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SINCE 2011

STM Forum was launched late one night in January 2011 with the goal of providing case studies, guides, high quality information on a variety of topics and to act as a core networking hub for industry veterans.

7 years later we are ​ the authoritative forum on affiliate marketing and our reach continues to expand. We now provide higher education, host conferences and local networking events, and are continuing to improve and expand what the forum offers every affiliate marketer.

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Silicon Valley

March 14, 2023

Silicon Valley Remember when Jim Cramer told us to buy Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) stonks? That was three weeks ago. I’m not kidding. Thx, Cramer. Plus, there are numerous affiliate dollarydoos rolling about in Sillicon Valley Bank’s spreadsheets. Will fellow STMers get their money back? Who knows. Will there be a bailout? I would trust South Park’s sound judgement. Anywhoms. You looking for a new U-S-A bank? A safe-ish place to tuck yer profits? See where STMers hide their money. 👉👉👉 Ye might wanna take a peek inside. How to Scale Affiliate Campaigns in March Look here: “I have a simple campaign that's been profitable for about the past 2-3 years but struggling to scale it, but the ads/campaign seems pretty ever green. I've set it up 2 campaigns (1 lowest cost, 1 cost cap) and in each 1 adset, 1 ad. The budget in total for the accounts is $50-100 depending on the account. However, anytime I scale it to $100 or above, the ROI drops negative. But $20-50 budget it's 100-300% ROI. So far if I add another account at $50, it performs well. The moment I increase spends, the ROI just drops like crazy. The audience is broad (whole country, 35+) in tier 1. Is there any way to structure this different or a method to scale it properly? I haven't been able to find much in the old threads or any info online on this.” Interesting. What is an affiliate supposed to do? Raise budgets? Cast spells? Duplicate? Pray to the affiliate gods? You need to be careful. For one, don’t touch yer working campaign. Like, ever. For two, see below. 👉👉👉 Scale Yer Campaigns Now

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🪣+💰= $60,027 a Day - $800,452 in a Month

March 08, 2023

$60,027 a Day - $800,452 in a Month What this I hear? Cha-ching Point yer eyeballs here: See this? That’s @thealimoon. But it gets better. This is all Clickbank. Yeah–good old Click-bank. $800,452 in a single month. I’m about to shed a manly tear too: “In April 2022, We accomplished our most significant revenue milestone yet, generating $800,452 in a single month. A huge shout out to the STM Forum for playing a major role in my success.” Deep inside ye shall find the exact offers they’ve run too. Yer most welcome. 👉👉👉 Hit The Thx Button Here [SPONSORED] Best PPL Cam Offer - Up to $20/Lead CrakRevenue and Jerkmate have JUST released their highest-paying PPL offer EVER! Check out these stats for Jerkmate, and tell me you’re not impressed: Pays up to $20 per lead $100+ Million paid out to affiliates - on this CrakRevenue exclusive offer! Tens of millions of monthly visits and thousands of smoking-hot models worldwide Probably the highest-paying PPL offer in the cam industry, and one of the largest and most visited premium cam sites! All you need to do: Insert your affiliate link into the creative of your choice, and send traffic! CrakRevenue will send each user to the most relevant landing page - to maximize conversions! CrakRevenue gives you access to the most advanced promotion tools and best support: Dedicated, AI-optimized landing pages Specific customer flows for different niches Top-notch customer experience team Jerkmate is simply as lucrative an opportunity as it gets! Don’t sleep on this. Create your CrakRevenue account, get in contact with their support team, and start promoting Jerkmate TODAY to get the most profits from your traffic! >> Grab YOUR Slice of the $100M+ Pie! Lazy Neo Interviews AI Employees Lazy Neo’s about to fire up Skynet 2.0. Good luck boys. “As I already told I am currently testing AI assistants for coding. There are so many different plugins available for PyCharm that I wanted to find out which ones bring the best results. Although several of the plugins are based on GPT-3 there are still differences that make some more attractive than others. I tested these plugins for the comparison: AI Coding Assistant Amazon Codewhisperer Ask Codi Bito ChatGPT Code4Me CodeGeeX Codeium Github Copilot Tabnine To get the same conditions for all of the AIs I just grabbed 14 different coding exercises from PYnative and let all of the plugins complete the exercises.” There’s a bunch of code in there. I dunno, see for yourself, it’s all Chinese to me. But it seems our new AI friends have passed most of the tests successfully. Does that me we can stop outsourcing landing pages? Is Arnie coming to save us? Ye be the judge. 👉👉👉 Quench Yer AI Thirst In Here How Would a Newbie Test Multiple GEOs Without Breaking The Wallet? Dear newbies, How often have ye wondered this: “But I want to test all the good geos. Say there are 12. Do I treat that as 12 different campaigns in propellerads? Each campaign to a single geo? Each campaign to its own funnel in FF?” I’ll say this. It’d be unwise to swing yer cash at 12 GEOs right off the bat. Especially if ye don’t have the experience. That gut feeling. The wisdom. “This is an expensive test, and I believe it could work as written.” What if your beliefs are wrong? @larsometer sheds tons of light. Take notes. 👉👉👉 Don’t Make These Mistakes

