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7 years later we are ​ the authoritative forum on affiliate marketing and our reach continues to expand. We now provide higher education, host conferences and local networking events, and are continuing to improve and expand what the forum offers every affiliate marketer.

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Ze Germans Seem to Like Sweeps as Much as Beer

July 03, 2019

Ze Germans Seem to Like Sweeps as Much as Beer This is one massive case study, lemme tell you. Turns out sweeps are as precious to ze Germans as is beer and bratwurst. Perhaps even more, I dare say. This case study may be massive but it’s not Mercedes S-Class-level complex. You know how these cars are overengineered. They even come with a massage lady, 2 waitresses plus every piece of technology your stats-driven affiliate mind can muster. Just so your average affiliate, drug dealer, CEO or politician (or priest) can be driven around in complete serenity and comfort. Basically a spa on wheels. But if your S-Class breaks down you better buy your mechanic some extra boxes of Xanax. And hug them tight. (Panic attacks are inevitable with thousands of high-tech parts potentially becoming suspects) Point being is that the case study’s approach to a profitable $50/day Sweeps campaign is dead simple. Not much you can do wrong and not much can go wrong. It’s just that it basically holds your greedy affiliate hand and shows you how to take each step. Waving screenshots in your face each step of the way too. Low-down: “CAMPAIGN BREAKDOWN Offer Vertical: Sweepstakes Payout: €2.65 (3 USD) GEO: Germany Device: Desktop Affiliate Network: Clickdealer Traffic Network: AdCash Traffic Type: POP/PPV” This bad boy can be scaled too. Or you can use the already profitable zones to start a whitelist camp. Or test other types of offers. Et cetera. See how to sell sweeps to ze Germans not just beer Hubby & Wifey’s First Product Launch Starts Great but Mysteriously Dies Out “How often have I said that when you have excluded the impossible whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth.” - Sherlock Holmes We may just need an STM Sherlock right about now. And no, this isn’t “elementary, my dear Watson”. These two launched their new product. Everything done right. The Zucc stood no chance. Text book approach. No competition. “At a high level, my testing methodology went: 1 . Upload various ad angles 2 . Flip best angle into new campaign with various images 3 . Flip best image into new campaign with various text/headlines 4 . Flip best image/headline combo into new campaign with various audiences 5 . Scale (if 1-4 work out).” They found the winning angle. It took 6 ad sets but one of them won. Down the line they tried finding the best possible headline. Check. Tested LLAs vs open targeting. Check. Everything on the winner side thrown to a new campaign. Check. Budgets in order and ready to blast. Check. The first few days did remarkably well. CPAs all on point. Time to scale. Gear down and pedal to the metal. But then “the fairy tale beginning starts to get sour…” as he put it. “All the metrics start going the wrong way over the course of 7 days after that first initial "hooray" of a launch. CTRs slowly dip. CPCs slowly raise. CPAs slowly raise. Website Return on adspend goes from profitable to loss.“ Ouchies. A bunch of STM Sherlocks jumped in to help. The initial consensus was that Zucc’s algos got confused. That they did but the plot thickens. LLAs didn’t work out nearly as well as open targeting. Turns out the product they’re pushing and the problem it’s trying to solve is not something the target audience wants to be too talkative about. Another suggestion were bid problems. But then how are bids going to work if the algos can’t catch the right audiences? In the end, it turns out there may be a glimpse of hope. But the mystery remains yet to be solved. Updates are being posted as we speak. Troubleshooting being done. More Sherlocks jumping in. Can we figure this one out? How many Sherlocks does it take to solve a Facebook campaign mystery?) 4 Push Geos That Gently Caress Your Wallet Our ZeroPark friends told STMers of the currently 4 cheapest GEOs you can annoy people with push notifications. Profitably. There won’t be any gun pointing and yelling involved. No tumble weeds in your bank accounts. Push can get competitive and pricey in some GEOs. *cough *USA #1* cough* Anywhom, Zeropark went a step further. Not only do you get the GEOs. You get what to run there too. “- Mobile app, dating or smartlink campaigns - Sweeps, Casino and gift card offers - Lead gen, Loans, Sweeps Mobile - Mobile, Android, iOS, Carrier/Wifi” The whole deal. Given that this was just posted you may still have a chance. Perhaps. Better get to it right away before other ruthless STMers take your candy. Go ye here before I do The STM Matrix Grand Finale: Lazy Neo’s Revolutions [insert deep voiceover from old-time trailers] The grand finale is upon us. Our STM Neo’s legendary laziness has peaked. IMDB ratings are off the ch... (Btw, for all of you still living under rocks, the lazy and infamous STM Neo “twinaxe” is a man of culture. He’s not your average affiliate – he’s even lazier. Much lazier. So much so that he despises work and comes up with ingenious systems, methods and campaigns that make his bank accounts fat without ever having to reach for the remote) ...arts. This is the story of how he promoted XX,XXX affiliate programs at once, netting him high $XXX,XXX in pure coin in the bank. With almost no work. No tracking. No paying attention. He most definitely is The Lazy One. It’s quite simple really – cause and effect. Laziness -> no work. But you’d be surprised by Lazy Neo’s astute use of the lazy arts. The lengths he’s prepared to go simply to save his ass from dreaded work are beyond us all. [popcorn instructions] 1 . Read what it says on the back before you throw it in the damn microwave [end popcorn instructions] Mind you these are just tiny little bits of one gigantic 3-part post. “Few hundred affiliate programs were not enough for me. I wanted to have more. So at first I prepared a list of affiliate networks with many different affiliate programs. There I came up with several platforms that gave me altogether more than 10k affiliate programs to promote. The annoying part was to apply for all the programs if needed and grab all the links.” This is where it all begins. This is the key. He didn’t want to copy-paste links. “I wasn´t picky with the choice of [affiliate] programs that I want to promote. I only went for pure quantity. The more – the better.” But of course he had a developer create a special piece of software for him. No surprises there. How do you imagine Lazy Neo doing manual labour? Is is an impossibility. “Now it´s not only a great platform to use for tens of thousands of affiliate programs. It grabs parameters from the URL and based on the values it redirects and fakes/hides the referrer.” He then solved a bunch of other setbacks and problems along the way. And then even more greed started to set in. “Although I had more than 10k or so affiliate programs to promote they were all from big networks. I wanted to get inhouse programs as well.” Correlation may not mean causation but I’d be damned if it isn’t true for Lazy Neo. The lazier he is the more he gets. The less he works the more he gets. After quite a few juicy details we reach this point in his massive grand finale: “Well, all in all I had XX,XXX affiliate programs to promote.” “I can´t tell the exact number because it were so many and I just didn´t care about it.” Amazing. Astonishing. Striking. Remarkable. Marvelous. %insert_synonym% “Now you probably ask yourself how I could run these campaigns? How did I track it? What was with payments, isn´t it a big mess with so many different programs to work with?” “The truth is that I just didn´t care about all these things.” Listen, this email’s going be bigger than the ever expanding universe if we keep going. Why don’t you just jump in there and feel your jaw drop to the floor. Read the grand Matrix finale here FunnelFlux Shoving People off the Stage to Announce SaaS Papa Zeno has been quiet lately. We had no idea what’s going on with FunnelFlux. Are they working on new stuff? Secretly taking over the world? Making waves? Yes. A FunnelFlux SaaS is coming. And you can sign up for the waiting list and basically run campaigns for free while its being polished. But since I’ve caught some of Neo’s laziness and given the fact that it’s 1:48am right now I’ll just paste in the initial part of the thread below: “Hi all, It has been a while since I have posted an update on STM regarding where FunnelFlux is heading. Well, we can now reset the timer :-) We have been busy working on our SaaS for some time now (Project Flux) -- certainly has taken longer than expected but I am happy to announce that we plan to start rolling out availability in several weeks time, kicking things off at Affiliate World Europe. Now, we are not yet fully launching the product with paid plans. Instead we will have a waitlist and will ask people to assist us with testing the product -- for free of course. So you get free tracking and get to play with a shiny new product, but one that's not yet polished or perfect. During that testing phase we want to identify any critical issues, make our infrastructure more robust, and get feedback on usability -- all of these require getting real people in to run the system through its paces. Our initial product aims to get the basics right, so will not be as complex as FunnelFlux is today but will of course be fine for typical campaigns. We also plan to be very transparent with our roadmap and what we are working on, our infrastructure upgrades, etc. We know many of you are tech-savvy and like to know the details of what's going on behind the scenes. We're very proud of the marketing tech we're building and our plans for the future -- especially how we have designed the infrastructure (it is fast, is only going to get faster) and our UX goals. If you'd like to be one of the first to get access to testing this new technology, you can get on the waitlist here -- Note this is a questionnaire -- the quid pro quo reveals itself :-) We will be selecting people over time from the waitlist and this survey information truly helps us make the product better. It's your chance to vote on what you do and don't want in a tracker, what pisses you off and to give some feedback on the ideas we have for the future roadmap.” Below this bit you’ll see detailed explanations of what the new FunnelFlux SaaS is going to look like, how it’s going to work and what’s going to be added. Good night. FunnelFlux SaaS is Nigh

