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STM Forum was launched late one night in January 2011 with the goal of providing case studies, guides, high quality information on a variety of topics and to act as a core networking hub for industry veterans.

7 years later we are ​ the authoritative forum on affiliate marketing and our reach continues to expand. We now provide higher education, host conferences and local networking events, and are continuing to improve and expand what the forum offers every affiliate marketer.

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👉 $0 to $20k/day In 3 mo.

June 21, 2022

Zero To 20k/day Within 3 Months Of Starting Affiliate Marketing This guy’s pretty humble, and shy: “This post is NOT to show off.” (@rcheungltd) Yours truly, however, is not. Take a real good look at these babies: 06-06 to 06-07 $36,707.00 Revenue. This man started AM in mid-December 2021. He hit $20k days by mid-March 2022. That’s three months. Three. Months. “My goal moving forward is to hit those 100k days within the coming 6-12 months. (hopefully) Im declaring it here to keep myself accountable.” Given this track record, I’d sub to this guy. >> Observe Revenues Here << [SPONSORED] CC Sweeps Offers That Give 400% ROI? Where to Find? Have you seen member @blackemil’s recent case study? The one where he shows how he did 400%+ ROI with credit card submit sweepstakes offers? You could be running those offers YOURSELF from the SAME network - The Fellas Ads! BETTER YET: Meet up with their reps at Affiliate World Europe in Barcelona! They are nice guys with lots of tips to give on how you, too, can achieve that kind of ROI. Talk to them about: Their wide range of offers and traffic in: CC Submit Sweeps, Streaming, E-commerce (trial), Antivirus, Nutra, Mobile Content and Lead Generation Pre-tested and hosted sales funnels Keeping traffic quality top notch Or just pick their brain on the latest industry trends! Meet The Fellas Ads at Booth C26 or BOOK YOUR MEETING NOW! Also: They will be sponsoring the Affiliate Big Bash Barcelona on the 5th of July. Get in touch with your Fellas rep to secure your tickets! >> Book Your Meeting With theFellasAds in Barcelona! << How to Generate Killer Big Ideas and Unique Hooks in Under 30 Minutes Since ye found last week’s AdWorld goodies tasty, I bring more. Yes, yer eyeballs can find these under STM’s Treasure Chest. Yes, for free. Yes, ye should watch em now. Basically, you can now crank out killer angles like it’s nothing. Copy legend Stefan Georgi’s mind reveals: – A 3-step formula for generating hooks and big ideas “on demand” (we call these angles ‘round on STM) – The 5 easiest places on the interwebz to find unique hooks for ads (no matter what market you’re in) – How in the hell do you use simple metaphors to increase ad conversions by 60%? – Use Stefan’s “ethical appropriation” strategy to ensure your ads resonate with your target market. This stuff remindds me of Breakthrough Advertising. No there are no aff links. Yes, there’s a reason this here book costs $500. Go watch the video. Then maybe buy the book if ye haven’t yet. Yer welcome. >> Watch The Talk here << Lets Talk Conferences @cupcake wants to discuss conferences: “My top list of conferences “must attend” for affiliates in dating industry: AWE, TES, AWA, MWC.” You’ll see The Legend himself tell you of his favourites. There’s The Chosen One. There’s an old-school affiliate dog. And there are talks of an STM mini-drunk meetup. Perhaps. >> Discuss Here << The Jaybot Saga Continues The @jaybot strikes again. This time, in red: “So I spent $36k to lose $2300 or so.” Will he feed his starving family or fail? @twinaxe, everyone: “Your FA is like a soap opera, we´re all happy with you when you have success and we all suffer with you when your performance tanks“ >> Follow The Legend of the Jaybot Here <<

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🧑‍🏫 $1MM TikTok Ads Masterclass

