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SINCE 2011

STM Forum was launched late one night in January 2011 with the goal of providing case studies, guides, high quality information on a variety of topics and to act as a core networking hub for industry veterans.

7 years later we are ​ the authoritative forum on affiliate marketing and our reach continues to expand. We now provide higher education, host conferences and local networking events, and are continuing to improve and expand what the forum offers every affiliate marketer.

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Will Facebook Ban Your Ad Account Even If You Go White Hat?

By Administrator • August 08, 2018

Will Facebook Ban Your Ad Account Even If You Go White Hat? A discussion on how to maximize profits from FB traffic, and how to avoid account bans. Pay special attention to stickupkid's advice in post #4. Crossed $40K in July 2018 - Struggle of Digital Marketer in Affiliate Marketing Member thealimoon posted some motivating numbers! Revealed are: Traffic source, verticals, and affiliate networks that were used to achieve this revenue. Something for General Stores: Fortnite STM resident ecom expert pekadis reveals what can turn out to be an extremely lucrative niche for anyone willing to do some testing to find out! FunnelFlux - Discount for STM Users Thinking of switching trackers? Grab this discount on what's probably the most-versatile tracking solution available on the market. STM-exclusive deal. Parasite SEO in 2018 A method which, if executed correctly, can quickly get you to the first page of Google for some pretty competitive keywords! Ecommerce Copywriter & Designer Wanted! Logan are seeking a Copywriter and a Designer for a growing Ecommerce business. You will be responsible for creating marketing material such as banners, product descriptions, ad copy's, aggressive landing and landers, etc. Perfect opportunity to put those affiliate copywriting skills to good use.

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Case Study: $28,385.71 In 2 Months On Autopilot

By Administrator • August 01, 2018

Case Study: $28,385.71 In 2 Months On Autopilot Member bumbarda shares insight into a recent Facebook campaign, where a credit card submit voucher offer in Nordic geos was promoted. Ads, landers, and targeting details were generously shared. Not to be missed! Wakeboarder Trying to Get Some POP Working Yes, this thread had already been included in a past newsletter, but member wakeboarder has reached $500/day in profits and lays out some of the knowledge that has led to his success. These new updates makes the thread worthy of being included in this newsletter a 2nd time! How Much To Start With Native? Member jeremiahandor was wondering whether 3.5-5k would be enough to learn native traffic. Advice from other members was mixed, but jeremiahandor decided to give it a shot anyway! Check out the interesting discussion, and then check out this member's new follow-along thread on his first native campaign! Did Voluum Just Jack Up Their Pricing? The recent increase in Voluum's pricing has sparked massive reaction on the STM forum. Read about opinions from both Voluum customers and Voluum reps. What is your take on this matter? Wanted: Native Acquisition Expert in Tallinn or Barcelona Want a taste of Adcash's vibrant community of advertising gurus, IT geniuses, nerds and unicorns? They are looking for a Native Acquisition Expert who will actively recruit and onboard new customers and ensure a smooth hand-over to account managers. This position can be located in our Tallinn headquarters or in our Barcelona office. Interested? Check out the link for more details!

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How to Create Your Own Push-Notifications

By Administrator • July 11, 2018

How to Create Your Own Push-Notifications Moderator mrbruan strikes again! "Today we will create our own pushes for our own campaigns. So, you will collect users and if you're running a good amount of traffic, you will have a big base of users that you can monetize! And it will be already free traffic!" Wakeboarder Trying to Get Some POP Working Member wakeboarder was about to give up on running sweepstakes offers on pop traffic, but 2 weeks later made a big come back to break into 3-figures/day in profit! Desktop POP Traffic + Pin Submit With most affiliates having flocked to mobile in the last few years, the prices of desktop traffic has come down! Member adserk is taking advantage of this successfully - and very generously shares a simple script that according to his results can increase conversion rates on desktop traffic by 2-3 times! How Not to Give Up on Affiliate Marketing Before You Actually Master It? And "oldie but goodie" post by the legendary Matuloo - this is a must-read post for all members! It has received a whopping 158 thanks to date, so you KNOW it's valuable.

