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STM Forum was launched late one night in January 2011 with the goal of providing case studies, guides, high quality information on a variety of topics and to act as a core networking hub for industry veterans.

7 years later we are ​ the authoritative forum on affiliate marketing and our reach continues to expand. We now provide higher education, host conferences and local networking events, and are continuing to improve and expand what the forum offers every affiliate marketer.

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Capitalize on Emotion Thanks to Corona Lockdown

March 25, 2020

Capitalize on Emotion Thanks to Corona Lockdown Lazy Neo (a.k.a. @twinaxe) strikes yet again! It’s time to figure out how to _capitalize on emotion_ amidst all the recent Corona panic. You’re thinking: “Oh you bastard, _how dare you!_” Relax, keep reading. In these trying times, you need to see the bigger picture, my friend. To quote the Neo himself: “But I am no friend of fear mongering or panicking at all and prefer to think about ways how to take advantage of the situation. My moral principles are pretty low when I spot good chances so instead of fearing the Armageddon I prefer to make use of the possibilities I see there In the end I am a marketer and deep emotions have no place in my campaigns.” Picture this: You’re a marketing wolf with razor-sharp teeth (persuasion skills most agencies have never even heard of) and you’re staring face-to-face with a whole bunch of scared sheepies (irrational, emotional human beings). Anywho, point in case because it’s a big thread: Figure out what distracts people from their fear or what feeds their fear. Here’s a quick sniff: See the best possible verticals to distract people from their fear (quick hint, Pr0nhub’s traffic is up, among many others, such as streaming offers) Feed their fear and what best to promote (perhaps it’s time for the military flashlights to make a comeback) @stickupkid jumps in with an instant brilliant suggestion you’d bash your head for not thinking of immediately. One niche with a pull so strong you’ll be questioning your own religion (wink wink) Plus tons more, of course, the thread is huge. P.S. A word of warning, don’t use your deadly affiliate skills to further spread panic and take advantage of the most vulnerable...or I’ll be waiting under your bed tonight. >> Go ye here for the full snort unless you want to miss out on a lot of moolah no going in your pockets during this recession...clickie here << [SPONSORED] 🍿 Netflix for Affiliates Making a Marketer These videos are just the beginning. Just getting started in your affiliate career? Want to explore other traffic sources/verticals? Affiliate World have curated some of their most-viewed speeches that are littered with golden nuggets to apply to your new campaigns right away. Check out the "Making a Marketer" playlist and level up your marketing skills. Featuring: How To Run & Scale Native Ads / Copywriting Masterclass / Secret Google Ads Cannon Strategy & more. >> Watch Now << Explained: Facebook Ads Dynamic Creatives. Campaign Structure. Targeting. Custom Audiences. Placements. Retargeting. CBO. Scaling. Facebook Ads is a beast. Here's how to tame it. 8 Facebook experts share their ad creatives, campaign hacks, data-driven knowledge and scaling strategies in the new "Explained: Facebook Ads" AW YouTube Playlist. It's time to increase your ROAS. Featuring: CBO v Media Buyer Split-test / Live Facebook Ads Creative Contest / Panel: Creatives that Convert & more >> Watch Now << Netflix For Affiliates: The Game Changers They are armed with the strategies. These 10 Game Changers are elite affiliates who have a hunger to redefine what is traditional. Collectively, this playlist has had over 1,166,231 views because the recipes to their most successful campaigns are revealed on stage. Come and digest the playlist. It's time to run your ads like a Game Changer. Featuring: 7 Landing Page Hacks To Double Conversions / Native Ads "Tickle" Method / Super Affiliate Panel: $50k a Day, 6-Figure Dropshipping without AliExpress or FB Ads & more >> Watch Now << P.S. That's not all. Subscribe to the AWC YouTube Channel and be the first to tune into Conversations with a Marketer: The AWC Tapes. A series of intimate conversations that uncover the inner workings of the entrepreneurial minds behind some of the industry's biggest campaigns. COVID-19 Industry Impact Survey Go fill Mr. Manu’s super important COVID-19 industry impact survey. Right. Now. This is not just a simple ole survey, mind you. This is to provide us a birdseye view of the entire industry and what the pesky virus is doing to our industry. Are campaigns stable or volatile? Are ROIs going up or down? 27.4% currently say they’re about to shrink but survive. Plus plenty more insights to come (this is from just a quick update Manu posted for impatient STMers) >>Go ye here, fill in the survey, be a good boy and wait patiently << Mini Case Study: Testing PropellerAds CPA 2.0 Goal @ 40% ROI Here’s a nice little case study by @affiliatecase to rattle up you lazy quarantined ass. Detailz: Offer Vertical: Sweepstakes Payout: €12.00 GEO: Portugal Affiliate Network: Clickdealer Traffic Network: PropellerAds Traffic Type: POP/PPV Propellerads FAQ for CPA 2.0: "CPA goal 2.0 is an auto-optimization technology performed according to the required price per conversion. The algorithm is able to predict what traffic slices are most likely to drive quality conversions at the desired price." What you get your hands on immediately upon opening the thread: The exact offers and landing pages used (screenshotted_ Traffic source & tracker settings, i.e. complete campaign setup you can copy-paste or apply to your campaigns Results, excitement and surprises coupled with high (initial) ROIs. >> Go ye here, for a neat little case study...sometimes that’s all it takes for you to hit big numbers <<

