive, time-sensitive rewards (both monetary and non-monetary). (In fact, we’re running one right now! Participate to earn $150 – on top of a standard 40% lifetime commission. Act now before it ends!) >> Join the SEMrush Affiliate Program << @jaybot Closes April @ $1095 Green “Now, I know what you're thinkin'. How the hell does a 52-year-old, over-the-hill milkshake machine salesman... build a fast-food empire with 16,000 restaurants, in 50 states, in 5 foreign countries... with annual revenue of in the neighbourhood of $700,000,000.00…” First off, go watch “The Founder” – see how Ray Kroc jumped in, bought off the McDonalds franchise from Richard and Maurice Mcdonald and then scaled the shit out of it. It’s a fascinating story ye must watch - might as well grab a Big Mac and a massive Coke to further amplify the movie’s effect. A famous movie quote says: “Persistence and determination alone are all-powerful.” (Youtube video) My point being? @jaybot’s thread title is “Follow AlongThe Most Boring FA Thread You Will Ever Read... Guaranteed!” Then ye click in and ye see 16 pages of endless, persistent updates. Then on the 16th page, ye see this: And then ye see this: I rest my case. >> Go ye here and show some persistence – read all 16 pages of this follow along << Secrets of Super High Volume Affiliates Date stamp of this thread: 02-09-2012 07:18 AM 2012 feels as if it was yesterday but also millennia ago. This thread has been resurrected recently and it got me thinkin. “every time i re-read this thread i get an epiphany. 10/10 would read again. think bigger, simpler, and faster” “Stay Hungry- Don't be afraid to trade NET$ for SCALE. One thing that really helped increase profit for me in the past, was actually focusing less on target profit goals. I set goals on spend and scale instead of NET.” “The secret to real wealth is creating an asset which is worth a MULTIPLE of the earnings it generates.“ These “secrets”, despite the rapidly shifting affiliate industry, aren’t secret. At all. They’re principles. Evergreen principles. >> Go ye here and read this 8-year-old thread for it is critical STM gold <<

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🦄Nooblet Hits $129.81/Day w/ Push 🎲Profit from Online Gaming During the Lockdown