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WH Health Insurance Lead Gen? Good luck my fiend.

March 01, 2023

WH Health Insurance on FB Affiliate World Dubai’s happening right now. How many will read ze newsletter? Not many. So we’ll keep it short and suh-weet. Observe: “Hello guys, I have been trying out health insurance offers via facebook ads, my angle is somewhat white hat in the sense that the campaign is very clear that its a health insurance ad, my cost per website lead is around $4.00 and the offer I am pushing has a payout of $4.50. I have spent close to $70 in two days, I have recorded just 4 clicks and 1 lead. Is there anyone who is running campaigns in this particular niche and what advice can you give me to approach health insurance offers?” 4 clicks and 1 lead out of $70? Somethin’s off, see inside. Anywhoms–US lead gen is hyper competitive right now. If ye wanna know what to do and where to run WH health insurance… 👉👉👉 Go Ye Here [SPONSORED] 😱Revealed: The New Tracker All Super Affiliates Use Hey {name}, I wanted to share with you a super exciting tool everyone is talking about. For those that have short attention spans, here's the summary : Its a tracker and its called ClickFlare It was created by industry veterans, the same amazing team that built TheOptimizer Its going to be free till June 1st You can create your free account by using the link below: Create Your Free Account Here Most trackers have been built many years ago. They not really up to date with what affiliates need these days. ClickFlare is brand new and has modernized the whole concept of a tracker. What makes it different? Extremely clean, beautiful and simple user interface Native integrations with all major traffic sources. This means the ability to pull exact cost data in your tracker Native integration with all the search feeds. We all know search arbitrage has been the hottest thing for the past year in aff marketing ;);) Conversion API integrations with all major traffic sources. Means you will be able to post conversions back to FB , TikTok , Google etc It has its own "Google Tag Manager" integrated. So you put a script once in your landers and you dont need to touch it anymore. There are many many more exciting features it has but I want to keep this email short. Again, use the link below to get your free account till this lasts : Create Your Free Account Here Cheers Lazy Neo Casts Wicked ChatGPT Spells He, The Chosen One himself has managed to unlock ChatGPT’s darkest secrets. For one, he’s making the poor robot write code for free. Here’s one such spell: Beats me what this poor digital beast’s been spitting out, but it seems useful. Perhaps ye can start firing your devs. “ChatGPT and Copilot combined is really fun to play with it I already have an idea how I can post about my experiences, I already try to setup something that works together with the idea from THIS POST Maybe I can get some of you excited for that stuff as well, it´s really interesting and offers so many new possibilities ” 👉👉👉 Remain tuned for more Neo ChatGPT Magic Here Tuck This Follow-Along In Yer Bookmarks -- $50k/month Here’s an interesting FA to keep an eyeball on: “Hello everyone, I'm reading a lot in this forum and it's time for me to act. This follow-along will be helpful for people who want to start working with Facebook ads in leadgen niche and also it will be useful for me to keep myself more organized with goals and tasks My background: I don't have any successful experience with AM, in the past, I tried to launch gambling campaigns through Facebook and also tried adult dating through banner/push sources. I worked for 7 years as a software engineer developing iOS apps. My Goal: 50k$/month in profit running Facebook ads for whitehat offers in Tier1. (1666$/day) In leadgen niche average ROI is 20-30%, that's means I have to spend at least 6-7k per day on ads, which I don't think should be so hard working with whitehat offers. Thanks @rcheungltd for writing his success story, where he mentioned that it was possible to achieve 20k+/day revenue in 3 months.” 👉👉👉 Hit The Sub & Thanks Buttons Right Her

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🥹 When Your ROI Goes from 250% to 25%...