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[SNAG] The Ultimate Sweeps Lazy Lander

March 18, 2020

[SNAG] The Ultimate Sweeps Lazy Lander You have to extend your sincerest gratitude to your generous overlord, Mr.Lazy Neo (@twinaxe) for this. You customize your landers straight off your JS file, yes? {device_brand} {lazy_neo} and some such stuff. As of now, you _don’t even need to open _yer lander files to edit stuff. I’m serious. In Lazy Neo’s version, you can edit the values with URL parameters. Example: According to my advanced calculations, it’s going to take you exactly 2 clicks and 1 scroll down to grab the lazy lander. Yer welcome, yet again. >> All it takes is a click, scroll down to bottom of the thread, click and the lazy lander is all yours << [SPONSORED] Looking For an Evergreen Vertical to Promote? Dating It Is! Been in the Affiliate Marketing game for a while? You know the industry shifts rapidly - what worked yesterday may not work today. But some verticals just last forever, they’re called "EVERGREENS" and DATING is one of them! People can spare a new iPhone, they can live without a solar installation or the new best app for their phone… but who doesn’t want someone by their side? But this doesn’t mean it’s easy to profit with dating offers! Let’s hear it from STM’s dating expert Matuloo: "Trying to make it in dating, using the same offers that every affiliate network rebrokers? Good luck! You may as well start throwing money out the window. Dating is one of those verticals where offer means everything, find them or you’re toast. Working directly with the advertiser is the only way at times." The good news: there are some solid direct advertisers in dating, that have been around since like... forever. VIPOffers for example are in the TOP league. Founded in 1996 (was there even internet back then?) $2 billion in commissions paid to affiliates (yes, billion) 1000s of offer variations available (goodbye saturation) Street payouts start at $3 per SOI lead even on mobile (bumps possible) New Landing pages added all the time! Check a sample HERE :) Are you a baller who can drive volume? They’ll even make banners or LPs for you and if that’s not enough, ask for a custom offer and you shall be served. EN markets can be tough, but to be honest, that’s where the party is at. Master US and UK and you can play Santa next Christmas! VIPOffers can help you along the way, cause they know these markets the best. And a special bonus: Tired of PPL dating offers? VIPOffers is one of the few dating advertisers that also offer the "CC submit option" ... in more than 100 GEOs! Conquer the world in 2020 with VIPOffers! “Is Direct Linking Helpful for Push Traffic” -> “Waaah it didn’t work” So can ye direct link on push? Short answer, no...maybe. Using a lander gets your potential customer all warm and fuzzy inside before they get to pull out their CC and turn paler than a Trump seeing his wall get crushed. A lander makes it easier to cope with what’s to come. @twinaxe, @matuloo, @platinum, and others jump in and explain the intricacies of landers. Plus what works without a lander. And why. Oh, the why is muy importante. You ought to listen closely. >> Go ye here and support a newbie, hit that thanks button << Corona vs Ecom? The Lord of the Boars, a.k.a. @wakeboarder dropped by with some worrying ecom news for the EU: “We are operating in EU (IT, FR, DE, SL) and things are getting out of hand. Info provided by courier services (GLS, DPD DHL, ...) are changing every few hours.” Other members reported a sharp decline in conversions shortly after Trumpy’s speech. One guy says 90% of their business is done for. The upside? (Of course, there’s an upside. Are ye a mad man to think otherwise? This is STM.) Mr. Manu Adefy from Stacked Marketer (formerly WTAFF) is gathering intel via a clever poll here. Quote: “What’s at risk (based on traffic source, vertical and product type). What’s booming (based on the same elements). What’s unaffected. What you can do in each scenario to improve. “ Go in there, give yer feedback and we all get to see what works and what doesn’t. And how to quickly pivot. Also, @wakeboarder has shared an invaluable spreadsheet with all sorts of couriers across the EU - see which ones are still doing COD and which ones are restricted, plus tons more. >> Fight the coronavirus and save yer eCom biz, go ye here <<

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Newbie’s First $1k Revenue Day / $409 Moolah in Pocket - Courtesy of 2020’s Whats Working Report

