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STM Forum was launched late one night in January 2011 with the goal of providing case studies, guides, high quality information on a variety of topics and to act as a core networking hub for industry veterans.

7 years later we are ​ the authoritative forum on affiliate marketing and our reach continues to expand. We now provide higher education, host conferences and local networking events, and are continuing to improve and expand what the forum offers every affiliate marketer.

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$656/Day to $0/Day to $Shopify/Day

June 23, 2021

$656/Day to $0/Day to $Shopify/Day Tickle my yeet (new-age term, I’ve no idea what it means) and answer me this – how does one make these 4 work on TikTok? Youngun gen-Zs with the attention span of a goldfish and holes in their pockets Affiliate offers Ambition Making money out of said affiliate offers and goldfishies ? Simple. Ye turn into @scottgilmour and bravely start a TikTok follow along. No one has yet done it – this man is a true pioneer. An innovator. Better keep an eye out, for TikTok may just become the new affiliate Zuckerbook, and it may just happen on STM first. Look at these green babies: Just 2 days earlier Mr. Scott boasted a massive $1.44 profit. But how? Inside ye’ll find out invaluable insights, which you get completely free thanks to @scottgilmour’s own money and sweat. Just like these: TikTok’s not all about selling, you need to do the exact opposite or ye risk everything. See how to blend in and make TikTokers yell “HOW DO I BUY THIS NOW?!" Bidcaps /w Accelerated delivery’s usually a bad idea elsewhere...not here Why Scott lied when he said he’s focusing on Sweeps and ye get to see his Shopify trends and ads intelligence instead And finally, the cherry on top: Shopify babeh. >> Scott doesn’t want competition, so STAY AWAY from this link wink wink << [SPONSORED] 2020 WAS OUR BEST YEAR…! Last year we broke all records making money with dating products, and we couldn’t have done it without your support! This year we want to do the same thing! Break records and make money for all of us! Want to join us? We showcase some of our best tips for dating media buying: TIP: Improvise. Adapt. Overcome! --> The online marketing industry happens in real-time. Try to react quickly and adapt to the current situation. For instance, during lockdown it is worth to use ad copies focusing on the chat or video possibility in dating products. TIP: Words have power --> Remember to localize your ad copies, use the correct language. Mistakes may discourage your audience to click on an ad. Proper translation is the key (if you run German campaigns, remember that ä, ö, ß, ü are your friends). To benefit from the biggest infrastructure of dating-sites in Europe and Americas join us and grow your revenue with deals in over 50 GEOs (including USA, Brazil, Germany…) > Start making money here << 1 second LP Translation in 50 languages The Chosen One strikes again. Lazy Neo, a.k.a. @twinaxe’s latest creation is now live: Now you can translate 1 landing page to 50 languages in 1 second. For real. Born out of necessity (meaning laziness) The Chosen One wanted to find a way to test hundreds of campaigns and dozens of landing pages in different languages without ever lifting a pinky. And so he did for only he has the power and will to do so. @jaybot and @affpayingao already stole the script. Your turn. >> Go grab it << Lil’ $49 Here ‘Lil $18.50 There and Boom - Ferrari Well, well, well, would ye look at that? @lilgator’s first green figures. May your trackers be evergreen and Ferraris ever faster. @lilgator gives a fellow frustrated newbie wise advice - go read it if ye don’t want to keep trying and crying to no avail. >> Go give yer thanks right now <<

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7-Figure Marketers Teach These 5 Quick, Proven Steps To Skyrocket Affiliate Sales

