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STM Forum was launched late one night in January 2011 with the goal of providing case studies, guides, high quality information on a variety of topics and to act as a core networking hub for industry veterans.

7 years later we are ​ the authoritative forum on affiliate marketing and our reach continues to expand. We now provide higher education, host conferences and local networking events, and are continuing to improve and expand what the forum offers every affiliate marketer.

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🧙The Curse of the STM Newsletter 📌Get $250 Worth Of Exclusive Adult Traffic For FREE

September 16, 2020

🧙The Curse of the STM Newsletter – Jaybot Edition > Hold yer breath and take the plunge – $50 says his camps are gonna drop dead by next week << [SPONSORED] Get $250 Worth Of Exclusive Adult Traffic For FREE The TwinRed ad-network is excited to announce that due to increased demand we are extending our STM free credit promotion! Make sure you sign up and take advantage of the offer to test exclusive popunder / interstitial / pre-roll / banner / video sliders from high-quality tube sites: New Exclusive Spots: Heavy-R. com Pre-roll: 350k daily impressions Bdsmlr. com Pre-rolls 1st Impressions: 190k daily impressions TwinRed Exclusive Inventory: Spankbang. com | Category Rank: 11 | 400k daily impressions Beeg. com | Category Rank: 33 | 1.5M daily impressions Heavy-R. com | Category Rank: 113 | 170k daily impressions Hdsex. org | Category Rank: 93 | 2.2M daily impressions Xozilla. com | Category Rank: 90 | 1.8M daily impressions Luxuretv. com | Category Rank: 116 | 90k daily impressions Jizzbunker. com | Category Rank: 219 | 1.1M daily impressions Megatube. xxx | Category Rank: 412 | 250k daily impressions crazyshit. com | Category Rank: 294 | 168k daily impressions efukt. com | Category Rank: 599 | 100k daily impressions Bdsmlr. com | Category Rank: 411 | 300k daily impressions Top geos across all the sites are US, DE, UK, FR and IT. These sites convert well for cams, dating, nutra, adult gaming, betting/gambling and VOD offers. To test these exclusive sites, and many more, ensure to sign up to our network using this link and get up to $250 free credit with your first deposit! >> SIGN UP TO TWINRED NOW AND GET FREE CREDIT << *Special promotion for STM users who sign up through this STM newsletter. First deposits to newly created accounts, not related to other active accounts, receive free credits of $50 from a deposit of min. $100 and from first deposits of $500 we will add $250 to your account. Free credits are non-refundable or transferable to other TwinRed accounts and will be applied to your TwinRed account after the first deposit has been received. Offer valid for 30 days. College Student Receives Affiliate Wrist-Slapping This college newbie started things off rather well: “If you're a College student, or was; how do you maintain/maintained a balance between studying and affiliate marketing?” A great question. Here’s another follow-up: “Wow, that's amazing! How much money did you have when you first started with AM? Would you say that a $300 a month is enough to start AM?” He then gets the golden goose number when starting AM - about 5,000 Washingtons. Just about right. Just about confirmed by every veteran STMer (in this thread). But then the college newbie took a sudden sharp turn and his bike slipped badly: “5000 is way too much to start. There’s literally a $1 guide here on the forum.“ Lying on the ground, poor college newbie started getting some serious wrist-slaps. So is $5,000 too much? Is it not? Is it “over the course of your nooblet life”? Or is there something else entirely at play here. Ye shall see inside. But here’s Yours Truly’s take: This is a classic case of confirmation bias. Here’s what that means: “the tendency to interpret new evidence as confirmation of one's existing beliefs or theories.” This distorts evidence-based decision making. It’s bad. In a nutshell, college newbie decided $5,000 is bad and that $300 is good and off he went confirming it for himself. To further stretch out the tangent - go read Ray Dalio’s Principles: Life & Work. Despite this has been written for managing your own company (for the most part), it’s going to let you see how you should evaluate opinions and weigh your own decisions cleverly. >> Itchy fingers be damned, go read this now << Ditch Wordpress or Listen Closely “Hey, I've had issues with Bluehost, Hostgator, Siteground (slow speed and downtime issues, etc) for different reasons Recently migrated to WPX because of the recommendations from reputable people, companies like ThriveThemes and Matthew Woodward but WPX has been a nightmare so far - my sites started having downtime, FB pixels not firing, not working properly with unusual errors after they migrated the sites and they just keep refusing to take responsibilities, communications have been sub par.” The causes? A shitton of unnecessary plugins and scripts. The magic? Observe @jeremie (our newest mega-high-tech-super-smart mod) carefully chisel this rough WordPress site into a speedboat. P.S. WPX is just fine, it ain’t their fault. >> Learn how STM pros optimize WordPress for real <<