March 11, 2020

Newbie’s First $1k Revenue Day / $409 Moolah in Pocket - Courtesy of 2020’s Whats Working Report First off, go grab 2020 What’s Working in AM Report. Now. Because if you haven’t gotten it yet, expect to see my arm protruding from your monitor and _slapping your greedy affiliate face_. It’s free and If you don’t have it you’re missing out on where the entire industry’s going and the biggest names and companies in the industry have generously provided invaluable advice for us all to listen and Amy and Matej and our amazing team have worked their asses off to get this live for you. Speaking of newbies, this one pulled in $1k in revz and about $400 in money-in-yer-pocketz. More: Typically, you’d want to zero-in, to laser-focus on the thing that’s working out for you… And then scale the living s%$@ out of it. Instead of having 100 $XX/day camps, have 1 $XXXX/day camp. The kicker? “I also read “What’s Working in 2020” and one of the quotes that made an impression on me was by Dim Niko. He said something along the lines of “_Double down on what’s working_”. I decided to try this out and scaled the hell out of a campaign that was already working for me, but generated low daily profits.” What followed is not just 1 scaled campaign...but all of them. P.S. You may wanna see _exactly what s3ks3k did_ and apply it to yer camps ASAP. P.P.S: Yer welcome, again. >> Go ye here and see how to scale your own camps (do so while reading the WW report tho) << [SPONSORED] Get Cash Back from Ad-Maven! You didn’t think we’d go through 2020 without another awesome promotion, did you? This month is all about POP-MANIA! Does EITHER of these describe you? -You haven’t had a chance to join Ad-Maven to test our high-converting traffic. -You haven’t run pop traffic on Ad-Maven since the start of 2020. If so – you’re in luck! Spend $1000 or more on pop traffic and get 10% cashback! (Up to $200 in cash back.) Already running on our platform? No worries, just contact your account manager for a special promo deal. We have over half a billion DIRECT daily impressions available, that’s free of bots. AND we have a bunch of AM’s waiting to help you out with anything you may need! So… what are you waiting for? Click HERE to Register Now! *This promotion is available until March 31st or our budget runs out, whichever comes first. First come first served! $XX / Day With a Little Help From My Friends “I Get By With A Little Help From My Friends” <- thread title. My friends referring to none other than STM friends, of course. Quote: “Just hit $33.75 in a day revenue, $13.77 profit. Really REALLY happy and excited. Feel like the dream is on track. Mr @manchester felt completely lost and confused most of the time. ‘Tis a tough journey indeed. You’d overanalyze and waste hours sliding down deep rabbit holes. But ye know what? In a twisted affiliate way, this actually is great news. Hear me out. All these struggles, no matter how difficult, force you to come out of your shell. You decide to join STM because you’ve chosen to be brutally honest with yourself - it’s time to start accepting criticism. Nay! It’s time to start welcoming criticism. This is the only way you’ll improve and achieve. The cherry? You make a lot of great friends along the way. Kudos to @manchester, may the following days be triple and quadruple-digit. P.S. Bless the Zucc >> Go ye here and support a newbie, hit that thanks button << “I’m following the f$#% out of this” - Road to $100k Email Magic This is a follow along by a super successful affiliate. Dude runs multiple successful businesses already. He now wants to start building mailing lists. Lead gen stuff. “My goal is to build an extensive enough email list and make at least $100k revenue by the end of this year ONLY using this list.” The best part? To start, he’s going to be using his favourite pop sources (as counter-intuitive as this may sound): Zeropark, Adsterra, PropellerAds, AdMaven, Evadav, Pushground The best-est part? This guy (plus a few others mentioning the same thing in our thread) swear they’ve been “persuaded” to try email stuff by this here thread: AWA by Anthony Sarandrea Anthony Sarandrea has an AWA speech named “How I Built a $100k+ per Day Lead Generation Biz from Scratch” Guess what? This speech has been posted on STM exclusively for hungry STM affiliate eyes. The rest of the world gets this way later down the line. Let the little devil on your shoulder (yours truly) persuade ye into starting your own follow along. 1. Watch Anthony’s speech 2. Read @diplomat’s follow along 3. Start your own piece of STM history >> Yer welcome, now go say thanks to @diplomat and provide some encouragement <<

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[WTF] What’s Working Report 2020 Edition Vol. 1 Now LIVE!

