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SINCE 2011

STM Forum was launched late one night in January 2011 with the goal of providing case studies, guides, high quality information on a variety of topics and to act as a core networking hub for industry veterans.

7 years later we are ​ the authoritative forum on affiliate marketing and our reach continues to expand. We now provide higher education, host conferences and local networking events, and are continuing to improve and expand what the forum offers every affiliate marketer.

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Pay Per Call Slams $9000/day

December 06, 2022

$9000/Day Pay Per Call–It Was A Good Day The Great Affiliate Bangkok Migration has concluded. (may as well grab yerself a ticket for the next one ‘fore they get pricey…and no I’m not getting a commission, but I should.). Some affiliates flocked back home. And now they’re all cold and miserable. Others? We chose to skip winter. Anywhoms, there’s nothing better than seeing a success story after a wild AWA and an STM meetup. Observe thy numbers: Don’t bother squinting, here’s the number: $9,000 in a day. Nine-thousand-dollahz in a day. Blessed be @iwanttofly’s campaigns. Phone’s on fire. It was a good day to do Pay per call. Yer welcome. 👉👉👉 Give Yer Thanks Here [SPONSORED] Ultimate Solution to Ad Account Bans Hey! Struggling with frequent Facebook ad account bans? Feel like smashing your laptop after seeing your ads STILL stuck in review (and right before a big revenue day)? If you’re running Facebook ads in Q4, chances are you’re going to get randomly restricted or banned (if you haven’t been already)! But instead of living in fear of Zuckerberg’s infamous ban hammer (or avoiding Facebook Ads altogether!), there’s ONE thing you can do to prevent this from happening… Open an Agency Account with OrangeTrail! 👈 Orange Trail is the leading provider of whitelisted agency ad accounts in the industry — Accounts for all platforms including Facebook, Google, Tiktok, Snap, Twitter & Bing. Benefits of using pre-vetted agency accounts: Unlimited Spend Limits Lower Risk of Bans & easier to get an account unbanned Faster Ad Approvals & Top Ups Highest Tier Support from Facebook reps High-level 24/5 support in Slack Better Sleep at Night! Want stable social media advertising experience for your business? Book a call with us today! 👉👉👉 BOOK A FREE CALL P.S. We don’t accept black-hat advertisers. Drop us a message to see if you’re eligible — or simply schedule a call with us. Thanks! Eri from OrangeTrail Big ScottyG’s Back Spewing TikTok Wisdom

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3 Secret AI Tools STMers Use To Snatch 500% ROIs

November 29, 2022

3 AI Tools to 10x Your Efficiency, Gain a Unique Edge, and Create 7 Figure Profit Ideas Guess what. An STM mod-legend from the olden days just resurfaced. @kepe95’s back in business. Observe: “Ready to find out about 3 AI tools that are going to turn many industries upside down? A huge increase in productivity is the minimum to be gained here, the bigger upside is in totally new ad creatives with an edge, and in discovering huge yet elegant and simple business opportunities to lock in 7 figure profit before anyone catches on.” “So, why am I so excited about these tools? Having started my journey in affiliate marketing here on STM in 2014, and having been more involved in other whitehat ventures over the last years, I believe there are a few key pillars both newbies and super-affiliates love when speaking of opportunities” For one, these AI tools are easy to get a hold of. And they’re potentially game-changing. But you know what’s even better? Scaling your campaigns. Spending $500 to be able to drop $10k/day after. Risk a little but test a lot. And most importantly–big, fat commissions. Scale. “In this post I am going to introduce you to my initial conclusions from 30+ hours of experimenting with all the interesting new AI tools, specifically applied through the lense of affiliate marketing. And how they can help with your campaigns in many different ways, right away. Even though it also goes beyond just helping you directly with campaigns - when you’ve got a technology that makes previously expensive and time-consuming tasks 100x faster and cheaper, you’ve got disruptive potential in hundreds of different areas.” Yer welcome. P.S. Kepe’s also thrown a few disruptive ideas. Ideas ye may want to borrow. 👉👉👉 All Hail Our Future AI Overlords…Here [SPONSORED] How To Make Serious $$$ Selling Sexy Stuff Are you bored of promoting the same old, same old? What if I told you one ‘underground’ market can give any affiliate: Low competition… Sky-high conversion rates… FAT payouts ($130 per sale and up)… I’m talking about the ‘adult’ market. Specifically, ‘how to get better in bed’ educational programs, ‘enlargement’ programs, x-rated tutorials from famous porn stars, and supplements that boost performance. Why is it so lucrative? Check this out… Right now, ‘digital adult content’ is worth $44 BILLION in the U.S. alone. Yet, most marketers are still selling the same ‘pick up chicks’ info-products that last converted back in 2006! At Slick Revenue, we deliver high converting offers that spit out cash like a broken ATM. What’s our secret sauce? Simple… We work with famous adult movie stars to create content for the programs AND for our sales videos. Maybe you’ve heard of Elsa Jean, Adriana Chechik and Ryan McLane? Promoting an offer from Slick Revenue gives you: Premium quality programs that help (and entertain) your customers… Amazing copy and sales videos from industry legends… IMPORTANT: On-going split-testing and conversion optimization to keep your conversions consistently sky-high… Biggest payouts in the market @ $130 CPA and climbing! Grab this opportunity today & contact (Skype @casegilbreath) to talk about our BONUS scheme for high-performing affiliates. Give Me a Thick Slice of the $44 Billion Adult Industry Pie NOW! Newbie in Native With 100k Profit Goal in 2023 >