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🍕 + 🍶 Faster Than 🤖

September 10, 2020

🍕 + 🍶 Faster Than 🤖 Uncle Google keeps slapping poor @jaybot’s domains. Every 45 minutes. (5 months no flags!) Flag. Backup (45 minutes later flag) (30 minutes flag) But then Mr. Jaybot got: A dot com. Results? No problemos thus far. Case in point? Ole Jaybot noticed .com domains are waaay faster than the new wave domains. Is he on to somethin’? Are they, really? I’ll let Legendary Matuloo, new Hyper-Smart junior mod @jeremie, @stickupkid, Lazy Neo and prominent STMers explain in detailz. In the meantime, Yours Truly recommends ye ask The Lord Master of Domains Himself -- Kim Dotcom. >> Go ye here and see if Dotcoms be faster << [SPONSORED] Sign Up With Media500 Media500 is a fast-growing family of partners that sets an example for the whole industry with a focus on technological & creative solutions. Here are some reasons to work with us: -We give you the tools to make more money, with a team of experts helping you in real time to achieve results. -We have some of the highest converting offers and boast the industry’s highest conversion rates in our vertical. -With offers for 80+ GEO's with unbeatable CPA's there's no other network you need to join. -Our Affiliate Managers are highly intelligible in optimization, media, various traffic sources, and analytical reports whenever you need them. -Send 10 FTDs from ANY and ALL Tier1 Geos and Get 1 FREE! With Media500 you’re not just joining a network, you’re joining a family. As an industry leader and one of the biggest CPA networks there’s no limits. Join The Media500 Newsletter to keep up to date with our latest promos, partnered cross promo deals and what’s new. With the Media500 newsletter you find the most outrageous discounts and sign up deals with numerous platforms, Ad Spy software’s and traffic sources this industry has to offer. Sign up now! >> Sign Up With Media500 To Hear All About Our Latest Promos << Lazy Neo’s Newbie Revelations Lazy Neo spills boundless wisdom for STM nooblets. Newsflash: affiliate marketing ain’t “easy 5-figure days bro”–style–courses. What ye need to do is 2 things: Listen keenly to what The Chosen One chants. Try to find the hidden financial wisdom and advice deep inside this post. Here’s a taste of His writings: “I would like to make a series of posts for beginners that hopefully help to get a better and easier start and that also shall clarify some stuff. It´s not necessarily about specific offer verticals or traffic types or so. It shall be a rather general guideline to help to form a good and winning overall mindset and to develop a better understanding about affiliate marketing in general. Probably one of the biggest motivations to start affiliate marketing is the money that you can earn so this is what this first post is about. Often rather sooner than later the reality kicks in and people realize that affiliate marketing is no free ride to wealth and fortune.” This post be long. I recommend ye read it all at least twice. Pay attention, and be realistic. Specifically, here’s an analogy: “Well, making 5 figures a month sounds fantastic but I recommend to rather make a plan that matches your personal situation. $10k in Canada is completely different than $10k in Bolivia. Also make a difference between what you want and what you need.“ >> What do you need and what do you want? Get answers in here <<

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💥TikTok Sparks 📌GEO tips and $50 bonus for In-Page Push ads