June 14, 2022

[AdWorld] $1MM TikTok Ads Masterclass Your eyeballs ain’t tricking you, that’s a Vimeo video screenshot from an AdWorld video. An AdWorld video posted on STM. For free. This is its title: TikTok Ads Masterclass: Strategies & Frameworks From $1M Ad Spend (Kris Sugatan) Yer welcome. Bye. Keep an eyeball centred on STM’s Treasure Chest. You’ll see Ad World speeches and other invaluable goodies up in there. This speech’s going to get yer TikTok brain purring, trust me: – The targeting ye must stick to if you want consistent, scalable campaigns – Why ye want to get away from the learning phase ASAP (in 7 days) – How to test & scale quickly – Why vertical scaling works best – Why you want to be careful with horizontal scaling and why it doesn’t work after a certain point – A clever way to avoid creative rejections – The budget benchmark where your scaling game changes entirely – Priceless ad creation golden tips –Tons more Are these bullet points enough for ye? >> Watch The Speech Here << [NETWORKS] How to Email 72k Affiliates? Are you an affiliate network or traffic network, looking to serve more affiliates? I've got the perfect opportunity for you! We at STM have a mailing list of 72k affiliates (and growing) We provide value to our list by sending them 2 weekly newsletters: 1)The STM Newsletter - the one you're reading right now! Back issues are here: 2)The MRKTRS Newsletter - back issues are here: These are high-quality newsletters that get READ (you are proof of this)! Open up ANY back issue of any newsletter above, and you will see the "[SPONSORED]" section. This is where YOUR network or service will be featured! What you'll get as a sponsor: -Your message in front of 72k+ affiliates! -Multiple links to your website. -Have an STM moderator with 16+ years of marketing experience, to rewrite/edit/polish your content for best results! >> Interested? Email Amy/Vortex For More Information! << Run Campaigns With @Vortex, Every Day If ye wanna see how STM veterans grind & get ** done, now’s yer chance. Amy’s been setting up daily Zoom meetings. STMers been joinin’. Campaigns getting launched. Creatives being made. Dig around and keep another eyeball out for @vortex’s threads. >> See Here << Stock Up On Yer TikTok Tips Here’s a newbie TikTok FA to sub to. Man’s looking to tame the TikTok beast. Despite his wallet’s attemps to stop him, he’s going through: “Today I am starting an extremely boring tiktok follow along. My wallet asked some reasonable questions about why I should do that, but I never listened. So here I am I have gathered a lot of useful info from you guys while reading the forum. Thank you. Special thanks to @ScottyG, his posts are beyond helpful. I was able to compile a Word file divided into various sections with questions and answers. This kind of (hopefully) clarified something to me.” Get in there and arm yerself with invaluable tips and cut yer learning curve in at least half. Hopefully, yer spend too. Inside ye’ll find pro-tips from the lord of TikTok himself – @scottyG. Other deadly affiliates shed light on what to do and what not to do. Accounts. Budgets. Testing. Objectives. Actors. AIs. >> Follow Along This Follow Along Here << Is AM Possible With A Full-Time Job? Short answer, yes. Of course. People have done it and shall continue to do it. The question is, how rough has the journey been for various STM legends. Curious? Are you as curious as @pwllgogoch? The long answers ye shall seek inside. >> Go Here Now <<

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🤔 STM’s Top 3 Push Networks?