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♠️ [STM Contest] A Noob’s About to Take STM’s Money ♠️

June 26, 2019

Time-Sensitive STM Contest: 1 Newbie’s About to Take STM’s Money Hello aloha. This is all super-time-sensitive. Due to popular demand we’ve even extended the deadline to July 1st, midnight, EST. That’s 6 days from the 24th. Or fewer days if you’re getting this email a day or two later. Now if you haven’t heard–our very own veteran mod “vortex” (Amy) made an enormous, literal step-by-step guide for newbies looking to make their first washington online. For absolute newbies. Even your mom hasn’t held your hands that much. Meaning it’s for people who have never set foot in the treacherous paid traffic swamps. People who are too scared of trackers, servers, landers, offers and sexy affiliate managers. This is so basic you just grab-a-link-and-paste-it-in-a-traffic-source sort of basic. Yes it got popular quick. And people are making their first dollars online with it as we speak. A bunch of profitable screenshots already posted. You can check it out here: (yes it costs $1, reasons stated on the salespage–did you think this is some sort of a charity?) Anywhom, back to the point. We’ve generously decided to give away the money we’ve made selling this baby at $1 a pop to 1 lucky noob by starting a contest. Requirements below: 1) Be a big newbie. 2) Post your results in this thread here:! 3) Cross your affiliate fingers. To quote Amy’s thread: “If you haven't had your first profitable campaign, or made your first conversion, or haven't even run your first campaign, then here's your chance! (Even if you've had some success running campaigns, you'd be welcomed to enter this contest. But this is mainly for very green newbies.)” … “And the guide is a step-by-step. Almost down to every click and keystroke. With lots of images to illustrate. I've made it so that you'd have absolutely NO excuse NOT to take action.” Not only are we giving away the casheroos but also a dollar-for-dollar matched extra prize and some other stuff too. Though again, this thing closes its doors July 1st, midnight, EST. (Effectively, end of this month.) Jump in Now or go Back to Being a Scaredy Cat Noob Daredevil Takes Low Coin ($500) To Over 100% ROIs Consistently Imagine a crazed Daredevil swinging his white cane all over the place. Eventually he hits someone in the pinky and causes minor discomfort. That’s what happens when you don’t have your superhero skills in check. 5 Franklins is honestly not a ton of paper to be playing around with. Especially with push traffic. If you did all the wrongs things with push traffic those 500 bucks will be gone faster than the wife can figure out a way to throw it all in the wind. Luckily our month old newbie (aptly named “tryhard”) turned out to be one brave Daredevil. He started off a low budget ($500) follow-along 2 months ago. Risky move. Turns out he does have special superhero skills in check after all: - Super organised and detailed thread. - Proper spying done with Adplexity Push (currently free, it’s in beta). Found out what’s working for his GEO in terms of offers/landers and traffic source. - Persistence and determination. - Patience. - Balls. His very first post shows a -20% ROI. Promising start. All of his subsequent posts boast over 100% ROI on average. Week over week. Some days the ROIs are over 150%. There’s even one screenshot with a 436.59% ROI. He split-tested a bunch of offers. Changed aff networks. Tested some more. He was prepared but most importantly he just jumped in and took action. Follow Along This STM Daredevil’s Journey Newbie Finds Green-Lands and Makes Washingtons in Washington It seems like we have a newbie theme going this time around fellas. Buckle up. This is a short one but there’s sweat, blood and tears all over the place. Chris had his fair share of the 9-5 grind. Even a promising job as a railroad conductor. It paid great, he says. Lots of room to grow and a bright future. But I want you to name a single STMer who likes the 9-5 grind. Name one. Name one STMer who hasn’t felt the burnout. It’s the slow progress that kills you in the end. At one point he turned to the fertile lands of the interwebz. He tried direct linking a Clickbank offer on Bing, got no sales and thought he was losing his time. Bear in mind this was when he had 0 clue what he was doing. Personally, I think he left easy money on the table but hey, we’re all happy to grab it for him. Chris then went on to do some Amazon FBA and quickly realized how saturated the market is. And then finally arrived at the STM safe haven and started Amy’s 40-Day tutorial. Yadda yadda and guess what? He just posted his first profitable screenshot. But (if you know forum softwares) this took 3 pages of constant, detailed updates. Soaking in feedback from our resident expert mods and members. Taking action. (this phrase should be embedded in your mind by now). And whaddya know? Another profitable follow along for those who put in the work. Make it Rain in Washington The Push Ads Gravy Train Just Got Diabetes-Level-Sweet What? You’re not doing push traffic? Push may have just become the new pops. But it’s all hush-hush for the time being, so shush please. One of our resident masters and legends Mr. Green just slammed this a few days ago. And the push gravy train just got diabetes-sweet. Obviously we don’t want the wild barbarians of the open internet plundering this gold mine. So you’ll just have to go in and get it yourself if you’re an STM member. But let me just say this: Mr. Green’s special traffic source that has made a lotta people a lotta money has just added: [quote] “mega push subscriber database without sending a single push to it.” Not only could you previously bank cold hard cash by only paying CPA (i.e. per lead/sale). These guys know how to innovate. But now they’re also offering push traffic on a CPM basis and check this out: “It's growing by 1 million + subscribers a day.” Also “As of 2 days ago, this database just became available to the public.” Virtually untapped. Virtually on a first-come-first-serve basis. Your choice. To Bank or Not to Bank Easy Money?