June 14, 2021

7-Figure Marketers Teach These 5 Quick, Proven Steps To Skyrocket Affiliate Sales Ad World May 2021 was full of tactical takeaways, where some of the world’s most brilliant marketers revealed their step-by-step formulas for success. Pat Flynn took a deep dive into his proven methods for becoming a traffic magnet on both Google and YouTube to spike his affiliate marketing revenue. Kim Barrett coached Ad World attendees on how to attract quality leads with the help of a 10-minute long MICRO VSL and a two-step lead magnet that directs a cold audience to a CTA packed in a video. Jana Krekic took a deep dive into TikTok and demonstrated a six-step framework for leveraging the hottest social platform of the moment to drive a ton of traffic to your products. She emphasized the importance of having a locally-popular soundtrack, employing a 15-second story, using drama visuals, and gaining your followers’ trust through showcasing product pros and cons in an honest way. The Free Way vs the Headache-free Way: Positioning Your Affiliate Product As The Superior Solution Pat Flynn’s “Open Case Study Method” is a bulletproof traffic magnet. Here’s how it works: by documenting the step-by-step process of teaching your followers how to do something for free, you can catapult your site to the top of the Google rankings and get an avalanche of traffic. You’ll be able to integrate your affiliate offer and rack up more sales too. The first step is to create a website on a topic that fills a hole on the market. The second step involves posting a pillar article and embedding a video to get traffic both from Google and YouTube. Make sure that your article is packed with insight and reads like the authority on the topic. For example, Pat Flynn posted an article titled “the ultimate guide to using keywords for SEO optimization.” Here, Flynn shared the arduous process of doing keyword research. He made sure to demonstrate the free way of keyword optimization, which should be a doable but arduous process, and the headache-free way, which should be a much more convenient and simpler method. The headache-free way is where he positioned his affiliate product as the obvious choice. By writing about the free way, you’ll be able to get your readers read through most of the content on your page. By providing value and genuinely presenting your affiliate product as the no-brainer choice, you’ll then be able to turn curiosity into conversions and amplify sales. Create a Free “Small Win Challenge” & Present Your Affiliate Product as Step 2 According to Flynn, people love quick challenges because they offer an excuse to accomplish a daunting task in a set timeframe with a group of people. But of course, you’ll need to give them an incentive to participate in the free challenge. An easy way is to give them free actionable advice that can help them immediately. In his case, he created a free “Small Win Challenge” to get participants to build an email list and scale it from 0 to 100 subscribers in 3 days. He hyped this challenge up through Facebook ads. The secret? That was only the first step. The second step of the challenge presented his affiliate product as the natural “next step”, i.e. how to convert potential customers in these participants’ new email lists using ConvertKit. Because his leads succeeded in the first free “Small Win Challenge”, they’ll want to replicate this success on the next level and now be much more likely to convert with your affiliate product. Drive Traffic to Your Product by Leveraging TikTok Using This Six-Step Framework Jana Krekic kicked off her session by revealing a surprising fact -- there’s a big percentage of unduplicated users on TikTok who can not be found anywhere else. A total of 44% of users who are on TikTok are not on Facebook. Another 74% of users who are on TikTok are not on Twitter; The data shows that 31% of Instagram users, 49.5% of Snapchat users, and 9% of YouTube users are all unduplicated on TikTok, according to statistics for the EU. This means that being active on TikTok is the only way to reach that audience and stop leaving money on the table. In Krekic’s masterclass, she revealed the step-by-step framework for sellers to stand out on TikTok and cut through the noise. You need to own your narrative by showcasing user testimonials, products, and create how-to videos. First, start with an attention hook and tell a story within 15 seconds. It’s critical that you keep your music on at all times to keep users’ attention by using a song that’s trending in the particular country. And don’t forget to deliver your offer before the 15-second story is up and present a clear CTA in your last frame. Make sure you turn up the drama by using close-up visuals in brand-related colors for a maximum impact too. Lastly, build trust by sharing useful information and pros and cons of the product in a genuine way, and include authentic reviews. If you follow these six steps, you’re guaranteed to boost your sales on TikTok and turn fans into loyal buyers. Create a Mini Webinar of 10 Minutes or Less That Delivers Massive Value Webinars still work (contrary to what haters say). Offer a free webinar. There’s no better way to entice potential leads than getting them to commit to spending time with you online, consuming your content. In the webinar, make sure to provide massive value. That could be in the form of education, coaching, or any other way you can share your expertise to improve people’s lives. Collect subscribers’ phone numbers so that you and your team can follow up. Or, deliver a mini webinar/ micro VSL, a short and highly-specific video training that articulates exactly what you do and how you can help viewers. Once they are sold on your expertise, direct them to get in touch with you. You can either position the mini webinar on the first page, before directing leads to find out more about you and get in touch, or locate it on the “thank you” page after their opt-in. This method is proven to work even with cold traffic and cold audiences, so it’s definitely worth a shot. Follow Up Your Opt-in Lead Magnet with a CTA Inside a Video Kim Barrett bets on a two-step formula to get flooded with leads. It consists of an opt-in gift such as an ebook, a downloadable guide, or a whitepaper, followed by a video containing the CTA to book a call with you. This is an attention-grabbing strategy that manages to entice more prospects than a simple text page would. Capture emails and phone numbers during the process so you can engage with your audience further. This is just a tiny fraction of the actionable insights Ad World May 2021 speakers shared with over 53,721 attendees in 166 countries. Supercharge your passive income revenue by positioning your affiliate product as the obvious, “headache-free solution.” Build your site around a pillar post and a video that would skyrocket your traffic and conquer the Google rankings. Generate top-quality leads by betting on a mini webinar packed with juicy tips, and follow up your opt-in with a CTA inside a video, instructing your audience to book a consultation. Leverage the power of TikTok to reach unduplicated users and convert them into customers with a proven six-step framework. Want to copy more strategies and tricks to take you to the next level? At Ad World October 2021, you’ll get to learn from only the most successful marketers in the world. You’ll get 100+ actionable insights that you can apply to your own campaigns instantly. Join us now. >> Check Out the Adworld Conference Website <<