June 07, 2022

STM’s Top 3 Push Networks The answer, as per usual, is – it depends. If it’s quality yer after, take a peek. Inside ye’ll see these networks mentioned (and more), and rated: – Propeller – Pushground – Rollerads – Mondiad – TC Ads – Rich Ads – Clickstar – – Daopush But which ones are the best? Lest ye want to throw your affiliate dollarydoos at the wind ye should dig in. Legendary mods & affiliates chime in there. Best ye pay attention. Yer welcome >> See STM’s Top 3 Push Networks Before Ye Waste Yer Money << [SPONSORED] How to Get €800 Off Affiliate World Europe! Affiliate World Europe is less than 4 weeks away and they’ve just released the complete speaker line-up. See who’s coming 🔥 This is content geared towards performance marketers like STM-ers. Whether you want to learn more about building $100M ecom businesses or mastering TikTok's sticky but tricky algorithm, their content always delivers. For TWO action-packed days, you'll be able to network with fellow STM Forum members IRL at booth C54 and discover campaign tactics that are usually reserved for mastermind groups. Watch your payouts skyrocket as 2022 really heats up. Save €800+ and buy tickets now. PLUS, new for 2022: -Six hour-long mixers to help maximize your networking around niche topics like Tiktok Ads, Facebook Ads, Email Marketing, Ecommerce, Crypto, and Native. -Live stage panel featuring C-level execs from the biggest affiliate networks in the world like CJ Affiliate, ClickBank, MaxBounty, and more. -The networking continues into the late night hours with Affiliate After Hours – the official networking event where affiliates go to unwind with colleagues while sipping cocktails beachside. -Trailblazing speakers that have been sought after for their knowledge including Amin Siala of Google who’ll teach you to succeed with emerging markets for ecom and lead gen and Eric Siu who’ll show you how to generate an avalanche of SEO traffic for your crypto offers. STM-ers get an exclusive €800 discount off public pricing 👇 (and they never discount so this is kind of a big deal) >> Buy Tickets Now << Deadly Dating Traffic Tips Ye Can't-Miss By The Legend Himself This is one of these threads. A simple question (“best dating traffic sources?”) flourishes into a golden nugget. For one, ye’ll find insights into both dating and adult alike. Yes, they should be treated separately, of course, but there’s more to it. The Legend Himself, @matuloo, sheds some 20-ish years of adult dating experience. The largest and smallest traffic sources get broken down. Their pros and cons get broken down. The budgets ye need get started in adult get torn apart and truth surfaces. You think ye probably need tens of thousands of dollars to start. But that’s not true. All ye need is a figure like this: $X,XXX. That gets broken down too, by The Legend. Basically, ye should jump in and see it with yer own eyeballs. >> Go Here & Learn The Ways of Dating << Native Algorithms Hate Them Are you into traffic source conspiracy theories? Excellent. Here’s a weird one for ye: “Do native algorithms really want us to make a lot of money?” Well, do they? @just_g brings some perplexing data: “-Campaign without any conversion tracking on the platform, without pixels, blindly in a nutshell: 200% ROI (all widgets open, even the most spammy) Same campaign with conversion tracking and widget optimization: 50% ROI” Are THEY taking OUR money? Are native algorithms lazy or are they crafty? Case in point ye may or may not find inside. >> Go Here For Proof << Someone’s Hiring a TikTok Media Buyer TikTok’s hawt. I’m tired of repeating myself. TikTok’s super hawt. People are hiring experienced TikTok media buyers on these very forums. If you or someone you know may have what they take then go check. @isha_18’s already gotten in touch. There may be some spots left for ye. >> Just Go Here <<

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⚡ Glorious Whitelist Leaked Inside

May 31, 2022

Go Download This Glorious Whitelist First, Then We’ll Talk Happy mid w…drop everything yer doing right now. Then go here and scroll down. There’s a gold-plated .zip file, grab it now. Got it? Excellent, now lemme explain. Sir The Glorious One (a.k.a. @twinaxe, a.k.a. T-Win1000, a.k.a. Lazy Neo) shares what nobody else dares to share, ever. A massive Propellerads whitelist. Built over the years. 13 GEOs. 5 verticals. 120,000 conversions. Each zone has generated 10 conversions minimum. The top one? 11,000 conversions. The top 10 zones? 59,000 conversions. Let me close this deal with a testimonial: “It takes a lot of effort to produce something like this as well as copious volumes of money. Very kind of you to share it. I ran a small SOI campaign on it and its performing 100% ROI.” Yer welcome. >> Get The Whitelist Right Here Right Now << [SPONSORED] [Dream Job Alert] Marketing Executive @ Leading Crypto Software Company Do you have 4+ years of proven marketing experience? If so, read on - this may be that big opportunity you’ve been waiting for. (Not hype!) Aurox, a leading crypto software company, is looking for a senior marketing executive to join their team. The most attractive part of this position? If accepted, you’ll be getting a competitive salary PLUS stock options! Let me tell you why this is huge… The company has raised a large $5M seed round, and is on track to do several more large raises over the next few months. They’re on track to becoming the first and only DeFi software company to go public before the end of this year. This means that in the near future, their stocks may be worth more than the already-competitive salary. (Potentially MUCH more! There’s technically no ceiling to this growth.) Not to mention: You’ll be working as part of a truly innovative company that has been in business since 2017, and has experienced impressive growth of epic proportions. (e.g. They’ve doubled their staff with the increased funding.) You can find out more about Aurox here. Interested? Click here to check out the position and apply today. >> Find Out More About The Position Here << 250%-400% ROI CC Submits on Reels? One would think ye’d see a post re TikTok. But nay, it’s Reels. This is @blackemil’s first case study. And it be a juicy one. Up to 400% ROI CC submits. The network. The offer. A ripped TikTok video refactored for Reels. A landing page. And the balls to get it all done. Yer welcome. >> Go Here To Learn & Give Thanks << Green Follow-Along -- $XX/Day Allow me to paste this in: “Well today is a NEW MILESTONE. That's right, the first XX day PROFIT on winning SOI campaign. Total spend on campaign: $19.90 Total Income on campaign: $31.50” Manly tear-wiping begins Well played, @quintyfresh, gg. Allow me to paste this in, too: “A large portion of the earned money is RECENT, and I have a MUCH better understanding of launching offers, optimizing, and right now am learning to scale with some very awesome help from people around here like @larsometer and @jaybot. I think this is the SECOND turning point for me in my journey to success. Also, success for me means more than the money. Learning HOW and WHY these things work is much more important and the money will come naturally as those skills progress.” Oh and the bestest part? Scroll back up to the previous piece. See that 100% ROI good word? That’s @quintyfresh. The Whitelist Delivers. Yeehaw. >> Go Give Yer Thanks & Subs <<