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🛢️Ex Oil Digger Brings in $120k in 10 Days 🛢️ STM Vet Maynzie Drops BH Gold 🥇[Profitable Follow-alongs] Newbies See Green Yet Again 🤑

June 19, 2019

Ex Petroleum Engineer Makes $120k in 10 Days - Started AM on April 1st 2019 “No words for how much my life has changed” That right there’s the title from our ex petroleum engineer. Turned newbie pro affiliate marketer on April 1st just a few months ago. Turns out he’s a natural born affiliate killer. We wrote about his humble beginnings, like, yesterday. Normally when you hear this sort of thing it means it has taken a few years. Blood, sweat, tears, drained bank accounts and a (possibly) unhealthy lifestyle. Well It took this guy 2 months. This is amongst our best STM success stories. Holey-moley, sharpen those ears and listen up: “I wanted to post my story here because I wanted to let everyone know how much my life has changed in the past 2 months. I joined this board and started affiliate marketing April 1st. Here are my results for the past 10 days across 2 voluums.“ “Together, our revenue has been around $120K USD and profits around $77k in 10 days.“ Yeah. You read that right. You thought digging for oil is profitable? Can you do it as fast as you can with AM? Nope. Are the ROIs as high? Nope. Is the initial investment even worth discussing? Nope. Listen, this too has a lot of stressful grinding to it just like Harry (Bruce Willis) from Armageddon and his teammates did on that piece of rock blazing towards mommy Earth. This is what our oil engineer did too. He said he found this 1 person on STM to team up with. It all clicked between them, he says. And the results are astonishing. Faces covered in dirt and oil they persisted: “There was one night after multiple nights of 20 hour per day grinds, we were losing about $1K per day and trying to juggle a bunch of problems.“ A great temptation also showed up amidst darkness and uncertainty - a $120k secure, high paying job offer. He declined. They were in debt too (wire came in late). Now they’ve got oil spraying all over the place every single day. See how the pros drill for green stuff Diplomatic Relations PUSH to $XXX/day Profit Mr. “diplomat” started his follow along on 06.02.2019. He was happily running pops when suddenly push traffic popped up on his radar (pun intended). Well he just posted an update and he brought in $130 in profit. All push traffic, lovely screenshots with green numbers. This successful follow-along trend continues and will continue in the future. Keep an eye open and maybe open a follow along yourself, don’t be a scaredy cat. The ones who have the balls to jump in are the ones who always reap the benefits. You’re backed by affiliate veterans and STM mods (experts). You keep a journal and you hold yourself accountable. (or you can request to be held accountable by us in any way you choose: e.g. “Where are the updates bro? pulls whip”) You make constant progress and every question gets answered along the way. It’s a profitable process for those who put in the work. The success rates are serious. Go check out diplomat’s follow-along right now Borderline depression? Petrified Newbie’s Life Takes a Nasty Turn, Cries for Help This newbie’s gone and done it. Grab some napkins. Next few lines are gonna be rough. “[Backstory] I joined STM in 2016 , i took action many times , never committed to one thing and made it work. I went to AWA twice in 2016 and 2018. Always too much thinking and not enough doing.” You’d think Harry’s job as an oil digger was tough but take a look at this: “I have been just sitting and Killing my life one day at a time , for 3 straight years. Ages 20 to 23 , have been destroyed forever. No friends , no fun , nothing productive .” “Currently i am extremely overweight , in very bad health overall , and supremely low on confidence.” This is scary stuff. IMPORTANT, PLEASE READ: If you even think you might be suffering from depression please reach out and seek professional help. This is an extremely serious condition never to be taken lightly. Please read the above lines a few more times. We all go through hardships in life and the world of AM is no exception. It’s so easy to get lost. Analysis-paralysis creates this black hole that keeps pulling you in and at some points it seems there’s no way out. This guy tried so many things and nothing worked: “Starting from 2016 , i have thought and dabbled in the following. Amazon FBA , Dating on Exoclick ,Carrier Billing on Exoclick , (Shopify with Facebook ADS) X3 , 3 failed Unprofitable stores , 1 unprofitable store with Google Shopping , 2 failed Youtube channels trying to promote CPA offers.” “Failed to make any profits.Not completely out of it , but again lost hope.” He completely lost hope and direction. “I want to try BH with Facebook , but can't think of anything as to where to start...“ In cases like these it’s a good idea to try and team up with someone. Talk to someone. Form a mini-mastermind on STM. Join a bunch of groups on FB. Go to small meetups if you can afford it. And so on. “Analysis Paralysis stems from PRESSURE (to succeed under budget and/or time constraints) and DOUBT (including doubting one's own abilities, and/or profits potential of this business). Figure out how to alleviate the pressure and minimize the doubts by instilling positive expectations, and you'll stop over-analysing and start taking action - because action is so much more fun and rewarding!” - quote from Vortex’s special STM thread on Analysis paralysis But it’s not all doom and gloom. Guess who showed up and rescued this scared newbie? (oh and btw, there’s another newbie in the thread with similar issues) Veteran master mod Vortex jumps in the water with a 3166 word post to save the drowning newbies. This is so detailed you just have to check it out yourself. It’s impossible to summarise. Oh and do yourself a favor and read Vortex’s special thread on Analysis paralysis too in the meantime: The cure is here “WAAAAH! BH is a Waste of Time?” More newbies suffering from the BHF syndrome (blackhat-fear-syndrome, I just made that up). BH’s never been easy and lately it’s gotten extremely difficult too. But not impossible. A lotta people are still making a lotta moolah. You just have to pull out the precise equipment–like scalpels and stuff–and tread lightly. Because the FB beast has grown bigger and smarter than ever. And in order to slay it, Mr. Maynzie jumped in this thread with the tools and knowledge necessary to face and defeat The Zucc. “The space has changed a lot this year, if you want to get into it you really need to keep the account costs at a minimum and have access to plenty of them. “ Maynzie and his team have managed to keep ROIs stable and decent over the long term and he’s got just the right recipes listed in his reply. Grab your weapons here and prepare for war