May 06, 2020

🦄Nooblet Hits $129.81/day /w Push Then Evolves _Well_, _well_, _well_, _well_, _well_. Evolution right before yer very affiliate eyes. Live. On STM. Just peeky-lookie below: Few reds, many greens, and a $126.98 day. Now, this is beside the main point of this here follow along. Why? ‘Cuz this guy’s snatching up some priceless nuggets as he moves across fields of lush push traffic sources. Revelations of sorts, if ye may. First off, do you know what’s going to have the biggest ROI impact on yer campaigns? Wrong. It’s mindset. (pick a few STM success stories at random and come back ‘ere, ye’ll see a pattern forming) Quote from follow along: "I can make it work. I picked this offer properly. It must work". Right now I don't want to be right, I just want to make money Your ego could be the bitch." He’s starting to walk. Wipes tear The Second Revelation: “Optimize my ads for CTR. I realized it after this post by fjk87 and after twinaxe's presentation where he showed what kind of creatives he uses. If you read this, thanks guys.” More: Twinaxe jumps in and follows up with this: “The trick with creatives is to find a good compromise between high CTR and being related enough to the offer.” “A very high CTR doesn´t help when it´s completely unrelated to the LP/offer, a very targeted and specific creative doesn´t help when the CTR then sucks.” P.S. There’s a barely noticeable reply ye’d miss if it weren’t for yours truly. It’s about a specific traffic source, a specific objective, and a specific offer type, that works on specific devices. Ye’d never find such advice anywhere in the wild, that’s fo sho. wink wink (Thanks @jaybot) >> Clickie here and learn from a wise, evolving nooblet and put golden nuggets in yer tracker in the meantime << [SPONSORED] Don’t Let Cabin Fever Stop You From Making Money! A dozen apocalyptic books and (super cheesy) films couldn’t have prepared us for the crazy times we are living in right now… But we still need to bring home the $$$! The earth may have clicked pause but everyone's online! Now more than ever... With sporting and live events cancelled (no sports betting!), the global economy all but shut down (nobody wants to invest in forex or crypto right now!), and unemployment reaching alarming rates, people are looking for new channels for both entertainment and money-making – and they have found it in online gaming! Have you discovered NetoPartners yet? They run direct affiliate marketing services for the top iGaming brands which offer the coolest original online slots & scratch card games you’ll see! The people have spoken… they still need some fun! NetoPartners’ brands have had a dramatic increase in new player sign ups across all media channels since the global lockdown and their affiliates are even reporting a surge of conversions from players who previously showed little interest in online gaming. On average across all campaigns (Facebook, PPC, UAC, SEO, etc.), NetoPartners’ brands showed an increase of over 400+% since Europe went indoors! With record daily peaks of over 