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ANNOUNCING: STM MEETUP - BANGKOK - November 28th, 2022

November 23, 2022

STM MEETUP - BANGKOK - November 28th, 2022 Yer eyes do not deceive you, affiliate. Keyword: STM meetup. Lemme repeat that. S-T-M M-E-E-T-U-P. How long has it been? Too long. Way too long, my friend. Many super affiliates shall be joining. Some say even one of STM’s mysterious founders (@stackman) is going to be there. Plus, it’s Bangkok. Ye can skip winter. Eat Pad Thai. Go on a workation. Who’s coming? @vortex @matuloo @stackman @zeno @Rhino @stungads @kjrocker @s3ks3k (2 people) @cmdeal (maybe) @ngiamteeee (maybe) @fulmaster @epicskillz (maybe) @adgrow @elonmusk ( ) @blackemil @bogdanv @maynzie @anguschkong @thealimoon When? November 28th, 1pm. Where? The high-rated Thai cuisine spot ye shall find inside. 👉👉👉 Go Ye Here & RSVP For The Metting Lowest prices of the year: Voluum Boosted Plans Final Countdown! ⏱ Only less than a week left {user}... Have you already seen Voluum’s Black Friday deals? No? Well, then you should know: There are only a couple of days left on their special Voluum Boosted Plans! 🤑 What do those look like exactly? The plans come at an all-time-low discount with plenty of added FREE features like ➡️Extra ad spend ➡️Additional reports ➡️Longer data retention ➡️More users ➡️And I could go on! And given the longstanding STM + Voluum cooperation, you have access to an exclusive discount! 🎉 Integrate your ad platforms, traffic sources, and more with Voluum via the API Automizer tech, and enjoy tracking, optimizing, & automating your campaigns for 30% less. Don’t miss out on the lowest prices of the year! 🛍️ 👉👉👉 Check them out! Undead Affiliate Marketing Dies Again If I had a nickel for each time AM died… Look at this, @affiliated4 asks: “Honestly - is anyone making good sustainable profit from affiliate marketing/ media buying in 2022. I know this is a forum and a few mods will want to keep it positive, but let's keep it real. Are you actually making good money at the moment? Also, just to add - I'm not a negative noob - i've made crazy amounts of money from affiliate marketing but it seems like the golden days are finally over?” Are the golden days finally over? Well, are they? The game’s more difficult–no doubt. And yes, many valid points for and against AM in this gem of a thread. Yet, big numbers still reign. It’s an eye-opening, heated discussion up in there. Have the mods sugarcoated the entire story? Or is doom and gloom looming above? Perhaps ye should come to Bangkok and see with yer very own affiliate eyeballs… 👉👉👉 Ye Be The Judge Here (And Hit That Thanks Button God Damn It) 1 Jaybot + $132,369 = ?? Observe some more red numbers: Ye get to watch Jaybot’s ups and downs coated in a hilarious copywriting masterclass. ‘Tis a slippery slope this thread, ye be warned. Don’t blame me if ye can’t stop reading. What more can an honest affiliate want? Here, I’ll throw ye one last bone: “Which should bring the Revenue to something like $132,369 Which isn’t a small chunk of change, but for 3 months, is really only $44k a month.” 👉👉👉 All Subscribe The Jaybot