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Lazy STM Neo Enters The Matrix With Free Torrent Traffic ($XXX,XXX Profit)

June 13, 2019

Lazy STM Neo Enters The Matrix With Free Torrent Traffic ($XXX,XXX Profit) Mr. Anderson we meet again. Our resident extremely lazy STM Neo, “twinaxe”, strikes again with another one of his crazy stories. It seems he really is the chosen lazy one. This happened way back in 2005 and continued on to 2012. One sunny day our Neo was happily relaxing on his sofa (while being fed grapes by 10 beautiful ladies), as he did every other day, when suddenly his mind ushered a slow, lazy, paradoxical thought - he decided he wanted to make money without having to work. Here’s how his thoughts whooshed by: “First thing that came to my mind was that I need visitors to my website so I need to find a way to get them. Next thing was that I then of course also need a website. Third thing was that I need something to promote. At that time I was using torrents to download stuff anyway and saw that good torrents were downloaded by many people. The traffic part was solved, I decided to upload torrents and drive the users to my website.” How simple. How simple indeed. It seems the lazier he is the more brilliant his ideas come out. He gets so petrified of manual labour that he’d do absolutely anything to avoid it like the plague. What follows in this golden piece of a thread are screenshots of ancient, extremely simple landers, a brilliant approach to making movie torrents that won’t get you in trouble with anyone, adult ads, Layer ads, tons of laziness and a pinch of brilliance. Lookie here: “That upload made me around €5k profit from only few hours seeding. Altogether that upload alone made more than €8k. From only 1 1/2 hours work.” I mean, seriously: “That gave me so much free time I could spend and enjoy with other stuff. Just hanging around for example 😀 But even these 1-2 hours work per month were too much for me. I didn´t want to work at all for that money. So I did some brainstorming and thought about ways how to reduce the workload even more.” Spoilers: He delivers. He took it to a whole new level and then out of laziness automated the entire process too. There’s Python scripts involved, VPSs, sneaky tricks and just about anything to avoid having to work more than 1-2 hours a month, even that’s too much for Lazy Neo. Learn the ways of Lazy Neo Yourself RIght Here Tired Agency Media Buyer Sees Green As Solo Affiliate This guy started a follow along literally a few days ago. He says he’s tired of the agency model and wanted to have a modest go on his own as an affiliate. With his own money. Obviously he chose push traffic as it’s the easiest barrier to entry of the bunch. As is customary he got feedback from our expert mods and guess what? Just 3 days later he hit the green. How shocking! That was sarcasm. Point being is that the success rates of our follow alongs are extremely high. You’ve got the perfect distraction-free environment, experts on demand and you’re being held accountable for your actions. Action being the main money-keyword here. If you don’t do it nobody else will do it for you. Simple as that. Now go and subscribe to this guy’s follow along One Scared Marc Williams eCom Newbie vs Expert Mod Vortex Hadouken! “I’ve dipped in and out of the forum for years and never taken action on one thing (tyre kicker, window shopper)! This year I decided that I was going to take action and try something at least. Ecommerce seemed to offer the lowest barrier to entry so I thought I’d start there” - Marc Williams Don’t do that, kids. Either take action or go back to flipping burgers. Marc got brave and conquered his fears. Anywhom, the fruits of his labour have now been posted. And the looks are OK-ish. But: “ I’ve been sending paid traffic (Google and Bing) for about a week, only gotten around 160 visits but no sales, have had a few add to carts.” The next reply is our very own veteran vortex (Amy) jumping in and K.O.-ing Marc with a massive reply. One we could easily turn into a paid PDF and charge hundreds if not thousands for. Here’s the low-down: Amy’s research shows there’s demand and potential for Marc’s products. (lots of screenshots here from various tools) Demographics covered Extremely detailed advice on how to improve the entire setup: What do people LIKE about the products? How are people benefiting from certain features? What gripes do people have? What questions are people asking? A unique angle, one that has proven profitable for Vortex, gets revealed UVP advice. %insert more advice here% Marc’s reply? “Wow! Thanks Amy that's a lot of feedback to work through, I really appreciate it” Go work through the feedback here Should You Get Mobile, Tablet and Desktop Traffic To Kiss Each Other? @sprice on STM tells he’s scaling his first successful camp on Revcontent, closing in on $1k/day spend consistently. But then he wonders on whether he should get mobile/tablet/desktop traffic to kiss each other or split them in different camps. If you haven’t been to the AW conferences there was a speech by Ralfs who absolutely recommends to split them all up and not let them kiss. A bunch of other experts down the thread swear by the same. It’s a yes but also an “it depends” type of answer. Check here and form your own conclusions Affiliate Managers in Short Supply at Direct Affiliate Blatant, shameless promotion for our brothers and sisters over at AffJobs. They are part of the iStack familia after all and we thought we’d give them a hand. The fellas over at DirectAffiliate are in short supply of affiliate managers. They need more hands, so they posted a job on AffJobs. Listen, being an affiliate manager can be a pretty sweet spot. 1. You get paid to do affiliate stuff. 2. You build capital. 3. You get to see what affiliates run and you talk to tons of people on a daily basis. You see landers, offers, you talk about campaigns and you see big numbers. You learn the ins-and-outs of the industry and you get paid to do it. And you make extremely valuable connections in the meantime. This gig can actually be 100% remote too - so you can work from your mom’s basement if you wish. Go check it here: Want to be an affiliate manager? Go ye here

