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STM Forum was launched late one night in January 2011 with the goal of providing case studies, guides, high quality information on a variety of topics and to act as a core networking hub for industry veterans.

7 years later we are ​ the authoritative forum on affiliate marketing and our reach continues to expand. We now provide higher education, host conferences and local networking events, and are continuing to improve and expand what the forum offers every affiliate marketer.

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[Scary Case Study] 9,000 Conversions - $2,000 in Profit - Tiny GEO

February 19, 2020

[Scary Case Study] 9,000 Conversions - $2,000 in Profit - Tiny GEO - Thanks Ivan The Terrible From an “_ex lurker & former Bambi_”, @ivan the terrible now strikes fear into all things pops. Innocent pops shiver in fear when they hear thy name, my friend. To be more specifique – we’re talking all things pops in Palestine. Numberos below: Time period: December 2018 – March 2019 GEO: Palestine Vertical: Sweepstakes Traffic source: PropellerAds Affiliate network: ClickDealer Traffic type: Pops Spent: $1,178.00 Revenue: $3,213.00 Profit: $2,035.00 A small case study you may think. But looks can be deceiving. The lessons behind this are what turns it into yet another STM golden nugget. Quote: “I also wanted to try to stimulate other members as well, members who are lurking on forum and maybe feeling intimidated, stuck in analysis paralysis or for whatever reason it might be… to come outside from the shadows and to make follow along.” Actually, _screw this_, I’ll let Ivan The Terrible do all the selling here because he’s so right: “By joining STM forum, you already did one huge step. _You made a very wise and informed decision_, now it's time to _ go even further and use this awesome community to your advantage._” This is for all of you Gollums. For all of you hiding in the dark shadowy depths of STM forum, afraid to come out. Further quote: “Let me tell you this. I took harder way and I've learned that things will never going to be perfect. And that they doesn't have to be perfect. There is no such thing as perfect moment to start. So please don't be like me and make follow along I promise you, you will get awesome support, you won't regret it and you will be in best hands 🙏“ Yes! I wish I could paste in the entire massive thread in here but your email client’s going to chew and then spit this newsletter out. Ivan’s sneaky campaign lasted a good 3 months. 9,000 conversions. $2,000 profit. Priceless lessons. Stick yer eyes to the exact process used to get there - from research to planning to execution. To mindset. To having a clear, defined system. Plus the one thing you must never, ever mess up when running campaigns in 2020. Doesn’t matter if it’s pops or FB or G Ads or a Craiglist ad - no joke, no sales pitch, just go see, it really is crucial. >> Go ye here, read Ivan The Terrible’s terrifying case study and hit that thanks button ASAP...or actually, hit the thanks button first and then do the rest << [SPONSORED] Push Notifications: Why You Should Try It Howdy folks, Clickadu here! We’re giving out bonus traffic – interested? In case you haven’t tried Clickadu’s Push Notifications traffic, we have prepared an incentive for you to try. This is what you’ll get: • 2BLN of multi-geo Push Traffic from direct publishers • Four pricing models: CPC, SmartCPA, SmartCPM, CPM • More verticals allowed than on any other ad network • And last but not least: 25% cashback* to test our traffic for yourself! How to get it? Simply apply promo code PUSHBASH during the registration process, then start launching push campaigns. When you’re done testing, simply claim your cashback to receive it in your account! >> TRY IT NOW << *maximum cashback amount is $250. How to Doge The Boot on Pops Straight up: How do ye not get booted off offers on popperoos? (adult offers) Or in more normal-human-being words: “Is there a way for you not to get kicked out of offers when promoting using pop traffic? When I start getting profitable and start to scale and drive more leads, I get paused due to bad quality. This has happened a few times already. I know that pop traffic is the worst type of traffic but are there offers that you can run long term without getting paused? What vertical would match this traffic type. I was promoting adult dating offers btw. How do you drive pop traffic to offers sustainably?” Short answer, yes. Long-ish answer, yes definitely. 2 primary ways this is done, thanks to our new mod-hero @twinaxe, a.k.a. Lazy Neo, @platinum (native wizard @ The Optimizer) and our very own legendary @matuloo. Quick tip 1 is to shoot over placement IDs to your network and ask which ones are duds for the advertiser -> rinse and repeat. Tip 2 boils down to “cleaning” your traffic – since adult advertisers are typically more strict you want to do this: Start by using language targeting.e.g. the offer’s native language + English. Sneaky redirect rules that get other STMers in the thread to slap their foreheads. (you probably haven’t done any of this either, see the thread.) Also SOI vs revshare – revshare is obviously safer, risk is on your side. There’s also a surprise special tip 3 by legendary @matulooo but I can’t let this one out to the freebie-vultures. >> And, basically, you should just go here and hit Subscribe, yer welcome<< Very First Conversion 1 Hour After Launching Campaign Another newbie making us shed tears of pride. “A baby step, yet I am thrilled! Please check attachment.” Your first conversion and the sudden adrenaline rush is what addicts you to this game. It’s unforgettable. Green just so happens to be STMers’ favourite colour. Green also happens to be the family name of one of STM’s legendary founders, too. Our guides and mods and community paint your screenshots green. >> Go ye here and encourage this newbie asap << wipes tear First 10$ Profit / +25$ Revenue (plus a mild case of the shiny object syndrome) Would you stop cutting these bloody onions? Thank you. Oh look, another newbie profitable. Oh look, it’s @ivan the terrible from above explaining how it took him 120+ offers and 3 months before seeing steady green numbers. Also, you have the occasional STM wisdom thrown in. This newbie seems to have a mild case of the shiny object syndrome. Others are trying to provide the cure before it’s too late. You wanna read all the replies in there, newbie or not. >> Go shed some manly tears like I did and absorb STM wisdom like a sponge <<