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💚 Look at These Green Sweeps

May 26, 2022

Green Sweeps Below Speaking of ECO things, we’ve got plenty of green inside babeh. Here’s @anthonyh, an affiliate nooblet: “I have a camp in the green that's been running on and off for a while now. Hopefully you guys don't hate me for this, but it's been running since the day I felt like giving up.” And here are his stats: Basically, inside this follow-along ye’ll find many a nugget. For one, ye have the 2 bidding strategies that seem to be the catalyst behind successful campaigns (one’s around the topic of scaling BACK…). For two, ye have Lazy Neo himself and @vortex and @many_other_stm_legends practically coaching this here man and throwing priceless nuggets left and right. For three, ye’ll have to go inside. **>> Give Yer Thanks Here << [SPONSORED][New] How to Target Best-Converting Audiences Being able to target visitors by QUALITY and ACTIVITY is every affiliate’s dream. The bad news: You can’t do that on most ad platforms. The good news: You can now do that on HilltopAds! 🔥 How Will Traffic Segmentation Help Your Campaigns? First, HilltopAds will eliminate all the bot/fake traffic. Then, it will distribute the rest into 3 segments: The HIGH ACTIVITY segment contains the highest-quality traffic that will give you the best conversion rates! Your ad will be shown to an active audience that won’t waste your budget. The best part? If a traffic source experiences a drop in quality, it is AUTOMATICALLY excluded from your campaign! Without you lifting a finger! The MEDIUM ACTIVITY segment contains users who have average quality and activity scores. This segment is perfect for scaling your campaign. (Some optimization may be required via blacklisting/whitelisting.) The LOW ACTIVITY segment contains users who are the least likely to convert, but are not bots. This will give you the maximum number of impressions at the lowest price. Segmentation is already available for Popunder (mobile and desktop) and Video ads. 🔥 Free Bonuses! Exclusive for STM readers, HilltopAds is offering these BONUSES for your first HIGH activity traffic test! Deposit $100 and get $10 - STM1 Deposit $500 and get $70 - STM7 Deposit $1000 or more and get $150 - STMHTP >> Join HilltopAds to Enjoy Higher Conversion Rates! << Django Unchained – @larsometer Begins A Scary New Journey @larsometer seems attached to gasp – data science articles. So much so that a soft voice speaks in his head: “I want to create something like this, I want it so badly.” What does data science, @larsometer, you and me have to do with STM? Everything. Lemme explain quick. “I want to create a Django application to make my life and hopefully that of many others a bit easier. First step will be to have analytics for TC IVR. Basically it will be a tool that helps to find the right GEOs and the best timing for running IVR camps.” Yes–IVR camps. There are charts and graphs, and bits of code inside, too: There are STM code wizards lurking about chiming in, too. Django is a big & scary framework, will @larsometer be able to pull this off? **>> Keep An Eye Ball Out << African Love Spells to Get Your Ex Back “Love is something so special, a feeling that gives us great joy, fulfillment and happiness. It it something that we want to last forever, keeping you in a blissful state. “ Huh? “Why am I always fighting with my partner? Why are men or women always avoiding me? Why does my partner cheat on me? Why don’t my relationships last?” You’re thinking, wtf am I even looking at? Dating advice on STM? Native headlines? Let me fix your problem now just within 48hours Keep A Lover Faithful Get Your Ex Back Get Someone to Love You Heal Your Relationship Get Back to the Way You Were Stop A Break Up tons more in there Mystery spells that get yer campaigns to 6000% ROI? Thread of the year? >> Ye’ll Have to See For Yerself <<