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Current Landscape of Those Single Ladies Near You in 2019

June 05, 2019

Current Landscape of Those Single Ladies Near You in 2019 Do you think advertising burgers on Pr0nhub is a good idea? Neither did I but lookie here: Who would’ve thought people get hungry while browsing naughty videos? And it paid off for these Eat24 guys too, big time. They even reported higher average order values than their usual. The saddest part of the above case study is they couldn’t get that chimp banner approved. Shame. Anywhom, point here is that adult traffic is very much alive and kicking. It’s not going anywhere as long as the internet exists. All the modern ad systems like Zuckerbook and Adwords come from the depths of horny users browsing super naughty videos on adult websites back in the day. These guys had to innovate fast and they did, and everybody else followed suit trying to catch up with their advanced tech. Which gets us to the next point: Legendary STM veteran and mod Matej “matuloo” Cechvala just posted an enormous article of a series of posts about adult traffic. This one is specifically about the adult marketing landscape in 2019 and future predictions. It’s literally A-Z: What’s adult traffic Where to buy it What’s happening in 2019 The biggest and smallest traffic sources What to sell to this traffic you just bought Insider tips and tricks you can only get by being an advertiser for over 15 years (like, do you know why Pr0nhub’s clicks aren’t converting? Because they sell their best traffic/inventory privately to a few companies they love and then they give it to the rest of us.) VR being a hot vertical Interactive games Insert every other offer type here along with detailed descriptions of its current status It’s extremely detailed and lengthy as Matej put it himself: “Oki dokie, this thread kinda grew a bit longer than I planned initially.” 2019 Landscape Right Here The Russian Way of Running Push Camps MrBraun, our resident push and pop expert moderator just dropped this bomb. It’s a super easy way to run stuff on push traffic. Unfortunately we can’t show any of it publicly. You think this is a charity of some sort? Conversions and green ROIs are the name of the game and we keep it all private and safe inside STM. What I can tell you is that it’s so dead simple yet explained in intricate detail. Hint: The unique angle MrBraun runs his ads with can just roll with a super low bid all day long and rake in profits for months on end without seeing any dead campaigns. Cons: it doesn’t work in every GEO - you’d have to test. And the conversion rates can be lower, but this is offset by lower bids. In the end, your ROI remains the same as running more aggresively but it’s just a lot more stable and scalable. Easy Russian Push Camps Here The Lazy STM Neo’s Manual Spying Vacation Surely you remember our lazy STM Neo, twinaxe, and his lethargic ways of casually running ten thousand offers at once without lifting a single finger? Yeah he’s back again. The epitome of a lazy affiliate. As it turns out his laziness levels have increased to an all-time high. He’s now too lazy to use an advanced intelligence tool such as the industry leading Adplexity probably because he may have to grab the mouse, keyboard and then gasp have to enter his login details and use his mouse scroll to see ads and campaigns. Weird paradox coming up: Manual spying is actually more difficult. You’d have to make a few more clicks here and there and our Neo shows you how to do it step by step. Whether he does all of this by himself or he’s hired a bunch of VAs feeding him grapes and clicking for him we’re not sure but this is gold. He says he’s found some landers by manually spying which are nowhere to be found on Adplexity. Toolkit: – Browser – User Agent Switcher – VPN – Open in Multiple locations Below that you’ll see his detailed explanation of what to do and what not to do, step by step. Twinaxe was even willing to shows us all mercy and included 1 screenshot in there too. Red pill here Which VPN Can Save You From NSA’s Prying Eyes or Advanced Cloakers? It’s been a while since we’ve talked about VPNs on STM. But a member just asked which ones are hawt nowadays. Popular answers include ExpressVPN, Nord, HMA and a few others. But it really depends on what you’re after - personal privacy or spying on campaigns. Or Netflix. There are quite a few answers in the thread with revealing info. Don’t worry the NSA’s not watching right now, you can take a dive. VPNs Hot Off The Press Here

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These Are Lannister-Level Numbers–PUSHing $4313.79 Daily Into Your Bank Account (175% ROI)