1023% in leads and FTDs! …. And it hasn’t slowed down! Conversions are climbing every day! The NetoPartners team is pushing forward during this crisis and has stayed fully available to its affiliates around the clock, with support (digitally, of course) and hot marketing materials to help them convert with confidence! To get more details about their plans, click here. Exclusive invitation: Get in on the action now with their affiliate program and you get 500€ cash for the first 5 FTDs you bring in - on top of your personally optimized CPL/CPA/REVSHARE commission plan. Existing affiliates will also get a May boost>> Grow your leads/FTDs by 10+% and get 500€ (min of 200 leads/10 FTDs)! Don’t stockpile toilet paper >>> stockpile cash! New FA: Affiliate Digs Deep Moat -- Expects Moolah from WH FB This STMer got tired of the one-man-show agency “lyfe”. It got “too demanding for my taste”. Ah, don’t we love crystal clear signs of a future affiliate? Long story shortened: Friend of his makes a beauty product. Friend thinks doing IM is as easy as “camps go brrrrr…” Friend runs out of money, panics and then pings @youreadthis. The moat? Has direct access to the site. The product is good. They don’t have any sales or promos running right now. Funnels have been redesigned. Nobody else is pushing this. Product: Beauty skin care product, 0 experience in the niche Geo: Local, small country Tracker: FB reporting / pixel Ads Channel: FB /my best/ + IG /I don't even have account there yet.. Test budget: €500-550 ads + up to €100 deployment Quote: “I'm creating this FA with the goal of sharing a little different kind of affiliate experience. Also, to my great surprise, I'm learning A LOT of new stuff here, and it'd be nice to be a bit more active, and share the results I get from different methods and tricks learned here. I will post more as soon as we launch some campaigns, stay tuned!” Yours truly has subbed and is waiting impatiently. >> Go ye here and sub ASAP, ‘tis a sweet deal this guy got. Is it gonna work? << “What's preventing you from living YOUR best life ever?” Sweet behbeh jeezzus. (source, praise be to Jeremy Clarkson) That’s one of those deep, thought-provoking threads. Typically, the first reply is: “More Money. And Hookers. But mostly money That's it really. The rest of my life is pretty good.” Some people, though, have simpler ambitions. Such as* more sun* (ironic, coronavirus is giggling like a little girl). A nice dinner with lots of friends. Lazy Neo’s reply is...nothing. He’s livin’ the life. A tip from The Chosen One himself: “Work towards happiness and not towards maximum money.” Other replies are a tad bit more direct: corona. (don’t forget to inject yer nightly dose of Cardi B before bed as prescribed by Dr. Yours Truly) >> Go talk to iStack Labs ASAP before they close the gates as they’re being flooded by clients <<

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[WEBINAR] - Outbrain Offers Unfair Advantage to STMers - Shy Vortex Invited to Speak 😍 STM’s Newsletter Bros - Over 12k Marketers Trust This

