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STM Forum was launched late one night in January 2011 with the goal of providing case studies, guides, high quality information on a variety of topics and to act as a core networking hub for industry veterans.

7 years later we are ​ the authoritative forum on affiliate marketing and our reach continues to expand. We now provide higher education, host conferences and local networking events, and are continuing to improve and expand what the forum offers every affiliate marketer.

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This Week on STM: "After 18 Years in the Industry, I EXPOSE Affiliate Marketing's Dirty Secrets" ... And More!

By Caurmen • May 02, 2016

This week we've got a real treat, and a real conversation-starter: Matuloo, an 18-year veteran of the AM industry, lets it all out in a massive, thought-provoking rant about the state of the industry and what needs to change. Beyond that, we've got amazing design advice from Shishev, success stories, tips on high-payout offers, and more. Let's get going... After 18 Years in the Industry, I EXPOSE Affiliate Marketing's Dirty Secrets. They say you become adult at the age of 18, that’s when you should know enough about the world and be able to take care of yourself on your own, more or less Some of you know I started in the affiliate business in 1998, which means its a bit over 18 years by now, so that makes me an adult in terms of affiliate marketing. I've seen industries rise and die, I've seen good things and I have seen bad things happen too. I'm still here tho, always managed to adapt and keep going. And even tho I really love the affiliate business and the freedom it can give me, there are some things I am not so happy about or flat out hate.Since I just turned "18", let me use this opportunity and put together a list/code of things I DO and DON'T like about the affiliate business, split up in 3 basic categories Read More » 1 yr later: Part-time affiliate hits 1k/day June 11,15 (2 months from initial start) was my first day doing $10/day Revenue. LOL not a great start to my AM career.For those of who wondering why I didn’t just join my brother on his campaigns...well I have no idea what he was doing and how he was doing it. I had nothing to add, so I just went on STM and did my own thing.After that, there were a lot of ups and downs. In the last year or so, I have tested over +200 offers, 20+ traffic sources, 10 or so affiliates networks. And spent around 30-40K and probably brought back the same in Rev. So ya, I’ve tested alot, but always struggled to scale.But I am happy to say, last month I re-covered all my losses. Read More » Tutorial: These Common Design Mistakes May Cost You an Arm and a Leg! "Hey wait here mister, my lander is currently working really well, why would I even care about design?” Yes design is subjective, and yes you should always test everything but there are unwritten rules you can adhere to and common mistakes you can avoid. ??So I’ll just keep writing articles until I change your cemented opinion and get you to see the bigger picture.You can always improve your campaigns further by avoiding common design mistakes and being educated when it comes to your creatives. It’s not all about the numbers y’know!I’m going to lay out a short list of seemingly harmless mistakes, ones that affiliates keep making, and me and my past clients have made numerous times which have cost us all an arm and a leg, just so you can avoid leaving money on the table in the future!??Here goes… in no particular order... Read More » STM Local Networking Event - TORONTO - May 6! Come to Toronto's largest affiliate meetup on May 6th!I used to go to Advaliant's affiliate meetups in 2008/2009 and haven't been to anything as good since. STM is going to change that.Come meet us in The Drake Hotel's Sky Yard, first round of drinks is on us! Prepare for an amazing roof top/networking soirée with some of the best from STM! Please feel free to share the news. Read More » Follow Along 8+ Stupid Mistakes That You Can Easily Avoid - An Italian Tale Hello amazing people,If you are interested, i've introduced myself in this thread >> Finally here I am: Filippo, 18 years old, AM from Italy - That's My Young StoryThe goal of this thread, beyond my personal success, is to give something value back to this awesome forum rather than just money, really.1# Before starting in affiliate marketing i studied a lot. But then i realized that i will never reach 100% knowledge so i started with my first campagin. If i would have done that earlier i would have been some steps ahead right now in this industry. Read More » Deep Analysis of Rebill Campaign Promoted on Facebook. There are some good, rich insights here on angles and funnel design.As with most case studies, however, you should not try to just copy this case study step by step.Instead you should rather work to find nuggets of exportable insight that you can apply to your campaigns.In this particular case, you definitely should not try to copy and paste this to run on FB unless you want a quick account ban, potential C&D's from multiple sources, potential legal/regulatory action against you, and one pissed off Rhonda Rousey wanting to kick your ass! Read More » FB headache worth the $? Facebook sells $5 billion worth of ads every quarter. If these were not backing out, then people would stop buying ads on FB.That is not happening anytime soon.I personally know at least 5 people on STM who run really large volumes ($x,xxx,xxx per month)... Read More » The $10,000 Business Card There are plenty of fine examples out there, but if you're really looking to impress people with a business card, a card with a minimalistic look and a fancy font isn't going to cut it because people are not easily impressed by a business card. Instead go for something clever and related to your business. If you have a hairdresser salon, turn your biz card into a comb for example. That sort of interactive stuff, imho, is what a creative business card should be like.You should come up with a clever idea first, and then move on to find a designer who can turn your idea to life - there are tons of super creative and capable people on Behance and Dribbble. spam incoming... Read More » Is AM harder than stocks? In stocks, you have NO chance to influence the markets, you either hit the direction its going or you dont.In AM, you got more control over the action, but it also requires a lot of work.If you're lucky, stocks might be your poison today, and it might kill you the next one... Read More » How much harder is it to get profitable on high payout offers? Its not really harder, its just more expensive and you need bigger balls to run these.With low paying offers, you see conversions coming in after you've spent a few bucks. Lets say you've been running a $1 payout offer, now multiply it all by 10, do you have the balls to wait 10 times longer in terms of ad-spend?Im running high paying PIN submits, some close to $20 per conversion but its not funny sometimes... Read More »