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$100k/month Follow Along [Almost There]

February 12, 2020

$100k/month Follow Along [Almost There] Yeehaw! Typically you hear of a newbie making a dollarydoo here and there. They start a follow along. They get profitable. Many reach 3-4 figure a day. And the majority find success and profit handsomely (thanks to STM, of course). Occasionally though, you hear the STM bar doors slam open against the wall and in walks one mysterious badass looking guy. And then everyone goes quiet and heads are turned. That’s what pretty much happened here: Guy walks into STM like a badass coming out of the shadows Guy is sick of the agency life and dealing with clients Guy starts a big (profitable) follow along Guy’s already a third of the way there but wants to scale to $3,333/day or $100k/month Guy’s gonna make it happen super soon Your jaw drops and you start drooling at his weekly updates and numbers You then hit ‘Subscribe to thread’ and the ‘Thanks’ button He’s running clean whitehat leadgen at about 100% ROI. He’s doing it consistently. He’s scaling and posting stats and updates. >> And, basically, you should just go here and hit Subscribe, yer welcome << These Guys Know How To Make $$$ With Gambling Offers! Hope you are ready to start your gambling promotion! Guys from Leadbit Gambling know how to show good results with the apps. They will help you to do the first steps in Gambling. You need to pay attention to these TWO things: the app and the creatives. APP: If you use the app for promotion, you will forget about account bans. Because apps pass moderation, and you only need to pick up the app and make creatives. CREATIVES: Focus on the emotions of winning. Check our example. (link: Don’t have any experience in Gambling? Leadbit Team will help you to start step-by-step. Leadbit Gambling is one of the leading CPA networks with a team of professionals that has a unique strategy and own apps for offers. Leadbit Team is always here to give you advice for promotion! Enjoy a great performance in the industry. Leadbit GAMBLING is all about: • Own apps • High bids • Personal payment conditions • Exclusive offers and MULTI GEO • Bonuses for CPA tools • Advanced analytics • Leadbit Store with valuable prizes Leadbit Gambling is waiting for you! Contact Leadbit Team: Telegram: @leadbit_manager Skype: account17.leadbit Thank you! What do TikTok, Wild Boars & FB Ads Have in Common? 25% Lower CPAs Bear with me on this one! Mr @wakeboarder, a.k.a. Tim, a.k.a. “Lord of the Boars”, a.k.a. Creator of one of STM’s best-est follow-alongs ever, a.k.a. The _living embodiment of the entrepreneurial spirit strikes yet again_. This time around we’re shown an ingenious way to: A) Snag creatives for cheap from an untapped “influencer” “market” - TikTok B) How to use said creatives and the exact age groups to hit C) WHY this works so well and why you should jump into it ASAP Think of TikTok as an affiliate offer with a street payout. Picture thousands of hungry affiliates mauling each other for crumbs. TikTokkers make no moo-lah, my friend. That by itself should be big enough a clue for ye. Basically,* that’s all I can reveal* for nowz. We don’t want starving freebie-seekers putting their skinny hands on precious STM golden nuggets now, do we? P.S. Check reply #10, again by Tim, showing a hilarious creative made for the wild boars - but you have been warned, do not eat/drink anything because you will choke and die laughing. P.S.S. It seems this thread’s turning into one of dem butterfly-STM-effect threads and is getting even more golden nuggets. Enjoy the snowball. Go ye here, see how Tim does his magic, and then do it yerself while TikTokkers still haven’t figured out they can charge at least 10x more for this stuff It’s The Small Victories - First $5 Revenue Day You think that $100k/month follow along guy started there? No. He started at $5/day too. As mentioned earlier, here’s one of those newbies finding success, lemme just lazily copy-paste the entire thread below: “It was actually my first green camp (apart from my super lucky $1 guide smartlink one). I had been chasing success in POPs, only to try PUSH out of frustration and I got lucky. I couldn't have done it without the amazing help and encouragement that everyone has shown me here at STM. You all deserve medals for being such helpful heroes! I hope this is the start of a journey into profit for me. I'm looking forward to a better life for my family, and this $5 is probably the first tiny step forwards for me in my AM journey. That's why I'm excited. It's proof that I am learning and improving. Now all I have to do is work even harder and make my first $10 revenue day.” If you’re a newbie, please read that last line a couple of more times. It is absolutely vital to your success to keep working harder after you find success. This guy makes us all puff our chests up out of sheer pride. Go make someone’s day better – encourage a newbie so they can reach those same $100k/month figures

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[FREE STUFF] Grab “The Beauty” - A Special-Snowflake Type of Push Sub Collection Lander