September 02, 2020

💥TikTok Sparks Well would ye look at that. TikTok’s suing the US government. Legendary Matuloo says the drama continues… Will TikTok become the next Zucc? This thread has picked up speed the past few dayz. Shiny fangs exposed...affiliate wolves stalk their new prey. But some – like @wakeboarder are taking swift, decisive action. So why don’t ye throw your tracker tab out the window for a sec and pop open an STM one? >> Go discuss fiery TikTok drama on STM here << [SPONSORED] GEO tips and $50 bonus for In-Page Push ads Hey there! Still haven’t tested In-Page Push traffic? Here’s a $50 Bonus and the “In-Page Push Treasure Map” from our affiliate experts. Use wisely, but quickly! 3 quick reasons to work with In-Page Push: finally enables you to “send” push to iOS and macOS users, may cost less than classic Push for some verticals, affiliates overlook it, so the auction is not so crazy as in classic Push. We’ve checked the stats just a couple of days before you got this email, so the insights are burning hot...ouch! 1. Biggest volumes & lowest bids for testing The best combination of volume and price is now in Brazil (Windows, Android) and Saudi Arabia (Windows, Android). Also, if you put some effort into translating your creatives, you might be surprised with CTR and ROI. 2. Hidden gems for quality conversions Traffic from Japan (JP) and France (FR) is on steroids now! We’ve just added multiple big websites popular in the regions and most of the big advertisers are still on vacation. Hurry up before the auction is too hot. 3. Scaling success to tier-3 Already got conversions with In-Page, but want more? What to scale: Utility, Expansions, Gambling, Finance, and Dating. Where to scale: India, Mexico, Philippines, Mexico, Indonesia, Vietnam, Turkey, Egypt. Pro Tip: Anime Games offers are converting like mad these days. Enjoy In-Page Push with your $50 BONUS! Register Use the code "IPPUSH09" Deposit $300 and get an extra $50 *Bonus is valid for both old and new PropellerAds clients, until September 4. Hurry up, as the number of promo-codes is limited! >> JOIN PROPELLERADS << How to Tuck Yer Profits Under the Offshore Mattress Affiliate–Style Don Pablo would’ve been impressed by affiliates’ crafty tax-dodging abilities had he seen this thread. Basically, if ye’d like to learn: Why many affiliates have incorporated in Hong Kong (and exactly where to get started) How to incorporate in Delaware without ever setting foot there (99% online) How to open up as many LLCs as you like in Wyoming in 1-2 business days, 100% online 1% tax rate in Greece has a nice ring to it, no? The juicy iStack service many top affiliates use to incorporate for ZERO taxes. Plus many virtual bank solution never requiring you to ever set foot outside yer mom’s basement >> By all means, jump rite in << How to Trick Voluum so it Doesn’t Trick You An STMer asks: “Let's say my Lander has one offer with four links to said offer. In other words, Banner1, Banner2, Banner3, and Banner4 all go to Offer1. Is it possible to add more information to the click so that I can tell which banner was responsible for sending that traffic to Offer1?” Tl;dr how do you find out which banner converted on offer 1. One way is to setup 4 campaigns for the 4 banners, but ye don’t wanna do that when there are far more elegant ways. (Something-something 0 meta-refresh and something-something multi-step landers) P.S. Speaking of tracking hacks, ye’d wanna check this one out too. P.P.S. Also, speaking of tracking yer own offers, definitely check this one out. >> Check here for advanced Voluum tracking hacks <<

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🐗Wild Boars Invade Snapchat for Q4 🤑One Trick to Finding Profitable Campaigns

