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SINCE 2011

STM Forum was launched late one night in January 2011 with the goal of providing case studies, guides, high quality information on a variety of topics and to act as a core networking hub for industry veterans.

7 years later we are ​ the authoritative forum on affiliate marketing and our reach continues to expand. We now provide higher education, host conferences and local networking events, and are continuing to improve and expand what the forum offers every affiliate marketer.

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Simple Campaign => $150k Rev

By Administrator • December 05, 2017

Case Study Turkey: Simple offers + Simple LP + Popular sources = $150k rev. "Today I want to show you my results with Turkey. It's a very good GEO for POP traffic..." Introducing the STM Levels and Points System "As you must have noticed, over the past few weeks, select forum members have been assigned STM badges that say "LVL 10" or "LVL 9" or "LVL 8" on them. Today we have rolled out these badges to the rest of the community. In this post I'll explain how the system works." eCommerce Cookbook - Other PAID Traffic Sources For eCommerce "And so, we've come to the end of the Cookbook! In this last section, we'll look at the big, bold world out there beyond Facebook for traffic generation." Segmentation using Psychographics "Not sure exactly how you're intending to apply this because lots of affiliates are using psychographics in different ways, but since this is in the copywriting section, I'll put in my two cents. " The biggest FB Mistakes "If I were to choose my biggest ever mistakes for FB ads, that is..." How To Set A Goal: Specifics "Like the fact that you want to buy your mom a house, but as far as goals go, as it is now, this is difficult to quantify. So, you need to define your goal better, check what you need to do and then see if it would work. Example..." Traveling while logging into Business Manager Some tips on how to travel and not get your account blocked. Tips For An Unsuccessful Campaign An experienced affiliate gives a newbie tons of tips on what to do NEXT after their first campaign. Comment management Should you hide comments or not? FBQueen gives her take. How relevant are the guides from 2016-2015-2014? "The fundamentals in AM remain the same, for many many years. I'm in the game for 20 years already and I can confirm that many techniques and approaches that we started with, are still valid to date." Newbie going to AWA BKK. How Can I make deals? "Just a few general tips from my end ... 1. It doesn't cost any money to ask, so ask as much questions as you can. 2..."

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Think Again About Adwords AM!

By Administrator • November 21, 2017

New Adwords features promise better targeting! "If you counted AdWords out due to the lack of specificity in it’s targeting options and reporting data, you’re in luck. You can now target with incredible data that competes with the likes of Twitter and Facebook’s custom audiences. " Adwords white hat offers "I have been running white hat CPL offers through Adwords for the past 12 years. One thing I have realised over that time is that not everything works, and for a campaign to make serious money for you (I have had lots of these but also some which have lost money), it has to be either..." Help! Advertiser Wants $20,000 Reversed! The STM community leaps into action to help out an affiliate facing a major advertiser dispute. Must-read advice. First Decent Profit Camp! "Small success, but feels good! This was a sweeps+pops camp." Cost of shipping for dropshipping from China will go up - new rules in 2018 "Shipping from China has been cheap - very cheap. And that will change to some extent with the new rules and cost" Follow Along eCommerce Newbie - Time to Get Serious - Page 2 A quick tip on what's working for one eCommerce store Tip Crypto Investment - HODL / Back Tester Spreadsheet "Found a great "tool" spreadsheet, to run backtests on crypto investments. Might be an eye opener to some." First month result - Page 2 "Getting back to the campaign turned out to be a right decision, my first xx/day campaign, a huge milestone for me. " The Robust Marketer - Episode 16 With Tim Burd The Robust Marketer interviews the Facebook expert Tim Burd Where to scale from POF? A quick tip for anyone looking to scale up from the old POF platform.

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Seven-Figure Secrets Of AMAZON in 2017

