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STM Forum was launched late one night in January 2011 with the goal of providing case studies, guides, high quality information on a variety of topics and to act as a core networking hub for industry veterans.

7 years later we are ​ the authoritative forum on affiliate marketing and our reach continues to expand. We now provide higher education, host conferences and local networking events, and are continuing to improve and expand what the forum offers every affiliate marketer.

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🥖 1 Week To 175% ROI On Native

September 20, 2022

1 Week = 175% ROI On Native…By A Supposed Nooblet Grab yer baguettes & listen closely. How did this (supposed) newbie get 175% ROI on native…in 1 week? Look at this: Selling yoga mats. But had no prior affiliate magic experience. Upon joining STM, he broke through FB and native as an affiliate. Yet he didn’t break his wallet. How? Native’s notoriously expensive & difficult to get to work. Was it blind luck? Some secret sauce? Unknown magic French spells he hasn’t yet revealed? As per usual… Ye shall learn this, and way more, inside. P.S. This thread too holds the ‘Boring FA’ title -- coincidence? I think not. Is it just me or are all forms of wild wizards popping back up on STM lately? 👉👉👉 Oui, Ye Should Check Le Thread Here TikTok Scaling Secretz – STM Style Ever wondered how STMers scale their TikTok ads to the affiliate moon? Some swear by ways tried and true. Ways like never laying a finger on a working ad set. Then duplicating that and perhaps doubling the budget. Some, make 40-50 ad groups (yes, for real, see inside). Others go against the status quo–blasting double ad budgets on working ad sets. Basically, tuck this here thread in yer bookmarks & absorb STM knawledge ASAP. Yer welcome. 👉👉👉 And don’t forget to hit that ‘thanks’ button “But…When Do I Stop My Losers?” It’s confusing innit. Lets say yer campaign’s at -50% ROI. Bleeding red. Do ye stop it? Do ye tinker with it? Do ye cry for help on STM? The last bit’s likely yer safest bet, if yer a newbie. It’s important this. Ye don’t want to spend too much on a losing campaign. Yet, stopping testing early can mean throwing out a potential cash cow out the window. What do we do? The answer is: It depends. Legendary STM mods reveal insights. Pointers. And lessons. Lessons ye must learn early in yer affiliate career. Or else. 👉👉👉 Answers Revealed Inside