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How to Get Alerted Instantly When Google Flags One of Your Landing Page Domains

By Administrator • July 04, 2018

How to Get Alerted INSTANTLY When Google Flags One of Your LP Domains Stop wasting money on sending visitors to google's red screen of death! Member whisperscuba has built a software that can monitor all your domains 24/7, and send you an email and text message alert if a domain is flagged. Check it out now! Premium POPs + Sweepstake. Around $1000/Day and $128000 Revenue in Month Member roman binom showing some sexy screenshots of stats on a pop campaign. So no, pop traffic is definitely NOT dead! Why the Weekend Drop in CR Adult Dating? Member vantagezone had his first taste of scaling an adult pop campaign to nearly $300/day. Lots of great advice from moderator Matuloo and the rest of the community, and of course lots of valuable insight from vantagezone himself. Whisper's Journey to a Profitable Pops Campaign Started this follow-along merely 3 weeks ago, member whisperscuba is discovering the magic of scaling to multiple new traffic sources, and is even seeing some green! A Lurker Takes Action Member michaelthecoder, after struggling for months to make sweeps+pop work, decided to start a follow-along thread to get some guidance from the forum - and is finally achieving profits! Remote: App Promo & Media Buyer Directors Wanted! Logan are after a creative and ambitious Performance Media Buyer AND a App Promotion Director to join their fast-growing advertising company. Both are full-time positions and they're accepting worldwide remote applicants.

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How to Increase Conversion Rate by 400% by Enabling HTTPS

By Administrator • June 20, 2018

How to Enable SSL/HTTPS for Your Campaigns with VOLUUM has revealed that HTTPS links convert 4 TIMES BETTER than HTTP links! Moderator matuloo provides a step-by-step on how you can take advantage of this secret intel if you're using Voluum. 2 Dead Simple Ways How to Setup SSL/HTTPS for FREE with CloudFlare/ServerPilot Following matuloo's post above, moderator erikgyepes made this post to show 2 ways you can use to get an SSL certificate for your domain - and at least one of them is free! Winning Concepts in Ecommerce Moderator pekadis, our in-house ecommerce expert, details 5 ecommerce concepts that have contributed to his success. Book Summary: Ecommerce Evolved by Tanner Larsson Moderator vortex has taken one of the best ecommerce books ever written, and summarized the first part into a series of 5 posts! Implement these practical tips and tricks on how to set up and promote your ecommerce store today, and watch your profits soar! Wanted: Business Development Manager for Appmeditation Leading-edge in-app monetization powerhouse Appmediation are looking for a Business Development Manager in either Barcelona or their Tallinn office. Appmediation is driven by constant innovation that is made possible through cutting-edge technology and brilliant people who make it all happen. They're a fun close-knit team and are looking for someone passionate to join their sales team. Wanted: Advertiser Manager at Adcash Want to represent one of the industry leaders? Adcash are looking to hire a Advertiser Manager in Barcelona. The role's daily goal is to approach new potential advertisers and agencies accounts using all the company's tools at your disposal. This is how you'll really get to network and increase your clout and connections in the affiliate industry.

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Guide: How to Safeguard LPs from Chrome Flagging

By Administrator • June 13, 2018

Guide: How to Safeguard LPs from Chrome Flagging Running pop traffic? Sick of Google flagging your landing pages every other day? Learn this one simple trick from moderator thedudeabides on how to avoid this problem! Crypto ICO's = Kickstarter 2.0 – Mad Gains, Mad Risk Levels Fresh out-of-the-oven by matuloo, our in-house crypto expert. "One way or another, ICOs are an excellent example of how crypto can make things's never been this easy to collect a lot of $$$ for a fresh startup or to invest into one." Close to 2 Million in Turnover - Men's Bracelets Moderator pekadis reveals this extremely lucrative market that still has plenty of space for us to get a slice of the pie from. The Ultimate Facebook Newbie Tutorial 2018 - Part 2 - Accounts Part 2 of stickupkid's kickass tutorial is out! In this lesson, he talks about the different types of Facebook accounts, and some pros and cons of each.