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STEP BY STEP: Running A Bot Test on any Campaign And More from This Week on STM

By Caurmen • April 18, 2016

Bots! Damn them. This week we've got a step by step solution for finding the worst bot offenders in your placements. Plus we've got a tutorial on Facebook, landers for solar, and more... STEP BY STEP: Running A Bot Test On Any Campaign 'Almost all display traffic is plagued with bots, computer programs designed to click on your ads, pretend to be human, and get publishers more money by fraudulently inflating traffic figures. For us, they're a nightmare: we end up spending cash on worthless traffic. And some placements are 100% bot traffic - meaning you can optimise your campaign all you like, it'll never convert. But there are ways to spot them before you spend significant money. Here's a guide to a simple bot detection technique, which allows you to detect bots by their click-through patterns. That means you can eliminate very high bot placements before they cost you money. ' Read More » Tip: 3 Simple Tricks To Master The Art of CTR In Facebook Ads 'Since I've launched my consulting services I have been spending hours and hours with clients looking at their campaign flow and helping them perfect their system. It's interesting to see that even advanced affiliates can make rookie mistakes and don't realize where they mess up.This is the reason I decided to come up with an article about 3 major mistakes I tend to see with my clients:Mistake #1. Not Analyzing data the RIGHT way – Making desperate decisions' Read More » Tip: Importance of Split Testing Your Ad Copy 'A couple of days ago I was talking to my native English speaker friend and I asked if he could take a look at my ad copy because I kinda had the feeling that there's room to improve on my ads. Don't get me wrong, I made constant 100% roi with my campaign!I do speak English very well, but still when it comes to copywriting, it's just another world! My grammar was perfect on the ad copy but my friend could tell it's not written by a native speaker. So he helped me tweaking the text and I had version A (my ad copy) and version B (native speaker's ad copy).I was really excited to see results, so I have submitted two separate ad groups with the same image, same targeting, same landing page with only the difference in the ad copy (version A and B).At first it seemed like my “poor English” ad copy did better, but when I started to get more and more traffic' Read More » Case Study: How I Made $XXX,XXX Profit On FB Direct Linking (Blackhat But No Cloaking) 'Some of you may already read some comments at the Facebook vs Pin Submit discussions about Facebook Advertising for VIP Response. I have been doing FB advertising (self-employed) for over 5 years now, mainly on insurances and finance. Facebook seems to be a tough b*tch when it comes to pin submits. However I would like you guys to show some insights on how to make good profit on FB with pin submits. Some luck is needed too by the way wink emoticonImportant notes v1.– no cloaking involved– no prelanders involved– just direct linking (ad ? click ? campaign page)' Read More » Do we have to cloak in Native to stay competitive? 'From what I've gathered from spying, most affiliate nutra campaigns are being cloaked. The LP's are breaking so many rules (i.e. trademark infringement). This obviously allows them to bid higher because of increased ROI.What becomes of those who wants to stay compliant? Must they go over to the "dark side" in order to make any decent $?I don't see how the complaint guys can compete. ' Read More » REVEALED: 13 Secrets to Getting Expert STM Members to Answer Your Questions 'Tons of questions get asked on STM every day. Although it's true that there are no stupid questions, we can all stand to ask our questions in a smart way - and the pointers below will help us do JUST that!' Read More » The Mistake that Many Smart People Make 'There is a common mistake that often happens to smart people — in many cases, without you ever realizing it.The mistake has to do with the difference between being in motion and taking action. They sound similar, but they’re not the same.Here’s the deal…Motion vs. ActionMotion is when you’re busy doing something, but that task will never produce an outcome by itself. Action, on the other hand, is the type of behavior that will get you a result.Here are some examples…' Read More » Solar is cranking! 'Solars a cool vertical. Elon musk is the man.Here are some landers people passed around in my mastermind.'