May 30, 2019

These Are Lannister-Level Numbers–PUSHing $4313.79 Daily Into Your Bank Account (175% ROI) This guy literally just now posted his success story and Tywin would’ve been proud. That specific number from the subject line ($4k+ daily) was done on April 5th just last month. He’s looking to scale to 5 figures daily in the near future. But this is all beside the main point. “Some of the lessons I learnt from this was to never give up as it wasn't that long ago” Yet another repeating pattern in the affiliate marketing boxing ring, no? “Never give up” as cliche as this may sound and as bruised your ears are from hearing it, is just the plain, simple truth. Massive focus and relentless determination. “I was down over $3000 USD after launching almost 100 different campaigns and nothing working out” “Nothing working out”. Most people would have given up. You would have given up, probably. Slap the fairytale nonsense out of your head right now. It’s not easy and there are no immediate successes, no shortcuts, no tricks nor tactics that are going to get you ahead. Let me quote Wikipedia for you: “The terms tactic and strategy are often confused: tactics are the actual means used to gain an objective, while strategy is the overall campaign plan, which may involve complex operational patterns, activity, and decision-making that govern tactical execution.” Tactics alone may get you to make a dollar or two for a few days, but you need a strategy if you want to hit those big numbers. Tactics are simply not sustainable. Therefore you have to put in the work, the planning, blood, sweat and tears in order to make this game work in your favour. Getting the Iron Throne is a complex game. (pun intended) Also, there’s another juicy tip that was crucial to this guy’s success. It’s at the bottom of his post. Lannister gold bars over here Even Young Newbie Lannisters Now Doing $300 Push Days “I am a newbie in this forum but I am already gaining a lot of knowledge from it so I wanted to share how I earn my bread. I believe push ads are number 1 way to make money at the moment but it might soon get saturated so it is high time to make a lot of money through it.” Humbler than any Lannister has ever been and yet he’s crushing it. It’s a simple, concise case study with 3 main sections: 1. Setup a landing page to collect push users 2. Get push subscribers at a cheap cost 3. Show push subscribers generic, high converting offers But the meat of it all is not so simple as you would find out. There’s The Mother of Dragons, white walkers and betrayals left and right and if you really want that Iron Throne you have to tread lightly and acquire push subs at a low cost, navigate the stormy seas of disapprovals with the various networks listed, build competent, relevant landers and then have the right offers for the right the right time. Or [MAJOR GoT SPOILERS BELOW] If you decide to go completely bonkers and burn down an entire city with your fancy-pants dragon you may end up like Danny–with a Jon Snow dagger in your torso. Meaning, if you rush in guns blazing and buying Tier 2-3 subs at outrageous prices you won’t stand a chance of getting that Iron Throne. [END OF SPOILERS] Plus, he lists 7 caveats with push ads which you have to tattoo on your forehead before taking the plunge as a nice wrap up to the case study. Valar Morghulis TheDudeAbides Delivers a Bittersweet but Hopeful Ending to His Native Finale Kelly Sheffield a.k.a. TheDudeAbides a.k.a. a master of native traffic and veteran STM mod just wrapped up his truly epic native follow along with Voluum DSP. It has been a tremendous journey and this final post is full of invaluable info. It’s basically a comparison of running direct with the native networks versus running through Voluum DSP. The results are surprising, to say the least. Fortunately, they haven’t been written by D.B Weiss and David Benioff. But instead by George R.R. Martin’s STM equivalent who goes by the name of TheDudeAbides. A masterpiece of a follow along. But there’s one thing we don’t spoil and that’s STM stuff. “Bloody hypocrites!” - You may think, but I’ll counter with an arrogant Tywin quote: “A lion doesn’t concern itself with the opinion of sheep.” Sorry not sorry. Blood boiling? Good. Now go see the final post yourself The Wild Boars Are Now Grabbing Wakeboards and Riding The SaaS Waves Enough Game of Thrones for today. Time to focus on those wild boards and their advanced super-boar intelligence once again. There’s no need for further introduction. You already know Wakeboarder (Tim) and his massively successful undertakings and projects. It seems like everything he touches turns to profits. His Pinterest SaaS spy tool which we spoke about is no exception. Even though the monthly revenues aren’t yet that high, Tim decided to sit down one quiet, sunny Sunday afternoon and unleash yet another giant of a post. What a glorious and informative journey this is. Quick summary of the main points below: 1. The Power of Community Tim’s building some private communities that are bound to bare fruits in the long run. The responses are encouraging. 2. Optimize the Workflow In a nutshell, Trello. Plus juicy details. 3. Building Connections Partial quote: “Every week I'm trying to get in touch with at least two new people that I believe we can help each other. “ And he mentions some high-level person from Pinterest too. 4. In-App Analytics “I’m obsessed with analyzing the user-behavior”. More patterns here. Obsession, action, determination and so on. Tim describes what he does to improve UX and revenue numbers. 5. Webhooks + Zapier = <3 With Zapier you can drastically reduce development costs and then automate everything, details are inside. He managed to automate some super tedious but necessary and revealing tasks. 6. Think outside the box This one I won’t reveal. It’s the cherry on top. 2 crazy ideas not meant for public, non-STM eyes. And the wrap consists of 2 more points to the above list. We’re all proud of Tim. Wakeboarder riding waves here A Typical “Adult Dating is Dead!” Thread Takes a Very Weird & Sudden Turn... You know these threads. We get them from time to time by some confused, lost newbie. “Is Adult Dating a dying niche?” A 6-month old newbie asks. Then legendary veteran matuloo jumps in with a huge post and you know what happens next. Short answer: Adult is alive and well, the same it has been for over 15 years and it isn’t going anywhere. But then a bunch of other dudes who also run adult just HAD to jump in and turn this thread on into something extremely weird. I’ll just mention crazy German fetishes. And I’ll stop here. Honestly this is so disgusting that I gave up writing this piece of the newsletter. Seriously, if you’re eating something right now DO NOT read this thread. There are no images but the text itself is mega-NSFW. Don’t tell me I didn’t warn you 40-Day Follow Along Newbie Goes Full Sherlock Holmes on Clickloss A full 3-page follow along full of gold and secrets. At one point the newbie in question decided to unravel the mysteries of clickloss all by himself as there wasn’t enough conclusive evidence on the subject. It’s a battle between Cloudflare vs Cloudfront as a CDN then a battle of trackers between Voluum vs BeMob vs Binom vs Kintura. Oh and not to mention vortex’s (veteran moderator) essay-long replies and extremely insightful advice and guidance which have turned this thread into something you have to devour right now. Elementary, my dear Watson

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Where’s The Money Lebowski?

