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7 years later we are ​ the authoritative forum on affiliate marketing and our reach continues to expand. We now provide higher education, host conferences and local networking events, and are continuing to improve and expand what the forum offers every affiliate marketer.

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Wild Boars Now Wearing Skirts and High Heels (for an untapped traffic source)

March 20, 2019

Wild Boars Now Wearing Skirts and High Heels (for an untapped traffic source) Clicky-baity? Not at all. Highly relevant? Yes. Surely you must have heard of Mr. Wakeboarder, a.k.a. Tim, a.k.a. The Wild Boar Liquidator. Seems he’s present in each and every email our pigeons send out. And it’s for a reason because Tim keeps making waves - first the wild boar liquidator’s jaw-dropping success then his invaluable lessons, and mistakes, and now this? To quote a reply in the thread: “Is there anything that you're NOT doing? Lol” This time around the wild boars have attacked an untapped, innocent traffic source and they are taking it apart. It’s Pinterest. But you see, Pinterest isn’t all THAT innocent with their 350M MAU and an upcoming IPO in the ranges of a $12 BILLION valuation. It’s just not popular with the hawks and vultures (us, STMers, affiliates and performance marketers)...yet. There’s no info anywhere on how to run profitably on Pinterest, let alone training for their ad platform. It’s like the shy, quiet kid sitting unnoticed in the backmost row. And yet, some stores are absolutely killing it on Pinterest. And you can find out how with Tim’s brand new venture called - it’s where you get to see how all those stores are secretly crushing it and being all hush about it. This was a pretty clever move from Tim - the tool fills a gap in the industry right around when The Zuckening is tightening things even more, Uncle Google’s slapping wrists and the adult industry is so tightly packed you can’t even see the videos. Not to mention the sharp decline of pops. It’s a welcome, refreshing tool for us all. Oh and by the way, Tim’s lowered to price tag to $69/month lifetime just for STMers. We think the regular price is a bit steep at $179. Though that promo, it says in the thread, is only valid until the end of March. Ah yes, Tim also released a “Pinterest eCommerce Advertising Trends in Q1 2019” though the password to unlock it is in the post - out of respect to Tim we cannot release it to the public. Interesting stuff in there. Check out the tool’s thread here How To Get Rid of Native Weeds Questions asked: 1. My strategy after doing some intel here and around the web is this: gather a WL from adplexity spying and run that FIRST to prove the funnel. IF funnel is converting start a BL campaign and start weeding out shitty placements and whitelist good ones. Is this a solid strategy to start with on REVCONTENT? 2. If i'm targeting let's say FRANCE, GERMANY, DENMARK etc but choose English as language will it show my ads on sites in that country or US based sites that a German may visit? 3. As a newbie to Native (spent 500 bucks on MGID with 200 back in rev. MGID have too much shitty traffic) BUT not new to media buying, would you rather start outside of US, UK and CA with your first campaigns and go for TIER 2 countries? 4. Is it a big NO NO to include multiple GEOs in the same campaign? EX: SWE, GER, FRA. 5. Is there a way to track once a visitor has started to checkout IE Initate Checkout as in Facebook (either on the tracker FunnelFlux or on RevContent) ? Questions answered by STM’s top native players such as Kelly Sheffield (thedudeabides on STM, native traffic pro and moderator) and others. The quick summary is that you need to be careful. Long summary here Ever Wondered How a Certain Site Makes Money? An STM member found this weird looking site in Adplexity Native and on first sight it seems it isn’t monetizing anything at all. It could be someone cloaking and hiding their money page. It could be a forgotten or broken lander. But no, it goes deeper than that. And then it goes even deeper when STMers jump over to listicles (notoriously difficult to make them work) and profiting from them. And then other secret stuff we can’t really let out of STM’s safety. Oh it is glorious how a simple thread can turn into a gem. How To Save Your Pennies From Evil Banks No bank will ever recommend you get an account in say, EUR, so you can save up on currency conversions. No sir. They want all your money and they want them now. They want you paying traffic sources through a EUR account or CC, and then getting payments in Zimbabwean dollars, converting them to Franklins and then back to Angela Merkels. This is especially bad when you start scaling your campaigns just as “gritaction” did and so he looked for advice. And he got some great advice. Those “pennies” the banks get through currency conversions aren’t in truth pennies at all - they’re gold bars, and you’re giving them away. Save your pennies/gold bars here REVEALED ON STM: Sneaky Exit Pop Script For Mobile To Boost Your ROI It’s this guy’s first post too - how generous. What this script does is it “uses a scroll direction and speed. When a user uses speed scrolling for seeing a browser controls for closing a tab, script triggers and shows a pop.” There’s no heavy jQuery too - just pure, sneaky Javascript. Tested and increases ROIs. Grab the code here