March 04, 2020

[WTF] What’s Working Report 2020 Edition Volume 1 Now LIVE and Up for Grabs! (yes it’s free, and yes, it’s massive) Hear ye, hear ye! STM’s free annual report - What’s Working in Affiliate Marketing 2020 Edition - is now live! But first, here’s what you have to do: Step 1: Panic! Step 2: REALLY PANIC BECAUSE YOU’RE ABOUT TO MISS OUT! Step 3: Drag your greedy affiliate fingers over to the download link below ASAP. Instant cure for panic attacks, download link: Step 4: Activate man-cave (or girl-cave) mode and shut all the blinders, turn off all the lights, cover yourself with a blanket and glue your eyes to the report. Step 5: Do not come out until you’ve read the report cover to cover. Step 6: Impatiently wait for Volume 2. (yes, this year’s report is so big we’re splitting it into 2 parts) Basically, here’s what we’re up to this time around. Having interviewed the biggest names in the affiliate marketing industry yet again, here’s a sweet, delicious bite of what to expect: Every year, we’d compile all the feedback into a massive PDF report, which has been growing in size year-on-year. We’d distribute the report free-of-charge to everyone. Each year the report would be anticipated with excitement – the one last year received 10k+ downloads. So, we’ve interviewed the likes of: - Depesh Mandalia - Dimitri Nikolakakis - Maor “The Wolf” Benaim - AdCash - PropellerAds - AdCombo - Affiliaxe - Leadbit - MGID - MagicAdz And so.many.others! To bring you a complete perspective of what’s working in affiliate marketing right now and what’s going to work throughout the entire 2020. 2020’s most popular traffic sources 2020’s most popular offer verticals and niches Insider-insights from the biggest names in the industry 115 pages of priceless golden nuggets Plus, mind you, this is just Volume 1. Volume 2 is_ being prepared as we speak_. >> Go here, download the What’s Working report << [SPONSORED] Got a money-making itch? NetoPartners will scratch it It’s everybody’s game... NetoPartners runs affiliate marketing services for the top iGaming brands, each with its own special feel, who focus on producing innovative scratch card games – making our job easy! Whether you are a casino ace or a total novice – you’ve probably tried your hand at a scratch card or two before, right? They’re fun, instant and you don’t need any gambling skills to understand them. So why not make money off introducing people to something everyone loves? They already appeal to a wide audience… but then put them online where there’s no mess (on your fingers) or hassle, and the potential becomes massive!! Wait, what?? Affiliates are making money off of online scratch cards? Damn straight, they convert like crazy!! Affiliates who would usually shy away from the gambling audience have realized these fun games have a diverse traffic appeal – aka sky-high conversions!! The product sells itself! With over 10 years of balancing the understanding of affiliates’ needs and believing in the games their brands offer, NetoPartners is basically the perfect matchmaker. They tailor-make the journey for each affiliate so they can convert with confidence in the product! Your commission plan is created for you & your traffic needs – CPL/CPA/REVSHARE - they’ll optimize your plan to fit. In-house game designers are constantly releasing new games so players stick around to see what’s next. You get beautiful, creative materials created for your deal type for max results. Their team of affiliate managers works around the clock to help each affiliate create the best flow for his/her traffic. So basically great brands, killer marketing materials… and they tie it all up for you in a pretty sweet $$-making bow. Waiting for a personal invitation? Go on then >> >> Scratch for cash! << $XX/day @ 137.90% ROI Newbie’s Short-lived But Violent Success “Oh what a day, what a lovely day!” Another day, another profitable newbie at STMz. Let me quickly summarize the entire juicy piece in 1 quoted sentence: “Just tested lots of offers and got a winner.“ No shortcuts nor any fancy wizardries - just good ‘ole fashioned hard work. Numbers: Short-lived, but a taste is a taste - it gets you hooked. Turns out Mr @heikoo got their hands on a hefty _$0.40 payout offer for PH_. (the norm being like, $0.08~). You can see why this worked so well. Unfortunately, the offer got paused at some point causing his ROIs to crash and burn. The best part? The follow-along is still very much alive and kicking ass. I’ll drink to this volatile campaign and so should you. “You will ride eternal, shiny and chrome” to the gates of Valhalla. >> Go “hit that thanks button, like and subscribe” and witness this newbie’s not-mediocre campaign << STM’s Top #1 Most Influential Person In The Affiliate Marketing Industry for the Last 10 Years. Who do ye think has been the most influential person on STM? (Seriously, hit reply and answer, we wanna know!) Some say no one will ever be able to match our beloved @caurmen (Hugh Hancock) - may he rest in peace. The impact (or should we say ginormous crater) this man alone made on the entire affiliate marketing industry and the lasting memories he has left in our hearts is making me weep right now. Hugh had the biggest heart in the world, and he’s still on the very top of the leaderboard, look: We miss you dearly, Hugh. Others say it’s our ever-present @vortex and @matuloo - the unstoppable duo. Others swear by Mr. Lazy Neo a.k.a. @twinaxe - ever since he joined the mod team he’s been crushing it. Then there’s @Erik with his “lustful relationships” with certain traffic sources. (hehe) And then there are these 3 absolute legends and founders of STM - @Mr Green, @stackman and @bbrock32 - that keep on making massive ways year-over-year with no plan of slowing down. Conclusion? You be the judge.** >> Go ye here and nominate your favourite STMers of all time <<

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[COD Case Study] $300k/month in SEA

