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STM Forum was launched late one night in January 2011 with the goal of providing case studies, guides, high quality information on a variety of topics and to act as a core networking hub for industry veterans.

7 years later we are ​ the authoritative forum on affiliate marketing and our reach continues to expand. We now provide higher education, host conferences and local networking events, and are continuing to improve and expand what the forum offers every affiliate marketer.

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5 Epic Lessons I Learned From Running Facebook Ads Since 2014!

By Administrator • October 17, 2018

5 Epic Lessons I Learned From Running Facebook Ads Since 2014! iAmAttila has dropped a bomb of a post that anyone running on Facebook simply MUST read! Some of the best tips include: What types of images has resulted in the highest CTR (along with example images), a simple trick to finding killer ad headline ideas, the ideal audience size to target, how much to increase your budget by when scaling, how to layer audiences to create an ultra-targeted audience, how it can be more profitable to build a list from FB traffic and sell to that instead of going straight for the sale in the ad, and more! Facebook Sweeps Follow Along Over the course of just 3 weeks, FB-newbie hadomi went from -100% ROI to high xx/day in profits while learning to run sweeps! 3-figure profit days should be just around the corner. Lots of gold to be gleaned from the 2+ pages of discussion, with the OP's detailed-documentation of the process, plus guidance from experts such as maynzie, stickupkid and nickpeplow. Promo Code for Ecommerce Mastery Live: Asia Missed the early-bird pricing? Here's your second chance - get a whopping $200 discount on the current price, and learn from the best of the industry including Tim Burd, Max Finn, and many more! Weekly News From the Online Advertising and Tech Worlds - 11th October Some of what you'll find out about in this issue are: How much your FB identify is worth (the answer WILL surprise you!), the effects of GDPR, Facebook's new diagnostic tool, Bill Gate's latest project, and how Google is finally making its way into the a HUGE market it currently has no presence in.

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How To Deal With FB Bans

By Administrator • October 10, 2018

How To Deal With FB Bans/Trust Rate Member cassshy shares a great tip on how to avoid FB account bans. Big SEO Tip For Ending 2018 Going Into 2019 Greg describes one of the biggest mistakes he sees people making when trying to rank their sites. Getting this one factor right will save you a ton of time, and give you an advantage over the competition! Do This One Thing Before Deciding on a Geo+Vertical Member wakeboarder illustrates how he does geo+vertical research using Adplexity. Skip this step before jumping into a geo+vertical, and you risk losing time and money. Is Your eCommerce Business Structured in a VAT Compliant and Efficient Manner ? Selling to EU customers? Structuring your business right in the first place to remain tax efficient and compliant can save you a ton of money paid in VAT/import duty on business transactions, as well as penalties and interest for non-compliance. Weekly News From the Online Advertising and Tech Worlds - 04th October In this week's issue: Mystery reason for Voluum's price increase; a HUGE ecommerce demographic you're probably overloooking; 50,000,000 FB accounts being compromised; whatsapp ads are coming; and more!

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Newbie Living the Affiliate Marketing Lifestyle

By Administrator • October 03, 2018

Newbie Living the Affiliate Marketing Lifestyle You may have come across STM member wakeboarder's popular follow-alongs! He has just quit his job to focus 100% on running affiliate campaigns, and is currently on a wakeboarding holiday to celebrate his new-found freedom. "I think I'm having the time of my life right now. I'm in one of the best wakepark and writing an update about my lastest AM milestones. Awesome!" Weekly News From the Online Advertising and Tech Worlds - 28th Sept. A hilarious bad lip reading of Zuckerberg; google unbans crypto ads; lessons on how to avoid your startup from failing; an FB chatbot that gives you tips on financial management; and more! This weekly curated-news publication is quickly gaining popularity on STM - have you read this week's installment yet? How to Structure Your Google Ads/Adwords Campaign for Success iAmAttila reveals how he and his team sets up adwords campaign to increase their ROI. Screenshots and step-by-step instructions are provided. Lookalike Audience (LALA) - What LALA You Should Create Part 1 Be sure to read this post to the end - there are some very creative and little-known methods of creating lookalike audiences in there. Member cassshy has been posting great content like a fiend, and this post is just one of them! How to Use FB Ads to Promote Flight Claims "Anyone can be affected by a flight delay at any time, so we've found that lookalike audiences don't really help. What we've found is that xxxxxxxx xxxxxx and xxxxxxxxxxxxx are those most likely to have successful claims. So we've had success targeting people who have liked or expressed an interest in the xxxxxx xx airlines." Find out what's hiding behind the x's by reading the original post!