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$71k Revenue in 9 Days with Ad Arbitrage

June 09, 2021

$71k Revenue in 9 Days with Ad Arbitrage Member @cassshy is just on FIRE lately with his case studies! Another one has just been posted! This one involves running Ad Arbitrage on Facebook. Just look at the juicy stats in the screenshot above. The best part? You don’t need a ton of experience to run the same model! The content is done-for-you. Just create and test ads! No offer caps + broad appeal = you can scale all the way to the moon with this. And this is something that’s working well RIGHT NOW (look at the dates in the screenshot)! And if you have questions, cassshy has offered to answer them in the thread. But only if they’re not “silly questions”. 😉 >> Find Out Which Ad Arbitrage Service cassshy Used << How to Run Profitable WH Leadgen on FB with Converting Team - Proud Sponsors of ClickBid Tulum 2021 Sick and tired of getting Zucced? 😫 We are too! Which is why we spent bloody ages finding offers and creating campaigns that make us money - while keeping our accounts squeaky clean. 🤩 Run profitable, long-term campaigns in finance leadgen in the US. We’ve got WH offers for Personal Loans, Bankruptcy, Auto Loans and Insurance. Not only that, we’ve also got the knowledge you need to make it work. 💸 We know what creatives work, what FB likes and what advertisers want. And we know how you can make it work too. 👍 Stop getting Zucced today and focus on long-term optimisation! Read our sick Case Study to see how we run WH Leadgen on FB Join Converting Team Today and start working towards something bigger. The only way is up! 🚀 Meet us in Mexico🧉 We’re heading to Mexico for ClickBid Tulum, 16-18 June. Come and meet us for a drink and let’s share our knowledge. Plus, we’ve also got loads of free stuff to give away and a one-of-a-kind special deal for new affiliates, only available in Tulum! >> Join Converting Team Today << Jaybot Soars to New Heights With Native After thousands of dollars spent on learning Native traffic… After 3 months of many sleepless nights staring at a SEA of red stats… After going from red to final green, only to dip back into red again... Our beloved @jaybot has FINALLY triumphed over the Native Monster! Give me a minute here - while I go shed some tears of joy for our dear friend… (And if you consider yourself human, I urge you to do the same!) Problem: He’s now faced with a dilemma on what to do next. And he’s “pretending” to let us decide for him... >> Read About jaybot's Big Dilemma Here << Newbie Finds First Green on TikTok! Member @scottgilmour started his TikTok follow-along on May 21st this year. By June 4th - merely 2 weeks later - he saw his first green! The massive action he has taken to test different business models and offer verticals is simply INSPIRING. Scottgilmour is a testament to the fact that determination DOES pay off! You’ll be surprised to learn what he was running, that got him his first green... >> See What scottgilmour Was Running on Tiktok <<