August 26, 2020

🐗Wild Boars Invade Snapchat for Q4 Praised be the corona gods!  The wild boars return with a shiny new follow along. Invasion target? A relentless assault on innocent Snapchat. Mr. @wakeboarder, a.k.a. Tim, a.k.a. Lord of the Boars declares full-on war on Shapchat pre Q4. Why Snapchat? The wild boars have been preparing for war since January - a Snapchat pixel has been collecting sweet data ever since. Plus eerily similar demographics (see for yerself) France is the #2 huge-est Snapchat TS - 20mil. The wild boars have hired a deadly media buyer to handle The Zucc. Facebook be stable. Therefore the Wild Boar King sets his sights on conquering Snapchat before the Q4 madness arrives (they expect 600+ orders/day by that time) As per usual, The Wild Boar King’s follow along is top of the class. Crystal clear goals and religious updates. Ye heard about the invasion goals. What’s the initial plan, then? P.S. If ye don’t sub to the follow along Yours Truly shall be waiting under yer bed tonight. >> Yer gonna have to go check inside yerself << [SPONSORED] One Trick to Finding Profitable Campaigns Ever wonder why so many affiliates never reach consistent profits? To hit on a winning campaign, you need to test 4 things: Offers, Ads, Landing Pages, and Traffic Sources. Test enough combinations and you’ll find winners. Sounds simple - until you look at the math. Example: 4 Offers x 10 Ads x 5 Landing Pages = 200 combinations to test (And this is assuming the traffic is decent.) The scary thing? Even if you test all 200 combinations, you may not find a winner. Pro affiliates take a different approach: They do research to narrow things down first. And many of them rely on one particular data intelligence tool. Top affiliates use this tool to cherry-pick the most-recent campaigns, that have been receiving lots of traffic over at least a few days… Which means they have a good chance of being winners. Then the pros would test, tweak and optimize based on these campaigns. This way, there are WAY fewer combinations to test, and the success rate is MUCH higher. The tool is Adplexity, and here’s why it’s the best: Shows you entire campaigns: Ads, offers (& affiliate networks), landing pages, traffic sources, placements, etc. Tons of great reviews from users (google to find). The biggest and most-accurate database of campaigns, bar none. Intuitive user interface, easy to use. Covers: Native, Push, Pop, Display, Adult, and In-App traffic. Covers many traffic networks: AdCash, Taboola, PropellerAds, Exoclick + dozens more. The Good News: Adplexity is offering a 30% LIFETIME discount to our subscribers. Adplexity 30%-Off Lifetime Discount Think: How difficult it would be to compete with affiliates that ARE using Adplexity, when you’re not. You can’t afford NOT to get this tool. You can also give AdPlexity a shot by getting the exclusive LP Pack, which consists of 100 cleaned and ready-to-use pre-landers - here's the link: Hurry up and test these pre-landers while they're still the best converters! >> Show Me Winning Campaigns Today << Papa Zeno’s Exclusive STM Deal - Flux Pro @ 50% OFF Boy do we have some newz. Just take a look at what Yours Truly managed to negotiate. Papa Zeno look at his signature! just slammed grand news. Shiny FunnelFlux Pro has been released. You get it at 50% OFF for the next 6 months. Why? Because yer an STMer, that’s why. The best part? It ain’t the discount, nay. Papa Zeno has been doing this shit since the dark ages. STMer since before Facebook was even a shimmer in Zucc’s eyes. (also, Zeno’s a scientist FYI) You get 1-on-1 calls with Zeno himself. (How long this will last I don’t know, ye better jump in) No one knows Flux better than its daddy. No one. The juicy details? Inside, as per usual. >> Basically, jump in right now. << Pretty Pet Insurance? This is the prettiest affiliate landing page you’ll ever see. Seriously. Well crafted, well designed. Great copy. Doesn’t seem like a ripped 3-question pop lander barely holding together. But most of all – it’s trustworthy. (Something most affiliates are allergic to.) The entire thing’s made to collect leads, and boy does it work. It’s a 7-step quiz funnel for the pet niche. Case in point: This pretty lander’s generating leads for $1.43 per lead. Yes. Pet insurance. Pet insurance in the US. Keywords: $1.43 + insurance anything. In the US. The problem? 130 leads later and 0 sales. Hence, the cry for help. Turns out these 0 sales may have been due to a silly missclick... >> Read more <<

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🔥100 Handpicked Landers from Adplexity – $0.01 Each 💳Get $250 Worth Of Traffic For FREE