February 05, 2020

[FREE STUFF] Grab “The Beauty” - A Special-Snowflake Type of Push Sub Collection Lander First of all, you’re welcome. Second of all, this special-snowflake of a push sub collection lander (me quotez): “may or may not be following your traffic sources policies.” So handle her with care for she is a dangerous beauty. Thanks to an overly generous STM gang member who goes by the nickname of @affiliatecase, you can do the following with “The Beauty”: Plug her into the back redirect scripts on your landers Automatically detect a browser’s native settings Has an exit intent pop-up Anything your cheeky affiliate imagination can muster up Mind you this is specifically designed for OneSignal’s Push Notification service. What’s next? You can start by thanking me, your writer, for finding “her” and then perhaps extend your thanks to @affiliatecase with the “Thanks” button as well. And then clicking the link below. P.S. It wasn’t even me who found “The Beauty” thread, ‘twas @vortex, but I would like to collect all the internet glory anyways. >> Clickie here, download “The Beauty” .zip and plug ‘er into yer landers << Making the Most Money Off Your Adult Traffic Dating is the undisputed king in the Adult vertical. Everyone is familiar with it, and while it is a highly competitive market, dating offers as we know them are going to be around for a long time. Cam sites and tube sites have popped up everywhere on the internet, but nothing compares to the allure and thrill of browsing and interacting with local singles. In our modern times, people are hyper connected but more lonely than ever - that’s what keeps the curious users and dating conversions rolling in. More and more end users are looking for all types of dating experiences online. However, that doesn’t mean it is easy to profit from the same old run of the mill dating offers. STM dating expert Matuloo weighs in with some wisdom: _“If you are trying to make it in dating using the same offers that every affiliate network rebrokers...good luck! You may as well start throwing money out the window. Dating is one of those verticals where offer means everything, find them or you’re toast. Working directly with the advertiser is the only way at times._” Thankfully there are some direct advertisers out there that go the extra mile to craft dating offers that speak directly to the wants and needs of the modern user. VIPoffers is one direct advertiser network that has been consistently rated top notch for over 20 years. Here’s some quick reasons why you need to work with VIPoffers: Pure Profit - VIPoffers has paid out over $2 Billion in affiliate commissions since 1996. Trusted Partner - VIPoffers has been a pioneer in the online dating space for over 20 years - they’re here to stay. Goodbye Saturation - With thousands of offers and fully-custom white labels available, VIPoffers has you covered with something new that nobody has seen before. Multiple Offer Types - Whether you’re looking for CPL, CPA, CC submits, SOI or DOI, VIPoffers has a deep database of offers that will generate the most profit from your traffic. Top Payouts - Talk with a VIPoffers account manager today and get the best payouts for your high-quality traffic. Landing Page Legends - With a full stack in-house development team, VIPoffers pushes the envelope developing new landers, tours, and flows that continue to change the game year after year. Are you looking to monetize your dating traffic? Team up with VIPoffers today and start working with the best in the industry - you and your bank account will be happy you did. Sign up today! Shhh….Let’s Whisper-Talk FB Spy Tools Careful now, don’t let the Zucc hear this. For he might come rubbing everybody’s shoulders and banning accounts. Anywhomz. An STMer interested in running sweeparoos on FB asks what the best FB spy tools are. Diligently, @matuloo jumped in with the bag of golden nuggets and other mods followed shortly after. We can’t openly talk about this stuff without angering The Zucc, so I’ll just mention 1-2 of the tools in the thread and ye shall find the rest inside by yerself: AdPatrol (it’s like that quiet new kid on the block that packs a punch) MagicAdz (kinda old-school and well-known) But that’s not even the best part. What’s inside the thread are what seems like entire “advertorials” reviewing all the various spy tools out there. The link posted by @matuloo has like, dozens of FB spy tools and sneaky spy services. Plus there’s a second long list of spy tools being recommended by Mobidea. Plus there’s one member revealing their home-made and not-yet-live (beta) brand-spanking new spy tool. Plus tons more. Plus @vortex showing us that some of these bad boys have threads in the “Discounts” section. >> Go here and cherry-pick your favourite spy tools << Yet Another $1 Guide Success (From a Day 1 Campaign) > Go hit the ‘Thanks’ button here <<

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[HUGE] @Vortex Scheming New Epic FB WH Tutorial