February 26, 2020

[COD Case Study] $10k/day in SEA - 2020 is the return of COD (and @kokofai) “It’s 21st of February 2020 as I’m writing this and I guess I am on par to break $300k by the end of the month. Overall, I am seeing an average of 70% campaign ROI since the launch of this campaign” Talk about a heavy knock on STM’s door! @kokofai’s back, son. A.k.a. Benjamin Yong, a.k.a. Another legendary STM mod. Basically, Southeast Asia is huge and hot right now. Fertile cash on delivery soil. 1) The traffic in SEA is cheap - as low as $5 CPMs 2) Total population? You guessed it – massive. 655 million++ 3) Untapped market 4) Profit? This begs the question, just _how hard is it to run campaigns in SEA?_ Let me give you a bit of a hint that’s going to knock you off your chair (without leaking everything to the lurking freebie-sloths) In fact, here’s a quote from @kokofai: “There’s a saying… Do not reinvent the wheel...“ bites lips I cannot reveal the rest for it is too valuable. Ye gonna have to find out for yerself. But Allow me to briefly and swiftly summarize: A) It’s a walk in the park (when you see the landers and the entire campaign case study you’ll go “_Is that seriously it??_”) B) Not too many are doing it (picture an innocent little lamb circled by hungry, battle-scarred STM wolves) C) There’s one special “PRO TIP” from Benjamin you cannot miss (‘tis the key to making this work in SEA) D) One specific thing you have to look for in COD offers if you want mouthwatering EPCs. P.S. Have you ever heard of the Blue Ocean Strategy? >> Basically, you’d be pretty dumb if ye don’t read this entire thread and jump on this wave ASAP. Your call... << [SPONSORED] Running push traffic? Claim these gifts from Adoperator! Gift #1: Next-Level Push Tips • Optimize your landing page speed for 20-30% better performance. • Remove the tracker from optimized campaigns for faster redirects - get up to 15% more traffic. • Many subscribers don’t click on push messages right away. Networks continue to charge for clicks after the campaign stops. Set your campaign budget to aim for 70-80% of the offer cap, to account for late traffic. Adoperator achieves 0% overspend in most cases, with a maximum of 10%. • Use IP targeting to target specific IPs/carriers- it helps you to catch users while using a particular carrier. Use macros on your landing page (e.g. “Special offer for Vodafone users”). Adoperator lets you do both. • Keep testing new creatives to avoid fatigue, to increase CTR by 10-15%+. Include 5-7+ different titles/descriptions. And use emojis to get more attention! • Many ad networks resell burnt-out traffic. Track by subid and blacklist ones with abnormally low CTR compared with the average. Remove subids and devices with high bounce rates. • Some push networks sell fraud traffic that doesn’t come from push messages. If you see clicks from a webview browser, or you cannot detect the device, ask for a refund. At Adoperator we stand behind our traffic quality and our team carefully chooses sources before putting them into action. Gift #2: Deposit Bonus Claim your STM-exclusive promo codes! STM20 - Deposit $100 Get $20 Free STM50 - Deposit $250 Get $50 Free STM100 - Deposit $500 Get $100 Free How to get the bonus: Step 1: CLICK HERE to register at Adoperator. Step 2: Enter the promo code on the "Add Funds" page. (Promo codes valid until March 31st.) >> CLAIM YOUR BONUS! << [STM GIFT] Lazy Neo Delivers Hot Profitable Campaign for Free Hoooh boy. Are you ready? Mr. Lazy Neo a.k.a. our very own brilliant @twinaxe, now an honorary STM mod has given you one extremely rare gift. An active, working, moolah-bringing campaign. Allow me to quote-eth the @twinaxe: “I know that many beginners seem to struggle a bit to get their first profitable campaigns running. Now I thought about ways to change that and came up with the following idea: I will test some stuff for you and when I find campaigns with good potential I can give you something where chances are good that it will make you profit. For this campaign today I will show you the _exact offer_ and tell you _what lander_ to use. I will give you enough info to run a good campaign so that it shouldn´t be hard to make money with it but I won´t do the whole work for you so you still need to show a little bit commitment yourself.” You’re going to see these numbers in a screenshot in the thread: Here’s what you can grab as of right now: GEO Devices OS Browser Language What to do with your creatives and landers and what NOT to do Proven, tested offer and lander. Exactly what to do and how to approach this campaign (down to bidding strategies and optimization) Oh, I forgot, there’s also the affiliate network listed where you can find the offers plus a super nice affiliate manager waiting for you (Skype)... The missing piece? Remember that @twinaxe wants you to do some work too, so there’s no traffic source listed in here. (But that’s not far off for someone with basic common sense…) But also... _there’s a catch._ _Of course, there’s a catch!_ The shocker is that this is actually a “good” catch. Let me explain what I mean by that. This catch means it’s only going to make things more intriguing for the STMers that happen to sink their teeth into it. In a nutshell, you’re gonna have to run this offer “blind” and, basically, just go ye and see why that’s a great thing. >> See exactly what the catch is and ye better launch those camps now...Actually, it may be too late, this was posted a few days ago but go check to be sure not too many STM sharks are onto it... << “Please rip my funnel to shreds” Straight up with the quote: “Hello all, I have an authority site in the guitar learning niche, that I partially monetize with affiliations to top-notch online guitar courses (100% white and high quality, popular offers) I'm promoting an offer with the workflow shown below. (You thought I was gonna give the links out to the freebie-sloths? Think again!) The offer is a popular online guitar course that people can enroll 14-day free (credit card required to avoid multiple free trials for one person)” As for the rest, you can guess what follows. Speaking of hungry STM wolves – you’re gonna see bloody pieces of this guy’s funnel being thrown left and right. Your daily dose of amusing STM criticism with a pinch of AW video recommendations by @matuloo (that you have to watch right now). >> Go ye here and maybe take a bite out of this guy’s poor funnel too? <<