August 19, 2020

🔥100 Handpicked Landers from Adplexity – $0.01 Each What can 1 Washington bill get ye these days? 100 landers. From Adplexity. That’s like $0.01 per lander according to yours truly’s brilliant mathematical mind. They’re all handpicked. Squeaky clean (by the industry’s greatest pros, trust me – their lander ways are beyond us all. You can kiss sneaky scripts and redirects goodbye.) And literally ready to rock & roll – Plug’n’Play, if ye may. The ‘cream of the crop’, as they put it. What type ‘o landers? Here: Nutra Bitcoin Casino App installs Sweeps Dating Way more But why all this for just $1, ye ask? Well, I ask _why not?_ Yer welcome, as usual. P.S. Jump in there and whisper in @alex_om’s ear what the next batch of landers should be. If ye have an ecom fetish or a Zucc fetish or anything in between you let him know. >> READ MORE URL: Go get ‘em, tiger << Get $250 Worth Of Traffic For FREE The TwinRed ad-network is excited to announce its exclusive popunder / interstitial / pre-roll / banner spots, on high-quality tube sites: | Category Rank: 11 | 400k daily impressions | Category Rank: 33 | 1.5M daily impressions | Category Rank: 113 | 170k daily impressions | Category Rank: 93 | 2.2M daily impressions | Category Rank: 90 | 1.8M daily impressions | Category Rank: 116 | 90k daily impressions | Category Rank: 219 | 1.1M daily impressions | Category Rank: 412 | 250k daily impressions | Category Rank: 294 | 168k daily impressions | Category Rank: 599 | 100k daily impressions Top geos across all the sites are US, DE, UK, FR and IT. These sites convert well for cams, dating, nutra, adult gaming, betting/gambling and VOD offers. To test these exclusive sites, and many more, ensure to sign up to our network using this link and get up to $250 free credit* with your first deposit! >> SIGN UP TO TWINRED NOW AND GET FREE CREDIT* << *Special promotion for STM users who sign up through this STM newsletter. First deposits to newly created accounts, not related to other active accounts, receive free credits of $50 from a deposit of min. $100 and from first deposits of $500 we will add $250 to your account. Free credits are non-refundable or transferable to other TwinRed accounts and will be applied to your TwinRed account after the first deposit has been received. Offer valid for 30 days. Facebook Mega Banhammer Deluxe This poor affiliate’s entire innocent BM felt the Zucc’s gentle, creepy shoulder rub. It’s all gone. Not just the 1 ad account running a WH offer. But the entire thing. The problem is, FB’s been trigger happy for the past few months. Word on the street is the Facebook waters be shaky. But has the Zucc been waking up on the wrong side of the bed or is there another, more sinister problem? Mr. @stickupkid and @fbqueen herself just dropped some clues. Ye may wanna check inside yerself. Something-something ‘Business Integrity Guideline written specifically for affiliate / ecom campaigns’, to quote @fbqueen. >> The Zucc antidote right here << The Way of the Native Bid Can cheapass bids work on native, tier 1? Let’s say you can throw $500/day at Taboola or Revcontent and let’s say ye wanna run mainstream dating? Should ye expect a steaming pile of shitty placements and web-striken conversions with a low bid? Perhaps. But also, dive in and witness with yer own greedy affiliate eyes exactly how bids on native work. Down to the last crumb. >> Witness the way of the native bid here <<

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😼 The Affiliate Marketing Gods Smile – @jaybot Slams $XXX/Day 💳 Some Traffic Simply Converts Better!

August 13, 2020

😼 The Affiliate Marketing Gods Smile – @jaybot Slams $XXX/Day Well, well, well, well. Well, well, well, well, well. It seems good ‘ole @jaybot’s now sipping overpriced champagne. Bye, cheap booze. Off with us peasants, too. Observe with yer own eyes here: Why and how did this happen? Basically, he’s on page 18 of his follow along. And basically, that’s it. 18 forum pages of consistent updates. >> clap clap << Some Traffic Simply Converts Better! Looking for real high quality traffic to promote Adult Dating, Adult Games, and Paysites offers? Who isn’t, right? :) Well, we got a treat for you! Forget the usual TUBE traffic, that’s basically “freeloaders” used to get everything for free. There is something better out there: Members Area Traffic. To put it simple, these users have already shown interest into becoming members of premium websites and they are willing to pay for quality content. It really doesn’t get any better than this! Meet ViperClicks! ViperClicks is an invitation only network built by a team of industry veterans with a combined 80 years of online advertising experience. And as a current or past STM member, you are invited to join us! We offer access to exclusive Members Area traffic sources augmented by 24 hour granular, real-time reporting. Our multi-channel platform is built for your success! Set up is simple as our fully dedicated account representatives will assist you every step of the way. ViperClicks is backed by VIPOffers, an industry leader with more than 20 years experience in the online dating business. Ready to experience conversion rates out of this world? Come see the difference for yourself and sign up with ViperClicks today! >> Request access here! << 🐟Legendary COVID Affiliate-Fishies? Tell me, how many times have ye seen an STM moderator in an aquarium? Huh? During quarantine, some of us resort to beer, junk food and gaming. Others, like Legendary Moderator @matuloo? They start legendary projects. Here’s a tease: P.S.Of course, there’s a lesson in here too – from the Legendary man himself: "Life is not just about business and making money, we have to enjoy it too and surround us with things that bring us joy, righty?" >> Read more << Donald Aims Golden Sharpie at Tikkity Tokkity? Give yer campaigns a break and ponder some politics. The Donald seems startled. He’s not known for his patience. Ye’ve heard the news, I’m sure. His golden sharpie target-locked at sneaky TikTok. At the Chinese, if ye may. Will the banhammer be dropped or nay? Could this be a political farce? A play for power? Mind-boggling stupidity? A counter-attack? (Ye know how China bans everything US as soon as a clone is out?) Yours truly ain’t too keen on politics, but STMers do have interesting insights. P.S. Might there be something to gain? ‘Member Reels - FB’s TikTok copycat? Perhaps now’s the time to get a hold of some ad accounts, aye? >> Food for thought, speculate here <<