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A Dropshipping Noob’s $30k Day…

November 15, 2022

Dropshipping Noob Hits A $30k Day By this point, ye’ve heard of @cassshy. He’s set his sights on dropshipping now, but ‘fore we get into any of that… Look at this Shopify screenshot: We then got an update in the thread…observe: Yes, that’s a $30k/day. “Yesterday's results - $30k revenue, 50% ROI. Getting some issues with payment providers - they are wondering what's the reason of increased revenue”. ‘Yours Truly you’re full of **! How is this dude a noob?’ Bear with me… Cassshy may not be an affiliate noob. But he’s never touched dropshipping. He’s never had his own store. Yet how is this possible? He’s an STMer. To clarify–he’s a super-affiliate. And affiliate skills are transferable to…everything. Dropshipping. Lead gen. Brick & mortar. Ye name it. Here, I’ll even throw in a reply-testimonial: “This is crazy. So much value already in this thread - my motivation just spiked. Following this!” And yes, yer welcome. 👉👉👉 Get In There & Give Yer Thanks ASAP [SPONSORED] Make More Money With Dating Offers - in Less Time! [Note: Read until the end for special gifts!] Experienced affiliates know the formula: Easy Conversion Flow = High Conversion Rate Here are 2 kinds of offers that have the EASIEST conversion flows: 1)Push Subscription Dating Offers. The user only needs to CLICK ONCE on "I agree to receive photos/videos", and you get paid for the conversion. Average offer CR = 20-30%! 2)Email Submit Dating Offers. The user just leaves their email, and we pay you! (And we NEVER scrub!) So where to get these offers? Check out ApproachX. They were started by some of the biggest affiliates in this industry. Their hottest offers for November are ready to receive all your UK/CA/AU/US dating traffic: Tier1 - Girlsfuckdudes - Chat Flow US/AU/CA/UK/NZ - SluttyMatches AU: NaughtyAussies - new chat flow Naughtyaussies- AU- iOS/Android US: Bangsect - Chat Flow Nakedates -US - iOS/Android Bangsect New Sexy Chat Flow Bangsect Sexy Chat Flow GirlsFuckDudes - New Email flow Please Grab Your Gifts Here: 1) If you’re an STM member, check out - [Case Study] ApproachX + Exoclick = 16K profit in one month 2) Sign up for ApproachX and mention the STM newsletter to get your one-time Welcome Bonus bumped to 6%. 3) Only for ApproachX affiliates: Sign up to TopSrc, top up your balance to $500 and get up to 15% of Member Area traffic as a bonus. Sign Up To ApproachX to See 20-30% CR! (Contact Senior Affiliate Manager Marina on skype, for fast approval and the best offers set up - live:517b66cea3c3b506) Did I hear ‘Dropshipping’? Here’s a $1M/Year Blueprint While we’re on the subject, might as well… Let me shatter yer idea of ‘dropshipping’. 1. ‘Dropshipping’ is not a business model. Nay. Don’t picture dropshipping toddlers on YouTube. ‘Dropshipping’ is simply a fulfilment method. Ye hold no stock. Someone ships it for you. That’s it. 2. ‘Dropshipping’ is not doing ‘Aliexpress research’ trying to find the next hot crappy product. Nay. Let me paste in wise words from this thread’s newly-joined master himself, @arc323: “The normal way most Youtube gurus and dropship bros tell you to find products is using a spy tool or to find a store that is doing well and copy the product. So basically they tell you to just ride the coattails of successful dropship stores. This is stupid for a few reasons... You're always going to be behind the eight ball, chasing others and playing catch up. You will have competition right out of the gate. You will 100% get customers commenting on your ads, saying the product sucks, but who never bought your product. They buy from another shop and then think they bought from you when they see your ads. You never get to set the pricing trend, etc. You'll be following others vs making the market yourself.” But that’s not even the best part of this thread. Inside ye’ll find: – How @arc323 made over $1M in sales last year with a ‘dropshipping’ product – The exact stores he used ye shall find inside (and one extremely vital aspect to success…the design) – Why you do NOT want a lower priced product and why you do NOT fight on price…ever. –The creatives and angles that make or break yer entire game. Plus, one way to crop Youtube vids so you can easily test yer ideas (and not get detected by AIs) – The 2 places @arc323 finds products that don’t have anything to do with Aliexpress…or crappy Chinese products. Or anything to do with your concept of ‘dropshipping’. And more. Way more. But I ain’t got enough space in this here newsletter. Ye’ll have to see for yerself. Yer welcome. 👉👉👉 Go Get Some ‘Dropshipping’ Done The Right Way Are High Prices Good or Bad? Seems like it’s ‘ecommerce Wednsday’ up in here. Anywhoms. Look at this thread from Lazy Neo…on that very same subject: “Yesterday I watched a report on Youtube about how products wrappings, a products price and such stuff can affect/manipulate our decisions to buy something or not. A huge psychological driver is the price. When something costs more we automatically assume that it´s a good product and of better quality than cheaper ones. In our campaigns we usually try to lure the users with cheaper prices, with discounts, bargains and what else. Then I realized that I never tried to do exactly the opposite but probably it could be interesting to see how it goes. Did anyone of you tried already to promote a product as (very) expensive instead of cheap to give it a more exclusive or higher quality image? If yes, please tell about it. Or what do you think about that approach in general? I really would like to hear about it.” Indeed. We’re all used to steep discounts. Unbelievable offers. Buy one get one free. But is there something to pricing yer items high? What do ye think? I’ll give ye a hint or two. Ever heard of Veblen goods? Ever wondered why expensive wine tastes better? This, and more, revealed inside. Yer welcome. 👉👉👉 Go Ye Here & Raise Yer Prices…Trust Me