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Serial Entrepreneur Knows How To Shift Gears - Went From Native Newbie To Teacher In No Time

March 14, 2019

Serial Entrepreneur Knows How To Shift Gears - Went From Native >Newbie to Teacher In No Time This guy went from a house flipper and real estate investor to making money via a keyboard, mouse and a monitor. He tried organic traffic for the past 2 years with some success amounting to about 25k moolah/franklins/doubloons. That was just too slow for him. But then out of nowhere he saw this bright, shining beacon of light that is paid traffic sped right past him. And he saw the driver too - STM, where he started his successful native follow along. Jack_l is currently killing it, but not only that, he’s also dropping some insanely well articulated lessons for all the frightened noobs out there. He says it’s all about copying and tweaking. You can copy but you have to improvise. Otherwise you’re stuck in a race you can’t ever win. You shouldn’t do blacklist campaigns right off the bat too: “The only thing I might tweak from your description is that I don't think there's any reason to start running blacklist campaigns until you have a profitable offer. That's one thing I really wish I had done differently.“ Get those ads, landers and offers right and then worry about blacklisting disgusting, bot-ridden widgets. Blacklisting is a whole different story which Jack talks about and explains how to do correctly. You definitely don’t want to start blacklisting with a high bid. Use high bids for your whitelist camps instead (more details on this in there too). There’s also another reply in there revealing a dead-simple way to get started on native if the above sounds a bit complex. It’s just 4 simple steps that have been confirmed to work by both our serial entrepreneur, Jack and many other native experts on the forum. Oh, and there’s also a mega-reply by Jack on how to make listicles work on native - they’re not easy but put in the work and you can reap fantastic rewards if you do it right. And sooo much more Wild Boar Liquidator Hacks Facebook and Gets Retail Stores to Beg for his Product I mean there’s no way you haven’t heard of Tim, a.k.a. The Wild Boar Liquidator by now. Tim’s company has been growing exponentially and this guy just keeps on coming up with brilliant ideas on how to grow it even faster. A fountain of knowledge he is and we love him. When you think of cold calling and emailing you think low success rates. But not this time. This time around he shows us a simple FB hack to get retail stores to call YOU and want to sell YOUR product. You see, this puts you at a great advantage when it comes to negotiating the deal. The retail store realises they need you and you don’t come off desperate. Tim’s ad copy and angle is super clever and so is the technique which basically goes like this: 1) Find a company’s HQ address 2) Create your simple campaign 3) Forget about the campaign (shockingly enough, but you’ll see why in the thread) Of course all the juicy details are inside as usual. Go Hack Facebook How Does a Push Traffic List Even Work? Ye know, that’s a really good question. Most haven’t even thought about it. But Mr. Sushiparlour asked some thought-provoking questions: 1. Whether 1 placement = 1 domain? Or could it be a collection of domains that the publisher owns bundled under 1 placement? 2. Is there a method to overlay different websites with the same push list collection code and is there any benefit in doing so? I.e. putting a code in the header of with a push list for 3. As I understand 1 push list = 1 domain since the browser permission is linked to the domain. (Correct me if I'm wrong). But how granular can you sub-target for the notifications? I.e. for geo targetting is it based upon the location of the person at time of collection or where they are currently and what is the tech limitation of how granular you can target. 4. Anyone mind explaining the flow of how it would work if say you had a push list and "rented" it to a traffic source? I.e. is there some program/script that directly link control of the push list from publisher to traffic source or is it more discretionary on the publisher's side to push the notice out and that they then track the clicks/engagements etc. And the answers are not nearly as simple as you may think... Learn how push lists work right here The Lord of Privacy (Facebook) vs Doctors Hate Him (Native) - Who Wins? There’s a fight going on right now on STM. A member asked whether Facebook or Native is more volatile. Some STM veterans are saying they’ve had native campaigns lasting for 12 months. Others say their campaigns have been happily sitting for just as long on the Zuckerberg land of “privacy” (heheh). Then some say you still have to keep monitoring them and that it depends on a lot of stuff. A campaign could last you a day, week, month or a year but you have to keep your eye on it. And of course there are the set it and forget it campaigns too. Conclusive answers below in this gem of a thread. Place your bets Uncle Google’s “New” WebP Image Format Saves You 30% in File Size This just showed up on STM. It’s a new image format by Googley-do called WebP and it’s supposed to be smaller. Meaning your landers would load way faster (especially mobile ones). 30% faster, in fact. That’s a yes from me my friend. Any loading time savers are good savers. Unfortunately this format’s not supported by IE and Safari yet and it’s a bit of a pain to convert a .JPG or a .PNG but the details on how to use this WebP thing are in the thread. Right here