January 29, 2020

[HUGE] @Vortex Scheming New Epic FB WH Tutorial Yes, indeed there’s a brand-spanking-new Facebook whitehat tutorial of epic proportions coming yer way. (Thanks to our very own Amy (@vortex) and countless sleepless nights) But before ye jump out of yer chair, _heed my words_: 1) Though shalt not bother Amy before the tutorial is done. 2) This is just an announcement, so do not bother Amy or I’ll tell Zucc the location of your FB accounts and he’ll come rub your shoulders. 3) Do.not.bother.Amy. Capisce? Good. Now that that’s out of the way... Here’s what’s in the works: Whitehat Leadgen & Ecom modules - pristine whitehat stuff everyone’s been talking about moving to. The first module’s going to be step-by-step just like Amy’s 40-day tutorial. This is all 100% whitehat. It’s going to be for both beginners and people looking to turn away from the dark side. Risk-hierarchy for affiliate links and what’s gonna keep the Zucc away from rubbing your shoulders. Shopify module including a fulfilment centre. Approaching businesses to negotiate lead gen deals. All the basics covering all modules (research, campaign setup, ads, testing, optimization, scaling etc.) Basically, yes, get excited. But also, be patient. ETA quote from Amy: “I don't have an ETA on when this tutorial will be finished, but I'm planning on starting posting as soon as a few weeks from now and completing the first module in the next 2-3 months. I hereby ask for your patience in the meantime.” Next step? Click the call to action below: Here’s what you do. Click this link -> Go to ‘Thread Tools’ -> Select ‘Subscribe to this Thread…’ -> Be a good affiliate boy and wait patiently) Accelerate your conversions and increase your revenue with lemonads Are you a media buyer, webmaster, e-mailer, or blogger and looking for profitable offers for your audience? lemonads affiliate program is the guarantee of thousands of conversions by providing you with offers that fit your traffic the best! High-standard CPA offers Secure & Weekly payment Revenue-driven Performance Expert & Multilingual support But since we all know that numbers talk, let’s checkout this case study, provided by one of lemonads affiliates. Vertical : Nutra GEO : FR, Native Traffic from AdCash Tools : Voluum, AdPlexity, SimilarWeb Campaign duration : 14 days Spent : 3 869€ Total revenue : 6 152€ Net profit : 2 283€ Thanks to our account manager for highly recommending to us this offer. It performed very well with a payout of 28€! The information given by the AM was confirmed by the analysis performed on SimilarWeb as well as with the spy tool Adplexity, whose effectiveness is well established. Traffic source: Native format is the most common for this type of nutra offers. As such, we have chosen Adcash which still has quality native traffic. We fully trust them. Campaign tracking and optimization: We targeted both mobile and desktop traffic. The isp of one and the other was provided to us by Voluum tracker whose use was essential for the optimization of this campaign. We passed conversion info through Voluum to our sources, to refine targeting and therefore optimize our bidding: We had a lot to test: the creatives, our Landing Page, the locations and the offer itself. 5 Ads were put into rotation, each tackling different content. Very quickly, the angles on the creatives were validated. The two creatives with the highest CTR also had the highest EPC: Then, three Landing Pages were created. The original, then two versions with content that fit with the best performing creatives. The results were convincing! We just had to calculate the winning combination using the eCPM : Creative 1: 10000,75%0,21 = 1,58€ Creative 3: 10000,81%0,17 = 1,38€ Thus, even with a lower CTR, the creative 1 remains the best in terms of revenue for 1.000 displays. Our funnel is refined, let’s make money! Scaling and exploitation of results: For more profitability, the next step was to duplicate our campaigns into 4 CPM campaigns and eliminate the locations and categories that did not provide results on the test phases: - High value placements - Medium value placements - Low value placements - Learning The locations leaving the learning campaign were either stopped or its joined one of the three campaigns. After 14 days of running, we generated 2 283€ net profit, thank you lemonads! If you also want to expand your business, join lemonads! 85% of our publishers reported an in increase in their revenues, within the first 3 months of using lemonads! Let’s play. STM FB Master @stickupkid’s FB Hack to Steer Away from Lazy Affiliates & High CPCs Let’s say you plan on running one of dem Netflix sweeparoos. What’s the first FB interest that comes to mind? People who liked Netflix. You and every single other lazy affiliate out there, my greedy friend. Our resident FB expert mod @stickupkid says you face 3 challenges if you go down this route: Heavy competition because of lazy affiliates. Duplicates/high disapproval rates because of everyone running the same stuff. Complaints and negative feedback. You need to give your sloth affiliate brain a slight push and think ahead if you want to avoid the above. And, trust me, you do want to avoid it. @stickupkid provides a crystal clear example of what to do in the case of running Netflix sweeparoos. Plus an extra pro-tip to boost your conversion rates. Juicy details are inside, as per usual. P.S. The _advertiser’s also going to remain happy _since you won’t be sending in duplicate leads... >> Tip revealed inside, clickie here << "It Only Takes One Campaign" Really? Prepare to revel in STM wisdom. One cocky newbie asks whether “it (really) only takes one campaign”. “I have this question in mind that I want every successful affiliate to answer please.. especially the mods. Is it true that "It Only Takes One Campaign" to hit it big? I know everyone has his own path to success, and it may varies from one affiliate to another.. You may advice me to go through the Success Stories Section, and I already did that. I just wanna know how true the sentence is.“ Observe what @manu_adefy responds (owner @WTAFF and fellow mod): “One campaign is the breakthrough for everyone... But you should approach that sentence as what it is - a tagline. That said, there are one-hit wonders and affiliates who can consistently build successful campaigns. In some cases, with everything aligning, one campaign can certainly be very big and make someone 7 figures. That's much less common these days than 4-5 years ago but when you build profitable campaign after campaign, the results can still add up.” But then @twinaxe, the newest addition to our mod team, a.k.a. STM’s Lazy Neo joins in on the funzies: “It can be one campaign to have the big hit but I guess it´s better to see it a little bit different.” ... “To be longterm successful in the biz you need to have a solid understanding of how to test, optimize and scale campaigns over and over again. It doesn´t help you to have one lucky shot when you can´t replicate it later again.” Above is the key takeaway of the thread in a nutshell. You should read the rest and embed it in your mind. >> Soak STM wisdom with yer own eyes over here, lots of juicy lessons to be learned <<