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This Week on STM: Loading Times For Pop Traffic: The Go-Faster Cheatsheet ... And More!

By Caurmen • April 07, 2016

Advice! We have advice. And it's good. This week on STM, uber-designer Shishev tells us things we didn't know about Whitespace (did you know there are 4 different kinds?), we've got pop tips on optimisation and loading times, Caurmen tells us how to not die, and the STM community jumps in on a fascinating discussion of the best advice they've ever received... Loading Times For Pop Traffic: The Go-Faster Cheatsheet 'DO optimise your images. Image optimisation is usually the biggest improvement you can make to a slow page. I find produces the best results for JPGs, but others swear by for ease of use.DON'T use all-image landers. Using a lander made of a single image is fine for a quick test, but having it properly coded will make it load much faster AND look much sharper.DON'T run Wordpress for your landers. Even highly-optimised Wordpress run by experts is still several times slower than a straight HTML page. A Worpdress install you haven't spent days tweaking is likely to be MUCH slower than that.DO remove tracking once you have optimised the campaign. Tracking redirects add 300ms or more to loading times. That's significant. Unless you're using a non-redirect-based tracker, removing tracking on an optimised campaign...' Read More » Tip PopAds ISPs - Don't Optimize for What You Can't Target! 'I've been following-along some pop follow-alongs, specifically for PopAds which is an extremely popular traffic source. There's something I've been pointing out about the screwy way in which popads deals with ISPs and carriers, so I thought I'd make a separate post about it and hopefully help more members that are also running on this traffic source.The problem I'm wanting to point out, it that you can't always get just carrier traffic for a specific carrier - sometimes you just have to let some wifi traffic tag along. For example, there's no way to just receive Viettel Mobile carrier traffic - when you target Viettel Corporation, you'll get only ~20% of Viettel carrier traffic, with the other 80% being wifi traffic. So why is this relevant...' Read More » Something doesn't FEEL right with your landers and sites? It could be whitespace! "So WHY do some landers and sites FEEL wrong?Because you probably haven’t heard of Micro, Macro, Passive and Active whitespace. Not to worry though, it sounds like a lot, but these are all actually really simple terms that can help you understand the WHY portion of your whitespace problem.Micro and Macro WhitespaceThe space between major/big elements in a page is, you guessed it, macro whitespace. Should you leave these two sections close to each other, or should you add some breathing room? The space between the smaller ones - a caption and an image, between letters or words, a caption and a CTA, an icon and text is all micro whitespace." Read More » The STM Guide To Not Dying Early "Making bank is awesome. But you know what can really put a crimp in all those post-freedom travel plans?Being dead.Affiliate marketing isn't the most health-promoting of occupations. It's stressful. It's stationary. It tends to promote long hours and bad diet.And whilst most affiliates are young, that doesn't mean you're safe. For starters, people do die young, more often than you'd think. And secondly, health decisions whilst you're young can really screw you when you get older.So here's our quick cheatsheet for how to a) do AM without b) kicking the bucket, shuffling off the mortal coil, and joining the choir eternal or c) just having health problems and feeling miserable." Read More » What is the SINGLE, MOST EFFECTIVE AND IMPACTFUL Piece of Advice You Have Received? Dozens of STMers from newbies to super affiliates share the single most helpful piece of advice they've ever received. Take 5 minutes and read through them all. Read More » Get a Master's Degree from One of the Best Universities in the Hot Data Science Field 'University of Illinois - Urbana Champaign is one of the best universities in the world and truly outstanding for information science. The first Internet web browser Netscape was invented there. Its alumni include Marc Andreessen (founder Netscape, Andreeson Horowitz), Larry Ellison (co-founder, Oracle), Martin Eberhard (co-founder, Tesla Motors), Thomas Siebel (founder, Siebel Systems), Jeremy Stoppelman (co-founder, Yelp), Steve Chen (co-founder, Youtube), Sonny Vu (co-founder Misfit Wearables, Agamatrix), Max Levchin (co-founder, Paypal), and many many more.Now for the first time, you can get a master's degree from U of I in data science' Read More » The Affiliate Industry And The Future 'Affiliates have always been and still are an expendable "bottom of the food chain" channel. As you've mentioned, once affiliates are used to build up a company, they are usually dumped, especially if there's a need to reduce risk.Part of the reason for this is the fact that although it's not the case for the entire affiliate community, there are bad apples that mess things up for all affiliates. Yeah is cool that an aff can make a ton of cash by skirting TOS with cloaking/blackhat etc, all this makes companies like FB, Google etc not want to work with the channel beyond a certain point. Everyone is free to make money, but it also means the affiliate channel becomes a crowd companies don't want to associate with. Read More » Exposed: The Secret Source Code for Generating UNLIMITED Native Ads ... for FREE Need some inspiration? Here's a fun native-ad-style neadline generator to play with! Read More »