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🔍 You know my methods, affiliate Watson

November 08, 2022

How Affiliate Sherlocks Find Competitor Clues What follows is a cautionary affiliate tale… You know of The Hound of the Baskervilles, Sherlock’s most famous adventure. Still, here, just in case: Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson investigate the legend of a supernatural hound, a beast stalking a young heir on the fog-shrouded moorland that makes up his estate. The main theme is science versus superstition. Is this a ghostly, fire-breathing hound with blazing eyes and jaws haunting a family? Or, could the ghostly, fire-breathing hound be a mere gimmick? Like phosphorus. Anywhoms. The point is this. No matter how much you try to conceal yer landers, offers, URLs, and networks… They always surface. It’s either Adplexity. Or, simply, the keen intuition of pro affiliates. The clues are ever-present. And If ye wanna know how to dig out any offer or network, like a real affiliate Sherlock… 👉👉👉 Grab Yer Pipe And Jump In Join CrakRevenue - 10% BONUS ON 1ST PAYOUT for STM Members! Well, would ye look at that? CrakRevenue’s being generous: “We're so pleased to partner with STM! Because once you take part in this amazing community, you learn from the best affiliate marketers in the game, find the best info, and before you know it, you’ve become one of the experts, piling up payouts and sharing knowledge in return. This community is brilliant. And that's why we're extending an invitation to all you great affiliate marketers on STM…” Awww, shucks. Indeed, who wouldn’t take a free 10% bonus? Maybe it covers yer taxes. Maybe it covers yer tools & trackers. Maybe it buys ye a couple of beers. 👉 Grab Yer 10% Bonus Here Remember The Brave Newbie’s Full Disclosure? He’s Made Profits. Check yer inbox to re-read the story of this brave newbie. His entire disclosure. $275 spend. $0.50 earned. Ouch. How-ever. This wouldn’t be STM if there was no twist or turn of fate. Observe: This here screenshot has green in it. $7.29 profit. Wipes manly tear 👉👉👉 Learn The How’s, Why’s & Future Plans, Here

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[ECOM WORLD VID] How To Start Selling On ETSY (Andrew Erickson)