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👸$7,804 “Very Unique” Washingtons 📲 Push Like A Pro

August 06, 2020

👸$7,804 “Very Unique” Washingtons Look, fellas, gonna keep this special snowflake short. Lookie here: This be one “very unique” follow along. So unique, in fact, it bears “unique fruit”. Who’d have expected? Lemme explain, in case sarcasm typically darts right past you. 1. Hard work 2. Persistence 3. Determination 4. Asking questions 5. Not quitting 6. Fill-in-the-blanks Extremely unique. Examples of OP asking detailed questions and taking action: “What would you say that the biggest difference to an offer is: - How to advertizer monetizes it and sends conversions to the network - How the offer lander looks - How fast is the offer lander - How the affiliate network deals with your earnings from the advertiser - The quickness of redirect speed of the affiliate network Anything I missed?” Results? $7,804.10 revenue in July, minus $6,408.15 = $1,395.95 profits. Main point being? @roiter123 put in the work. He took advantage of STM’s army of legendary moderators and ye-olde-school affiliate dogs. He asked questions. He persisted. Need we say more? Do ye see the pattern? >> Give here yer unique thanks << [SPONSORED] Push Like A Pro > FIND IT HERE << Who is Pushground you might ask? Pushground is a performance ad network that allows media buyers and affiliates to maximize their performance-marketing, by providing a global supply of high-quality Push ad traffic. Get a competitive advantage with Pushground’s robust campaign automation and the industry’s most refined user “freshness” targeting in a fast and powerful platform. Get started today with a 20% deposit bonus for all STM members! Just follow the link below and tell your account manager that you’ve come from STM. >>Signup at Pushground<< 💰How Long is the Typical Affiliate Bill? Our Zeropark buddies have asked – and answered – a serious question: 💰 How much money do you need to be successful in Affiliate Marketing? This thread though. This is how you make a proper STM thread if ye want affiliate gangsters to buy yer traffic or swing yer offers. And trust you. (Vendors – one eye touching the monitor, the other pointed at a notebook) Anywhoms. Here’s what’s covered: What are the costs of affiliate marketing? Should you spend money on affiliate marketing courses? How expensive are the additional affiliate marketing tools? Revenue vs. profit Cash Flow Managing expectations as a beginner in affiliate marketing P.S. Newbies may wanna take a look before diving into the deep end. That’s why we see >> READ MORE << Taboola Why U Treat me Like This? $840 Spend -> $240 Revenue Feast yer eyes and satiate yer hunger. Newbie tears below. How did we miss this one? “I'm a Native Newbie who just started native in May. This taboola campaign was running for 5 days, spent 809 USD, generated 4 conversions, 240 USD revenue. I set 0.46 USD as smart bid and 3000 USD monthly budget with balanced delivery. In the first 3 days, it looks promising but there're no conversions in the 4th and 5th days. So I paused it in the 5th day.” The offer? Ecom, $60 payout, in the US (muy competitive, no?) Why did the performance drop though, for real? >> Basically, go find out why it’s not a good idea to run ecom offers on Taboola, in the US. <<

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🌴192.41% ROI - 1 Camp, 1 GEO, 1 Offer, ZERO Effort 0️⃣ Covid–19: Pay ZERO Taxes in 2020