By Administrator • November 14, 2017

What's Working for Amazon FBA 2017 - Tips and Tricks responsible for 7 Figures "Over the past year, I've helped run some of the most successful brands on Amazon. Here are some quick optimizations and strategies you can implement today on Amazon FBA and increase sales. " eCommerce Cookbook EXTRA - Advanced Customer Service "If you want to take your customer service to the next level - read on! " Aliexpress TV campaign for 11-11 and aliexpress haul videos "All interesting stuff which can teach you a lot!" Case Study Let's Bring Metal to the Battle: Shotgun vs. Sniper Method "Here are my thoughts on how to enter the battle of becoming profitable in two totally seperate ways, SHOTGUN vs SNIPER!" E-Commerce: Wal-Mart to Amazon arbitrage "The two best books for anyone that wants to get started with Amazon Arbitrage (and how I got first got started on Amazon)..." Day 18-19: Introduction to Landing Pages Vortex's mega-tutorial gets into some deep, meaty topics! Follow Along Student's Journey through the 6 Week AMC "So the bittersweet journey of the 6 week challenge has come to an end. It was a wild ride, fraught with turbulence from interior and exterior forces. Nothing like a short 6-week burst of activity to help define character. " Whiteboard markers or how to create original content through research "This is a very interesting article on the topic of...whiteboard markers. And it's not the intention of the article, but it shows you how you can create interesting content."

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The Journey To Eight Figures: A HUGE Follow-Along on STM. And More

By Administrator • October 24, 2017

Follow Along The WTF project - No shopify, no dropshipping, no facebook A HUGE follow-along from one of STM's experts: "The goal has been set to go from low 7 figures to 8 figures within 5 years with a net profit exceeding 15%, while running with no involvement in daily ops, thanks to processes." Follow Along: Student's Journey through the 6 Week AMC "Im a long time lurker, but figured I want to give you a quick heads up as to what to except after the course, that way your prepared for the challenges to come. Everyone gets hyped during, but honestly i dont see too many people talking about what happens after, so here i am to let you know my experience." Tip: Remember to think seasonal in eComm! "We're coming up to a whole bunch of holidays just now - so remember that when you're looking at products and copy! " (Read the whole thread!) Is it still possible to do SEO on google in 2017/2018 ? The STM community's experts answer this question: is SEO still doable? When your cute product idea turns into a 47-year tradition for a major nation... "Next time you're wondering whether that idea you came up with at 2am is worth running - remember this..." Do you Make Landing Page Headlines Congruent With Your AD? Examples Below Specific examples of how to tailor headlines together Aliexpress currently reaches 29% of online population in the Netherlands "This doesn't mean dropshipping is dead, but it does mean that you need to look beyond the opportunities you see now."

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Detailed Answers To Tricky Affiliate Marketing Questions

By Administrator • October 17, 2017

eCommerce Cookbook Part 5 - Customer Service Recipes For Common Situations "Some situations will crop up time and time again. Here's a blueprint on how to cope with them. Feel free to print this out and hand it to your customer service reps as you hire them (or email it to them) - it'll give you a significant leg up on their initial training. " What do you think about the travel category ? "STM ... Where you ask a question about affiliate marketing in travel, and you get a reply a few minutes later from the ex head of performance marketing of one of the largest online travel companies in the world." Follow Along Student's Journey through the 6 Week AMC "Hi all, I just completed the 2nd week of the 6 week marketing challenge, and wanted to record my thoughts. This post is a bit like a follow along, but just through the course, not necessarily on a campaign. I just wanted to document my experiences, hoping that it might help others to understand and be better prepared for their AM journey." AMA Dating secrets, ask the right questions, get the right answers Ben, formerly top guy at Plenty Of Fish's advertising side, answers STmer questions on the dating niche! Methods for finding the right niche and KW A detailed answer to the question of "how to find an SEO niche?" Case Study Help me ! Need SOLUTION (desperate) "You can have the best-written copy in the world, but if your copy is addressing a point that will cause your audience to go "meh", it won't sell. " Tiny Geo, Big Profits "A lot of people sleep on the smaller, less popular geos because the volume is so tiny... but the ROI can be huge. " Need a second passport and citizenship? Get one with Bitcoin! "You now can buy full citizenship of the Pacific nation of Vanuatu for less than 44 bitcoin" Site Buying.. Any Advice? "The question whether to buy a site or not depends on how hard it is to copy a site."

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$12,000 profit! $20,000 profit! More!