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🌶 $22k Day

May 18, 2022

Spicy $22k Day Who would’ve thunk we’d still be seeing these same old 1990s Clickbank screenshots? When are these dudes going to do a redesign? Anywhomz. This mysterious STMer from the last newsletter, @bogdankosilovstm, look at what he’s done now: “Still running my second ever offer…” Then all we get is another screenshot: That’s it. Scroll down the page and ye get a glimpse of a post of what this guy’s really up to. Yer welcome. >> Observe Big Numbers Here << [SPONSORED] 4 Tips to Maximize Profits for Affiliate Campaigns MGID, the best source for native traffic, presents the following tips to help YOU level up your affiliate campaigns! ➡️Tip #1: Pick the Right Offer Verticals and Geos. MGID tells you which verticals and geos are doing the best on their platform, and the average CPCs and CTRs to shoot for. ➡️Tip #2: Pick the Right Widgets. At MGID you can run your ads under a given category of widgets. The under-article widget allows you to generate higher CTR and CVR for most affiliate offers. ➡️Tip #3: Avoid Ad Blindness. The native ad formats MGID offers look very different from the usual PPC or social media ads. This reduces ad blindness for users, to help your ads convert better. ➡️Tip #4: Stop Paying for Junk Traffic! MGID will only charge you for ads that have ACTUALLY been viewed. Not for ad requests or accidental clicks! Reducing ad spend = more profits in your pocket. Still not convinced? Here are even more reasons to choose MGID: ✅ 900+ million unique visitors from 25k quality publishers ✅ In-depth audience targeting + vast retargeting arsenal ✅ Sophisticated optimization options ✅ Proactive support from account managers. (Join MGID’s Telegram community for further info: @pronativebymgid) Get a 25% welcome bonus when you set up your first campaign on MGID! >> Claim Your 25% Bonus Now! << [Case Study] Optimise Sweep Smartlinks & Push From -17% to +50% ROI Mind ye this case study’s written by an aff network. Nonetheless, many push nuggets to be discovered inside. Here’s the gist of it: One unpopular push traffic source A cheeky way to optimise Smartlinks An even cheekier way to optimise yer creatives…by optimising yer Smartlinks There’s one free push spy tool (at least for now) 4 campaigns plus 8 creatives each, plus targeting More, way more Basically, ye want to check this out if ye wanna learn how to optimise yer push smartlinks. And, most importantly, get them to profit. Yer welcome. >> Dive Into The Case Study Here << TikTok -> JumbleBerry -> Binom Are you as allergic to technical mumbo-jumbo jargon as I am? Do ye have no clue how to set up TikTok to track alongside JumbleBerry and Binom? Do ye not want to waste two weeks settings this up, as @stungads did? Brilliant. Ye’ll find this to yer liking then: “Hi guys, Has anyone successfully integrated this via the events API? I have a dev working on it but he seems as confused as I am. The documentation provided by JumbleBerry isn't really helping either. Appreciate any help in this regard.” Here’s what ye must do first. Engage yer scroll-wheel and down the page ye’ll see a post by @stungads. A big post. A super big post. First, ye hit the thanks button as hard as ye can. Then ye setup yer TikTok tracking easy peasy, following @stungads’ longass bomb of a post. Thanks to pina colladas, arrows, screenshots and bolded text -- people allergic to tech stuff can now setup their TikTok tracking correctly. P.S. Should ye want to avoid or not care about trackers whatsoever…there be links for that too inside. All hail @stungads. Yer welcome. >> Fix Yer TikTok Tracking Here << Stop Showing Your Own Face in Tiktok Ads! When the word ‘human’ sends shivers down yer spine… Ye hire ‘the robots’ to do yer bidding (meaning: do yer TikTok creatives). @vortex doesn’t want ye to show yer face to Gen Z (TikTok). Instead, inside this thread’s the best way to do some quick-and-dirty campaign testing, before outsourcing ads. These AIs are formal, so they won’t blend in with TikTok much. But for quick angle testing? This is da bomb. But wait, there’s more. What if ye wanted to avoid any resemblance of human beings altogether? Amy made a talking robot-cat, observe: No, yer not trippin’. @jeremie’s Chilean lama’s now ready to begin a flashing Youtube career. Enjoy yer newest digital workers and may they get high TikTok CTRs. Yer welcome, again. >> Link For Human Robots << >> Link For Animal Robots <<