February 21, 2023

How to Mend The 250% to 25% ROI Drop Pains Check this out: “Hello. I hope you are all doing well. I have been running a campaign ever since 16 November 2022. It had a ROI of 250% and was giving me profits of $150-$200 daily. Now the ROI has dropped drastically to about 25% and I am now earning about $75-$90 daily profits. Is there anything I can do to make my ROI go back to 250% or even better?” What do ye do when your 3-month long camp’s ROI drops from 250% to 25%? $200 to $75. I’ll give you a quick tip. For one, you don’t ever touch your working campaign. Ever. You do that, and you kiss your sweet ROI goodbye. For two? Find inside the most common culprit causing your ROIs to tank. What to do about it (and how often) Plus, what to do to (and let me quote a reply) “STAY winning”. Yer welcome. 👉👉👉 Get Your Digital Painkillers Here More Pains – Loan: -30% ROI, Solar: -22% ROI On that same ROI ache note, here’s some more: “I have been running solar and personal loans on TikTok but the results were not quite stable and good so I moved to FB and there at the initial days it was profitable but now it sucks. The CTRs are upto 8% for loans and 4% for solar but still no result. Loan: -30% ROI Solar: -22% ROI Cant understand what to do next. Even with such high CTR I'm not at least breaking even. The offers are revshare, my EPC is 0.72 for loans and 2.03 for solar. I dont know whether the offer isnt good or it's my fault. The CR for loans is 64% and 38% for solar.” What is it? The offer? The landers? Zuckerberg? Maybe it’s the network scrubbing. Inside you’ll see @brentcollins’ best-performing creatives and angles. And a breakdown of what to do… And what not to do. **Oh, and if you think an affiliate offer’s out of your control…think again. See you inside. 👉👉👉 I Blame Zuckerberg But You Can See For Yourself Thx TikTok TikTok’s released juicy new tools: More data (CPA, CTR, CVR, View through rates etc) Intel on keywords in video, audio, or ads Intel on products sold/promoted By country / market / segment Historic data on CVR/CPA for a video over time There’s one way to filter that spits out pain points, wink wink. See inside. 👉👉👉 Discuss and Hit Thanks Here

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🧔🏻 Saint Jaybot Hits $1,053,252/yr