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🤔 $6,200 In A Day

September 12, 2022

$6,200 In A Day – The Newbie Plot Thickens This $22k/day mysterious newbie. Remember him? This one, here, with the $22k/day. On his second-ever offer. Yeah. He’s back. And the plot has thickened. Greatly. This time? $6,200 a day. But how? Where? When? Why? Is this blind luck? A stroke of genius? Who is this guy, bro? 👉👉👉 Ask And Seek Answers Here [SPONSORED] From $50k to $3M with Native Ads Running native ads? Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from the biggest players in the market. 6H Agency, one of the biggest advertisers on Taboola, has successfully scaled from $50K to over $3M per month. And they’re ready to spill the beans on how they did it. Join 6H Agency, Voluum Tracker, and Taboola on a free webinar to learn the secrets of scaling on native traffic! Date: September 14, 2022 Webinar Hosts: ➡️ 6H Agency: One of the biggest advertisers on Taboola ➡️ Taboola: One of the biggest native ad networks ➡️ Voluum: THE most popular ad tracker among affiliates This trio knows a thing or two about native ads. 💡😉 What You Will Learn: ➡️ Effective media buying strategies ➡️ Native ads optimization ➡️ Techniques features and functionalities to make your life easier ➡️ Lander split-testing strategies Plus, 6H will share 2 success stories from their clients in the Lead Gen & Ecommerce industries. >> Sign Up to the Webinar Now! Native ads can get tricky… but if you’re leveraging the right tools, you could be making millions. Voluum Tracker and Taboola have been the backbone of 6H scaling from $50K a month to over $3 Million. Learn the key to success from 6H’s CEO and which Voluum + Taboola features he used! >>Sign Up to the Webinar Now!<< Lead Gen Niche: Driving Schools 👨*🏫 The KjRocker strikes again. Remember his lead gen niche from last week? Airport Parking lead-gen, baby. A big market gap all up for grabs. This time he’s got his sights on driving schools. This guy’s a creative fountain of knowledge. Here’s a tasting: “So today, let's talk about driving schools! I don't know where you live, but in the UK, driving instructors are fully booked most of the time since covid restrictions were lifted and is one of the good niches you can easily work in and scale your campaigns. Lets get started!” In 4 short steps @kjrocker lifts the veil on yet another lead gen dark spell. We’ll await, impatiently, for his next niche. 👉👉👉 Give Yer Thanks Here 🧔 Boundless Wisdom From The Ye Olde STM Days Ever wondered what 7-figure affiliates do to keep making 7-8, and higher, figures, consistently? What does it take? There’s gold Inside this ye olde thread from 2014. Here’s the kicker: “Thought this would be an awesome thread idea. There's some really awesome guys here on STM running big numbers and it would would be cool if 7 figures affiliates could chime in for these 4 quick questions with their own views based on their experiences The questions are based off Tim Ferris's 4 questions to ask to experts What is the mistakes you see novices making with affiliate marketing? If you had to start again what would you do differently? (Please don't say the cliche I wouldn't change anything - even if it's true for you If you had to choose 1 or 2 people to emulate who would it be and why? If you had 4-8 weeks to train me for earning 7 figures/year how would you prepare me? (I understand it's impossible, but if you had $10million of your own money riding on this, how would you train me?)” As for the good stuff–that ye’ll find inside. 👉👉👉Go Here Now

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Airport Parking 🅿️ Lead Gen?

September 06, 2022

Airport Parking 🅿️ Lead Gen Business–Finders Keepers The @kjrocker himself just shared a curious lead gen biz idea. One ye should sink yer teefies in deep if ye ask me. The niche? Airport parking. The pre-sell? Well lemme copy-paste it: ‘Imagine you are leaving for Bangkok and have to leave your car at the airport. You are looking for all the car parking services, and there are a few car park services, Some with high prices and others with cheap rates but dodgy-looking websites and you are confused about what to do about it. I had to go through this, and I will tell you it's not a pleasant experience.’ The lightbulb moment? The juicy details? The hows and the whys? Nice try, pal–see inside. But lemme just tell ye, there’s a massive, underutilised market gap up for grabs. And all it would take is one crafty STMer. P.S.: Here are some stats and screenshots: Google ads CPC - £0.35 Average CPA: £5.46 ( Avg CR 15% ) Yer welcome. 👉👉👉 Snag This Idea Before Another STMer Does [SPONSORED] Casino Affiliates Beware: ROI Will Spike This Fall Running casino offers? Don’t pass up this window of opportunity! Join Royal Partners as a new affiliate this fall season, and enjoy these exclusive privileges: 1)Qualify for Payout Bonuses! AND 2)Be eligible to enter the Royal Joker Contest! To Enter the Contest Step 1: Sign Up to Royal Partners between Sept 5th and Dec 5th. Step 2: Tell your personal manager you’re joining the contest. Step 3: Send traffic to the qualifying offers. Contest Conditions When: September 5th - December 5th, 2022 Offers: SOL, FRESH, JET, IZZI Casino; RevShare/Hybrid GEOs: CA, BR, IN, DE, FI, MX Prizes & Bonuses! Get the following Payout Bonuses (on top of your usual revshare/hybrid commissions), when you reach the required First Deposits (FD) per month: 💸 30-50 FD/mo ➡️ +$750 💸 50-70 FD/mo ➡️ +$1000 💸 70-100 FD/mo ➡️ +$1500 💸 100-200 FD/mo ➡️ +$3000 💸 200+ FD/mo ➡️ +$3500 🏆 When the contest ends, the TOP 5 AFFILIATES will receive additional cash bonuses of $1,000 to $5,000! Not running with Royal Partners yet? Let’s make dough together! Partner with licensed casino providers in new geos! Up to 50% on RevShare; also offers Hybrid CPA + RevShare model Transparent stats on your dashboard Multi-level retention system that extends the lifetime of your leaders 6 years in the casino industry >> Join Royal Partners now! >> Get Extra Bonuses & Prizes for High-ROI Casino Offers! Just How Bad Is Yer AM? Sometimes ye come across a naughty affiliate manager. Sometimes they’re unresponsive. Sometimes they’re not helpful. They argue. They don’t approve offers. Or they don’t respond. Or they nudge ye every single f** second. Or maybe they’re having a bad day. Anywhoms. Eventually, this happens to everyone. What ye can do is request a new AM, immediately. If that doesn’t help ye can turn to yer fellow STMers. Why? Because we’re all well connected. We shake some trees. Pull a few strings. And off ye go. Back to rainbows, unicorns and conversions. Just as it took place with @adwithjosh. P.S. Networks, pay attention. 👉👉👉 Dive In Here And Give Yer Thanks, Bro ISO Voiceover App/Software (Text To Voice FYI for those of ye who haven’t played Diablo 2: ISO = In Search Of. This man’s looking for voiceover apps. Go help him out. Lazy Neo Himself recommends one service he bought. And a free Google Text to Speech. The Jaybot swears by the TikTok app. You there. How about you? What do you use for voiceovers? 👉👉👉 Help Us Make Better Vids