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INFOGRAPHIC: 2016 Native Ads Cheat Sheet For Affiliates. And More From This Week on STM

By Caurmen • March 29, 2016

This week is a week of tips. Not massive brain-bending guides, hardcore, specific, down-to-earth tips. From a pile of laser-focused RevContent info to a quickfire series of optimisation tips to a 200%+ CTR booster for pops, we're firing out that info like it's a submachinegun, not a cannon. Get it now whilst it's fresh... INFOGRAPHIC: 2016 Native Ads Cheat Sheet For Affiliates. An amazing visualisation of top tips for Native from our resident Picasso, Shishev. Read More » Tip CHEATSHEET: DOs and DON'Ts of Optimisation "1) DON'T just go with your gut (unless you're a stone-cold expert). Unless you're a Stackman- or MrGreen-level expert, statistical math is MASSIVELY more accurate than going on feel for what to cut when.2) DO run tests to statistical significance. Cutting placements, landers, banners and campaigns too early is one of the surest ways to fail at AM. Doesn't matter if it LOOKS significant, do the math!3) DON'T run tests beyond statistical significance. There's no point spending $100 on a $0.20 payout that doesn't convert. Once you know for certain that an ad won't work or a lander's not the best of the bunch, stop and test something else.4) DO use Bayesian testing wherever you can. Here's our guide to Bayesian testing..." Read More » STM Announcement: Affiliate World Europe 2016 - Sales Now Open "1. Booths and Tables are on sale now (March 21st)2. Attendee Conference Tickets are on sale tomorrow (March 22nd from 2pm CET)More information about our ground breaking speakers and unique breakout sessions coming soon." Read More » RevContent websites -> widgets list and black list If you're running RevContent you HAVE to read this thread. Multiple superb tips including: A massive blacklist of spam placements on RevContentA step-by-step guide to running profitable RevContent campaignsDetailed tips from a $40k/month RevContent spender. Read More » Which verticals have the potential of $x'xxx / a day campaigns? "Let's all look at the Flashlight campaign that everyone is talking about. You have guys doing at least 20K/day+ on it. You target the 'survivalist' man living in the southern US states, that thinks Obama is going to take his guns, with a lander angle of: this new 'Military Grade' Flashlight is what every dude needs to pretend to be a Marine or whatever HOORAH HOORAH, news article lander . and that tiny niche of M/40+/Republicans can bring you 20K days, how many ppl is that? So what if you opened that up, and targeted other Demos. Say the..." Read More » Traffic Types Definition - #1 - POPS "One of the questions Im getting pretty often from new marketers is, "what kind of traffic is this", so I thought I'd do a mini series on this, explaining the specifics for every traffic type. Let's start with the most popular POPs and if there is enough interest, I will cover the other types in following posts.So what is POP Traffic actually?History: It all started as POP-UPs, it was the small window that popped over a site - usually used for email collection. What started as a small pop, ended up as a full sized window with the absence of scroll bars, moved up on the screen a bit so the close button wasn’t visible at all Even better were the "smart" marketers who chained the popups so you basically couldn’t break out of the chain without crashing your browser - this was the birth of the term "popup hell". As you can guess, browser developers did all they could to block this" Read More » Tip Pop Lander Tip - Increase CTR by 200%+ "I've been MIA from the forums for the past 1.5 days because one