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$250/day -> $500/day Ex Newbie Popping Dem Pops @ 71% ROI

January 22, 2020

$250/day -> $500/day Ex Newbie Popping Dem Pops @ 71% ROI Basically, this thread was posted, like, last month 12-17-2019 (by our resident ex-newbie @jaybot), and it turns out it was $500/day, not $250/day in revenue. That’s about $15,000 in spinning around each month. Chump change? I think not. His latest $500/day update got posted on 18-01-2020, here’s the same screenshot: Mind you _this is pops_. After the doom and gloom and scary Chrome updates and the slow decline, it seems pops are still alive and kicking. They are for the ones who put in the work. Simple as that. P.S. One more “ex newbie” reported snagging $1k/days with Sweeps on FB too. Go ye here and see how it’s done...then go straight back to yer campaigns Step-by-Step FB Strategy for Gambling Apps - Revealed Gambling apps are very lucrative - if you know how to promote them successfully! At Leadbit we got you covered. Here’s a simple, tried and tested, step-by-step Facebook strategy for you to use to rake in those conversions! Step 1 – Perform initial testing, targeting broad: a) Men, Age 22-60 b) All placements c) Autobid Step 2 – Collect and analyze data to identify the following: a) Age ranges with best cost per download b) Placements with best cost per download c) Cities with best cost per download Step 3 - Exclude people that downloaded the app, but didn’t do anything else (such as making their first deposit, or even open the app).. Now that you have a game plan, here’s the best-converting gambling app to apply it to! Introducing... PLAYAMO CASINO (CPA) Geos: DE, CZ, SK, CA, AU, CH, NL Payout: Up to 120$ Another really hot offer we have, which is a private offer, is this one: RED DOG CASINO (Private Offer) Geos: AU, US Payout: $170 on First Deposit Conversion Rate: 15-30% If you’re a beginner wanting to run offers with lower payouts and sky-rocketing conversion rates, this would be perfect for you! GRATORAMA (CPL) Geos: CZ, HR, SK, SI, LT Payout: $4 per lead You can’t afford NOT to run with Leadbit - here are some reasons: ● Our own gambling apps ● High payouts ● Weekly payments ● CPA tools (e.g. tracking systems, spy-services) ● Leadbit Store with cool prizes Join Leadbit right now: Got questions? Get in touch! Telegram:@leadbit_manager Skype: live:account17.leadbit Yoda Unpaused the Camps and Storming Towards $500,000 Revenue Month Lemme refresh yer memories real quick. This is_ @cassshy_, our fellow Sith turned Jedai STM-dwelling affiliate with his (slightly ironic) Yoda avatar. From the darkest corners of the force, he went over to running clean, whitehat lead gen stuff on FB last year. He’s killing it, of course. Duh. The meat of this thread is in regards to end-of-year hair-raising CPMs. Quote: “My CPM went up to $50-$70. Which is insane. Some STM members showed me their CPM stats of >$100. So I had to decrease my volumes to hundreds of dollars. I was frustrated cause it was my first year running WH leadgen and I didn’t know whether it would back to normal from Jan 2020. “ This normal. It’s not OK but it’s normal. STM end-of-year pro tip to dodge high CPMs: Decrease campaign budgets or pause altogether. Book flight to an exotic island (recommending El Nido in PH) Chillax during November & December. Problem _solved_. Quote 2: “I re-activated my campaigns on Jan, 2nd. CPM became $10-$17, max $23, CPC $0,30-$0,80 as before.“ And all is well again. See @cassshy’s original approach/thread here – $303,000/month revenue He says not much has changed with his approach so far, _minus the following_: New angles with narrow audiences Optimization changes (FB handles optimization way better nowadays) The old scaling ways don’t chug along any longer. Duplicating gets you 2x the CPAs. @cassshy does it differently, see the thread. Plus one cute trick / additional tip that solves every FB affiliate’s biggest nightmares...rather painlessly. See how the big boys hit big numbers + bonus lessons along the way, go here! How to (Gently) Slap your Unresponsive AM’s Wrists (Without Him Even Noticing) One of our boys doing $5k-$7k/week with a big network stumbled upon an _unresponsive AM_. The previous one, he says, felt a sudden urge to leave it all behind _and travel the world. So he got a new AM. (One not to keen on replying quickly.) It’s not like our guy’s super pushy or anything: “Id say requests wise Im probably average/below average in inquiries, it's not like Im constantly bothering this AM for stuff. “ And yet it takes his new AM days to respond. Days in the affiliate world are like months. Days mean the difference between a winning and a losing campaign. How do you deal with unresponsive AMs, then? The advice in this thread is unanimous. In a nutshell: A) It’s super common to stumble upon nothing but crickets with a new AM. B) You should _not be scared to ask for a new AM_, this is OK. However, while all this is a common occurrence, you ought to do it the right way. Mess this up and you risk losing access to a great network, great offers and possibly great profits. And a broken relationship. Key takeaway? You should always be polite, professional and upfront. Main key takeaway? I.e. the actual process? Take a look inside and take yer steps carefully. It’s all about that gentle, unnoticed wrist-slap that always gets things moving. See here exactly how to approach your network when you want to get rid of your current AM (pay attention)...go ye here