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Where to Next with Ecommerce?

By Administrator • September 26, 2018

Where to Next with Ecommerce? If you're still doing dropshipping from aliexpress, you'd know this model isn't working half as well as it did last year. This thread contains lots of practical advice on how you can revive your business by transitioning away from that declining business model. Weekly News From the Online Advertising and Tech World - 20th Sept. Moderator Matuloo has gathered the best, latest, and most-relevant news in the online advertising and tech world, and condensed it into a post for our reading pleasure. Not to be missed! Click that "THANKS" button if you're wanting this to turn into a regular publication! How Many Campaigns Are You Running? Member jabong82 has asked the question "what's the difference between a $100/day affiliate vs $1000/day affiliate?" The gold tips in the ensuing replies can help YOU add another zero to your current daily revenue! Want a Sneak Peek of STM Forum Content? The Preview Page has been completely revamped! For those of you that aren't STM members yet, you can now check out snippets from the latest and best threads on the forums. Want to read the entire threads? You know what to do!

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Simple But Highly-Effective Search-Engine Ranking Tutorial

By Administrator • September 12, 2018

Greg's SEO Ranking Tutorial Greg Morrison, one of the few no-BS SEO experts who has taught thousands of students to succeed with SEO, has posted a very detailed tutorial on how you can profit from ranking pages in the search engines! With paid traffic becoming more expensive, it may be wise to diversify into free organic traffic. And if you heed Greg's advice on how to pick less-competitive keywords, ranking on the first page may not take as much time as you may currently believe. The Ultimate Facebook Newbie Tutorial 2018 - Part 6 - Images Images can make or break your Facebook ads. In this lesson, Stickupkid gives valuable insight into what you should look for when choosing images for ads, as well as provides examples of good and bad images. Voluum Importer for FunnelFlux Increase in Voluum pricing got you down? Thinking of switching? Funnelflux has come out with a new feature that will make the transferring of your data quick and painless! Is It Possible to Still Profit with Pops With rising costs and competition on pop networks, this has got to be one of the most frequently-asked-questions in recent months. The community provides feedback that accurately describes the current state of pop traffic, as well as advice on other traffic types that can serve as a good next-step-up from pop. Remote Senior Media Buyer Wanted! Want to build a media buying powerhouse? is a leading direct advertiser in evergreen verticals such as nutra and beauty. They're looking for a Facebook & Adwords Master who can work independently and have the chance to be their Head of Performance. Apply Now!

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FB ShowPages For $xxx,xxx Shopify

By Administrator • September 05, 2018

FB ShowPages (Watch) For $xxx,xxx Shopify Up to $300k on some days, 100 million video views, CVR of 2-3% - all from FREE traffic on Facebook! Interested yet? Read how new member flexmaster was able to achieve all this using Facebook Showpages, In-Stream Ads, and Shopify. Adplexity to FunnelFlux: Live Landers in Under 30 Seconds Sick and tired of spending time fixing up ripped landing pages? Watch how this new tool rips a lander from Adplexity and puts it on FunnelFlux in under a minute! Landing Page Script For Getting Free Traffic Tired of having other affiliates rip your lander? Use the script suggested in this thread to get a percentage of their traffic back to your offers! HUGE Lists of Shopify Store URLs For Spying Member platinum shares a website where you can access a huge number of shopify store urls for spying - and it's free! Best Frequency? What's the best Frequency Capping on banner campaigns? The community shares great insights on this topic.