By Administrator • October 10, 2017

Case Study $12000 profit with Iraq sweepstake offer "One day I've asked my sources about TOP geos and saw a lot of countries which I don't run atm. For example: IQ/PK/BR/AR/IN/ID etc... So I work mostly with Europe and I decided to try something new for me It was Iraq. I thought: "What vertical and offer to run?" I opened Adplexity and tried to search what people are running in this geo... " Follow Along On my way to do $100/day with sweepstakes - Page 2 "In total since April, on traffic, we did: Revenue: $95,145.04 Costs: $74,629.98 Profit: $20,515.07" When SHOULD and SHOULDN'T you worry about bot traffic? "Bot traffic is an expensive pain, but that doesn't mean you should just nuke every site you see that has detectable bot traffic. " How I went from ZERO to + $3k day in 2 WEEKS!!!! "Things went so fast that I've discovered that my credit card had monthly limits!" Selling anything in Europe - get ready for GDPR or risk big fines "If you are selling to European countries (or analyse behaviour), you need to be aware of the GDPR and implement a program to comply with this new law." Are YOU PAST your PRIME? "According to science, these are the ages that you peak for various goals throughout your life. " The Robust Marketer - Episode 13 - With YouTuber Malan Darras "After cleaning up his life, Malan Darras moved to LA and started crushing Affiliate marketing. Today Malan has his own brand, is still crushing campaigns, and is working on his passion for music. " How to turn a "NO" into a "Yes". Tips from FBI kidnapping negotiator... "I just came across this amazing interview. There so many gold negotiation tips in there." Product inspiration - examples and explanation "In ecommerce, the right product can make such a difference. The approach then is often to copy what somebody else has. Nothing wrong with that, but unsustainable if that's all you do, because you're always behind." New Kid On The Block. Whats The Safest Route In Facebook? "Few things to consider for ecom, as the landscape has changed significantly since the start of this year due to increasing costs on FB and general algo nonsense. Best to ignore any guru screenshots unless they are current..."

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Avoiding The Sharks In Affiliate Marketing

By Administrator • October 02, 2017

How do you find the right offer so you don’t compete with the big dogs? Worried you'll end up competing for scraps with super-affiliates destroying you? STM's advice team leaps into action. How to compete with all the big ecom stores? (frustrated) "You can't compete directly against sharks like Amazon,, You will get eaten alive. Instead..." How To Scale Up on Facebook STM's advisors dig into the question of how to scale on the big blue beast. Tutorial: Why Your Display Ads Suck "The biggest mistake you should avoid is RUNNING STATIC IMAGE ADS." Direct-Linking vs Landers on Pop - Advice "It's no secret that using landers will give you an extra variable to optimize and therefore extra room to improve your ROI. However, direct-linking is a much simpler way to get started" ? Google Analytics Framework ( works on Pops really well ) ? "The best part is that all this great functionality is under 2kb - take that nasty pops that need fast loading." Follow Along eCommerce Newbie - Time to Get Serious Mod Pekadis jumps in with a great tip on a little-known Amazon feature for sellers of all products.

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$xx,xxx,xx buy offers, instant bot testers, super-affiliate interviews...

By Administrator • September 25, 2017

Why We Turned Down a High $XX,XXX,XXX Offer to Buy Our Company. (Mr Green) "Just did this podcast with Eric from iStack Training a few days ago, enjoy!" Where is ADULT heading at the end of 2017? "For those who're willing to dive in and give the business what it needs … adult is still a very viable option to generate lots of revenue from the affiliate model, and it's gonna to stay that way for quite some time." AWA 2017 [?????????????]! ...Here we go again "We've been growing and making things the best we can, with no rest time... ever. " NEW: Zero (!) Load Time Bot Tester For Your Live Campaigns "So, a couple of weeks ago I promised you an updated bot detection script, based on the research that I did into 2017's bot population. And here it is! " EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW - Matuloo And FBQueen On Their Journey In Affiliate Marketing "Both of them are true industry legends and affiliate marketing gurus, having bought traffic for millions of dollars and scaled campaigns time after time to 5 figures a day at an insane pace." Tutorial Come up with Audience Relevant Angles Using EMPATHY MAPS! "Angles are a big part of our marketing efforts. A GOOD ANGLE can totally change the status of our campaign. MISERABLE campaign with good angle can become a WINNER campaign (and vice versa)." How To Buy A Shopify Store And Make A Profit "Smart move by looking at buying a store. This can speed up things considerably." 5 Simple Steps to Spy on Profitable Campaigns "If you are still not sure on how to spy on profitable campaigns using Adplexity, here’s how to find them in 5 Simple Steps." STMer hits first profitable campaign - including Lessons Learned "Today I'm happy and confident enough to announce, that the goal I put for myself at the beginning of this follow along, at 02-09-2017, has been achieved!" Tip Discover most converting, unsaturated and cost efficient markets for Facebook ads! "We played around with this tool and retrieved a global ranking of 237 countries to explore Facebook advertising costs, which markets are more likely to convert and auction saturation." What Theme Are They Using? Quick tip to find out what Shopify theme any store is using.

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