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[Scary Case Study] 9,000 Conversions - $2,000 in Profit - Tiny GEO

February 19, 2020

[Scary Case Study] 9,000 Conversions - $2,000 in Profit - Tiny GEO - Thanks Ivan The Terrible From an “_ex lurker & former Bambi_”, @ivan the terrible now strikes fear into all things pops. Innocent pops shiver in fear when they hear thy name, my friend. To be more specifique – we’re talking all things pops in Palestine. Numberos below: Time period: December 2018 – March 2019 GEO: Palestine Vertical: Sweepstakes Traffic source: PropellerAds Affiliate network: ClickDealer Traffic type: Pops Spent: $1,178.00 Revenue: $3,213.00 Profit: $2,035.00 A small case study you may think. But looks can be deceiving. The lessons behind this are what turns it into yet another STM golden nugget. Quote: “I also wanted to try to stimulate other members as well, members who are lurking on forum and maybe feeling intimidated, stuck in analysis paralysis or for whatever reason it might be… to come outside from the shadows and to make follow along.” Actually, _screw this_, I’ll let Ivan The Terrible do all the selling here because he’s so right: “By joining STM forum, you already did one huge step. _You made a very wise and informed decision_, now it's time to _ go even further and use this awesome community to your advantage._” This is for all of you Gollums. For all of you hiding in the dark shadowy depths of STM forum, afraid to come out. Further quote: “Let me tell you this. I took harder way and I've learned that things will never going to be perfect. And that they doesn't have to be perfect. There is no such thing as perfect moment to start. So please don't be like me and make follow along I promise you, you will get awesome support, you won't regret it and you will be in best hands 🙏“ Yes! I wish I could paste in the entire massive thread in here but your email client’s going to chew and then spit this newsletter out. Ivan’s sneaky campaign lasted a good 3 months. 9,000 conversions. $2,000 profit. Priceless lessons. Stick yer eyes to the exact process used to get there - from research to planning to execution. To mindset. To having a clear, defined system. Plus the one thing you must never, ever mess up when running campaigns in 2020. Doesn’t matter if it’s pops or FB or G Ads or a Craiglist ad - no joke, no sales pitch, just go see, it really is crucial. >> Go ye here, read Ivan The Terrible’s terrifying case study and hit that thanks button ASAP...or actually, hit the thanks button first and then do the rest << [SPONSORED] Push Notifications: Why You Should Try It Howdy folks, Clickadu here! We’re giving out bonus traffic – interested? In case you haven’t tried Clickadu’s Push Notifications traffic, we have prepared an incentive for you to try. This is what you’ll get: • 2BLN of multi-geo Push Traffic from direct publishers • Four pricing models: CPC, SmartCPA, SmartCPM, CPM • More verticals allowed than on any other ad network • And last but not least: 25% cashback* to test our traffic for yourself! How to get it? Simply apply promo code PUSHBASH during the registration process, then start launching push campaigns. When you’re done testing, simply claim your cashback to receive it in your account! >> TRY IT NOW << *maximum cashback amount is $250. How to Doge The Boot on Pops Straight up: How do ye not get booted off offers on popperoos? (adult offers) Or in more normal-human-being words: “Is there a way for you not to get kicked out of offers when promoting using pop traffic? When I start getting profitable and start to scale and drive more leads, I get paused due to bad quality. This has happened a few times already. I know that pop traffic is the worst type of traffic but are there offers that you can run long term without getting paused? What vertical would match this traffic type. I was promoting adult dating offers btw. How do you drive pop traffic to offers sustainably?” Short answer, yes. Long-ish answer, yes definitely. 2 primary ways this is done, thanks to our new mod-hero @twinaxe, a.k.a. Lazy Neo, @platinum (native wizard @ The Optimizer) and our very own legendary @matuloo. Quick tip 1 is to shoot over placement IDs to your network and ask which ones are duds for the advertiser -> rinse and repeat. Tip 2 boils down to “cleaning” your traffic – since adult advertisers are typically more strict you want to do this: Start by using language targeting.e.g. the offer’s native language + English. Sneaky redirect rules that get other STMers in the thread to slap their foreheads. (you probably haven’t done any of this either, see the thread.) Also SOI vs revshare – revshare is obviously safer, risk is on your side. There’s also a surprise special tip 3 by legendary @matulooo but I can’t let this one out to the freebie-vultures. >> And, basically, you should just go here and hit Subscribe, yer welcome<< Very First Conversion 1 Hour After Launching Campaign Another newbie making us shed tears of pride. “A baby step, yet I am thrilled! Please check attachment.” Your first conversion and the sudden adrenaline rush is what addicts you to this game. It’s unforgettable. Green just so happens to be STMers’ favourite colour. Green also happens to be the family name of one of STM’s legendary founders, too. Our guides and mods and community paint your screenshots green. >> Go ye here and encourage this newbie asap << wipes tear First 10$ Profit / +25$ Revenue (plus a mild case of the shiny object syndrome) Would you stop cutting these bloody onions? Thank you. Oh look, another newbie profitable. Oh look, it’s @ivan the terrible from above explaining how it took him 120+ offers and 3 months before seeing steady green numbers. Also, you have the occasional STM wisdom thrown in. This newbie seems to have a mild case of the shiny object syndrome. Others are trying to provide the cure before it’s too late. You wanna read all the replies in there, newbie or not. >> Go shed some manly tears like I did and absorb STM wisdom like a sponge <<