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[Shhh!] Sneaky Loophole Found - Awaiting Your Exploitation

June 02, 2021

[Shhh!] Sneaky Loophole Found - Awaiting Your Exploitation Our beloved member @jaybot has found a service that can help you collect push subscribers AND monetize them - then pay you a percentage of the earnings (i.e. on RevShare model). The service gives you one link to implement. What Most Affiliates Are Doing: Add the link to the landing pages of their existing campaigns, to create extra revenue. What jaybot Started Doing: Run traffic DIRECTLY to the link to generate revenue. The Problem? Many pop and push networks don’t allow such campaigns. Which means jaybot could only run on a couple of networks that do allow this. But then - our hero jaybot discovers this loophole... It involves the use of an ingenious, deceptively-simple, custom-built landing page that allows him to circumvent the TOS of most networks… Which COULD allow him to scale to the moon! And there’s no reason why you can’t exploit the same loophole - while it lasts! >> Learn About This Sweet Loophole Here << (For more details on this MAGICAL landing page - continue further down this newsletter.) [SPONSORED] Get 15% Bonus on Premium Traffic! Running push or popunder ads? Want tips on how to make more revenue with less effort? RichAds has prepared something new for you! ▶️ Here’s how RichAds can help you bank harder: Scale big. Advertise on premium sources generating 4.5B+ daily impressions, and import campaigns from other ad networks. Whitelists. The best performing sources with 61% higher CR are listed in your account. Calendar push traffic for iOS is available! Wide targeting. Set advanced targeting options: By the latest OS, device models, precise regions and cities, and 10+ more. Automated CPA optimization. Don’t forget about the favorite tech: Micro bidding and automated rules with presets - for most campaign parameters. 🔥 RichAds’ traffic is PERFECT for these types of offers: ​VPN/Cleaners/Antivirus Dating Crypto Gambling/Betting Sweeps Nutra​ Mobile Installs Mobile Subscriptions Telecom 📚 Need free education to master your ad campaign game? Read and subscribe to the RichAds Blog for the latest hacks on how to promote top verticals in affiliate marketing. For STM only: Join RichAds now and receive a 15% bonus for the first deposit. Use promo code RICHSTM (valid through June 13). >> Get Your Bonus << [Download] Jaybot’s Precious Lander - Leaked by Twinaxe! Remember jaybot’s lander I mentioned at the start of this newsletter? “You mean the ingenious, deceptively-simple, custom-built landing page that allows him to circumvent the TOS of most networks?” Yeah, that’s the one! In his original post, jaybot shared a screenshot of the magical lander. Somehow, Moderator @twinaxe managed to swipe the lander and make it better - by incorporating translations to 49 languages! And - like how Robinhood steals from the rich to give to the poor - twinaxe has shared the download link in the forum! (I know I know - the rest of you ain’t poor - and I could hear jaybot yelling “I’m not rich - yet!” But the analogy is cool so it stays - sorry!) There’s really no telling how long it would take for the lander to get saturated or fatigued - so download and run it RIGHT NOW! >> Download Twinaxe’s Loot From This Post << Newbie Got Banned By TikTok...12 Times New STM Member @scottgilmour has started a follow-along to detail their TikTok advertising journey. No big impressive numbers so far, but this member is testing and learning a TON - and other members are learning alongside them. @scottgilmour has done some solid spying, and concluded that Ecommerce is the way to go. A shopify store was built, and interesting products are being tested at the moment. This member seems grateful to FINALLY be running traffic after all those bans - and have plans to build a brand in the near future. Definitely a follow-along you won’t want to miss - if you too want to try running on one of the fastest growing social media platform. >> Learn About TikTok Without Spending Your Own Budget <<