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🫡 $74,767.80 Revenue

August 30, 2022

$74,767.80 Revenue – $59k Spend = $15k Profit, The Jaybot Strikes Again How do you stop a Jaybot? Ye don’t. This is the world’s longest-running follow-along. By the world’s most persistent man. This type of guy should send shivers down yer affiliate spine. He hath posted again. For he shall post again. And again. May I direct yer attention to these fine green rows here: “Spend $59k, Got $74k back. About $15k or so for the month. Better, but still not amazing. We've done way better, kids.” That said, inside ye’ll find: – Voodoo witch magic @ Taboola – Outbrain – TT – FB – Frustration – A legendary @kjrocker – Wise advice – More, lots more Yer welcome. 👉👉👉 Give Yer Precious Thanks Where They Are Due, Now [SPONSORED] Get Quality Push Traffic + the New Iphone 14 + First Deposit Bonus! Running push traffic but haven’t tried Pushub yet? 👍 Unique Quality Traffic – Pushub’s push traffic comes from premium content sites. Invalid clicks are filtered out to ensure quality. 👍 Create landing pages quickly using their pre-lander creation tool, or ask Pushub to create custom ones! 👍 Run on self-serve; or spend substantial budget with the full-service platform to have Pushub set up and optimize your campaigns! 👍 Top Geos - US, Europe, Asia, LATAM, Africa 👍 Blacklists and Whitelists provided. STM Readers: Get 10% cashback on your 1st deposit ($500 min, $5k max; limited time) >> Register and Deposit Now! 💲💲💲ALERT: Enter Pushub’s Summer Contest! TO ENTER THE CONTEST: Step 1: Need to have a Pushub Advertiser account, or open one! Step 2: Post a photo on instagram of you getting ready to launch campaigns on Pushub, with hashtag #ReadytoPush, and tag @Pushub_me! PRIZES & CONDITIONS: 🏆GRAND PRIZE: $3300 in Amazon Gift Cards OR $3300 in Vacation Voucher OR 3 x iPhone 14 OR 3 x New Samsung Galaxy Condition: Spend $120k in 60 days (just $333/day, Aug15th - Oct15th) 📱2ND PRIZE: $1200 Gift Cards OR $1200 in Vacation Voucher OR iPhone 14 OR New Samsung Galaxy Condition: Spend $60k in 60 days (just $1k/day, Aug15th - Oct15th) ✈️ 3RD PRIZE: $600 Gift Card OR $600 in Vacation Voucher Condition: Spend $20k in 60 days (just $2k/day, Aug15th - Oct15th) ➡️UNLIMITED WINNERS FOR ALL PRIZES ABOVE! *Contest details >>HERE<< 👉👉👉 Register NOW to Claim Your Bonus + Enter the Contest! A Tip To The Wise: Check Yer Links A wise message from @iwanttofly: “A tip to the wise, check all your links. Lots of networks have tracking links that have been banned. If that link is your ad destination, in the ad copy, or even on the lander, there is a good chance Facebook will spot it and view you and your account negatively for being connected to a previously banned asset.” It ain’t STM in case there ain’t more, as per usual. One affiliate veteran checks ALL their links…every week. A link to FB’s debugger tool (this may sniff out any tracking links breaking in the middle that can get yer precious accounts to Zuck’s digital graveyard) Another mod-legend chiming in with an elegant way to tell lazy networks to fix their sh!t. 👉👉👉 Yes, Tuck This One Deep In The Bookmarks Folder, Too ScottyG’s Creatives Leaked Into The Wild The man, the myth, the TikTok ad legend @ScottyG, strikes again, too. Big ScottyG is the most explosive TikTok ad success story ever. Guess where that happened? STM. Funny how ‘the most’ type of stories only happen on STM. But anywhoms, lemme refresh yer memory real quick: New High Score - 1155% ROI & 15k profit days This man went on to make mid-six figures and up per month…after a couple of months of joining STM and hopping in on the TikTok bandwagon. Wild stuff. But this is about something else. Have ye ever wanted to see a super affiliate’s TikTok creatives? How about his secret ad template formula? Let me sweeten the deal even further with a quote: “my biggest winners are offers that hundreds of affiliates have told me they failed on.” Did my power-copy-words get the butterflies in yer belly wrestlin’? Also, inside ye’ll find @stungads’ ads and ye’ll see the contrast between the two approaches. Basically, yours truly was thinking of repackaging this thread as a $999 course and swinging it to you right here. But hey, yer welcome. 👉👉👉 Go Here, Scroll Down Quick, And Hit Thanks For God’s Sake