February 14, 2023

Jaybot The Saint Hits $1M Revenue in 2022 Has Jaybot The Saint gone soft? Has The World’s Most Boring Follow Along gotten…boring? Curse words few and far between… Profits… …Kindness. It seems to me this here thread’s missing some of the ‘ol Newsletter Curse. Let’s crank this baby up. Look at these numbers down here: “$1,053,252 That's two commas. Still sloppy, as I'm sure there are a few minor offers or networks I'm missing, but this is close enough.” So yes. More than $1 million dollars in revenue. From about 20 networks, with the majority coming from 3 of them. But. Do I get to keep any of it? Let's see... $1.05m minus $901k... Just about $151k profit for 2022. Give or take $5k or so for subscriptions, hosting, spytools, etc. etc.” Not bad. Scroll over to the next page and ye see a glimpse of the old Jaybot. “Oh #$@. %$# that. You're just asking for the curse to come now, %$%$#% I must have been tired and didn't have time to pepper my post with as many eloquent euphemisms and colloquial mannerisms as possible. Won't $%#@%@ happen again, sir. I promise!” That’s better. But what’s even better is we’re expecting a juicy January update. Jaybot left me no options but to write this here long#$@ piece–or we get no January update. Yer welcome. 👉👉👉 Hit All The Thanks Buttons Here Is Facebook Agency Ads Account the Best Way to Get Targeted Traffic in 2023? Looking for quality traffic with potential to scale big? Facebook agency ad accounts are a great option. Why Facebook? Great Audience Targeting: With access to billions of user data, Facebook allows you to target and retarget your ads to people based on interests, behaviors, demographics, etc. This can do wonders to conversion rates. Effective Ad Formats: Facebook has many ad formats to choose from, including image and video ads, carousel ads, and even augmented reality ads. You can choose the most-effective format for your message and audience. Variety of Ad Placements: Facebook offers a variety of ad placements, including the Facebook feed, Instagram feed, and Facebook stories. This gives you access to a large audience, offering scalability. Why Agency Ads Accounts? More Cost-Effective: You can set a budget and bid for ad placements, which allows you more control over your advertising spend, and get the most out of your budget. Greater Reach: With billions of active users on Facebook, you can increase your reach - and therefore conversions - in a big way. Measurable Results: Facebook provides detailed stats on ad performance. This will allow you to tweak your campaign accordingly to improve your ROI. The conclusion? Facebook agency ads accounts are the number one way to get targeted traffic in 2023. >> Take Your Advertising to the Next Level with FB Agency Accounts There’s Only 1 Way to Fix Low-Quality Leads “I was running some Facebook traffic and my AM told me the advertiser asked to stop the traffic because the lead quality was not good.” Let’s say your leads are coming on hot from Facebook. That’s decent traffic, for the most part. And let’s say your ad is 100% compliant and makes no false claims. And let’s say your demos are exactly what your advertiser’s looking for. Yet an advertiser would still whine how low quality your traffic is. And then ye get booted off the offer. There’s only one STM way to fix this. Which ye’ll see inside. Plus, there’s this one question you can ask your network. That should tell you whether YOU should give your network the boot. 👉👉👉 Click In & Absorb Just About Your Last Chance to Meet STMers in Dubai Waste no more time. RSVP to the Dubai meet-up right nao or remain silent. We’ve got 20 people or thereabouts coming. Plus one of STM’s founders is showing up. When? Where? How? Here: “WHEN: 28th February, 12:00 (noon) WHERE: DUBAI, location to be announced later on WHO'S COMING? Here is a list of those who confirmed attendance and we are more than happy to welcome any STMer to join us for this lunch. If you are not on the list below, please post in this thread and we will fit you in: @matuloo @vortex @shshv @mxarco @Rhino @anacona @proleagion @jllopezpino @mostbet partners @affimediabv @dominium @benflux @saba33 @humandealer @noname1club @diginige @pajopa01 @xelder media @bjsmoux @aleks_pin-up_partners @bbrock32 @lonewolf_26 @thefellasads Want to join us? Please post a reply to show you're interested. NOTE: This is going to be a STRICTLY STM members only event, only one person per username will be allowed to participate. Thanks for your understanding ” 👉👉👉 RSVP Here

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💀 $840.00 Per Day @ 87.81% ROI