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[CASE STUDY] How to Turn Turd into Gold

May 26, 2021

[CASE STUDY] How to Turn Turd into Gold @cassshy strikes again with another case study! Traffic Source: Facebook Revenue: $51,100 in 13 Days EPC: $10.94 No holds barred as per cassshy’s style - all was revealed! Angles, creatives, audience targeting, even scaling strategy… You can practically swipe his entire campaign and run it yourself. TODAY! “WAIT...what’s the offer??” I hear you asking. Sure I could tell you - but why spoil the fun, when you can go read the case study yourself? Here’s a hint though: The offer involves sending poop in little packages. Who knew turd could be so lucrative? >> How You Too Can Bank From Poop << [SPONSORED] Prepaid Virtual Debit Cards For Affiliates After successful launch of our bespoke zero tax solutions for digital marketers, I am pleased to announce the launch of our bespoke media card solution exclusively for digital marketers. Backed by American Express, we are offering prepaid virtual debit cards to pay for your ad spend across all media platforms! Highlights of key features: Zero Monthly Fee Unlimited number of cards Multiple usage and reloads Backed by American Express No Hidden Fees Standard Pricing: 2% of the charge amount + $20 per card issuance Exclusive Pricing for STM Members: 2% of the charge amount + $0 per card issuance Use Promo Code: STMDC21 To sign up or find out more, please visit or email Don’t forget to mention your STM member promo code to have your card issuance fee waived! Sign Up For Your Cards Today! 1st Step to Building an Affiliate Business An ambitious STM member is tired of being a lone wolf. And wants to build a team to start scaling to X,XXX/day or XX,XXX/day. “Which positions to hire for?” “How to train media buyer?” “How to deal with employees stealing campaigns?” “How to rent an office?” All very relevant questions, no? But instead of answering these questions directly, a couple of sharp-eyed veterans jumped in to basically say: “Whoa there...slow down bruh!” Apparently, a glaring blind-spot needed to be addressed first, before one should even CONSIDER assembling a team. “Learn to walk first, before trying to run,” _said an affiliate veteran of 15+ years. Dreaming big is a must, but being realistic is mandatory as well. The wise advice could potentially save this member a lot of money, time, and grief - to help them reach their goal faster. Giving and getting advice from affiliate bros and sis - is what the STM Familia is all about! >> Absorb Wise Advice from the Sages << Choose CPA or CPC/CPM For Push Traffic? CPA bidding can sound like an affiliate’s dream come true. Let’s say your offer payout is $5. All you have to do is set the bid to $3, and make $2 per conversion. Easy-peasy right? But of course, as member @anhka1990 suspects, it’s not that easy. If CPA worked so well, there wouldn’t be a need for CPC/CPM. So - which bidding model to use, and when? STM’s Resident Push Expert @twinaxe drops in on the thread to completely demystify how the CPA model works, in great detail. He reveals an ingenious approach on how he uses a mix of CPM/CPC and CPA to get the best of both bidding models. The icing on the cake? This approach can result in stable and consistent green - that look like this: Ain’t too shabby considering there’s hardly any maintenance work involved. Want to add a few of these babies to your tracker? >> Learn How CPA + CPM/CPC = $$$$ <<

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[WTF 🥺] Exclusive Click2SMS Offers for STMers