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Fearless Newbie’s First $363 Revenue Day in 18 Days

January 15, 2020

Fearless Newbie’s First $363 Revenue Day in 18 Days You know, fellas, finding success in affiliate marketing is not about having stellar guides so meticulously laid out that even a trained monkey can follow. It’s not about having caring & loving mods holding you by the hand, guiding you along the way and telling you you’re good boy/girl. It’s not about having supportive family members (i.e. other STMers). Nay! What’s it about then? It’s about you. You decide to join STM. You decide to start a follow-along. To keep launching campaigns & to keep failing. And to persist. To have the discipline to post regular updates and to hold yourself accountable. This is precisely what @offshore did as a newbie. In 18 short days he reached $363.00 in revenue @ -21.41% ROI with push traffic. Mind you he got his feet dipped in affiliate marketing just 30 days ago: @offshore - “I am still learning and have in total like 30 days of affiliate marketing experience, 2 weeks pops 2 weeks push.“ Other responses? “Holy #$%^! You're ramping up fast!” - @jaybot “You've picked quickly and scaled up…” - @omarjr “Speed of your progress is impressive congrats!” - @carvaggio Key takeaway? Look at what our newbie said: “I'm slowly but surely conquering my fear of spending more and more each day.“ Fear of spending green ones on traffic is one of the greatest newbie killers. STM and your own grit is how you conquer that fear. I’d subscribe to @offshore’s follow-along, it’s about to hit profits, go ye here [SPONSORED] Push Traffic Analysis - FREE REPORT FOR DOWNLOAD! At last, 2020 is here and everyone is trying to predict the future trends in order to set their business for future growth. Probably the most discussed topic of the past few weeks is the current situation of the PUSH format … will it die, will it flourish? The predictions vary, but what is a “PUSH network’s” take on this? We reached out to one of them (PushGround), because who else should know more about the current situation than a network selling this type of traffic? Special gift incoming, read on! Here’s what they had to say: “At Pushground, we think the best way to predict the future is by looking at the past and analyzing the ever-changing affiliate environment. So we did just that and are now offering it all in a free PDF.” Get your FREE copy of the PDF now! What’s in the PDF you might ask? What verticals experienced the biggest growth in the last 3 months Which factors that have the biggest effect on conversion rates GEOs with the highest profit potential right NOW Cold hard data to help you make the right decisions The importance of user “freshness” Fraud analysis of the PUSH ecosystem Upcoming formats and regulations Expert advice to battle the upcoming challenges in 2020 The report is packed with actionable data that’s as fresh as it gets! Afraid of the Google regulations to come? This topic has been addressed too. Discover how the affiliate industry is evolving to overcome these hurdles. Get your FREE copy of the PDF now! Oh and… PushGround offers a free bonus to all STM users upon signup. Now is the right time to try their premium traffic… auto optimization features and advanced “freshness” targeting available! P.S. Did you know PushGround had 14 different user freshness groups? Yes 14 :) So now you know, go check them out :) ‘Bontest’ Ends on 01/02/2020 - 16 Days to Put $1000 in Yer Pockets It seems like not many people want: A) Free money And B) A full year’s subscription to Binom We talked about this in previous issues. Binom’s piece of cake contest is still open. Conditions? Basically write anything related to affiliate marketing or tracking. Working methods Life hacks Anything that proves useful to an affiliate marketer This is literally free money if you’ve ever so far as touched affiliate marketing with your pinky. Ideas from yours truly: Ever launched a push campaign? Write a detailed, step by step guide. Tracking basics? Explain and maybe even illustrate (even a goofy drawing in paint) how tracking tokens work. Click loss? Why does it happen? How to fix up ripped landers? Basic AM concepts? If your mind is blank, just open up STM forum and...borrow ideas. It’s that simple. Prizes: “A guaranteed prize will be given for each article that respond to the requirements - 2 months of using the tracker (as for current clients, as for new ones). 1 place: Annual license for the tracker + 1000$ 2 place: A six-month license for the tracker + 500$ 3 place: A three-month license for the tracker + 300$” You’ve got until February 1st to jump in. Contest ends in 16 days go ye here for free money & a free tracker How to (almost) NEVER Get Your Ad Account Shut Down We recently got a nice little 30 minute tutorial posted on how to keep yer accounts safe from Zucc’s prying eyes. Key takeaways from the video: Positive UX No discrimination No flashy, weird or sensational content (also should avoid certain words at all costs) Promote happiness/positivity (more on that in the video) One golden rule to follow One question you can still use that’s acceptable and dodges the banhammer Plus 4 ways The Zucc enforces his rules & regulations Plus a lot more do’s and don’ts Stay under Zucc’s radar with these juicy tips...go here

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🦡 FB in 2020 Has Affiliate Savages Scratching Their Heads