February 07, 2023

$840.00 Per Day @ 87.81% ROI @shadowcorp’s one OG affiliate dog. He hit his first $1 million when he was 23. Then he lost it all. Only to gain it back again. Only to lose it all… Now? He (was) back at square Zero. A TikTok follow-along ye want in yer bookmarks ASAP. Here’s how it started: Traffic Source: Tiktok Tacker: RedTrack Offers: Financial, VSL, Home Restoration. Testing Style: Spray and pray Scaling: Once I find something working on tiktok, will move it to FB, Snap and GoogleAds. Budget per campaign: Depending on the offer this will range anywhere from $50-$200 And here’s how it’s going: $840.00/day. Why so low? His cap’s stuck. I suggest ye hit that thanks button and ye subscribe to this thread. Big numbers are to come. See? Once ye have the experience you can crack any TS quickly. Yer welcome. 👉👉👉 Go Hit The Thanks Button Here **[SPONSORED] Agency Ad Accounts: Aggressive Verticals + Zero Bans + No Spending Limits = Unlimited Scaling! ** Did you know that agency ad accounts are NOT created equal? If you need stable ad accounts with zero downtime, check out ScaliX Agency - we’re one of the biggest agencies in the world, managing close to $20 Million per month in ad spend. ScaliX agency accounts are stronger than average accounts. We’re talking about whitelisted, high-quality ad accounts with a high level of trust, that are created and validated by Direct Partners. Here are the benefits: Run ANY vertical - no matter how aggressive! ZERO bans! NO spending limits! (You can spend $10k/day from day one without needing to warm up the account!) Access UNLIMITED number of accounts! (As long as you’re spending on each!) Get cheaper CPMs and CPAs! (This is due to the high trust level.) Easy account top-ups! Accounts are available on these platforms: Facebook Tiktok Google & Youtube Bing Outbrain Twitter Experience it to believe it! A 4.5-star trustpilot rating from happy clients can’t be wrong! >> Access ScaliX’s accounts to skyrocket your scaling today! All Hail Our AI Overlords…? Don’t fret…I ain’t gonna bore ye with ‘the great AI revolution’. Your newsfeeds are full of this *#$@. There’s only one thing us affiliates wanna know. Can these hard-working digital robots make us more money? And do we want more such content on STM? Lazy Neo himself demands an answer to his poll right here. 9 are so far in favour. And 0 against. Perhaps it’s robots voting. Perhaps it’s STMers. Fight them all you want. Resistance is futile. 👉👉👉 Cast Yer AI Vote Here Don’t Forget To RSVP To The STM Dubai Meetup, Bro After a couple of tries my newest mistress, ChatGPT, managed to spew this up: “STM members, brace yourselves for a feast of friendship in Dubai! On February 28th, join us for a lunch that will tantalize your taste buds and bring your online community to life. This is your chance to mix and mingle with @vortex, @matuloo, and other top STM members in a relaxed and non-formal setting. Say goodbye to virtual conversations and hello to real-life connections over plates of delicious food. Let's raise a toast to life, business, and good times while creating memories that will last a lifetime. This is a members-only event, so don't miss your chance to be a part of the STM elite. RSVP now and get ready to dig in to the ultimate STM Meetup experience in Dubai!“ “A feast of friendship”. Not bad, but not good either. I gave her another few queries, including: “Write this as if you're talking to a friend or family member, drop all formalities” And here’s what she gave me: "Hey there STM member, it's me, your friendly neighborhood AI! I've got some exciting news to share with you. On February 28th, we're all heading to Dubai for a lunch with the STM community and I just know it's going to be epic. You'll finally get to meet all the amazing people you've been chatting with online, like @vortex, @shshv, and other top STM members. Can you even imagine breaking bread with these folks and chatting about life, business, and everything else in between? It's going to be a blast! No stuffy formalities, no scripted conversations - just good food, great company, and a relaxed atmosphere to make new friends and have a good time. And the best part? This is a members-only event, so you'll be hanging with an exclusive crew of STM members. So, what do you say? Are you in? I already know the answer is a big, fat YES! Trust me, you won't regret it. RSVP now and let's make this the best STM Meetup ever!" Yours truly’s happy. We may soon have one overly sarcastic robot to write these things. 👉👉👉 RSVP For Dubai Meetup Here

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❤️‍🔥 Deadly Pay Per Call FB Ad Spells

February 01, 2023

Deadly STM Pay Per Call FB Spells Lurk Below What’s this? Yet another seemingly innocent thread. Look at this: “Hi guys, which facebook attribution window setting is good for pay per call offers conversion. Should I make it default or manual? Any expert here guys?” Ye’d think a quick reply or two and it’s /thread. But nay. This STM. Innocent replies quickly spiral into a gem ye need to tuck into yer bookmarks. And tuck it up high. Here, lemme get you the starter: “I see a lot of questions about PPC on Facebook right now and they all seem to be missing the forest for the trees. The magic isn't in the minutiae, it is in the offer and the creatives. Finding a good buyer is a vastly more productive task than worrying about attribution settings, image vs video, targeting (broad, the answer is always broad), etc.” If you’re wondering why your pay per call campaigns get 100% ROI one day… Only to get to -60% the next… You need the desert. And that, my friend, ye shall find inside. Yer welcome. 👉👉👉 Max-Level Pay Per Call Spells In Here [SPONSORED] What’s the Best Vertical to Run in Year 2023? A Global Economic Recession is upon us. Not surprisingly, the Payday Loans market is expected to reach new heights. Loans offers are HOT and will only get HOTTER. If you’re not running these recession-proof offers, you’re missing out! Get in touch with PDL Profit - a CPA network specializing in loan offers: ✔️ 200+ Pay Day Loan offers - USA, India, Philippines, Latin America, Asia, Europe. ✔️ Instant 0-day payments! Withdraw your profits as early as minutes after it shows up in your affiliate dashboard. (Minimum threshold $50.) ✔️ Bonus payout bumps for big traffic volumes. (Payments via PayPal, Payoneer, Tether, Webmoney, Visa, Mastercard etc.) ✔️ Want to support the Ukraine? We have a way for you to donate directly! ✔️ Want an offer we don’t currently have? Tell us and we’ll get it for you! You’ll get access to these CR-boosting tools: 🔥 SMS-Sender service: Lets you send 4000 free SMS messages per month to potential leads. Just enter the number and the text message and hit send! 🔥 Showcase builder: Can increase your CR by up to 30%! We have full history on each borrower, and will customize the offers we show to each person. 🔥 Smartlink: Increases CR by up to 150%! Our intelligent algorithm will analyze every user, and show him the most relevant offers with the best chance of conversion. 🔥 API Integration 3k satisfied affiliates are already working with us! Ready to join us? >> Tap into the Recession-Proof Pay Day Loans Market Today! 1922 Ranking Factors on Yandex, They’re All Yours Shhh… Yandex’ entire source code has been leaked. Whoops. Maybe ye can see it inside. Maybe not. But I’ll be damned if 1922 ranking factors ain’t a lot. Here’s the better news tho… Yandex’ code has been written by ex-Google employees. Is it time we all switched to SEO? You be the judge. 👉👉👉 Make Your Own Yandex, With BlackJack & Conversions Sky Diving in Dubai With STMers – Got The Balls? Your boy @Rhino needs backup. “This is kind of unusual request. But whenever i go to Dubai, i like to go for sky diving. One of my friends who was supposed to come with me, chickened out at the last moment. So, i am all by myself. I don't want to jump off the plane alone. Does anyone(from stm) wants to join me? We can do it 1-2 days before or after the AW Dubai event.” Us affiliates are known to have massive, heavy risk-taking balls. For the digital space–at least. But have ye got the balls to sky dive with STMers in Dubai? 👉👉👉 See Here