May 19, 2021

Exclusive Click2SMS Offers for STMers Basically, no cake will ever get any sweeter my friend. Pay attention, for this is hawt stuff. Lazy Neo a.k.a. @twinaxe has arranged exclusive Click2SMS offers for STM members. Lemme repeat that: Exclusive Click2SMS offers for STM Members. Not jumping in there before ye blink means 2 things. Ye don’t like free money. Yer not an STM member. See what @jaybot has to say ‘bout these offers: “Just tried them out. Only tried them in a few geos so far... But I can say they convert somewhere between hotcakes and cocaine. Almost already paid for this months STM subscription 😀“ Lazy Neo’s Affiliate-Matrix negotiation skills (and his mega-popular Haka campaign guide) have netted us all a sweet-baby of a deal – nobody else in the world has access to these offers but STM. To quote the thread: “But why Click2SMS offers? These offers are very good, especially for beginners because They accept traffic from basically all geos worldwide They convert direct linked and with landing pages They work with carrier traffic but often also with WiFi traffic Low payouts allow to test without having a huge budget Work good in low tier geos = lower competition, lower bids, good volume“ Yer welcome. >> Now go sink yer teeth into these hot, juicy offers << [SPONSORED] 2020 WAS OUR BEST YEAR…! Last year we broke all records making money with dating products, and we couldn’t have done it without your support! This year we want to do the same thing! Break records and make money for all of us! Want to join us? We showcase some of our best tips for dating media buying: TIP: Keep your creatives fresh --> No matter what form of advertisement you buy: display banners, native or push, you really need pictures that draw attention to the product. Your banners should be in relation with the brand you advertise, especially for niche brands. Additional trick - photos of people looking directly at the camera produce better CTR! TIP: Never stop testing --> Tests and analysis of their results are the base of driving your campaigns. You should be always open for split testing: it will help you to choose the best banners, ad copy, and landing pages and scale your campaigns. Try out different combinations and analyze what works better for which niche. Tailor your ads accordingly and scale. To benefit from the biggest infrastructure of dating-sites in Europe and Americas join us and grow your revenue with deals in over 50 GEOs (including USA, Brazil, Germany…) Are you a publisher, media buyer or webmaster we buy your adult/dating traffic. Start making money here [Case Study] How to Optimize WH Lead Gen to Profitability @convertingteam shares a big case study. Now ye can learn exactly how to get WH lead gen auto loan (and many other) offers profitable on Zuckerbook. Uno. See the one “sneaky trick” to enable ‘Special Ads’ categories so ye can run these offers freely Dos. Get pics and ad copy that works plus what not to ever do when pillaging off of Google images or some poor bloke’s profile (don’t do that) Tres. How to optimize and then scale. >> Go ye here and bite this case study now << Pro-Tip From the Sweeps Guy Himself When @stickupkid speaks of sweeps, ye listen...intently. If ye wanna know how to: Avoid saturated stuff entirely Not do what every other affiliate is doing Keep yer audience (and the Zucc) happy In order to run yer sweeps happily... >> Then click right here, ye’ll be surprised <<

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🤖 [YUGE] Your Own Tame Messenger Bot

May 12, 2021

🤖 [YUGE] Your Own Tame Messenger Bot With 2.7 billion++ users you need Messenger target-locked on your radar. And, at zero risk of your own bot getting up, slapping your face, walking away, and starting a robot-rebellion – thanks to this m-a-s-s-i-v-e guide ye can now create your own tame messenger bot. One that shall bring passive income and work tirelessly 24/7. @mylead posted this enormous step by step, drool yer eyeballs out, make-your-own-bot guide. It covers everything you’ll ever want to know: What a chatbot is and why get a digital creature like this to do your bidding 24/7 How it works tirelessly and exactly how to make your own (one example shows a dating bot, others show a McDonalds quiz, Amazon quiz, and a BP Free fuel quiz) How to make your bot popular (and get tons of passive leads and conversions) Plus how much it’s all gonna cost out of pocket But ye have been warned - the guide didn’t even fit in 1 post due to character limits, it’s like, 6-7 posts long. >> Go ye here and make your own bot << [SPONSORED] We Make Your Dreams Come True! We’ve got loads of LeadGen Offers with your name on them. That’s right [Insert Name Here], you could earn MONEY! One click. That’s all it takes to change your life forever. Go on an incredible journey with Converting Team, and they will be with you every step of the way. Converting Team is a network that knows how it’s done. A team better than the A-Team. If you want to taste the success of affiliate marketing you should definitely be working with this incredible network. Watch REAL reactions of affiliates while checking their dashboards, after only working with Converting Team for one week! If you want it all and more, then this is the place to be. And now is the time. >> This is the link you need to click now <<. Strong in LeadGen. Amazing in Casino. Legendary in Crypto. They know how it’s done and they are willing to share. >> Change Your Life Today By Clicking Here << “I am unable to concentrate” @boomblebee, this poor soul, is unable to concentrate: “Youtube feed, Facebook feed, Tiktok feed, come every 5 minutes. How to get them out and back to work effectively? I know this is the matter of survival. Thank you!” Use fancy apps like this to lock yerself out of Zuckerbook, quit Cold Turkey and regain your time: Watching insightful Yotube vids…to breakaway from Youtube. “Oh found some interested Youtube channels related to this, so, next 5 mins watching them” Disabling notifications altogether. Or better yet, deleting all dem apps and grabbing a beer, this thread has it all my friend. Or, ye know, heed the wise advice of veteran STMers. >> Go here and concentrate, Samir << Using Nonexistent People on Yer Ads & Landers Ain’t it better to use an image of a **nonexistent bloke or blokess instead of one ye grabbed off of Gettyimages 5 years ago? Maybe these people won’t be too keen to hang around on yer poorly built life-insurance lander and even worse ad. Maybe there’s a better way. >> And maybe how about ye click here now <<