April 30, 2020

[WEBINAR] - Outbrain Offers Unfair Advantage to STMers - Shy Vortex Invited to Speak Name me a better way to spend a quarantine day than to watch and learn from marketing wavemakers? Hear ye, hear ye! Outbrain hosts epic native webinar featuring our very own @Vortex plus other superstarz of the same calibre. Backstory: Big brandz have folded their tales and stopped throwing their money at the wind, as they usually do, because they’re scared. ‘Tis a scary beast this virus. Here’s the table flip: Us affiliate dogs like making dollarydoos on top of our spent dollarydoos, unlike brands. And we’re extremely good at this. (your average half-drunk, lazy STM affiliate can run circles ‘round most “agencies”) It’s growth turned survival for brands. It’s COVID meets opportunity for affiliates. But Outbrain, in stark contrast, noticed that in spite of the changing economy, affilienados were still running profitable ships. “But what’s it mean??” A few things: 1) Traffic prices are down. 2) Outbrain’s merging with Taboola - which means even more traffic for us greedy but resilient affiliate creatures, on the cheapo too. That is if the merger goes through. 3) Outbrain’s reps are prepared to provide help to an influx of affiliates! The Plus) Amy typically declines 95% of requests for interviews or public speaking, but this time yours-truly suggests ye tune in and listen closely. Because Amy’s doing this for all of ye native noobaroos. While everyone scours in fear tucking ad budgets back in their pants, affiliate grins get ever wider. Some are even showing their native teeth, ready to pounce. >> Interesting times ahead, go ye here and sink yer teeth in the Outbrain webinar ASAP << [SPONSORED] Over 12k marketers trust this newsletter for the latest advertising hacks, insights, and breaking news. If you’re looking for one more newsletter to add to your inbox, besides lovely STM, it’s this one. Why? Because Stacked Marketer brings you a different kind of newsletter. Daily breaking news, advertising hacks, updates about Facebook, Google, native, push, SEO & alternative traffic source, reports, case studies from various verticals, interviews and much much more. Don’t get left behind in the marketing world! Stacked Marketer’s crew of analysts and writers curates all the best marketing content around the world into one simple daily newsletter. Sign up to Stacked Marketer for free! This newsletter is specifically designed for the busy marketer who wants to get smarter. It’s a quick 5-minute daily read. Carefully curated marketing news, tech, and actionable advice. Delivered fresh every weekday, straight to your inbox. It’s 100% FREE. You can join 12k+ marketers who read it daily by signing up here. It is delivered every day, Monday to Friday, without a hitch - so expect it to head your way next weekday! STM Lifts Veil of Ad Mystery for Math Teacher - Is this STM’s Future Heisenberg?? You’re goddam right. This math teacher started their journey with the $1 guide. And is breezing through every expected hurdle. Yours truly can already tell this is a piece of cake for someone well versed in numbers. Unlike laying on the kitchen counter at 4:40am trying to decipher simple affiliate stats - while sipping a warm beer in yer underwear (specific, yes, but I decline to comment further) - this guy will never, ever face similar setbacks. “It's truly like a veil has been lifted and I now understand what's going on with what happens online” Yer welcome. “Re: the 40-day guide. I must say it's something of a masterpiece. I'm bingeing it the same way my ex used to binge godawful reality tv shows.“ Yer welcome. As one STMer put it: Is being a "math teacher" the STM/IM counterpart of being "Walter White"? P.S. Completely off-topic, but yours truly has a cure for COVID-19-induced stress and anxiety, here’s what you should do: Step 1) Save this precious video Step 2) Watch this video religiously every night before going to bed This video was sponsored by the World Health Organisation P.S.S. The comments, specifically thank you to “Mozart 420”: Now you can take a sip of hand sanitizer and sleep soundly. >> Go follow STM’s Heisenberg in the making, clickie clickie << Did Ye Meet Mr. Green’s New Best Friend? iStack Labs. Affiliate needs are so specific that most don’t ever bother hiring or outsourcing their work anywhere. How do ye even get backup for design work, tech support, copywriting, finance and media buying from someone completely oblivious to direct response? I smell headaches. Until Mr. Green waltzed in and introduced his best buddy: A fully-fledged agency for affiliates. Let me repeat: a fully-fledged agency for affiliates. You see, what makes this even better is it’s coming from the industry’s greatest heavyweights and founders of STM, iStack, AW and so many other successful businesses. Media buying, landers, emailz, custom funnels, CRO -- frankly, the list is way too big. What this means is you never have to babysit anyone, ever. These guys have done it all on a massive scale. They’re gonna keep doing it now, for you. >> Go talk to iStack Labs ASAP before they close the gates as they’re being flooded by clients <<