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🏧 $1,200 in a Day (800% ROI)

May 11, 2022

$1,200 In A Day, Yuge ROI Let’s start things off with dem numbers: “I made $880 today in revenue with $1,20088 being my highest **in a day on the network just last month.” – @brianaustin07 This here man made $31,670 out of about $3,500 in ad spend. According to my advanced math skillz, that ROI = fat triple-digit percentage. Or thereabouts. There are a couple of culprits responsible for such high ROIs. The network in question, Maxbounty (yes, they’re still here), is an affiliate favourite. A sweetheart, if ye may: “Great network that ALWAYS pays on time. My money hits my account every Wednesday at the same time of day” Not that we endorse anyone, but maybe they’re onto something. The second success-culprit has to do with ‘obscurity’. The man in question reveals he’s been running this bad boy for over a year. Snap this here link below in a new tab: >> Dig In Here << [SPONSORED] How to 10x Your ROI on Sweeps Sick and tired of running the same, old, boring, iPhone 13 offers? Well guess what? So is your audience! The biggest affiliates in the sweepstakes vertical know this one key to high ROI: ➡️ ➡️ ➡️ Instead of promoting iPhone 13 offers to broad audiences, they promote CUSTOMIZED sweeps offers to NICHE audiences. Think: 🔥 Cookware for Cooking Enthusiasts 🔥 Dysons Vacuums for Clean-Freak Moms 🔥 PS5 / XBOX for Hardcore Gamerz 🔥 Fashion Giftcards for Shopaholics You can LITERALLY offer ANY sweepstakes prize to ANY audience. Change the prize, and you have a new offer! Is your head buzzing with ideas yet? If you’re wondering, “but where can I find these offers with customized prizes? Here’s where we - The Fellas Ads - come in! ✅ We have an in-house design team that can create offers with customized sweeps prizes, exclusively for you! (Just ask!) ✅ We can even create the pre-landers for you, AND host them! We’re not just an affiliate network that provides offers and that’s it. Our founders have 10+ years’ experience working in the industry. We know how the traffic works, we know how the offers work. We provide you with offers, landers, pre-landers, and know-how - everything you need to make serious profits. Reach out to us now - let’s make some bank together! >> Start Running with the Best Sweeps Network Today! A Follow-Along’s Final Chapter + One Red STM Squirrel 🐿️ How can a squirrel teach you affiliate marketing, ye ask? Watch closely. I’ll let @larsometer speak for himself: “This is my last post. The day has come to write the final chapter of my Follow Along. The reason for this is pretty simple: Every book ends once the story is told. My mission was to make it in the AM World. More specifically: I wanted to make enough money so that I could live from it.” Wipe a manly tear, and carry on down the page… “But hey, somehow I made it through all the dark days and even weeks, again and again…” It took this man 2 years to build confident affiliate marketing skills. A normal timeframe for anyone mastering a new industry. But that’s all besides the point. Despite STM, networking & hard work, @larsometer still had to face his demons all alone. Fears take many shapes & forms: perfectionism control issues catastrophizing feeling too stupid / not enough being unable to concentrate/getting distracted by little things (basically being in alarm mode) being unable to relax This is where the Red Squirrel chimes in. “Long story short... all of the sudden a red squirrel came to visit me every morning. We became friends, squirrel learned to trusts me and finally brought all his friends to me.” With ample opportunity to observe and study squirrels, @larsometer got taught priceless lessons. Red squirrels are, and I quote again: extremely curious they move quickly and know no obstacles committed to the max, when they smell a nut they try everything to get it (really everything, no matter how sneaky) they crack every nut no matter how big playful and lighthearted The rest of this priceless bullet list’s continued inside… P.S. A few posts down ye’ll find @larsometer’s most important catalyst for success, coupled alongside 4 crucial success factors. >> Pluck This Thread & Tuck It In Yer Bookmarks, Go Here << I Feel Like Quitting An STM nooblet cries for help: “I hate to write this, but I am extremely overwhelmed. My positivity and mindset is just not there at the moment. I enjoyed creating camps and running them initially, but, I've been dreading this entire process for about 2 weeks now. I can not figure out how people make a living doing this when it seems so inconsistent. One creative works well in one camp, and then completely fails in I try it again, or do I scrap it? Was it the image or the copy?” What’d ye think happens next? I’ll throw ye a couple of bones to gnaw on: @jaybot: “I quit every * day.” @fastaj: “I quit like 2-3 times for 1-2 months each time” @waynedouglas78: “I'm GLAD I quit all those times.” @larsometer: “I don't believe in positivity and mindset too much.” @brianaustin07: ”In the beginning of last year, I decided to give up on making affiliate marketing work for me consistently and got a full time job. “ Ring any bells? Basically, this thread’s priceless. Yours truly would repackage into a PDF and sell it to ye. Easily so. But I won’t. Here ye go, a link, yer welcome: >> Read Carefully, Here <<