of my best buddies was in town and we got to spend some quality time together.He's a real pro when it comes to coding landers. That's where his passion lies. Money isn't a major motivator for him. Using just one of his lander tricks, he was able to reach high 4-figures with pop traffic recently and he's a lazy marketer. If he would put in the time to scale he'd be doing 5 figures/day easy. But he prefers to spend his time on conquering new verticals and traffic sources instead of milking profitable campaigns. Each to his own I guess.One of the biggest lander tips I've learned from him is this..." Read More » Forget Your Credit Card ... Get a New Virtual Credit Card for Every Transaction "Definitely looks worth trying out!" Read More » Tip Boost CTRs With The Power of Emoji's ?? "If you're not already using them, make sure to test them in some copy. Adespresso recently did a case study on them - conversions boosted 1% and CTR 10% - Great for catching a users eye!Most used emojis are..." Read More » Best Method For Finding QUALITY Offers? "A couple of other routes to consider:1) Find a service you find useful and good, then see if it has an affiliate program. This can work very well - one of the longer-running programs I've promoted is a service I've used myself, a lot.It's not 100% - for example, I love Lord Of The Rings Online, but I can't get the bloody thing to convert for the life of me. But it's a good way to find things you might overlook.2) Just look through your network's offer list, then check out the landing page of anything that looks promising. You can find some really out-of-the-way gems this way. Go through the flow, look at the lander design, look at how well the offer sells itself. Think about its demographics and how large a user base it appeals to. Don't forget that" Read More » The always confusing ANGLE creation - my guide for new people. "I think we will all agree that the right angle is one of the most important parts of a successful campaign. There are many threads dedicated to angle creation on this forum already, but I still see people asking about it all the time, so let me write a simple guide to angle creation. It’s been a while since we had a larger thread on angles published, so let's bring it back.This time I would like to do it in a bit different way, so not just general rules and advice on how to do it. I will go step by step, from selecting an offer, through the brainstorming phase all the way to angle ideas and ad copy. Since I personally prefer using banners, I will structure the final ad copies to be short enough for a larger banner.The goal of this guide isn't really to come up with angles that will actually result in profitable campaigns, but rather to show you how I approach angle creation..." Read More » Installing Funnel Flux on Linode Server [Video Walkthrough] "I installed Funnel Flux on Linode using zeno's stackscript. A lot of newbies had trouble installing it so I made a video walkthrough for those that are interested." Read More » Tip AdWords GDN - How to Block Tablet Traffic "Haven't seen this on here so figure this may help some. As you may know, AdWords has lumped together the targeting of Desktop & Tablets into the same targeting category; which is annoying if you are promoting a download/software offer that doesn't work on Tablet. In a lot of threads you'll see replies like, "Well you should just make your site tablet responsive", which is garbage advice.Here's a hack you can do to to block tablet traffic.Create HTML5 Ads (not image display ads). And in the HTML5 Body, put this script" Read More »

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INFOGRAPHIC: Native Ads Cheat Sheet For Affiliates 2016