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Guess Who’s Back? Big Daddy Voluum Starts Caring For The Little Guy Again

March 12, 2019

Guess Who’s Back? Big Daddy Voluum Starts Caring For The Little Guy Again This just shot up on our radars. A brand-spanking new STM thread made by Voluum stating they’ve got their entry level plan back in the game. It’s an interesting move considering they decided to focus on higher-ticket clients (companies and big affiliates) not too long ago. Maybe they’ve had a change of heart. Or maybe they miss their dear affiliates. It is a convenient tool though and it’s the most well-known one out there. An industry leader if you may. But most importantly, they’ve listened to us all! Lookie here at what they say in the thread: “The invaluable feedback you provided to us made us realize that affiliate marketers have diverse needs. While some require more advanced features, others just need an essential ad tracker for a lower price.” Their entry level plan’s back on the menu for $69 (quite a competitive price tag), and they further lowered it to $62 for STM and MRKTRS members, though it doesn’t include their “AI and Fraud detection features”. But it doesn’t matter, sometimes all we need a simple tracker with all of its basic features in there, not the fancy-pants stuff - after all, STM is where Voluum got their start and their fame and glory. Back to their roots and original home they go, and we like it. And it does make sense this move, not everyone needs a high-tech, ultra-luxurious Mercedes S-Class when you can get to work in a reliable Toyota Corolla. You can upgrade later as you see fit in case your back starts hurting. You can grab the entry level plan here directly (along with the STM dollars off): Hopefully this plan is here to stay, might be worth grabbing it now if you haven’t gotten another tracker yet. $60,000 Pure Profit On Taboola With Casino App Installs and a Simple Campaign Amidst recent panic, crying and screaming newbies running in circles, Facebook’s bad news, Pops being hard and native being notoriously expensive to run on, Bbrock32, one of STM’s original founders shows us all how it’s done. And that it doesn’t hurt, and it isn’t THAT difficult. All it takes is a bit of preparation, patience and having the right tools. You can’t just throw in random creatives and offers and expect to wake up to profits. Noo, don’t do that or your bank account’s going to get super grumpy. Bbrock32 reveals everything in great detail, step by step with screenshots on how he pulled it off, and keeps on pulling similar campaigns off all the time. (the added bonus is he’s replying to questions from all of our members, including newbies, and revealing basically everything). See how the pros do AM Jason Bourne Would Be Super Jelly Of This Affiliate’s Untraceable Men-In-Black Level Anonymity Do you remember the “flashy thing” they use in Men in Black? (no puns intended) If not go here ASAP: “I am just a figment of your imagination”. Jason Bourne would be drooling all over the place if he could get a hold of the neuralizer (flashy thingy). So would you if you saw what’s in this recent thread we managed to dig up. Why would you want top-secret, CIA, Men-in-Black level anonymity when you’re running simple affiliate campaigns? Here’s why (to quote the thread): Affiliates tracing your fingerprints to rip angles Offers finding you landers to dispute payment due to “compliance” Newspapers and magazines furious about your templates Disgruntled customers seeking to take you down. Weird people on YouTube exposing your tricks And many more reasons. If anything, it’s just good business sense. This doesn’t only apply to the dark side of the force either. Obviously (and unfortunately) we just cannot reveal how to achieve such anonymity in this email. The thread itself and this person’s reply (whom we cannot name either) is frankly as scary as it is fascinating and revealing and we’re not even exaggerating. This guy is STM’s Jason Bourne who recently happened to join the Men in Black team and is now on STM-anonymity-level pills. Super-secret STM thread here $50 Dollars Says You Don’t Know This Trick to Lift Your New FB Account’s $50 Limits It’s so simple, yet so effective. Would you rather wait an entire 30 days or do this simple tip posted by an STM member and lift your FB account’s spending limits? It’s golden nuggets like these that pay for your STM subscription many times over. Lift your account’s limits ASAP How bad of an idea is it to try and build a mailing list with native traffic? Native traffic can get expensive if you’re not smart about it, as Bbrock32 revealed in his $60k case study above. One STM member wonders if they can build a list on native and asks whether that’s a good idea. A dude abides and provides answers. (thedudeabides is his nickname, but he’s called Kelly and he’s a native traffic expert) Short answer: it’s entirely possible if you’re being cautious and clever. Long answer: See the STM thread Right here