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800k Revenue in 42 Days - 1 Campaign - 97% ROI

By Administrator • June 06, 2018

Mation's FB Case Study: 800k Revenue in 42 Days - 1 Campaign - 97% ROI Member Mation shares details on a LIVE Facebook campaign he's current still running! You'll find extremely valuable and practical tips on how to find the best ad angles, how to combat FB's recent erratic behavior and their flagging of account, how to target/bid/scale, and more! Later this week, in this same thread, mation will be dropping 2 super-secret tips on how to maximize the success of FB advertising, so be sure to subscribe to the thread and stay-tuned for updates! Getting Easy Profit from Push Traffic in PropellerAds (Bulgaria) Moderator mrbraun strikes again! In this case study, mrbraun reveals the landing page, text, and image of his push campaign targeting Bulgaria. He also drops a ton of tips on how to monetize PUSH traffic, and shows sky-high ROIs of similar campaigns he's running - one of which is doing 986.2% ROI! Today: Two FB Accounts - Tier 1 - Pin Submit - 500% ROI Moderator stickupkid spills the beans on how he's killing it with Pin Submits on Facebook, by targeting broad and barely touching his camps - they're practically making money for him on autopilot. And with an audience size of 9 million, profits from this campaign probably won't be drying up anytime soon! Shopify + Oberlo + Aliexpress + Facebook Member Sam Frost is already making £300-£400/day in revenue with his 2-week-old shopify store! I'll be keeping my eye on this one! 2 Lessons Learned By (Pay Special Attentiom to TIP #2!) Want to 4x your conversion rate for iOS traffic (on Safari Browser)? Find out how here! Work For an Affiliate Industry Leader! Adcash are hiring a Native Acquisition Expert Do you have experience in native advertising with a proven record in prospecting new clients? Adcash, the advanced real-time ad trading platform, is looking to recruit a Native Acquisition Expert to join their vibrant community of advertising gurus, IT geniuses, nerds and unicorns! Either in Tallinn, Estonia or Barcelona, Spain. Affiliate Manager Wanted: $120k+ a year / Converting Ads ConvertingAds are looking for a English speaking communicative Affiliate Manager with strong sales skills to join their office in Prague. Support and grow their affiliate network while land very high remuneration based on performance. Plus attend industry events! The ultimate learn while you earn opportunity.

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The Ultimate Facebook Newbie Tutorial 2018

By Administrator • May 30, 2018

The Ultimate Facebook Newbie Tutorial 2018 - Introduction STM's in-house Facebook expert, Moderator stickupkid has started posting a much-anticipated tutorial for newbies wanting to learn how to launch campaigns on Facebook. First lesson has been posted, with the rest to come out in the near future. Facebook + Shopify + General Store "Another quick update here, I'm now consistently doing mid $xxx/day now with occasionally hit $xxxx on the good days." $250/day camp - working on 2x-ing it Member adserk has implemented some of the great advice received to this thread, and profits have gone up to $350/day and will likely continue increasing! Keep an eye on this thread to see how big this member can scale! What's the best way to expand with eCommerce outside of Dropshipping? As the dropshipping ecommerce model works less and less well, more store owners are asking this exact question. Ecommerce pekadis has come by to drop some major knowledge bombs in this thread - a must-read! Steal This Method to Outsource the Clean Up of Your Landing Pages to a VA Very useful share by member silvertongue: "I've refined the job description to a point where I no longer have to get involved in the process. I simply chose my landers, hire a programmer on Upwork, and have the optimized landing pages delivered to my email 1-2 days later." Affjobs Gig! Voluum expert needed. Affjobs Gigs! is here, and if you haven't heard it's a super efficient way to hire experienced affiliates for one-off tasks, at a minuscule price! Like this Gig, seeking a Voluum Expert. Wanted: Native Media Buyer [Remote] Shinez is a distribution platform for viral stories. If you're super talented on Native, they need to hear from you.

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