November 01, 2022

[ECOM WORLD VID] How To Start Selling On ETSY (Andrew Erickson) No, there’s no media buying involved. You won’t be spending those hard-earned dollarydoos. Well, you can spend a few (Etsy’s got ‘Etsy Ads’ – ads? Hardly. Just set a daily budget and choose your listings…done.) “But, Yours Truly, I don’t have any hand-made products, what the F can I sell on Etsy?” You think I’d have you look at Etsy if that was the case? Observe: Mass produced products. (you have my interest). Products with a ‘new’ design (now you have my attention). Products from China. (I like this one even better). Products from a ‘machine’ (Even sweeter). Print on demand (hello aloha). Oh, you can sell digital things too. The best part? Etsy buyers are gullible and ONLY throw 5-star reviews at you. Look at this: Matuloo’s broken this down in here. And I suggest ye watch this Ecom World Video… It’s exclusive and free for the STM affiliate master-race. Yer welcome. 👉👉👉 Dive Into Etsy Here Setapp. Use and promote one-stop subscription to solving every task on Mac and iPhone. Setapp is an app for every daily task on Mac. Type words in the search bar - anything that describes your task - install the apps suggested by Setapp, and get the work done. The solution offers a curated collection of 230+ top-notch apps for macOS and iOS. Setapp is useful for every marketer as well. So there’s a 10% discount for the Setapp subscription with promocode stmforum. Use the following link to enjoy the discount. The offer is EXCLUSIVE for STM members. >

Join the Setapp Affiliate Program and earn revenue by promoting a one-stop subscription to solving every task on Mac and iPhone.  Why become Setapp’s affiliate? - CC submit model with plain and simple rewards Get $10 commission for each started trial by a new user you referred. Receive incentives that your efforts truly deserve. And you won’t have to ask for it. Easy start with our tutorials Not sure how to get started? Our content tips and brand cheat sheet will help you run a successful campaign. 180-day cookie duration and cross-device tracking Rest assured every lead that converts will get you money. Even if you forget about them yourself. Localized landing pages Get the best CR by working with macOS-related traffic worldwide (excluding Russian Federation and Belarus). Support from experts Find out how to best promote Setapp from true pros — account managers and SEO experts. Join the Setapp Affiliate Program by the link and enjoy a 15% welcome bonus on your first payment! A Newbie’s Entire Ugly Disclousure… Let me paste this in: 

“Firstly, in short, my adspend is about 275$ across pop/push and across PopAds and PropellerAds. My revenue is <1$ (0.50$ of it was actually from a conversion I submitted myself )”.

 Seems odd, doesn’t it? If only every single newbie ever did this STM would be an even better place. 

This brave newbie submitted, in great detail, exactly what they have done, tried, and how they’ve failed. Traffic Source * PopAds * PropellerAds (adspend was split equally between both)  Affiliate Network * Haka * Mobipium * Zeydoo * CreativeClicks (stopped using as I learned that pop and push convert better on low barrier-to-entry offers like Sweepstakes, SOI etc.)  Landers * Adplexity Pop * Adplexity Push (currently using this to source landers and push creatives) * Amazon AWS CDN for landers  Trackers * Binom (stopped using due to loading speeds being insanely slow, even after troubleshooting with @vortex) * FunnelFlux (current) Geos * Malaysia * Indonesia * Thailand * Brazil Offer Types * Mobipium smartlink * Mobipium SOI content carrier downloads * Mobipium DOI content carrier downloads * Haka garbage virus / captcha offers * Zeydoo Iphone giveaway (see previous thread with help from @larsometer and @vortex“

 Plus screenshots and all: @memory thought of moving away from the current traffic source. And on to different offers. And different GEOs. But wait. Scroll down and you see how one Lazy Neo (@twinaxe) hops in to rescue this drowning newbie. He breaks down exactly why @memory failed to get more than $0.50 in revenue out of $275 spent. And once you look into it, it’s no wonder… [👉👉👉 Learn How Not To Make These Mistakes Again] ( The Best TIkTok Spy Tool You’ve Already Heard Of Nay, there aren’t many TikTok spy tools out there. In fact, there’s only one. It’s been reviewed by @matuloo some time ago. And it’s (so far) the best. Have ye found any new ones? Or any good ones? Let us know by posting in the thread down here. 👉👉👉 Find It Here

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🤨A Strange 'Social Bar' to ‘Disguise’ Your Push Notifications?