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Vortex Reveals Secret Method to Easy-to-Rank Keywords

February 28, 2019

Vortex Reveals Secret Method to Easy-to-Rank Keywords Vortex has just revealed, in step-by-step fashion, a secret method she’s been using to snipe keywords that are easy to rank for! She also shared a screenshot of the members’ area inside of - one of the best SEO training courses on the market - which she’s going through to brush-up her SEO skills. Bonus share: Keyword research videos by OMG’s lead trainer Greg Morrison - which are so good they should be a paid course in themselves. 3 valuable shares in one post = don’t miss it whatever you do! 7 Figure Affiliate Marketer, 8 Figure Facebook Advertiser and 9 (NINE) Figure eCommerce Celebrity Joins the STM Family Well, Depesh Mandalia just joined the STM family. This guy is nuts and if you haven’t heard of him you’re probably living under a rock. He went from being broke in 2009 after losing his corporate job to falling into depression, while trying to raise his kid. And put food on the table. To 7 figures in affiliate money after 2 years, to hundreds of millions generated in the eCom space and many, many millions thrown at Mr. Zuckerberg. By his words: “Why did I share all this? Because I love what Loz and the team have created, I'm honoured to be part of the AWC/iStack fam and know how I needed inspiration and guidance as a noob. “ He tells his story in his introduction thread here, you should read it: See what it takes to reach Depesh’s numbers. LIVE: The Ultimate Facebook Newbie Tutorial - Part 9 You grind some profitable campaigns but then what? You set the adset budgets to 5 times higher and the next day your campaign’s dead in the water. You try to reverse it but the conversion rate now sucks. You make a house of cards, you sneeze and all the effort’s gone. That’s what happens with FB campaigns. On that note, Stickupkid (one of STM’s mods and FB experts) is back with a boom. Part-9 of the Ultimate Facebook Newbie Tutorial is here, live, up and running. He shows 3 simple ways to scale your campaigns which he’s actively using all the time. He shows you the exact type of audiences to use. He shows you whether it’s a good idea (and also how) to run camps in tiny GEOs like Cyprus and Costa Rica, despite the lovely ROIs. Just go check it now, the entire newbie tutorial is priceless. Learn how to scale your FB camps right here. Unconventional Strategy Delivers $23,987.64 A Day Unconventional strategies and hacks bring in millions for this guy. It’s a gold mine. This strategy is no different. It’s similar to email marketing, except the open rates are over 90%. Yep, that’s ninety percent. He uses Manychat to cast his evil spells on unsuspecting customers. Manychat is a Facebook Messenger platform - you can make bots, automate replies and a bunch of other cool stuff. But you can also do some sneaky hacks and rake in a minimum of 5 figures per day with this bad boy. All the juicy details are inside, as usual. Want to be a maverick working in the shadows and getting your bank account fat? Read this. Plz Send Halp How Do I Optimize Campaigns on Revcontent A simple question about referrals in this guy’s tracking report turns into a monster of a thread with invaluable advice on how to run native campaigns. There are tools, courses, secret stuff, spy tools and so much more. There’s knowledge you can’t get anywhere else except if you’ve spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on native. So many STM experts jumped in on this one it’s surprising to see it turn into such a huge thread. Plz send help. Simple Productivity Hacks Get You an Extra 730 hours (1 month free) One of STM’s veterans, Vortex (Amy) shares some amazing but simple productivity hacks to free up your time. We all stare at our phones. We can’t resist checking a notification. “Unwinding” for 20 minutes takes 2-3 hours (and more). And it just keeps on getting worse with time. What you should be spending time on is revealed in the thread. Amy also shows you HOW to do it - lots of tools, tricks and links in there. Get productive. STM Sucks! I’ve made a mistake by joining! Believe it or not there are people like this guy. He hasn’t taken any action, doesn’t know what to do and expects everything on a silver platter right away. Says people don’t reply to his messages immediately. Like, who are they? How dare people take time off their day to share their knowledge on STM but not do it immediately to me? Hey, let us just hand you our most profitable campaigns just like that. This is the perfect time for a lesson given by wakeboarder (The Wild Boar Liqudator) and others. Step 1: Write an intro and tell us who you are, why you’re here and what your experience is. Step 2: Start a follow along thread and get on-demand help from industry leaders and experts. It’s like having a bajillion mentors at the same time. Step 3: Form connections with people. Join masterminds. Hustle. Step 4: Hold yourself accountable. And the list of steps just keeps going. It’s not easy, it never was and it never will be. Don’t expect people to babysit you and hand you everything. Put in the work, ask the right questions and develop your marketing skills and knowledge (which you can do by simply reading the forums). “From total stranger to mid/pro level performance oriented marketer” to quote one of the replies. If you’re one of THOSE people, go here: Lesson here