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$6,200 in one day

May 04, 2022

$6,200 In One Day Revenue: $6235.48 Ad Spend: $2850 Inside this thread ye’ll find no more than a blurry screenshot, a big number, and a Clickbank screenshot. Nothing else. Nada. “Second affiliate offer I ever promoted. Very happy. Hope to keep it rolling” - @bogdankosilovstm Let me reiterate: that’s his second affiliate offer, ever. Who is this mysterious affiliate? How did he acquire such deadly media buying skills so quickly? What offer was he pushing? Why Clickbank? How? When? Where? TELL US. Yer questions may get answered inside, or they may not. Judging by how cold-blooded this dude is, we can’t be certain. But try we must. >> Give Yer Thanks Here << Newbie Profits & Curses In The Name of Free Speech…And Relief On the subject of free speech and Elons and Musks and various Tweets: “What a ** relief.”* – @augustus, the profitable newbie in question. There are now not one (hey @jaybot) but two official potty mouths on STM. And that’s fine–yer free to express yerselves on STM. Vent the red campaigns out. Be yourself and share. Here’s the good bit: “My first foray into paid traffic for AM is the Smartlink tutorial. Thank you for that vortex (I'm running green after only a few days, only not in a scalable way. But I'm still green) My goal is to learn as much as I possibly can, and give back to this community as I grow in knowledge and experience…” Allow me to go full-gen-Z and give ye the unthinkable–not one, but two emojis: 👍👍 (am I doing this right?) Welcome aboard @augustus. Now if every other lurking newbie were to show up that’d be great. P.S. Let me puff our chests out real quick too with another quote: “First off, this place is a gold mine. Thank you to those responsible for it. The last time I was even close to this excited was when I discovered the old 2007-2011 era WickedFire threads” >> Give Yer Warm Welcomes Here << Purposefully Leaked TikTok Creatives @stungads is “swimming in a pool of medium rare(red) juice beef”. That’s a nod to his TikTok stats. Here be some screenshots: Blessed be his affiliate soul for being fully transparent. “I want to make this a weekly progress/journal so I can keep myself accountable of launching campaigns daily.” “I plan to be as transparent as possible with my results so 1) I can inspire those that are new to TikTok to take consistent action, 2) *Trying various creatives *and banging your head against the wall is also part of the process.” The best-est part? He has uploaded every single TikTok creative to Youtube, so that we can all learn. P.S. Yours truly has heard whisper-say of a legendary mod about to jump in there and throw pro tips on these creatives. Ye may want to flick open this thread in a tab, and get that F5 button red hot. Yer welcome. >> Subscribe To This Thread Here…Now <<

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