October 26, 2022

What’s a God-Damned ’Social Bar’? I know–the answers ye seek shall be answered. Patience. This ain’t yer regular boring old push notification: Basically, a ‘social bar’ is a quirky in-page push notification. More: But wait, there’s more: But wait, there’s even more: Would ye look at the difference. All this thanks STM’s latest legendary mod addition: @larsometer. It’s a detailed (and profitable) traffic source review. And it’s one ye probably haven’t used yet. And ye should. Look at this: Larsometer’s laid it all out (with detailed step-by-step screenshots) for ye lazy affiliates. So ye can launch yer own social bar campaigns. Time to sink yer teeth in deep while this lasts. Yer welcome. 👉👉👉 Give Yer Thanks & Launch Yer Social Bars Here… [SPONSORED] Where to Find Crypto Offers with €150 CPA or 55% Revshare? Exclusive Offer for Readers Only: Join Youhodler through this link to get 55% revshare (instead of the usual 20%)! Make up to €150 CPA with the hottest crypto offers on the market today. What? You haven’t heard of Youhodler?? We’re a Swiss-based, regulated fintech company with in-house crypto products, including: Wallets, Earn, Trading, Stake, Loans, Exchange 6 Reasons to Run With Youhodler: Up to €150 CPA (whitehat) or 55% revshare on select crypto offers Worldwide traffic accepted (except US and Germany), with special focus on Europe, particularly ITALY. Official Crypto Partner of Torino FC - so we have goodies from the club we can share, and promos to run with our affiliates. Call support available for Spanish and Italian-speaking customers. Newbie-friendly web and mobile platforms. Commission models: CPA, revshare or hybrid depending on traffic source. (Payouts customisable for each partner according to needs and volume.) Bonus - Facebook Targeting Tip: Many affiliates tend to over-target. Target broad instead - this can make a significant difference, and is giving us the best results right now. >> Sign Up to Youhodler - Get 55% Revshare / €150 CPA << BIG Campaigns vs small Campaigns From the scary deep depths of Lazy Neo’s mind… If ye thought we here on STM like: BIG ROIs. BIG Profits. BIG Campaigns. BIG Conversions. Allow Neo to flip yer world upside down. “It doesn´t really matter if your campaigns run on high ROI or low ROI. It also doesn´t really matter if your campaigns have a high CVR or a low CVR. It doesn't even really matter if your profit per campaign is high or low.” There’s only one thing that matters. And that’s how many dollarydoos you put in yer pocket in the end. Total profit. Period. It’s way easier to make a $1/day campaign than it is to get to a $500/day campaign. But here’s the itsy bitsy problem. How do ye manage 500 $1/day campaigns? That ye shall learn from the master himself, revealed inside. And the most important counter-intuitive lesson? Don’t scale the profit per campaign. Scale the number of campaigns. Yer welcome. 👉👉👉 Give Yer Thanks Here & Absorb (And Apply) “Waaah I lost $1,047.22 on TikTok” Aww… Does the affiliate baby need a napkin? Watch: “Hi ya'll, I've been trying to beat this Tiktok game for months (since April) with no luck. I've spent $1525.06 on ads and only made $477.84 in revenue. My best day was $1.20 spend and $40 revenue, but that quickly died the next day. Even when an ad seems like it's working, it either dies on its own or my duplicated ads never become profitable. "I have no idea why I can’t turn this around.” Oh these are some big boy numbers. (that’s sarcasm) And there are 2 big boy problems in here: Yer creatives. Yer budgets. And yes, people have revealed what ye should instead do, inside. Special thanks to @stungads. Bro went ham on these ads–does that sound modern-Gen-Z-cool enough? Am I doing it right? Anywho. 👉👉👉 Get In There And Stop Losing Money on TikTok

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🦥 The Lazy Way To Get Hundreds Of Thousands Of Conversions With The Lowest Effort Possible