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Why Offshore Business Setup

By Administrator • August 29, 2018

Why Offshore Business Setup! Are taxes eating into your profits? Enjoy the benefits of TAX FREE profits by operating via an offshore entity! STM Member Digitas, ACCA and ACA qualified financial expert (which, quoting cmdeal, is "like having 2 Ph.D.s"), lists pros and cons of incorporating your business in two famous offshore jurisdictions, UAE and Hong Kong. Greg Morrison Here to Help With SEO The legendary Greg Morrison from the OneManGang has joined our forums! He seems to always be able to figure out how to beat the next algo change Google throw at us, and has taught countless students to do exactly that over the past few years. Be prepared to see some major knowledge bombs from Greg, including a mini-tutorial he has in the works! How To Target Better and Make More Money on Facebook with the Help of Big G! If you run traffic on Facebook, you must know how well lookalike audiences can convert when you generate them based on a list of customers. But what if you don't yet have such a list of customers for your target niche? Sure you can just buy one, but quality may not be guaranteed. In this thread, iAmAttila shares a little-known, ingenius method for generating a super-targeted LAL audience - which can give you a boost if you're entering a new niche. Chartered Accountant with Masters and 5 Years in Performance Marketing Member Digitas has generously started an AMA to answer any questions you may have on financial management of your affiliate marketing business! "I have worked in performance industry for 5 years and have setup/managed structures in UK, Dubai, Hong Kong, India and Philippines. I have in depth expertise around accounting, financial management, financial reporting, multi jurisdictional audits, VAT, GST, corporation tax, payroll taxes, company incorporation, tax efficient structure, banking and other corporate matters across multiple jurisdictions. Whether you are looking for information on complex matters including taxes/audits or something as simple as raising or recording a sales invoice, happy to share my experiences with you." Revcontent Boost Types Running on Revcontent and wondering which boost type to go with? Native veterans discuss pros and cons of each, as well as recommend best practices. Deceptive Attack - Wait Don't Drop Your Current Domain Yet! Having domains banned by google is a problem shared by many. In this thread, several members chime in to offer solutions to that problem. Best Telegram Groups A question from Moderator tijn has sparked the idea for Moderator erikgyepes to start a telegram group for affiliates! Find the join link in the thread and join now! Why Offers Got Paused Out? Member rajivwalia has received quite a few notifications from the affiliate network that the lead quality was not good enough to continue traffic. Veteran members were unanimous in what they suggest.

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NEW Traffic Source - Only Pay If You Make Money

By Administrator • August 22, 2018

NEW Traffic Source - Only Pay If You Make Money Discover this new network that will only charge you when you make a conversion. Some of the first advertisers are already spending over $5k/day on this network. Too good to be true? Experience for yourself to find out. You literally can't lose! AM is Not Just Pops & Sweeps ... Watch Me Build a Network of Crypto Sites Follow along as our senior moderator matuloo builds a more long-term online asset than CPA campaigns. His first cypto niche site is already live - go check it out! Perhaps that will provide the inspiration you've been needing to start your own niche site! AFFILIATE WORLD & STM CHINA TOUR - SEPT: Shenzhen, Shanghai + Beijing! STM is coming to China again this year! This time we're joining forces with Affiliate World Conferences to organize something bigger and better than the previous meetups. These are free to attend, but registration is required. We'll be hosting a prize draw at each meetup where you could win thousands of dollars worth of prizes (one of which is a free 12-month STM membership!) You'll also be receiving a flyer with discounts on STM, Adplexity, Funnelflux, iStack Training, and Affjobs. See you there! New Tool: Lets You Apply to Lots of Aff Networks By Pushing 1 Button Update: More networks have been added to the tool, and we're actively continuing to add more! If you're looking to sign up to more networks, but don't want to fill out tedious application after tedious application, be sure to check out this STM-exclusive tool.

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