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🔥[YUGE] @Vortex’s Epic FB Tutorial Update 😷How to Corona-Date by VIPOffers

April 22, 2020

🔥[YUGE] @Vortex’s Epic FB Tutorial Update - Part 1 & 2 - Audience Targeting Now Live When @vortex (Amy) writes a tutorial you know it’s gonna be: A) Absolutely massive And B) Painstakingly detailed The Facebook Newbie tutorial just got updated with 2 new modules - Audience Targeting Part 1 (here) and Part 2 (here) (split in two because...Amy. They truly are _ginormous_) So huge, in fact, that if it weren’t for STM and Amy, yours truly’s inner-scumbag would repackage these, slap a nice cover on ‘em and sell them to you for at least a few hundred dollarydoos _each_. But ye know what? Amy literally loses sleep over these tutorials. Yours truly knows because we often talk. Now, let me give you a quick taste of this sizzling tutorial. Part Uno: How to structure yer FB camps so that they don’t ever fool ye (with examples for dummies) Basic targeting options (with screenshots and clear red arrows) Answers to questions you have not seen or heard before (not even on Facebook’s docs) Facebook knows more about you than you do - the story of 1 dude pranking his roommate how $1.71 causes severe paranoia. More, lots more Part Dos: It’s too good and I’ll leave ye to it Basically dives into great detail all-things targeting Plus angle and targeting ideas ye wouldn’t be able to muster up even if yer on STM-shrooms (strong shrooms these are, but more on that in the future). For example, how to choose and pick a travelling or veteran parent’s biggest pain points (their kids) and make them beg for your life insurance. Ouchy, ouchy. On a silver platter, a Dropbox list of demographics and behavious you can tuck in to yer Downloads folder right away. >> Grab a drink, go thank Amy and get to reading the audience targeting tutorial << [SPONSORED] Stay Safe & Promote ADULT VERTICALS with VIPOffers! Stuck at home? You’re not alone, don’t worry – so are your customers! While everyone is sheltering in place, it’s imperative to get creative and target the flood of “stimulated” customers. The good news is Adult Dating, Games, and VOD verticals are busier than ever. Home alone or not, everyone is aching for a special magic moment here and there. For those of us stuck inside all day with no one to interact with, the world of online adult entertainment and the allure of that tantalizing excitement keeps customers coming back for more. Adult Offers ARE the SOLUTION! It is not surprising that adult dating and adult gaming offers continue to run strong, even during uncertain times. With the trend of online concerts, online learning and online meetings increasing by the day, it’s more than certain that online dating and online adult gaming will flourish even more so than in the last few weeks. Strike while the iron is hot, and you will thank yourself later. Why Promote Adult with VIPOffers? It’s a no-brainer: • Over 24 Years in Business Moving the Needle! • 1000’s of Offers to Choose From! • Custom Landing Pages & Creatives! • Industry-Leading Payouts! • Weekly Payments Always On-Time! Check out these new landing pages created by the team at VIPOffers that are Top-Converters in the era of 'Virtual Interaction': Example Lander Page 1 Example Lander Page 2 They also have a new adult membership site that combines Cams, Porn and an Online Community Feature: Example Lander Page 3 And since VIPOffers has always been the King of Adult Games Offers, try your luck with their newest high performing Adult Games Lander: Example Lander Page 4 Ready to seize the day and turn eyes into dollar signs? Check out VIPOffers today! Well, well, well - Lazy Neo’s Breathing Down Amy’s Neck - Massive Push Tutorial Now Live Ever since Lazy Neo joined the mod crew there has been a significant energy surge felt across the entire Matrix (STM). Remember what I said above about Amy losing sleep? Lazy Neo’s the same. Excruciatingly detailed push tutorial - Push Traffic 101 - Traffic Sources The likes of which ye won’t ever see anywhere else outside of STM. I guarantee you that. The best part? No, let’s save this tutorial for desert. I’m not giving away any of it. A treat, if you may. Enjoy. >> After devouring Amy’s tutorial up there just do yerself a favour and go read Lazy Neo’s push tutorial, yer welcome << Use & Abuse Dirty Lander Cleaning Services “Waaah Fiverr not good” - one STMer looking for lander cleaning services emerged just recently. Think about this - what’s the real price yer going to pay if you get some guy on Fiverr to do your lander cleaning? Someone who barely has a clue what you need. Let alone messing up your tracking along the way. No. Instead, one interesting tool just showed up on ye olde radar. A tool designed just for this. And it does it all automagically too: Replaces links Exit pops, back-button redirects Timed redirectors It even hosts yer landers free of charge it seems Interesting, to say the least. The best part? It seems you are allowed to completely use and abuse it right now because it’s in beta. >> Yer welcome, yet again, go checktz this outz <<