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🦆 Affiliate Migration to Dubai -- 28th Feb, 2023

January 25, 2023

😎 STMers Flocking to Dubai This February 28th Pack up & get ready. This is one month away. Put dem campaigns on pause and hop over to Dubai. Come meet yer STM familia in person. Get yerself a fancy STM forum t-shirt. Yes, it’s free. So is the lunch. Come discuss ‘the business’ with yer fellow members. Drink. Eat. Make money. Have fun. Et cetera. WHEN: 28th February, 12:00 (noon) WHERE: DUBAI, location to be announced later on With whom? Yer usual suspects. Plus whomever RSPVs. Don’t wait up and let us know if you’re coming. See your shifty affiliate eyeballs in Dubai. 👉👉👉 RSVP For STM Meetup HERE [SPONSORED] Agency Ad Accounts: Aggressive Verticals + Zero Bans + No Spending Limits = Unlimited Scaling! Did you know that agency ad accounts are NOT created equal? If you need stable ad accounts with zero downtime, check out ScaliX Agency. ScaliX agency accounts are stronger than average accounts. We’re talking about whitelisted, high-quality ad accounts with a high level of trust, that are created and validated directly by Agency Partners. Here are the benefits: Run ANY vertical - no matter how aggressive! ZERO bans! NO spending limits! (You can spend $10k/day from day one without needing to warm up the account!) Access UNLIMITED number of accounts! (As long as you’re spending on each!) Get cheaper CPMs and CPAs! (This is due to the high trust level.) Easy account top-ups! Accounts are available on these platforms: Facebook & Instagram Tiktok Google & Youtube Bing Outbrain Twitter Experience it to believe it! A 4.5-star trustpilot rating from happy clients can’t be wrong! >> Access ScaliX’s accounts to skyrocket your scaling today!** 😎 Can You Be All Things to All People? While the world’s greatest marketeeers might be on STM, that’s not the case at conferences. Especially so when we’re talking new affiliate networks, baby affiliate managers and the mass confusion that conferences can be. Digital rogues & wizards? Yes, 100%. Real life? Y'all can’t sell for sh#%. Observe: “I often see the same when getting DMs, either on here, social media, the ASW app, or other platforms. Someone will message me and say "Hey we do widgets A, B, and C." And I'll politely respond with "Thank you for reaching out, however I'm currently focused on gizmo X." And inevitably they'll respond with, "Oh we do gizmo X as well." And at that point they just come across as desperate and reaching.” This walks right past Sales 101, skips it, turns around and flips it the bird. Plus, ye can’t be everything to everyone. That’s not how ye sell yerself and yer company. Can you feel your blood pressure rising? Good. More good stuff you can discuss inside. You can thank @iwanttofly. Yer welcome. 👉👉👉 Here Ye Go, Discuss

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