January 09, 2020

🦡 FB in 2020 Has Affiliate Savages Scratching Their Heads How’s your average affiliate savage supposed to survive 2020’s Facebook ad policies? How do ye survive account bans? Most importantly, how do you survive an angry reptilian (The Zucc), ever-present, lurking behind your chair, gently rubbing your shoulders and gazing at your FB account at night? It has been said by the great Friedrich Nietzsche that in order to adapt to change you have to change your mindset: “The snake which cannot cast its skin has to die. As well the minds which are prevented from changing their opinions; they cease to be mind.” Or in more STMian terms: To cloaketh or not to cloaketh? That is the question. The bulk of affiliate savages in this thread say you shouldn’t even bother cloaking in 2020. “Cloaking bh on fb is definitely a dying art and has been on the decline for a while now. That said there are always going to be some diehard savages out there that make it work but the barrier to entry for a beginner starting from scratch is extremely high." One guy (@jaybot) says we shouldn’t listen to him: “My opinion sucks, don't listen to me. But. _I wouldn't bother cloaking_. Even the biggest BH players on FB are going WH now.” Are the affiliate sands _shifting_? Even the mods jumped in and said you should focus on any of the following instead of trying to wrestle The Zucc: WH offers - accounts last, waaay, way longer, you can even appeal flagged ones and often get them back) Your own offer/product - have you been keeping track of ‘The Funnel King’? Open in a tab, go to the search field and type in ‘funnel king’ or ‘@taormina’. You’re welcome. Leadgen - know the drill here. Anywhomz_, all of the above seems to be a unanimous STM opinion (minus your diehard affiliate savage still running the blackest of blackhat campaigns, refusing to surrender_) The key (and juicy) details on how to do WH are all in the thread. Time to shed yer skinz? >> Whitehat. This is the way...clickie here << [SPONSORED] LOOKING FOR AN EVERGREEN VERTICAL TO PROMOTE? DATING IT IS! Been in the Affiliate Marketing game for a while? You know the industry shifts rapidly - what worked yesterday may not work today. But some verticals just last forever, they’re called "EVERGREENS" and DATING is one of them! People can spare a new iPhone, they can live without a solar installation or the new best app for their phone… but who doesn’t want someone by their side? But this doesn’t mean it’s easy to profit with dating offers! Let’s hear it from STM’s dating expert Matuloo: "Trying to make it in dating, using the same offers that every affiliate network rebrokers? Good luck! You may as well start throwing money out the window. Dating is one of those verticals where offer means everything, find them or you’re toast. Working directly with the advertiser is the only way at times." The good news: there are some solid direct advertisers in dating, that have been around since like... forever. VIPOffers for example are in the TOP league. Founded in 1996 (was there even internet back then?) $2 billion in commissions paid to affiliates (yes, billion) 1000s of offer variations available (goodbye saturation) Street payouts start at $3 per SOI lead even on mobile (bumps possible) New Landing pages added all the time! Check a sample HERE :) Are you a baller who can drive volume? They’ll even make banners or LPs for you and if that’s not enough, ask for a custom offer and you shall be served. EN markets can be tough, but to be honest, that’s where the party is at. Master US and UK and you can play Santa next Christmas! VIPOffers can help you along the way, cause they know these markets the best. And a special bonus: Tired of PPL dating offers? VIPOffers is one of the few dating advertisers that also offer the "CC submit option" ... in more than 100 GEOs! Conquer the world in 2020 with VIPOffers! Innocent High-Risk Ecom Merchant Processors Thread Turns Wild This is one of those threads. Feels like the “butterfly effect” mention is in order. One innocent question asking for recommendations on high-risk ecom merchant processors sparks a _wild, priceless discussion_. Another golden thread for STM’s archives. This very thread has been mentioned in a previous newsletter, ‘member? It just got even bigger and even better. To sum up so far: 1) Stripe sucks 2) Stripe sucks badly 3) 2% chargeback rate fuels controversial thread replies 4) Chargeback monitoring services (good and bad ones mentioned in the thread) 5) In-depth, hush-hush understanding of chargeback services you won’t see anywhere else, explained by people who have made and are making millions ...And this is where it gets interesting. But also, I can’t reveal anything. Why? Because people pay for this info to remain private, hidden and exclusive only to STM eyeballs. Lemme give you a quick hint: One specifically epic reply (among many others) by @mindfume contains 8,746 characters of e_ye-opening, mouth-watering, gold_en wisdom, lessons and insider insights on what’s actually happening behind the scenes when it comes to chargebacks and how to actually deal with them. So much so that the Funnel King himself has this to say in a quoted reply just below: “Finally, someone that knows what the $%^& they are talking about_. You all need to read and reread this_.” @taormina a.k.a. The Funnel King (has processed over $17M with just Stripe and also explains why Stripe sucks, badly) This is one thread where you wanna hit ‘Subscribe’ and keep it in yer profile forever. >> Chargeback mysteries deconstructed, go ye here for gold << Goodbye Push? Google Rolling Out Update in February 2020 Fellas, perhaps the time has come for push traffic. (...Or has it, really?) Milk those sub lists while you still can. It was all expected and a matter of time before this happened. We warned you. @erikgyepes just dropped this piece of unfortunate news: “Looks like they have finally come up with a way to eliminate push notification prompts (spam) and the update is coming next month in February 2020.” From Uncle Google: “To protect notifications as a useful service for users, Chrome 80 will show, under certain conditions, a new, quieter notification permission UI that reduces the interruptiveness of notification permission requests.” “Immediately after the Chrome 80 release, users will be able to opt-in to the new UI manually in Settings. “ What exactly is the “Quiet UI” update and how is it going to affect us, affiliates? You’d think it’s all* doom and gloom,* as expected, but..._is it really_? Some posts state otherwise. In fact, one member says he’s gonna be having a field day after this update. Huh? >> You might wanna check here before panicking, see what the “Quiet UI” is all about...and whether it’s really all about to go belly up, clickie here <<