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Zucc Sues Leadcloak ❌ CPA vs CPL for Gamblin’ Offers 🎲

April 15, 2020

Breaking News: Zucc Sues Leadcloak Whoops. Buckle up buckaroos. Big daddy angry Zucc just slapped the living hell out of Leadcloak. You might think he’s quenched his thirst. But no: On he goes chasing their customers. More from Bloomberg: "Facebook Inc. sued the founder of a software company for running deceptive advertisements on its social-media platforms, including links to investment scams and bogus information about the coronavirus pandemic. Basant Gajjar’s “LeadCloak” software, designed to circumvent automated review systems in Facebook and Instagram, baits users into clicking on links that are unrelated to the ad, according to the lawsuit filed Thursday in California.” Even more (Facebook speaking): “In addition to today’s filing, we have taken technical enforcement measures against Leadcloak and accounts that we’ve determined have used their software, including disabling personal and ad accounts on Facebook and Instagram.This suit will also further our efforts to identify Leadcloak’s customers and take additional enforcement actions against them.” Are you thinking what I’m thinking? The dawn of black hats and seemingly-mysterious cheeseburger chomping hooded individuals gaming the system has begun. But, honestly, as one man and his famous balls ask - is anybody even surprised? Quote: “Most ticking time bombs tend to be rather cosy to sit on... until one day your balls are detached in different zipcodes.” In other words, the odds of your balls remaining close by are infinitely higher if you tend to sit on whitehat eCommerce offers and clean ad accounts instead. (for example) Or a myriad of other options. Maybe the quadruple-digit ROIs won’t make you wipe drools off yer keyboard, but does that really matter when ye can scale as much as yer greedy heart desires simply using clean offers and products? All the while pleasing the Zucc and Uncle Google. Food for thought. >> Better yet, go ye here and join the discussion << CPA vs CPL for Gamblin’ Offers? Place Yer Bets ‘Cause You’d Be Shocked We all know that pushing CPL offers is not only deliciously profitable but (for the most part) quite easy too. Well, _shiver me whiskers_, but have ye thought about the downsides of pushing leads, especially so gamblin’ leads? For one, you’d see your affiliate manager pinging you in a rush, telling you to pause traffic ASAP if your leads have a poor conversion rate and are not backing out for the advertiser. For two, you’re either not getting paid or you’ll have to switch GEOs ASAP, or bounce off the offer. I.e. Traffic control sucks and can last up to 30 days. For three, your lead quality may be affected by delayed post-click conversions. Yeah, that one’s a pain. The Shockeroo - CPA/CPS offers can actually get tasty Ye don’t have to worry about “lead quality”. A sale is a sale. The advertiser can’t tell you your traffic isn’t converting, because it’s bringing in paper. Lifetime cookies mean you can get benjamins coming in even after a year. Oh, and by the way, our friends over at Leadbit Gambling are basically the go-to experts when it comes to gamblin’ offers (it’s in the name!). The best part? They go into great detail showing you how to push this $70 offer and get cuh-razy conversion rates. (Down to creatives, targeting and bidding) Basically, go check this piece to get a detailed big picture and see how these offers should be pushed and thank me later We wouldn’t be telling you about any of this if we didn’t know these guys. Leadbit Gambling is one of the leading CPA networks with a team of professionals that has a unique strategy and their own apps for offers. Be sure to ping these guys and tell them STM sent you - they’d be happy to provide further insights and help you out. Enjoy fantastically converting offers here. Leadbit GAMBLING is all about: Their own apps Being able to work with high bids Individual payment terms Exclusive offers and MULTI GEO Bonuses for CPA tools Advanced analytics Leadbit Store with valuable prizes Leadbit Gambling is waiting for you! Contact Leadbit Here: Telegram @leadbit_manager Skype live:account17.leadbit Thank you! COVID-19 vs Push Traffic - Round 1 First off, thanks to everyone on the frontlines, our true heroes. Second, there’s not one thing the virus hasn’t affected on a global scale. Push traffic ain’t no exception. Lemme quote @pushground’s intro: “In the last few months, our world has been dismantled but the COVID-19 outbreak with most of the world being put on lockdown to stop its spread. We, in Barcelona, have been in lockdown for a month now while for others It is just starting, but there is some light at the end of the tunnel with China starting to return to normal life as lockdowns get lifted. As marketers, we are all wondering what effect this will have on the market and what effect it will have on our campaigns. To help answer your questions we have provided some traffic insights on how COVID-19 and this global lockdown have affected Push.” P.S. Quite curious that a vertical such as that one might go down but here we are. You’ll be surprised when you see it too. >> Go get the Ups, Downs and Expectations right here << Speaking of Breaking News: Entire $1 Guide Now Live on STM Yes, you read that right. The massively successful $1 guide has now been posted on STM. It even has its own dedicated forum. Thanks, Amy! For the under-rock-dwellers - the $1 guide is by far the easiest way to dip your toes in affiliate marketing...with no more than a ten-dollar bill and an ass-kicking attitude. Its massive success and constant demand made us put this bad boy live on the forums. Now there are no more excuses to make - it’s all there on the plate. You’re being spoonfed yer veggies. (I’m talking to the shy lurkers scouring the forums, afraid to even start). Now. is. the. time. to. start. >> Go read the $1 guide and start yer first-ever campaign - right now! <<

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$122k in Lazy Neo Revenue, $10k Contest for Affiliates