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😿 Dem TikTok Ads Ain’t Tracking Well

August 16, 2022

TikTok Ads + JB Offers = No Conversions Behold as one man’s tracking troubles become another man’s fixes. First, drop this here thread in yer bookmarks. And subscribe. And thank everyone in there. Second, there’s a priceless tracking lesson up in this dawg. @marnix cracks things off with some TikTok tracking troubles: “Problem is with $60 spend so far, still no ATC's... Usually I am seeing an average cost per ATC of $5 or something. ATC should be included in tracking, as seen below: So it shouldn't be a tracking mistake. Creatives are also solid - based on average watch time and likes, etc. “ @stungads then jumps in trying to untangle this TikTok tracking mystery. Dissecting log after log and code line after code line, things seemed to tangle up even more. And while he was on the right path, there’s one critical mistake. Then a wild @jaybot appears out of nowhere and solves things real quick. Yer welcome. 👉👉👉 Fix All Yer Tracking Woes Here [SPONSORED] 📣 Be the FIRST to try NEW CPA model. You’ll love this 🤩 Exciting news! TrafficStars released a new pricing model – CPA. CPA is a pure performance pricing model where advertisers pay for target actions that people take on your site, such as subscription, registration, button click, purchase, app install etc. CPA will suit both 💼 experienced marketers and 🎓 beginners. No matter what offer or ad format you selected, CPA is suitable for everything! We recommend starting with the following verticals: Launch CPA campaign Getting conversions at the targeted prices is a perfect strategy for every marketer. By utilizing CPA, TrafficStars connects advertisers with an engaged audience, and makes sure you’re getting the most out of your ad spend. Launch CPA campaign 👩‍💻 If you have questions, please contact our support team via e-mail or live-chat. Kind regards, TrafficStars Team Speaking of Tracking–Listen to Amy On that same terrifying subject of tracking… Hop into Amy’s tracking tutorial: Day 9: b)Verifying Tracking Etc. This here lesson’s aim? To verify all yer tracking links work correctly. To see if traffic’s going to the right offers. To check yer postback. Stating a campaign journal. And many, many other priceless digital jewelries. 👉👉👉 Go Here Now, Learn To Check Yer Links The Latest Batch of STM Fledglings Here be the latest batch of STM zerg…fledglings. @aelhilali @snouts_regal @memory @mrdreamteller @d_x_n_0_1 @samgeo @billythekid @leadbiz @mayson @asylbek @tereshchenkodm @mandrew @asocks @itseasy @karlos @anapintous @ohboi2019 @epn network @spruce @danielzheng @akshaysharma @kingfin @anewbiefriend @kokiryu @joshloke @dienmykieugro @randomtravel @oscaryoung @alexsaw @b452xp @ecomcasanova @idsg12 @a_hall Here’s where ye should go on the forums, as Amy has pointed out: 1) New Members Onboarding 2) Introduce Yourself 3) Hit Up The Newbie Zone 4) Check The Forum Rules 5) If You’re A Network, Go Here Welcome aboard. 👉👉 Go Give Em A Warm Welcome