By Administrator • March 23, 2016

"Native" is the hottest buzzword in the industry right now! It's easy to see why. The volume is mega, the CTRs are mighty and the ROIs match those of the early days of Facebook Ads. Here is a beautiful infographic from STM to help you get onboard the Native Ads express! Text Version Keep refreshing images. Most Native networks give a lot of weight to fresh content. Ads is best to be refreshed every 3-4 days Always separate campaigns. Split mobile, web and tablet. Account history ( CTR and eCPM ) matters. Popular Native ad networks for affiliates are: Outbrain, Taboola, Mgid, RevContent, Content.Ad, Go2Mobi, Avazu mDSP. INTL targeting buys traffic cheaper than single country targetting. This is true for at least RevContent, MGID and . High payout offers work best (north of $20) in tier 1 geos - US, CA, AU, UK. Typically these have been CPL/CPS type offers An optimal number of creatives is around the 10-12 testing 2-3 different style angles. The use of a eye-catching 'newsy' style creatives paired with an advertorial landing page has shown success for multiple verticals. Spy for free. Adplexity Native Spy Tool. Your spend is throttled by your account balance. So make sure you have keep your account funded. Use this cheat sheet to create high CTR headlines. (thanks to STMer hephaestus) Negotiate lower floor CPCs. If you are running volume, you have the ability to negotiate lower floor CPCs. (thanks to STMer hephaestus) Keep an eye on publisher ID's that have a very high (this could be bot traffic) or low CTR on your landers. The difference in quality between some placements are huge. (thanks to STMer deondup) Get Native network tracking tokens here (thanks to STMer mitesh muley) Taboola may limit how many ads they will approve every week. Ask for more 'providers' and create more websites. Then you can get up to 50 approved per week. (thanks to STMer hephaestus) P.S. Don't miss out on the mega Native Ads follow along contest on the forums.

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This Week on STM: The Big AM FAQ Thread! And Much More...

By Caurmen • March 22, 2016

STM this week has ALL the answers! We've got a mammoth, must-bookmark guide to all of STM's frequently asked questions about AM. Plus a new STM cheat sheet, answers on everything from million dollar verticals to pest control, and more! The Big AM FAQ Thread! Vortex unveils an epic guide - ALL the STM common answer threads you're ever likely to need, in one place. Read More » Voluum so SLOW lately... - Page 2 Rob Gryn of Voluum responds to STM users' questions on Voluum's issues lately. Read More » Tip CHEATSHEET: DOs and DON'Ts of Hosting And Servers 'Here's some simplicity. 16 quick tips that should get you 90% of the way to where your AM server setup needs to be. ' Read More » Follow Along Native Ads - 1st Campaign - Road To Green Angry Russian drops some quick tips on designing a successful, compliant native campaign. Read More » Tip * OMFG!! The ULTIMATE MEGA Comparison Table for VPNs!!! * 'This is the ULTIMATE MEGA Comparison Table for VPNs around the world!!!' Read More » Which verticals should be avoided to get to the $1,000,000 mark? 'You cannot generate $1 million of profit a year for yourself on every industry in the world. ' Read More » "We Analyzed 13 Billion Opens to Discover Where Subscribers Read Email [Infographic]" 'We take a look at mobile, webmail, and desktop opens over the course of the year, providing insights about why these changes occurred and how they may affect your email campaigns.' Read More » CHEATSHEET: DO's and DON'Ts of Pop Traffic Vortex goes into more depth about certain points in her popular pops cheatsheet Read More » On 1xx-2xx / day now, cant seem to get past it, need help 'When I had X.XXX/day campaigns on pops, I was doing the exact same thing I did when I found XXX / day campaigns' Read More » Follow Along Xentaa 's Native Ads Follow Along Entry - Pest Control - Page 2 John Alanis goes into detail about the problems with one apparently promising vertical for native. Read More »

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CHEATSHEET: DO’s and DON’Ts of Pop Traffic — And More! From This Week on STM