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Wild Boar Liquidator Uses Hunting Skills to Tame the Instagram Beast

February 20, 2019

Wild Boar Liquidator Uses Hunting Skills to Tame the Instagram Beast You’ve heard of “wakeboarder” already. In case you haven’t (WTF), go see his profile here: And where he started his wild boar adventures: He started a wildly successful family-owned eCom business and it all grew exponentially after his first follow-along on STM. Now scaling aggressively to every single GEO he can get his hands on. And every once in a while now he posts his “Memo book” of important things he’s learned in the last month. Well this month’s issue is freaking mind-blowing. Wakeboarder has reached the next level. Just during this last month he’s built an uber-engaged Instagram profile with 5,969 followers for just 20 minutes a day of his time. All related to those wild boars of his (or rather, the hunting niche) The engagement rate alone is over 25%. The tips, apps, tricks and technologies in this thread is something we simply cannot reveal. You have to seem them for yourself. There’s also stuff on doing organic lead-gen with an affiliate-based, but heavily modified, lander. There’s the “IG tool of the month”, “IG Tip of the month”, other sneaky eCom tricks, using advertorials to promote your eCom products, retargeting and pixel tricks, call centers and the list just keeps going on and on. What a monster of a thread. Grab a shotgun and go hunt some STM golden nuggets How Would an Aussie Affiliate Meet Other Aussie Affiliates in Melbourne? ‘Tis a lonely world out the real world. Much easier to “meet” affliates on STM in our cozy virtual home. It’s convenient too - you can do it in your underpants and at any point in time. Not so much when it comes to meeting people in real life. Or affiliates. Aussie affiliates. In Melbourne. That’s what Mr. Grofit is after and he asked for help. One of our Aussie mods (and most positive people on the planet), Maynzie jumped in alongside STM founders, Affiliate World Conference and networking masters, big affiliates based in affiliate-ridden hubs around the world and they gave out some fantastic tips. Put on your trousers/skirt and get out there Where Do You Get Push Traffic for the Dating Vertical? Another snippet of information you can only find on STM. You shouldn’t just blindly throw in hundreds of potentially lost dollars across dozens of push notification networks and expect to get things to work right off the bat. Instead, just post a thread and ask what all the experienced people are doing. Simple as that. See which push networks are the best for dating offers Mysterious High Quality Push Subscribers and Where to Find Them Same idea as the previous thread. How do you build your own list of high quality push subs? One thing’s for sure - don’t use pop traffic. As for the rest? See for yourself. Go here

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99% of eCommerce People Are Crazy