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🤔 $78,000/month to $100/day?

August 09, 2022

$78,000/month to $100/day…? Why? Why would a deadly affiliate marketer go from $78,000/month to $100/day? Allow me to elaborate, my friend. First, this is @Rhino. @Rhino’s crushing push traffic. That’s his $80k/month. His journey began on BHW. With links like these that ye can check inside: $100/day [10 November 2019] $7100/month [30 July 2020] $19,180/month [1st December 2020] $35,823/month [7th February 2021] $54,000/month [6th April 2021] $77,382/month [1st August 2021] Journey to $682,000 in 2021 [1st Jan - 31st Dec 2021] His sights are set on native now. Look at this: “I have been trying native ads since 2020. In the last 2 years, I have launched 30-40 (lead generation/CPS) campaigns but not even a single one was profitable. So, i decided to try my luck with search arbitrage. And luckily within 2 months of doing search arbitrage, I was able to get profitable.” Hence ye shall see this thread, and ye shall subscribe: Journey to $100/day on Native Ads Second, here’s an important bit from this here thread: “Also, in my journey threads, I have only shared the good moments. There have been countless bad days, countless offers that didn’t work for me, and countless days when I had negative ROI. So, making money online is not easy, it’s all about persistence.” 👉👉👉 Hop In There Lets Talk DSPs I don’t know who made this image on the DSP Wikipedia page but they were on some weird-ass shrooms. Anywhoms. Remember, good old demand-side platforms? It’s all automated with real-time bidding. Like a big bazaar you can buy video, mobile, in-app and search ads on a DSP through real-time bidding (RTB) across many networks. But have ye ever wondered how they work? And why they’re great for yer affiliate pockets? Then yer in luck, for @Coinis posted a lovely guide on yer favourite forums. 👉👉👉 Go Here & Hit That Thanks Button Back to Basics: A Push Notification Story Hey @lawrenceq. “STM, it has been a minute. I decided to come back to this forum for some assistance. I started taking affiliate marketing serious last spring after getting laid off due to Covid-19. I had time on my hands and a little money saved up so I went for it. I learned a great deal but never really found any consistent success. I'm preparing to start a follow-along. I haven't picked an offer yet, but I will soon. Below are my plans as of right now: Run something in dating/adult videos; something with pretty women. Use Mobidea push traffic since I have some money in my Mobidea account to use. Pick a tier 2 or tier 3 country. Using Voluum tracking. Affiliate networks: Mobidea, Clickdealer, Zeydoo, or Mobipium offers I'll be back in a few with more information.” Ye’ve got the newsletter spotlight. And ye better step yer game up, boy. We wanna see more stats like these: Make it count. 👉👉👉 Here’s Lawrence’s Follow-Along Why do you need a higher budget for higher payout offers? This thread’s been stamped with 11-01-2015. Twenty-fifteen. Has anything changed? Nay. Ye still need higher budgets for higher payout offers. But why? 👉👉👉 See History For Yerself