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$100k/month Follow Along [Almost There]

February 12, 2020

$100k/month Follow Along [Almost There] Yeehaw! Typically you hear of a newbie making a dollarydoo here and there. They start a follow along. They get profitable. Many reach 3-4 figure a day. And the majority find success and profit handsomely (thanks to STM, of course). Occasionally though, you hear the STM bar doors slam open against the wall and in walks one mysterious badass looking guy. And then everyone goes quiet and heads are turned. That’s what pretty much happened here: Guy walks into STM like a badass coming out of the shadows Guy is sick of the agency life and dealing with clients Guy starts a big (profitable) follow along Guy’s already a third of the way there but wants to scale to $3,333/day or $100k/month Guy’s gonna make it happen super soon Your jaw drops and you start drooling at his weekly updates and numbers You then hit ‘Subscribe to thread’ and the ‘Thanks’ button He’s running clean whitehat leadgen at about 100% ROI. He’s doing it consistently. He’s scaling and posting stats and updates. >> And, basically, you should just go here and hit Subscribe, yer welcome << These Guys Know How To Make $$$ With Gambling Offers! Hope you are ready to start your gambling promotion! Guys from Leadbit Gambling know how to show good results with the apps. They will help you to do the first steps in Gambling. You need to pay attention to these TWO things: the app and the creatives. APP: If you use the app for promotion, you will forget about account bans. Because apps pass moderation, and you only need to pick up the app and make creatives. CREATIVES: Focus on the emotions of winning. Check our example. (link: Don’t have any experience in Gambling? Leadbit Team will help you to start step-by-step. Leadbit Gambling is one of the leading CPA networks with a team of professionals that has a unique strategy and own apps for offers. Leadbit Team is always here to give you advice for promotion! Enjoy a great performance in the industry. Leadbit GAMBLING is all about: • Own apps • High bids • Personal payment conditions • Exclusive offers and MULTI GEO • Bonuses for CPA tools • Advanced analytics • Leadbit Store with valuable prizes Leadbit Gambling is waiting for you! Contact Leadbit Team: Telegram: @leadbit_manager Skype: account17.leadbit Thank you! What do TikTok, Wild Boars & FB Ads Have in Common? 25% Lower CPAs Bear with me on this one! Mr @wakeboarder, a.k.a. Tim, a.k.a. “Lord of the Boars”, a.k.a. Creator of one of STM’s best-est follow-alongs ever, a.k.a. The _living embodiment of the entrepreneurial spirit strikes yet again_. This time around we’re shown an ingenious way to: A) Snag creatives for cheap from an untapped “influencer” “market” - TikTok B) How to use said creatives and the exact age groups to hit C) WHY this works so well and why you should jump into it ASAP Think of TikTok as an affiliate offer with a street payout. Picture thousands of hungry affiliates mauling each other for crumbs. TikTokkers make no moo-lah, my friend. That by itself should be big enough a clue for ye. Basically,* that’s all I can reveal* for nowz. We don’t want starving freebie-seekers putting their skinny hands on precious STM golden nuggets now, do we? P.S. Check reply #10, again by Tim, showing a hilarious creative made for the wild boars - but you have been warned, do not eat/drink anything because you will choke and die laughing. P.S.S. It seems this thread’s turning into one of dem butterfly-STM-effect threads and is getting even more golden nuggets. Enjoy the snowball. Go ye here, see how Tim does his magic, and then do it yerself while TikTokkers still haven’t figured out they can charge at least 10x more for this stuff It’s The Small Victories - First $5 Revenue Day You think that $100k/month follow along guy started there? No. He started at $5/day too. As mentioned earlier, here’s one of those newbies finding success, lemme just lazily copy-paste the entire thread below: “It was actually my first green camp (apart from my super lucky $1 guide smartlink one). I had been chasing success in POPs, only to try PUSH out of frustration and I got lucky. I couldn't have done it without the amazing help and encouragement that everyone has shown me here at STM. You all deserve medals for being such helpful heroes! I hope this is the start of a journey into profit for me. I'm looking forward to a better life for my family, and this $5 is probably the first tiny step forwards for me in my AM journey. That's why I'm excited. It's proof that I am learning and improving. Now all I have to do is work even harder and make my first $10 revenue day.” If you’re a newbie, please read that last line a couple of more times. It is absolutely vital to your success to keep working harder after you find success. This guy makes us all puff our chests up out of sheer pride. Go make someone’s day better – encourage a newbie so they can reach those same $100k/month figures