April 08, 2020

$122k in Lazy Neo Revenue Lazy Neo’s ability to _freely manipulate the simulated reality of push traffic sources_ is proof he’s the chosen one. Hear ye the details: Push traffic - many sources, 2-3 being the juicy, big number ones Offer - you thought we’d let this out to the freebie-vultures? Even though you can’t find it anywhere right’s related to cleaning yer PC master-race device, revealed inside Conversion flow -CPI + CPS Bid type -CPA/CPC GEOs - Many, can’t count this far Campaign lifetime - About 2 months 3 different landers and aggressive vs tame creatives (unexpected results). Total Cost: $101,370.32 Revenue: $123,727.31 Profit: $22,356.99 ROI: 18.07%* *Note on ROI - actually 5-10% higher, lazy Neo is a cautious, wise man - he adds a 20% traffic loss by default in all his trackers by default. P.S. But why did The Chosen One give us a golden egg on a silver plate? P.P.S. Also, lemme just plant the thought of CPS campaigns - you’d expect a lander to work heaps better, no? wink wink >> Find Neo’s mysterious reasoning right here << [SPONSORED] $100 gift AND a $10k affiliate contest While everyone is spending more time at home, the BuyGoods network is seeing an INCREDIBLE increase in online spending! Some verticals are down for sure, but others are up! Every crisis brings new opportunities. The show must go on, right? Customers are buying more products around health & wellness, survival and related categories…and a few more that our affiliate managers will happily tell you about. Some of our affiliates are absolutely crushing it in these weird times :-) If you’re a vendor and have a great offer, contact us and we’d love to share why every week more and more vendors are switching over to BuyGoods! If you’re an affiliate - we want YOU to join the party. Heck, we’re even gonna pay you if you do so! Effective April 1st through April 30th, every new affiliate who signs up with BuyGoods, will get: 1) Free $100 credit, as soon as you hit the first $1,000 in commission earnings 2) A chance to win big prizes totalling $10,000, distributed among the top 10 affiliates of the month Oh and did I mention we pay affiliates up to THREE TIMES A WEEK? Now’s the time to kiss your cashflow problems goodbye and scale easily! What are you waiting for? Established 2017, BuyGoods focuses on real products that customers love! We don’t sell snake oil, most of our products can be promoted on Facebook too… in a whitehat way. See a list of our campaigns here - Ready to grab your bonus and try your luck in our $10k contest? Signup on this link - (NSFV - Update) Wild Boars Successfully Lay Siege to Youtube Ads > How did this even happen? << Best Day on Shopify - $10.71k “Nice ROAS” Nice ROAS indeed. Also, you’d be surprised at what the actual profitis (revealed in the thread). Lookie here wipes tear: “it was all worth it because now my family can eat and we don’t have to worry about money“ >> Good enough reason to jump in, “hit that thanks button” and congratulate @billiondollarchrist - Amen << [POLL] What Part Of Your Work Do You Wish You Could Outsource? Spoilers plus birds-eye view of this interesting thead: Literally nobody (not-one-person on STM) likes doing their own accounting. Nobody likes to deal with landing pages Mr. Green gets angry “Outsource everything” Quoting Big Mr. Green straight up: “I'm doing some research around outsourcing in the affiliate industry . We all have that part of our affiliate work that we either hate, or we just aren't good at. In the past, there were always things I wanted to outsource, but I either had a bad experience hiring the wrong person, or I never got around to it because it just seemed like more work. So what would you want to be outsourced if you knew it wouldn't be a hassle?” Also, one frustrated full-time aff marketer asks where he could outsource some of his burdens. And then, later on, we get this curious reply by Mr. Green: _“I think I might have an amazing solution very soon..._ >> What is Mr. Green up to?? <<

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$1k/Day in 5 Weeks Quarantine Corona-Profits by a Pianist