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🏩 30.7% ROI USA Dating

August 01, 2022

30.7% ROI Usa Dating Case Study Blessed be the @cupcake’s campaigns…and generosity. Un-fortunately, yours truly can’t share juicy details. For this is juicy dating, if ye catch my drift. Hide yo kids, hide yo nuns, and flick open this thread on yer smallest screen. Lemme show you some of the good stuff: Geo: USA. As I’ve already mentioned some time ago, when testing a new offer, I always choose USA. Affiliate network: Wink wink. Platform: ExoClick – one of my favorite adnetwork with a great list of sources and strong manager support. AdFormat: header 300x100 – in my opinion, one of the best ad format with the potentially highest CTR. Time period: May 06-18, 2022 Offer: Nice try, newsletter spies. Total spends: $ 1 031.98 Revenue: $1 348.80 ROI: 30.7% 👉👉👉 Take The Plunge Now PopUnders are among the most popular and highly converting ad formats used by affiliates. ​ And now, popunders have become even more attractive with a new bidding model from RollerAds - SMART CPM. 🔥 Unique and new - SMART CPM FOR POPUNDERS! ​ Smart CPM is a custom pricing model that allows you to buy traffic at the best possible price! No more overpaying! ​ Traditionally, Popunders are sold using the CPM model, however we at RollerAds decided to make this onclick Ad format even more lucrative for you. We already offer the CPA pricing model and this time, we bring you Smart CPM! ​​Get $50 BONUS for your first deposit, just mention this promo code “XXX” to your manager and launch new campaigns! How SMART CPM works 1- Choose the Smart CPM pricing model while creating an Onclick campaign. 2- Set up the maximum bid you are ready to pay. 3- The system will calculate the final rate based on the minimum price for your target GEO/Device combination and the top CPM that is running in that target at the moment. 4- You will automatically overbid existing CPM in your set limits. Why should you choose SMART CPM? 1.- Reduce the cost of your Ad campaigns. If the thousand impressions can be bought cheaper, the Smart CPM system will take care of this. 2- Increase your ROI or even change it from negative to positive. Earn more. With Smart CPM you have the possibility to purchase the same number of impressions at a better price without losing even a single conversion. Popunders have never been this efficient, every affiliate should try it! 👉👉👉 TRY IT NOW TikTok Search Ads, TikTok SEO & STM Mod Surprise Recall the good old days of Adwords & SEO? Same thing’s cooking up now. But on TikTok. Search ads are launching soon for all TikTok ad accounts. Many options for TikTok SEO services, TikTok camps and TikTok tools. Add TikTok. But the sweetest part? One ye olde STM moderator’s back from the far reaches of the interwebz. He joined back in Feb 2011. Curious? 👉👉👉 See For Yourself First Conversion In A Few Hours ‘Fore ye start wiping prideful tears, here: “I'm so pleased to say I got my first conversion on my first proper campaign today running desktop on push. I had heard how rare it is to get a conversion on the first day and wasn't too hopeful to get one, especially since it's a decent payout of $28. I followed vortex's pop guide and twinaxe's push guide and combined elements of both.” What? An old affiliate dog’s not allowed to chop onions? Piss off. It is indeed rare to get a conversion on yer first day. Especially so a $28 conversion. Yet here we are–wiping our manly testosterone ‘tears’. 👉👉👉Go Give Yer Thanks Here The Finest STM Has to Offer Ladies & gentlemen, May I have yer attention, please? Amy’s been hard at work curating literally the best threads on STM. Both recent threads like these: From 0 to $10M Exit How To Conquer TikTok - Completed Guide 400% ROI doing CC Submits Sweepstakes on REELS- Jump while it's HOT HOT HOT [Secret Tips] 6-Figures/Day with Casino Offers $22k Day And evergreen threads, like these: CHEATSHEET: DO's and DONT's of Push Traffic zero to 20k/day within 3 months of starting affiliate marketing The Mistake that Many Smart People Make Create At Least 21 New Angles For Any Offer In Under An Hour These are just barely the tip of the iceberg, my friend. Click dem links above and dig in. Yer welcome.