October 18, 2022

The Lazy Way To Get Hundreds Of Thousands Of Conversions With The Lowest Effort Possible He, Neo The Lazy One, @twinaxe, strikes again. I didn’t even need to come up with a catchy title, he’s that good. Neo promised to show us his wicked affiliate spells for running financial offers on push. And he hath delivered. But first, let’s take a quick trip down newsletter memory lane: “But I have something even better for you, soon I will post a guide how to easily run these offers yourself and maybe you can show similar stats then yourself soon…” ‘Easily’ being this campaign’s primary keyword. Observe: “...finally it´s time to show you the steps that generated me more than 190k conversions from financial offers.” More: “We will start very easy so that even beginners can start making money from it right away. And when I say very easy I really mean very easy. :-)” Even more: “When you have finished reading this post you will have a blueprint to start running these campaigns served on a silver platter.” Oh, the best-est part? You can freely get rid of landing pages. That’s right–these babies run direct linked. Look at this: And thus, his Lazy Ways begin to unveil. Ye might think “but financial offers can mean anything.” And yes, they ain’t what ye’d expect. Certainly ain’t crypto. Nay. Here’s a blurry screenshot because what happens on STM, stays on STM (the actual offers ye shall see inside): It’s all laid out on a silver platter: – The exact creatives he uses (he found them on STM…this entire guide is NOT for hard-working people…) – The exact campaign settings – The exact optimization strategies (and pro-tips ye won’t find anywhere else on the world-wide-web) – His favourite network – The most profitable GEOs All you have to do? Oh, it’s extremely difficult. Step 1) Login to your favourite push traffic source. Step 2) Setup your campaigns the exact same way Lazy Neo shows you here. Step 3) Profit. Basically, if you don’t sink yer teeth into this ASAP you’re a bloody fool. Yer welcome. 👉👉👉 Ye Better Take Action on This ASAP… P.S. I want ye to show me any other place that hands you campaigns on a silver platter. Crypto Offers Targeting Tip + Huge Bump in Revshare % How to Get 20% Revshare Bumped to 55%? Simple - just sign up to Youhodler through this link. (An exclusive offer for readers of this newsletter.) What? You haven’t heard of Youhodler?? We’re a Swiss-based, regulated fintech company with in-house crypto products, including: Wallets, Earn, Trading, Stake, Loans, Exchange 5 Reasons to Run With Youhodler: Worldwide traffic accepted (except US and Germany), with special focus on Europe, particularly ITALY. Official Crypto Partner of Torino FC - so we have goodies from the club we can share, and promos to run with our affiliates. Call support available for Spanish and Italian-speaking customers. Newbie-friendly web and mobile platforms. Commission models: CPA, revshare or hybrid depending on traffic source. (Payouts customisable for each partner according to needs and volume.) So what’s that targeting tip? This will be useful if you’re running on Facebook. Many affiliates tend to over-target. Target broad instead - this can make a significant difference, and is giving us the best results right now. 👉👉👉 Sign Up to Youhodler - Get Revshare % Bumped to 55% The Secrets Behind Markiplier's $35+ Million Net Worth! It seems STMers are keen to know exactly how famous YouTubers & TikTokers & influencers have made their dollarydoos. The secrets behind their success. The patterns, untangled. @Creators Mafia are asking for feedback on their video script. This time, it’s Markiplier. If ye’ve ever wondered how Markiplier got his $35+ Million Net worth… This is yer chance. Mark Fishbach, a.k.a. Markiplier has 33 million subscribers and is one of the most successful YouTubers of all time. His channel’s got 5200 videos and about 19 BILLION views. Daily, his videos get 5 to 13 million new views. Go check this out. And let these dudes know what ye think of a potential video out of this script. 👉👉👉 Learn Markiplier’s Secrets Here 62% ROI with Aliexpress Affiliate Who would’ve thunk you could ever possibly run Aliexpress as an affiliate…profitably. And consistently. In the long term. ??? Mind ye this is a case study by a traffic source, but it’s a good case study. Look at this: Offer: Aliexpress affiliate program Traffic source: Ye shall find this inside) Ad Format: Popunder GEO: France Period: 04.09.2022 - 25.09.2022 Costs: $151 Revenue: $245 ROI: 62% How can ye make this work when the revshare’s tiny–between 3% and 9%? Impossible? Ye’d be surprised. 👉👉👉 Learn How to Run Aliexpress As an Affiliate

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