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💳 $115,445 in 14 days (case study)

May 05, 2021

💳 $115,445 in 14 days Running Car Loans on Facebook @cassshy strikes again: Traffic source: Facebook Duration: 14 days and keep running Revenue: $115,445 GEO: CA Completely whitehat, no ban-anas, creatives included plus a best-performing angle. What more can a man want? Oh, by the way, @jaybot gets in there and starts picking @cassshy’s brains clean with 9 in-depth questions. Plus, despite @cassshy’s reluctance in discussing foot fetishes...he spits out his shoe size. Dude don’t need no flippers to swim. >> Facebook, Car Loans & Foot Fetishes Here << [SPONSORED] 3 TIPS to Running Sweepstake Offers Love sweepstakes? RollerAds has put together a quick refresher on running sweepstake offers! 3 TIPS on launching Sweepstakes offers 💚Use prelanders💚 Get the user emotionally invested with a specially designed prelander before prompting them to convert. 🎨Optimize creatives🎨 Use trigger phrases and images in your creatives to boost CTR. Recognizable images help establish subconscious trust and trigger emotion. Make use of that! 📊Segment the traffic📊 Make sure to analyze your traffic by segment, track multiple parameters, eliminate the low-converting segments and scale up the rest. + Bonus targeting tips in our blog. Read now! Roller Ads is an Advertising Network with a base of direct publishers, 100% real traffic and global reach! Monetising 10,000+ direct publishers’ high-quality traffic 100+ new registrations daily from new direct publishers! We offer several ad formats: Push Notifications - higher CTR compared to all other formats ONCLICK - an ideal format for capturing user attention Enjoy a 10% bonus for the first deposit! Create an account, submit the promocode to your account manager and launch campaigns! Promo code: STMRoller21 >> Create Account << How to Hire Full-Time on In a nutshell: @jack_l wanted to hire someone full time so he went to (instead of Upwork) @jack_l buys Mr Jonas’ VA course (Mr jonas being an STMer too, of course) @jack_l really happy with Jonas’ course and their new employee (Details inside, as per usual) @jack_l just posted an update -- “gal we hired has been absolutely incredible…” Plus, one tip on hiring great people from this one unpopular for hiring spanish speaking GEO on Upwork, if that’s yer fancy, all thanks to @jeremie. Go learn how to hire amazeballs people here @jaybot Now Swinging $15 Large / Month Saturday night monthly update by The Jaybot himself. Quotes: “I spent $15k on traffic last month. That's like half a decent yearly salary in some places. I even got some of it back. I'll just take a moment to marvel at the fact that I can float that much money now without crying in a corner. Baby steps.” @jaybot swinging big dollarydoos now. Despite rough native seas, he ends up with *$400 green banknotes *too. And, ye don’t wanna miss this – STMers have started picking his brains and ye should keep at least one eyeball on these posts. Plus, this man’s sheer persistence is contagious. >> Go get these hot Saturday updates here <<

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