February 13, 2019

99% of eCommerce People Are Crazy STM member “midsoufi” recently said eCommerce is driving him crazy. He says there’s the 1% who always find profitable products, but he’s always part of the 99% who just can’t get any profits. He tried spying on Amazon, Aliexpress, similar sites, spy tools and everything in between but nothing works. What came after were absolute “must not miss” post from STM veterans and mods. Some of which are hitting 7 figures+ numbers. It’s about angles. It’s about having a different approach. There’s no point in selling what’s hot - others are already way, way ahead of you. You have to know your market, think long-term and everything else falls in place. The hows and juicy details are inside the thread. Learn how you can REALLY make eCommerce work “All Your Clicks Are Belong To Us” STM legend, Matuloo, unravels the mystery of clickloss in excruciating detail. What does clickloss mean? Why does it happen? (there are natural and “bad” clicklosses FYI) What can you do about it? (if anything) What’s considered an acceptable clickloss? And so.much.more. See the definitive click-loss guide here An STM Tom Cruise tackles eCommerce with his deadly affiliate skills Queue Mission Impossible Theme Are affiliate marketing skills transferable to other industries? You bet! They’re transferable to ANY industry out there. If you master the traffic sources, niches and numbers, you can do practically anything. Lead gen? Pay per call? Starting your own agency? Check, check and check. And especially eCommerce. That’s what “kinged” just did in his follow along. He’s transferred his razor sharp affiliate skills to eCommerce and he’s already making waves. He’s even got a complex setup with quizes, funnels and back end. Plan is in place. There’s already more action than Tom Cruise’s insane stunts. What’s left is to optimize and hit profits. Keep an eye out for this one The Dark, Murky Waters of Facebook Audiences and Casino Ever wondered how people get a hold of insanely converting lookalike and retargeting audiences on FB, especially for niches like Casino? Before creating an audience you have to spend $XX-$XXX in video engagement ads. Then you need to answer these 2 questions: What’s your target audience? What’s your monthly budget? Once you have these in place, you take a niche like “online slots” Then you want to come up with 3 or 4 angles of attack in terms of audiences you can target. (STM member “cassshy” lists them all in this thread) Next you hit up the FB Audience Insights tool and that’s where all the magic happens, you get some proper suggestions based on your angle of approach above. Then it’s time to setup a whole bunch of audiences on your LP (ask your AM). And finally launching campaigns in a very specific way, which “cassshy” describes in detail in his thread - literally day by day, budgets, when to cut and optmise and so on. (this is where all the meat of the thread is). We highly recommend you checkout this thread, we just can’t reveal too much. All the juicy details are inside. Facebook Dark Audiences Here

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Here’s How You Can Turn Your Volatile Affiliate Campaigns Into Long-term Assets

February 06, 2019

Here’s How You Can Turn Your Volatile Affiliate Campaigns Into Long-term Assets STM veteran, superaffiliate and one of our most prominent members “vortex” (Amy) reveals her story of the good old SEO days, jumping into paid traffic and AM, and then considering going BACK to SEO after becoming a hyper-successful affiliate to diversify assets and build a long term business. The backstory itself is juicy. So.many.lessons! From the early and easy SEO days, to the ages of Google updates - it has it all. EMD (exact match domains) craze and its death. Penguins, pandas and all sorts of other animals swung down by Google’s mighty hammer. To OMG Machines and Greg Morisson’s guidance and insane SEO success. To adding a cherry on top by combining SEO AND paid traffic. Amy explains how you can reinvest your affiliate profits into outsourcing SEO and skyrocketing your success much faster than usual. It’s a self-reinforcing system that snowballs your profits. There are no catches either, this is a genuine STM recommendation brought forward by numerous requests from other affiliates. Go diversify now! Confused Newbie Starts “FUDDING” and Gets Taught a Lesson In case you didn’t know - “FUDDING”/”FUD”/”To FUD” is the new hip term for fear, uncertainty and doubt originating from the crypto world. All three are painfully familiar emotions in the world of AM too. It’s normal. Everyone goes through this at one point or another of their journey. That’s what Mr. “lukeman” is on about in his thread: “Can someone (especially a newbie) still run whitehat and be profitable?” … “From what I have read, it looks like running whitehat is already at a disadvantage as aggressive/blackhat campaigns have higher conversions than whitehat.” … “I have heard/read of Facebook banning accounts and affiliates having to use multiple/different ones every time” And so on and so forth. Is whitehat REALLY safer? Is blackhat dying? What am I supposed to do?! But watch what happens when all the STM veterans jump in clear all the confusion in just a few long posts. The conclusion is “it depends”, you’ll just have to see for yourself. Stop “fudding” now Follow Along Update: “Newbie” Now Hitting $XXXX/day We spoke about this in a previous newsletter. Newbie (not anymore it seems) “jack_l” just hit $XXXX/day in gross profits. He managed to scale things by being determined and consistent. He says: “I'd say that media-buying is very much like golf- fun, addictive, fulfilling, and EXTRAORDINARILY HUMBLING!” I mean, there’s no need to add anything to this! Go check Jack’s follow along again What Is The Best Platform for Collecting Your Own Push Traffic? STM’s founder Mr Green ask for some insights on the best platforms to collect your own push traffic. Stuff like: STM members jump in, dissect and provide a number of brilliant solutions depending what you need - marketing purposes or creating a platform. Golden nuggets everywhere! See the solutions The Most Professional Interview You’ll Ever See “twinaxe” one of STM’s many successful affiliate gets interviewed by Roman from ZorbasMedia. His interviews are top notch and extremely professional. Unlike anything you’ve ever seen. Even better than most TV interviews out there, seriously. Here’s a snippet from twinaxe’s intro in his thread: “Probably some of you already have seen one or another affiliate interview from Roman (ZorbasMedia). Well, now they caught me as well and I traveled to Russia for an interview about me and my affiliate life. ... But I have to say it was a very big challenge for me to do the trip and the interview. As I said, I usually try to keep in the background so it was a pretty strange feeling for me. Additionally I am somewhat frightened of flying so that was also not that easy for me. Nonetheless I thought it's better to face the challenge and don't run away from it and in the end it was the best decision. I met really wonderful people there, had an amazing time in Russia and already think about going back there. Unluckily in the interview you can't see the whole day and you can't feel the atmosphere but all I can say is that it were few days I will never forget. “ Do yourself a favour and go watch the interview How to Target Video Ads Like a Pro on Youtube The Legendary iAmAttila strikes again! Learn how to target video ads on youtube. We can’t reveal the whole thing but it has to do with stereotypes, lambos, thailand and keywords...and ad groups. See the lesson here