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[FREE STUFF] Grab “The Beauty” - A Special-Snowflake Type of Push Sub Collection Lander

February 05, 2020

[FREE STUFF] Grab “The Beauty” - A Special-Snowflake Type of Push Sub Collection Lander First of all, you’re welcome. Second of all, this special-snowflake of a push sub collection lander (me quotez): “may or may not be following your traffic sources policies.” So handle her with care for she is a dangerous beauty. Thanks to an overly generous STM gang member who goes by the nickname of @affiliatecase, you can do the following with “The Beauty”: Plug her into the back redirect scripts on your landers Automatically detect a browser’s native settings Has an exit intent pop-up Anything your cheeky affiliate imagination can muster up Mind you this is specifically designed for OneSignal’s Push Notification service. What’s next? You can start by thanking me, your writer, for finding “her” and then perhaps extend your thanks to @affiliatecase with the “Thanks” button as well. And then clicking the link below. P.S. It wasn’t even me who found “The Beauty” thread, ‘twas @vortex, but I would like to collect all the internet glory anyways. >> Clickie here, download “The Beauty” .zip and plug ‘er into yer landers << Making the Most Money Off Your Adult Traffic Dating is the undisputed king in the Adult vertical. Everyone is familiar with it, and while it is a highly competitive market, dating offers as we know them are going to be around for a long time. Cam sites and tube sites have popped up everywhere on the internet, but nothing compares to the allure and thrill of browsing and interacting with local singles. In our modern times, people are hyper connected but more lonely than ever - that’s what keeps the curious users and dating conversions rolling in. More and more end users are looking for all types of dating experiences online. However, that doesn’t mean it is easy to profit from the same old run of the mill dating offers. STM dating expert Matuloo weighs in with some wisdom: _“If you are trying to make it in dating using the same offers that every affiliate network rebrokers...good luck! You may as well start throwing money out the window. Dating is one of those verticals where offer means everything, find them or you’re toast. Working directly with the advertiser is the only way at times._” Thankfully there are some direct advertisers out there that go the extra mile to craft dating offers that speak directly to the wants and needs of the modern user. VIPoffers is one direct advertiser network that has been consistently rated top notch for over 20 years. Here’s some quick reasons why you need to work with VIPoffers: Pure Profit - VIPoffers has paid out over $2 Billion in affiliate commissions since 1996. Trusted Partner - VIPoffers has been a pioneer in the online dating space for over 20 years - they’re here to stay. Goodbye Saturation - With thousands of offers and fully-custom white labels available, VIPoffers has you covered with something new that nobody has seen before. Multiple Offer Types - Whether you’re looking for CPL, CPA, CC submits, SOI or DOI, VIPoffers has a deep database of offers that will generate the most profit from your traffic. Top Payouts - Talk with a VIPoffers account manager today and get the best payouts for your high-quality traffic. Landing Page Legends - With a full stack in-house development team, VIPoffers pushes the envelope developing new landers, tours, and flows that continue to change the game year after year. Are you looking to monetize your dating traffic? Team up with VIPoffers today and start working with the best in the industry - you and your bank account will be happy you did. Sign up today! Shhh….Let’s Whisper-Talk FB Spy Tools Careful now, don’t let the Zucc hear this. For he might come rubbing everybody’s shoulders and banning accounts. Anywhomz. An STMer interested in running sweeparoos on FB asks what the best FB spy tools are. Diligently, @matuloo jumped in with the bag of golden nuggets and other mods followed shortly after. We can’t openly talk about this stuff without angering The Zucc, so I’ll just mention 1-2 of the tools in the thread and ye shall find the rest inside by yerself: AdPatrol (it’s like that quiet new kid on the block that packs a punch) MagicAdz (kinda old-school and well-known) But that’s not even the best part. What’s inside the thread are what seems like entire “advertorials” reviewing all the various spy tools out there. The link posted by @matuloo has like, dozens of FB spy tools and sneaky spy services. Plus there’s a second long list of spy tools being recommended by Mobidea. Plus there’s one member revealing their home-made and not-yet-live (beta) brand-spanking new spy tool. Plus tons more. Plus @vortex showing us that some of these bad boys have threads in the “Discounts” section. >> Go here and cherry-pick your favourite spy tools << Yet Another $1 Guide Success (From a Day 1 Campaign) > Go hit the ‘Thanks’ button here <<

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