July 29, 2020

192.41% ROI - 1 Camp, 1 GEO, 1 Offer, ZERO Effort Isn’t life that much better when yer making money out of thin air? But first, lemme clear things up real quick ‘fore we get into Jaybot’s follow along. On behalf of @jaybot: “Shut up.” Could he have made ‘mo dollarydoos had he not tested other things? Of course. Could he have made even more had he scaled? Affirmative. I mean, even Lazy Neo himself chimed in: But then look at this: That’s “One camp, one geo, one offer, zero effort” And “zero effort” has a mighty fine ring to it, no? That’s like what, $100~ out of the blue? I’d take it. So would you. As for scalin’, _who knows_, man? Maybe @jaybot’s’a’brewin’ a little something-something? Stick one eyeball out for updates. >> Shut up and go sub to jaybot’s follow along...and give the man a thanks << [SPONSORED] Covid–19: Pay ZERO Taxes in 2020 Has covid-19 affected your business? What if we told you there’s a solution that will: -Allow you to pay ZERO taxes -100% legally and set up REMOTELY from your home -Free up business capital -Reduce paperwork to free up your time Digitas Finance is the only tax consultancy firm in the world that exclusively serves digital marketers. This is what they can do for you: Step 1 – Set up a tax-free corporate structure for your business, in an affiliate tax-friendly jurisdiction, REMOTELY from your home. Step 2 – Set up bank accounts and debit/credit cards for you. Step 3 - You enjoy tax-free business profits! Bonus: Depending on your situation, you may also enjoy tax-free salary and dividends withdrawal. Here are actual case studies of recent clients... Case 1: Beginner Affiliate Marketer, Irish National Before-Tax Profits = $87k Take-Home Profits = $10K (only 12%; the rest went to taxes) With Help From Digitas: 0% corporate tax and 0% personal tax Case 2: Advanced eCommerce Marketer, UK National Digital Nomad Before-Tax Profits = $1.4 million Take home Profits = $450K (only 32%; the rest went to taxes) With Help From Digitas: 0% corporate tax and 0% personal tax Clients include the Affiliate World Conferences, the STM Forum, and many more. Exclusive Offer for STM Members: Fully remote setup with bank account, debit/credit cards for just USD $7,999/yr. Contact Digitas Finance today for a free, no-obligation consultation on how much you can save in 2020 and beyond! >> Click Here to Pay Zero Tax << Ain’t Spending Other People’s Millions ‘No ‘Mo Ye know, running an agency ain’t half bad. Look at Don Draper – alpha as fudge. Makes ya wanna light one up afresh, aye? (maybe don’t) Anywhoms. Living the agency lifestyle, while low risk and low ROI, gets ye to learn the ins and outs of any particular niche/vertical/industry. Also, it’s scalable. But in a sense, spending other people’s benjamins sheds a _layer of tummy butterflies_. I’m talking about the butterflies ye get when you have to spend your own hard-earned gold purse. Especially at first. But then comes a time where ye realise that monthly retainer + 5-10% of ad spend is pennies compared to what you can bring in STM-style. Case in point: This guy’s coming over from the agency “lyfe” and wants to dip his toes into the land of plenty (AM): “I just finished running a multi ad platform (FB, IG, Search, display, YT, etc) ad agency where ran ads for business who sold courses, lead gen-email submits and ecom for other businesses. Now it's my turn to reap the rewards. I am pretty new to this AM stuff. No flex here. Just honest, what to learn and help share.” … “Can you help me create a focus path?” What do ye think happened? P.S. OP has quite the extensive experience, plus many paths to take. Stuff gets interesting. >> Agency lyfe no’ mo’ go ye here to see OP’s chosen path of affiliate bliss << Taboola, You’ve Been a Bad Boy – Ads Under-delivering Taboola’s off the chain and ain’t hearin’ no one. Smartbids be damned. Thread context: “I'm running some Taboola's SmartBid campaign and I'm struggling with this issue very often. Even in large geos such as US I can't spend more than a few hundred dollars per day.” Spoiler alert: It’s OP’s fault for Taboola’s under-delivery. Even better: Revealed inside are the inner-schemes of intricate SmartBidding techniques. In other words, ye better jump in and see how the pros do it before ye start pulling yer hairs. Protip: High bids need not make you pee yer pants. >> Juicy details inside, as per usual << -49.80% ROI – Put the Gun Point-Blank to This Camp’s Head? Would you kill this camp? $-1,391.67 in the red. -49.80% ROI swirling down the drain. Campaign Details: Traffic: MGID Product: Energy Saver Network: AdCombo Type: C.O.D. Payout: $23 Tracker: BeMob Duration: 90 Days +/- What do ye think? Queue native legends storming in, such as: - Legendary @matuloo himself - Notorious @jack_l The results? Screw the results. As per usual, the thread took a sharp turn. It’s not about putting a gun to this camp’s forehead. At all. At this point, it’s entirely besides the point whether to kill it or not. Typically, the juiciest bits are inside. But here’s a taste: Ye should never be too granular with yer camps... >> Here’s why <<

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