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🧑‍🌾 How to Build a Media Buying Team, STM Style

July 26, 2022

How to Build Your Media Buying Team Lets say your campaigns hum along greenly. Lets say they’ve been humming along for the past couple of months. But yer getting tired. Maybe ye want a vacay. Maybe ye want to scale things up. But time’s nowhere to be found. Campaign after campaign, creative after creative, lander after lander–yer time’s running on empty. What happens when you, the machine, stops working? 5 figure days go down to 0 figure days. But lets assume, unlike yours truly, that ye don’t hate people. What ye can do is you can build a media buying team. That way, your campaigns keep running when yer not around. @estebangira shares his pro-tips on how to build your very own deadly media buying spec ops team: “The idea of creating a media buying team was "How can we still earn money if we stopped running campaigns” … My Current team are: Media Buyers, Assistants, Account Manager, Designer, Web Programmer, Accountant- All of them are in house - and some freelancers when are needed” Yer welcome. 👉👉👉 The 6 Key Steps to Creating a Media Buying Team, Go Here [SPONSORED] Searching for affordable traffic options? Dive into the LATAM market! You are likely already aware that there is huge revenue potential in the LATAM market for the iGaming industry! Netopartners’ affiliates have been making impressive headway across Latin American countries over the past couple of years. ​ What makes LATAM the 🔥🔥 choice at the moment for online gaming marketing? ​ I’ll keep it short and sweet 😎 -Gambling traffic is far cheaper than for European countries - yet with higher conversion rates. With Peru, Chile, and Brazil showing great ROI. -Access to 650+ million people of which over 80% are internet users and the majority are social media users. -The common Spanish language makes it easy to adapt marketing materials & strategy. -LatAm is an emerging market with HUGE forecasts of online gambling revenue. It should reach a jaw-dropping US$2.6bn by 2025. -Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, and Panama have legalized online gambling. Regulated markets let customers feel safe and create a reliable gaming experience on all levels. >>Get more info on LATAM<< How can you tap into this market? Netopartners’ latest partner brand, Jackpot Island, is a Malta-licensed and regulated brand, localized for the LATAM market (Peru, Chile, Brazil, etc.) The brand basically sells itself 🤑🤑 Players can expect fun, engaging online casino promos, generous welcome bonus offers and the BEST games online!!! Like with all of NetoPartners partner brands, Jackpot Island gives its players constant 💰 bonuses to keep them wanting to come back for more! Partner with Netopartners and enjoy this exclusive deal. 👉👉👉 Check out this offer A Native Nooblet’s Desperate Cry For Help Get ready for yer weekly dose of thread-gems. This helpless newbie ushers a desperate cry for help: “Hey STMers, I'm a native noob doing my baby steps in IM with search arb. ?Running though the FA of @jack_l, I've noticed the following (not exact quote, sorry): "The main metrics of success in paid AM are Total Campaigns Started/Average Loss Per Failed Campaign". That got me thinking about the question "how to decide from the start what is a failing campaign?" What is a failing campaign? How do pro STMers know when to cut their losses? If ye want to see the exact rules deadly affiliate such as The Jaybot ruthlessly cut campaigns. 👉👉👉 Then Go Here, Now Looking For: Debt Relief Offers Ahoy. Direct advertisers, networks and in-betweeners: This guy’s looking for debt relief offers: “I am running debt relief offers but got low conversion caps atm so I am looking higher caps for my high quality FB traffics. I love to run Freedom debt relief, Accredited, National debt offers.” USA, CA and UK. Go help the man out. Perhaps ye’ll get other interested affiliate eyeballs on yer offers too. 👉👉👉 Go Here

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