May 15, 2019

Where’s The Money Lebowski? Yeah, well..The Dude Abides. Do you remember our resident native expert and mod “thedudeabides” (Kelly Sheffield) and his native follow along? He got offered a bunch of benjamins by VoluumDSP to run some tasty camps with the following goals in the dude’s mind: “The near-term goal is to hit 1k/day profit which I think is very doable & quickly Short-term I’d like to reach those same numbers with multi-geo ecom products Long-term I’d like move towards the bigger native sources (Taboola & Outbrain) with those products to reach 5 figures/day” Now, one would call this a teaser (which, of course, it is), but the numberos are just impressive. Mr. Lebowski likes to tease his impatient STM audience and he’s damn good at it. He’s been running on Voluum DSP since late 2017. He just posted his stats for 2018. And lessons. Valuable lessons, like optimization tips and other stuff, man. Here’s the good stuff: “On Campaign Setup Easily one the best features of the platform is just how fast you can launch campaigns across multiple devices and networks.” “On Campaign Approvals” “On Account Reps” “On Transparency” ^ Each one with detailed paragraphs. Next up are the actual stats (the posts are so big he had to split them in multiple parts, his original write up was about 10 pages long, the dude writes). A greedy pair of affiliate eyes can easily spot this number on one of the screenshots: $231,480.61 Then obviously another round of optimization tips for the 2018 part. And that’s just a teaser for what’s to come. The 2019, recent, freshly baked campaigns and dude numbers. Wait here for the numbers, man Yo! Mr. White, New AW Labs Forget Jesse and Mr. White’s old RV. It was barely chugging along anyways. No way to to turn into a Heisenberg with that pile of rattling parts in the middle of a desert. You turn into an affiliate Heisenberg by joining AW Labs. Mr. Chaz just announced this, yo. Affiliate World Labs are specialized, focused and smaller events such as: 1) 2-3 hours of back-to-back speeches and panels by some of the highest performers and thought leaders in the industry 2) Dedicated hour-long Mixers for your niche's marketers and companies 3) Networking at our world-renowned exhibition floor 4) Meet the speakers who practice what they preach We’re talking Push, Native, eCommerce and Agency labs. This is all a brand new AW format. One that allows you to get close to people and network...closely. Over a drink or two, or more. “Organized back to back” as our MRKTRS brothers put it in their newsletter. Listen, you get to shake hands with the speakers, other top affiliates and then go and drink a lot of beers in the beer garden. Get these guys a lot of beers and bring a notebook (STM protip). Ezra Firestone, Dee Deng, Cat Howell, Simon Mader, Oliver Kenyon, Zack Franklin, Andrew Payne, Erik Gyepes, Ian Fernando, Daniel Kampf...insert more big names here. A lot of other big names on board. Big affiliates, big companies, big numbers. As long as you have your AWE ticket in your back pocket you can join the Labs and go tell Mr. White you’re about to strike gold. Also, check for yourself: The Labs on STM as usual The Lazy STM Neo Strikes Again You remember him from our last pidgeon mail don’t you? The lazy STM Neo who ran tens of thousands of offers all at once. This time he’s back with another brilliant idea constructed from the depths of his lazy mind. Quoting: “It´s no long story and nothing spectacular. But it shows that you can have good success when you get little bit creative with what you do.” Really it’s dead simple. It’s even in the title: “Classifieds + Online Surveys = 90% CR” He got 90% conversion rates on this. Made him $XXX/day in profits. But here’s the best part: “As stupid as it sounds but I just stopped with it because I got bored from doing it.” We all hope he gets even lazier and bored beyond his mind more often. The lazy details, as usual, are inside. Up for grabs?

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Horny & Confused 14 y/o Teenager Makes $9,682,830.21 (high school dropout)