By Caurmen • March 15, 2016

Ready for the cheat codes of affiliate marketing? This week we riddled the forum with bullet-point lists of DO and DO NOT for popular traffic types - cheat sheets to help you not waste money on rookie mistakes. The native ads competition is also heating up - have you checked in to see how people are doing? Now's the time to take a ringside seat and learn with no risk on your end! CHEATSHEET: DO's and DON'Ts of Pop Traffic 'Pop is a popular traffic type for newbies and pros alike. Below are some do's and don'ts that, when used appropriately, can help you maximize profits and minimize losses.' Read More » CHEATSHEET: Do's and Don'ts for Adult Traffic 'To add to our collection of handy cheat-sheets, here is one I made for adult traffic.' Read More » CHEATSHEET: Do's and Don'ts for Mobile Display 'Looking to get started with mobile display (banner) traffic? Here are some tips that can shorten that learning curve.' Read More » 25 THINGS ABOUT LIFE I Wish I Had Known 10 Years Ago 'One thing that I like better than learning from my mistakes is to learn from other people’s mistakes. Over the years, I’ve been blessed to have great mentors, teachers, family, friends, that taught me about life.' Read More » Tip (1) Weird Way FB Are Screwing Your Stats 'This facebook issue impacts your campaigns - whether you use Voluum, Thrive, 202, Noipfraud, JCI or any other tool.' Read More » Tip Ripping landers and banners and still loosing? Watch out what you copy! 'So you finally managed to rip something that is showing potential? DO NOT STOP HERE! Tweak it to keep it profitable or even profit more than the original affiliate. ' Read More » What does everyone drive? (car thread) In need of a quick break from campaign optimisation? Join the latest STM car discussion! Read More » Native Ads AMA (Follow Along Warmup) 'I've been buying traffic on native content discovery networks for about a year now spending over 100k across outbrain, taboola, revcontent,, facebook, pinterest, and aol's gravity. ' Read More » What would you say to someone that doesnt 'get' paid traffic? An STMer who's struggling asks for help and advice - and gets TONS of it! Motivational and useful too. Read More »

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This Week ON STM: STM's $1,000,000+ Thread Treasure Chest and more!

By Caurmen • March 07, 2016

Index STM's $1,000,000+ Thread Treasure Chest. 'I've compiled some serious money stacking, aka some of the mega million dollar threads on STM. I'll keep adding more as I find them.' Read More » My success story 'So 1 earned my 1st million rubles ($35000) when I was 16 y.o.' Read More » Official STM Native Follow Along Contest 2016 'This contest is for all levels of affiliates! You win by running a Native campaign, and showing your progress throughout the campaign. ' Read More » Native Ads Cheat Sheet 'Native Ads are the new kids on the block. So I thought I would put together a brief introduction to make your experience with them a lot friendlier.' Read More » How I made $100,000 On Shopify In 5 Months 'If you think that is a lot think again. I have friends doing way more than me. To be honest I haven't gone as hard as I could have. Making $500 day will make you very comfortable.' Read More » AdPlexity Native BETA – FREE for Everyone! 'After AdPlexity Mobile proven itself as a huge success, we decided to start a new branch – native ads. Same team, same user interface, same everything! And the best part? To give back to the community, we decided to make it FREE for STM users' Read More » The Queen of Instagram Just Did An Amazing Podcast 'Greta Rose Van Riel is the queen of Instagram. She has built a network of Instagram accounts now at 15 million followers and counting. She has built 5 multi million dollar e-commerce businesses based around these accounts.' Read More » Index Best Tracking Software 2016? - Page 2 ' I'm talking about growing the CPA/Affiliate industry into a market worth tens of billions instead of the estimated single digit billions we are stuck at right now.' Read More » STM Reader (by sergein) 'The only thing that bothered me at all times is that I don't hang out here every single day and each time I returned here, I couldn't quickly get my head around where to go and what really is worth clicking. Soo, here you go - the list of posts from different sections that originally had than 10 and more thanks. ' Read More » 9 SHOCKINGLY Effective Loopholes EXPOSED for Getting Crazy CTRs on Native Ads A couple of great shares for anyone getting started with Native! Read More » Promoting a Privacy App? Or Using the Privacy Protection Angle? Look Here! 'I just came across a Chinese article on WeChat, in which interesting stats that were collected on the Leo Privacy Guard app were revealed.' Read More » What is the BIGGEST waste of time? The STM community debate what the biggest time-suck to avoid is in 2016. What do you think? Read More » ||

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