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The Push Traffic Money Printing Machine Delivers...Again - $1k/month Newbie

December 18, 2019

The Push Traffic Money Printing Machine Delivers - $1k/month Newbie > Go ye here and get yerself one of them push machines << [SPONSORED] Propeller Ads: The Advanced Guide to Sweepstakes Spin the Wheel: The Advanced Guide to Sweepstakes Sweepstakes offers are so popular that almost every affiliate is either making bank with them, or has run them in the past. Sweepstakes are also one of the best verticals for beginners. With so many affiliates running these offers, how can you rise above the competition to take a bigger slice of the pie? Be the first to download the free “Advertiser’s Guide to Sweepstakes Campaigns” by PropellerAds and discover: Real examples and secret stats Budget-saving tips Top converting ad formats Targeting tips from our sweepstakes experts GET THE GUIDE Should a Newbie Pop or Should a Newbie Push? That is Ze Question Do ye start with pop or do ye start with push? This thread shall be sorted by “controversial” at best. Take a lookie at the first reply: “Obviously push traffic. pop traffic has a lot of bot traffic” Nice, interesting. But then look at this: “Both are fine. But. I say Pops to learn the basics. Push has too many moving parts for a beginner. I say graduate to push after you get a good handle on pops.” Shortly after, the plot thickens further: “Yes, I know this is the pop/push forum, but a newbie should start with ECOM. “ It then spirals into what you’d least expect. @vortex, @erik (obviously biased with push) & @matuloo jump in to try and clear these murky waters. Conclusion? See with yer own affiliate eyes. >> Shakespearian dramas are nothing compared to this STM thread, clickie here << STM’s Ecom Mystery Man (@pekadis) Drops More Gold This one man shrouded in mystery keeps delivering gold bars to STMers. He didn’t become a mod by pure chance - this guy knows what he’s doing. He’s running a successful ecommerce business with an actual team, warehouses, logistics and everything in between. This is his “big update and what’s next” thread. Intro: “In 2019, we almost doubled our turnover, with the same amount of staff and made big improvements on our bookkeeping system.” Plus: “Oh, and we bought a competitor (small one)” Listen, the way to spot a good CEO is that they never stop learning. @pekadis says he reads 20 books a year. (There are some lovely book recommendation in the thread, your newsletter writer confirms they’re legit picks) He’s signed up for an online program from the Growth Institute. There’s his unmissable wisdom on scaling a business, being careful, networking and so on. The best part? He might just show up to the next AW conference. The bestest part? Juiciest bits are in the thread. >> Chests of gold by STM’s mystery ecom man - go here << STMers Get Cash & Eternal Glory from Legendary Copywriter John Alanis’ contest is over and 3 winners have been announced: (+ bonus) “First Prize- $500 and eternal glory: jack01 Second Prize $300 and eternal glory: sushiparlour Third Prize- $200 and eternal glory: hawaiimon BONUS Prize- $100 Ksenia from Vortex Ads. I am awarding this to her not just for contributing to the ideas, but for being a good affiliate manager, very patient while I get my complex money-making system set up. And also for having excellent taste in music.” Not only did John drop incredible knowledge bombs but you got to look inside his entire funnels. The inner workings of his bread and butter. How he makes it rain. He asked STMers for help. To improve page RPMs, page designs, plus any weird and quirky monetization ideas an STMer’s mind can muster up. In yours truly’s humblest opinion, the biggest winners are us - the lazy lurkers. Because: A: We get ideas, insights and gold from John B: We get ideas, insights and gold from all the contest entires. And C: We get one of the main takeaways of this entire contest, which John reveals in the thread. It’s perhaps even more valuable than seeing how an expert copywriter shapes his entire funnels, how he monetizes them and how he’s about to improve them thanks to STMers. This marketing lesson you should see for yerself, ASAP. >> Do yourself a favour and read every single reply in this thread, go here << Speaking of Cash & Contests - Grab $1800 from Binom One contest ends, another one begins. Binom’s contest should be ez money if ye have the slightest bit of experience: “We value knowledge and we are ready to pay for it. The conditions of the contest The content must be about affiliate marketing or tracking. We accept cases, guides, analytical material, description of working methods, life hacks, tutorials and everything that you might consider useful for the audience. The content must be absolutely unique, original and must not be published anywhere else earlier. The text size has to be no less than 5000 symbols that’s about two pages of printed text. Explain an idea, do not be shy. The article will be published on the official channels and Binom’s blog. The dates of the contest is two months: 01/12/2019 - 01/02/2020 The winner will be announced at 10/02/2020 Binom’s team decides on the winners. We consider voting is not a good idea because of cheating attempts. Prizes A guaranteed prize will be given for each article that respond to the requirements - 2 months of using the tracker (as for current clients, as for new ones). 1 place: Annual license for the tracker + 1000$ 2 place: A six-month license for the tracker + 500$ 3 place: A three-month license for the tracker + 300$ >> For easy money from Binom - click here <<

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