April 01, 2020

$1k/Day Quarantine Corona Profits by a Pianist Do ye hear the delightful melodies of sale notifications gently rubbing yer ears? No better sound to hear during times of beer, pizza, chips, staring at the wall and talking to yerself (occasionally). STM’s greatest affiliate pianist has claimed his first 4-figure-moolah-in-da-bank day, son. All thanks to the quarantine. Don’t believe me? Then quoting Mr. Piano himself: “Actually it's the Corona situation that helped me switch to another vertical! This shift resulted in a 4 fig a Day profit 2 weeks ago he was flashing around his 25 dollarydoos profit . 2.weeks.ago. 2 weeks later and now he’s got…calculates super fast... 40 times the profit. Some say the affiliate pianist’s piano keys are actually made of dollar bills. Case in point: 1) Now is the opportune moment to focus on yer campaigns. This quarantine is a blessing in disguise. 2) STM’s solid-as-steel follow along success rates. Go give yer thanks and maybe, just maybe, do what he did. >> For massive drooling, go ye here. Also, give the pianist your thanks and encouragement << SPONSORED [48 left] Discover the fastest growing database with 15,000,000+ ads Meet AdPatrol - a revolutionary Facebook ad intelligence tool that reveals the secrets of success, that your competitors are hiding from you. Get exclusive discount expiring just in 2 days AdPatrol has proven its worth on the market. It fulfills all affiliates' absolute dreams - from newbies to pros - with its biggest and fastest growing Facebook ads database. Its powerful filters show all the nitty-gritty details of winning ads. Uncover 15 MILLION+ PROVEN FACEBOOK ADS from over 100 GEOs Get access to 50,000+ NEW ads EVERY SINGLE DAY! Search campaigns by keyword, advertiser and publisher Use filters by countries, ad types or ad positions Sort results by newest, longest running and user engagement Narrow down your search by affiliate network, tracking system, ecommerce and funnel platforms Ad copy details, including landing pages, redirects and outgoing URLs, days running, engagement, reach & week trends… it’s allthere up for grabs. ONLY for STM newsletter subscribers, AdPatrol offers a jaw-dropping (exclusive) deal. Instead of $299/mo, it can be yours for JUST $199/mo , by using the discount code “STMFORUM”. GET ADPATROL NOW We are absolutely sure you’ll love AdPatrol, but in any case it is backed by a 2-day money-back guarantee. So your purchase is absolutely risk—free! GET IT WHILE IT LASTS (NSFV) Wild Boars Mauling Innocent Youtube Ads They know. My gawd, they know. NSFV - Not Safe For Vegetarians/Vegans, ye have been warned. The hyper-intelligent wild boars have sensed our ongoing quarantine and have begun to viciously attack and tear apart innocent Youtube ads. Mr. Lord of the boars, a.k.a. Mr. Wakeboarder, a.k.a. Tim, a.k.a. Mr. One of STM’s Best Follow Alongs Ever and his gang of rabid wild boars are back with a follow along. Quotes: “Long story short ... because of the COVID-19 we are expecting huge drop from this segment (offline retailers) so I decided to switch focused back to online sales.” “Why YouTube? I don't want to rely just on Facebook. Never. I have tons on highly-engaging wild boar hunting videos. When I crack it, I will use the knowledge to scale personalized products from the Scaleship project.” He’s already got 1, 1 minute video with about 100 quick orders already killing it on FB. Time to put it to the test on Youtubez. The good stuff: In-market targeting Cold, warm targeting Custom intent Detailed stats, consistent (and frequent updates) Screenshots Everything in between, as expected by the lord of the boars. But most of all: Insights ye won’t find anywhere else on the wild webz. Like, for example: How to maximize your chances of bringing in moolah ASAP with cold traffic (i.e. how to cut corners and grab insights before you even throw money at Uncle Google dancing on the pole) >> Go ye here, subscribe to the thread, and pray the wild boars don’t come after you << Tips on Dealing with the Covid-19 Situation and Beyond Basically, this is an absolute monster-massive of a thread, and basically, you have to go thank Amy ASAP. Seriously, it’s so huge (and so great) that I wouldn’t want to spoil a single word, minus a few: Baseline: Keepin’ yer biz afloat during these trying times includes: more audiences in yer back yard, clever-er angles, more pre-selling, yer own brand, yer own traffic and...there are too many to list. Niches most likely to survive (plus how to dominate them) How to not be like yours truly (pizzas, chips and beer), but actually thrive during quarantine with healthy, sane and productive tips. More: A snowball effect is in order - other members have jumped in with their own massive posts on what to do and how to navigate these rough recent waters. P.S. Plus, yet another uber-sneaky way to ensure your ads stay profitable even with heavily declining CPAs thanks to Mr. Lord of the Boars. >> Thank me later, then come back and tell me if you’ve been able to find better reading anywhere on the interwebz than on STM...just click here and go read this thread <<

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