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Non-Techie Newbie Commits with Blood, Sweat and Tears and “Magically” Hits Profits

January 24, 2019

Non-Techie Newbie Commits with Blood, Sweat and Tears and “Magically” Hits Profits “Bossbigpaws” is not a technical person and started his follow along as a complete AM newbie. He “magically” got to see green ROIs. Magically committed and worked his ass off. Magically tested 20-30 offers per week. Magically applied common sense and reason. Magically started tying all the dots together and seeing the big picture. Magically received constructive criticism and guidance from STM mods. It’s all magic! (For the unaware, that’s all sarcasm above. As it has been proven countless times on STM, it just takes action and hard work to get AM to work) Go see how people magically make money in AM Oh look! Another profitable newbie - you think this is magic too? Or coincidence? Nope. It’s hard work, commitment and action. This guy followed Amy’s brilliant 40-day tutorial (which is being updated for 2019 as we speak). And he found success. Notice a trend here? Almost every single newsletter we’ve got newbies hitting profits thanks to STM. You connect the rest of the dots. Hard work pays off, see for yourself What the hell happened to Native ads in 2018? Do you know the nitty-gritty details? Do you know what worked and what’s going to keep working in native? Or how about the new trends? There’s a comprehensive native ads report put together by the guys over at called “Native Advertising 2018 - The Year in Review” which they released on STM for free. These guys know what they’re talking about. Better go check the report Superaffiliate starts a native follow along One of the top STM guns, the veteran superaffiliate “thedudeabides” (Kelly Sheffield) just started a new native follow along on Voluum DSP. The idea is he’d teach you how to reach profits as he goes along. The goal is to hit $1000/day - which, by his words, is very doable and quick. The short-term goal is to hit those numbers with multi-GEO ecom offers. The long-term goal is to hit 5-figures a day with the same products on other big native traffic sources - Taboola & Outbrain. Oh...and he’s already profitable. Took him 10 days: Go see Kelly’s progress and learn from the big boys Time Sensitive: Want Chrome Push Subscribers from 200 million clicks/day? STM founder and super-mega-affiliate MrGreen just dropped this. There’s a limited window of opportunity if you want to build up your Chrome push subscriber database. It literally takes a few minutes to setup and tap into 200 million daily clicks. “That traffic is converting like crazy on push subscriber campaigns.” - MrGreen It’s dead simple to setup. But there’s not much time left. Learn how here (Straight) From the Horse's Mouth - Google’s Priceless UX Cheatsheet MrGreen strikes again with an amazing share from Google. This is a comprehensive UX cheatsheet showing you how to do things right if you want your lead gen opt-ins to only go up. Get the UX cheatsheet here The End Times are near for free trial offers - Mastercard drops the hammer Bad news ahead. Mastercard will stop free trials from automatically billing you once they’re over. Does this spell disaster for free trials and how big is the hit going to be? There’s some speculation going on in this thread and you may want to keep an eye on it. There’s also a huge discussion on social media too. STM Mod Matuloo also shared a simple but ingenious solution to the Mastercard problem. Where there’s a will, there’s a way. End the end times here

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