May 10, 2019

Horny & Confused 14 y/o Teenager Makes $9,682,830.21 (high school dropout) Feeling old? A 14 year old, horny, girl-obsessed and confused teenager gets to almost $10 mil revenue in a few years. Drops out of high school too - talk about living the dream. This is easily one of the best STM success stories ever posted. He’s killing it left and right, no mercy. No holding back any punches. But if you think his journey was easy then you might as well go back to your shell and continue crying and dreaming without taking any action. This kid has more common sense than 95% of affiliate marketers out there. (Oh this one hurts doesn’t it? A nice hit below the belt.) To quote his thread: “DISCLAIMER: I’m not gonna share the « one weird trick » here. You don’t make millions on the internet with a few tactics, you do it with consistent focus and habits.” There are no weird tricks, short term tactics or easy money. Hard work, focus and determination are the core drivers. Kid’s a natural born predator (now a 21 y/o fully grown, successful alien with massive sharp, shiny teeth dripping with determination and focus) There are 5 key stages to his journey to quote his thread again and summarize: STAGE 1 - SKINNY, CONFUSED AND HORNY TEENAGER TO $2,500 PER MONTH $100 saved -> invested some on Upwork and Fiverr to get an eBook + cover to sell on the Kindle -> 3 sales -> reinvested and made about $200 At the spry age of 15 he jumped over to building a mailing list and pushing offers to it -> $2500/month. Then the obvious thing every young-gun does 100% of the time - he got lazy and comfortable and lost it all. STAGE 2 - THE STRUGGLE Basically one year of buying shiny, promising IM courses and doing jumping from one thng to the next without commitment. 0 sales, no cash register cha-chings. STAGE 3 - THE WAKE-UP CALL TO 6 FIGURES 18 years old now. The mind is now maturing. Making solid decisions. Decisions most adults are too afraid or lazy to do. “I quit playing sports, quit everything, cut the few friends I had left, and decided that by the end of the school year (7 months later) I’d be making enough money to drop out of high school and travel the world” He decides to become a master of direct-response marketing and copywriting. Oh and he did - $8k/month after 6 months. Then passive income from the funnels he built for his clients. STAGE 4 - MAKING AND LOSING MY FIRST $1 MILLION AT 19 19 years old. Turns out, the mind isn’t that mature yet. Lost it all on fancy designer clothes, 5-star hotels and first class flying. (and girls) “At the end of the year, I hadn’t even saved a PENNY of all that money I was making. Lesson: It’s not how much you make, it’s how much you KEEP. Never made that one again either.” STAGE 5 - CLIMBING BACK TO 7-FIGURE PROFITS ...Well, this is the juiciest bit and we’ll let you see it for yourself. Oh, and by the way, the entire thread is littered with invaluable advice on HOW he did what he did. Routines, discipline, reading 1-2 books a week, gym 3-7x a week, meditation. But most of all - sacrifices. This is such an inspiring and motivating story that you owe it to yourself to read it at least twice then print it out, then hug it and kiss it every night when you go to sleep. To quote the ending of “Wanted”: What the $#%! have you done lately? Impossible? Take a lookie here. Lazy STM Neo Enters The Matrix To Run Tens of Thousands of Affiliate Programs at Once In this thread famous STM user “twinaxe” reveals his secret Matrix ways. He was able to run literally tens of thousands of affiliate programs at once. This all netted him high $XXX.XXX. Not even Agent Smith is able to replicate himself that quickly. All because of Mr. Twinaxe’s laziness. And that’s a good thing. Have you ever seen a non-lazy affiliate? He managed to create his own simple cloaker which he continually kept improving. Step numero 2 was to scale the entire operation and get that baby automatically applying to as many affiliate programs as possible. Then adding advanced functionalities like tracking IPs, IP ranges, ISPs, locations, fancy redirects and what not. “I made high 6 figures in profit from it with really not much work involved. Could I have made more? Sure Would I had to work more? Sure And as the lazy guy I am I rather take the easy and lazy money and enjoy my life instead of working more.” You’re thinking - “but this guy can code”. Nope, he’s not a developer. But how then? By his own words “In terms of coding I would say I am somewhat like a problem solver.” “In fact I still can´t even code a very simple HTML website from scratch myself.” He did this simply by digging through Google, Stackoverflow and various other places, finding scripts and just patching everything together. It’s a fantastic read with Part 3 still pending. Part 3’s going to reveal all the juicy little details so your lazy self can perhaps do the same. “Better hit that (thread) subscribe button” Enter The Matrix Here An STM Legend Needs Your Help: How to Run Adult Traffic in 2019 Have you not heard of “matuloo” yet? No? Then please go hide under a rock somewhere. Immediately. Matej “matuloo” Cechvala is one of STM’s most cherished resident members, a senior moderator and an affiliate heavyweight veteran with over 8,600 posts who has helped thousands of affiliates find countless bags of gold. Matej has been running adult stuff mega-successfully since before most of the young-gun affiliates even started sucking their thumbs. Adult isn’t even his final form. He has seen it all and he has done it all. He is an absolute legend and it’s no surprise he is known as “The Legend” around here. Now The Legend needs your help. He’s about to write a series of monster-posts on how to run adult traffic in 2019 with each of them focusing on a specific subject: “This particular thread will also serve as an index, so every time I post a new thread into this section, I will also link it from this thread. The first article will focus on the general state of the adult affiliate marketing as a whole. where it stands what are the most popular verticals what traffic types are out there “ Quote continued: “And this is where I need some help from you guys. Instead of “making up” the topics myself, I would like to ask the community for suggestions. After all, I would be writing the articles for you, so certainly want to make sure I would write about things that are of interest to you. :) So tell me, what should I cover in the following articles, what do you need help with, what's not clear to you… ? I want to turn this into an ongoing initiative, which should result in a complete section that would contain all the info needed, to find success and profit with adult traffic.” Basically, just jump in there and tell Matuloo what you want to learn. The ins-and-outs of whatever adult subject your greedy affiliate heart desires can be delivered. Sometimes even legends need help, go here Tasty Gift For You: Snag Adplexity Push for Free The boys at Adplexity have outdone themselves yet again. They’ve recently released a beta version of Adplexity Push. For free. While it’s in beta, of course. You might as well jump into it right this moment. One of STM’s original founders, bbrock32, just said this in the thread: “Tested this and can confirm the data is much better than anything else I've used so far.” How they pull off all of these invaluable tools in such a short amount of time is a complete mystery. And how they gather that much valuable data that quickly is an even bigger mystery. But boy do they work like a charm. Industry leaders for a reason. These guys must be on some sort of STM-sourced drugs like STModafinil or something. Grab Adplexity Push here. Newbie Has $500 But Does Khajiit Have Wares? Where can $500 take you? Where can $500 take a total newbie? You’ll blow through that in no time on Facebook or native. It turns out that Khajiit does have wares if you know where to look. Vortex, Matuloo, Maynzie, Erikgyepes and other peeps just jumped in to help this guy out. They’ve devised a perfect start for a newbie. (FYI if you don’t know what a Khajiit is, check here: Newbies go here. “Can We Test The Airbags?” (Newbie Tech Setup for Affiliates) You know, there’s this guy who’s not too familiar with cars. Not going to name any names. He goes out to buy his son a car and asks whether they could “test” the airbags by smashing them with something. Holy moly. It’s the same story with a lot of newbie affiliates. They think they know what they’re doing but instead they’re only making it worse. Servers, especially servers. Some of the stuff covered in the thread: Tracker Server Setup Landing Page Server Setup Domain Names and DNS Configuration Tracker Installation and Configuration Landing Page Server Configuration Mind you this thread is excruciatingly detailed and careful. Screenshots every step of the way. All the bells and whistles. Now, if you were to buy this car, would you prefer the seats be white or black? Please don’t test the airbags.

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