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STM Forum was launched late one night in January 2011 with the goal of providing case studies, guides, high quality information on a variety of topics and to act as a core networking hub for industry veterans.

7 years later we are ​ the authoritative forum on affiliate marketing and our reach continues to expand. We now provide higher education, host conferences and local networking events, and are continuing to improve and expand what the forum offers every affiliate marketer.

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0 to 7 Figures With Push Traffic Faster Than a SpaceX Rocket

September 11, 2019

0 TO 7 FIGURES WITH PUSH TRAFFIC FASTER THAN A SPACEX ROCKET We live in ah-mazing times. You get to watch not 1 but 2 SpaceX rockets park themselves automagically without any human assistance, live, before you casually swipe down to the next funny cat video or dropshipping ad. Elon’s tech happened fast and he’s scaling it even faster. When you see an opportunity you just have to jump on it, sink your teeth in, and iron out the kinks later. On that very same note, Mr. @Chaz just shared all the key points from a major AWEurope talk. Zero to 7 figures with push traffic from Mr. Andrew Payne’s 40-minute AWE19 presentation. Andrew has delivered over 6.5+ BILLION messages to over 38 MILLION users. In Tier 1 the US. His first dip in the push waters showed promise with -35% ROI right off the bat. (For the uninitiated, that’s a super promising first-time ROI in the AM world. It means in most cases you should be able to get to profits...Andrew obviously did, big time) Andrew sunk his teeth in and scaled fast. Now he’s teaching us how to iron out all the kinks – a shortcut of sorts, if you may. Anywhom, there are 12 main takeaways and 1 juicy bonus. How to build out your push traffic subscribers without the need for a network. How to optimize to reduce costs per subscriber Aggressive approaches to capture a subscriber using his Subscriber Backflow method – basically using a back-button that rotates up to 5-6 domains asking people to resubscribe, which netted Andrew & co a resub rate of over 30%, that’s pretty massive. Monetizing the backflow – this one’s sneakier than mongoose. You slap landers & offers in front of people indefinitely..or at least until they quit. What’s important in the ad copy – Hint: it’s not the badge or image. When and how to use the main 2 types of messages – which are general and tailored, each with their pros and cons (explained in detail by Andrew) Why split testing will make or break your campaigns – remember the quote “always be testing”? Yeah it applies here too, plus Andrew has a super important rule of thumb you should apply to your tests. Messaging Frequency – too mellow and you lose, too aggressive and you lose again. There’s a fine balance you have to keep as Andrew reveals in his video. Lifetime Value of a Subscriber – too many factors to list here, just check the vid. Messaging Frequency (again) Types of messages – too aggressive and you cut down the lifetime value of your subs. Promote a variety of offers To put the cherry on top, there’s one bonus tip so good I just have to let you see it for yourself. It’s mega-simple yet super few people think of doing it and it results in massive ROI boosts. As is the STM custom – all the revealing, value-dripping insights you’ll find in the thread and Andrew’s video. Fire up those push rockets DO YOU HEAR IT? IT’S THE SOUND OF AMY’S BONKERS-HUGE SWEEPS GUIDE Last time we spoke of STM’s win-win-win mentality and Amy’s upcoming, ginormous sweeps guide. Srsly, this is like a massive skyscraper suddenly showing up next to a garden shed shockingly huge and contrasting. Industry leaders, newbies turned pros, veterans and experts have all decided to join forces and help Amy write the ultimate sweeparoos guide. The first 2 parts were released last week, and they were just too damn good that quite a few affiliates have expressed their impatience in the thread. The good news is that the rest of the guide has just been released! Run, don’t walk, to admire it in all it’s glory - then implement some of the tips before your competitors beat you to it! Get all the parts right here SPONSORED POST: GET INSTANT ACCESS TO THE MOST PROFITABLE PUSH AND NATIVE CAMPAIGNS RUNNING RIGHT NOW Mobidea’s Push and Native Spy Tools allow media buyers to find out which countries, device types and traffic sources are being targeted by top marketers. Mobidea’s Push and Native Spy Tool Features More Data Than Any Competitor Complete CPC Bid Visibility Access to the Latest Offers Easy-to-use Interface All-In-One Landing Page Ripper Powerful Search Filters Detailed Insights Geo Partitioning Algorithm Instant Campaign Alerts 24/7 Live Chat and Email Support Mobidea Push Spy Tool Unlock the world’s most profitable push campaigns for only $59.99 monthly. 36 ad networks 200,000+ ads 150,000+ advertizers 90+ countries Try Mobidea Spy Push for FREE Mobidea Native Spy Tool Competitive native ad intelligence at your fingertips for only $79.99 monthly. 28 ad networks 15 million+ ads 150,000+ advertisers 30+ countries Try Mobidea Spy Native for FREE Mobidea’s Push and Native Spy Tools come as a flat monthly rate with zero hidden fees. Mobidea customers can access the Spy Tools with their existing account balances. Try Mobidea’s Spy Tools completely FREE Take the chance to look over the shoulder of the world’s most successful media buyers completely for free. Use the promo code STM and get an exclusive 5-Days Free Trial! Get your 5-day free trial here Tip: How can you glue STM’s massive audience’s eyeballs to your company? You let us tailor your sponsored piece to perfectly match the newsletter that so many read every week. If you’re an affiliate network, traffic network, a marketing tool of some sort, spy tools, optimization platforms, marketing news providers, education programs or basically anyone looking to show off in front of a massive audience of active affiliate marketers then you should get in touch. Our doors are open but keep in mind there might be a looong waiting line... Shoot an email over to and we’ll send you our special offer for you to take a look and we can discuss things further. HOW THIS STM AGENT SMITH K.OS HIS TO-DO LIST EVERY DAY If you remember this from last time a productivity freak Agent Smith showed up on STM and told us he’d deliver his secret ways of crushing to-do lists and getting stuff done with 0 burnout. We mentioned the first part already got posted and it’s time we covered it in some more detail because you’re gonna need this if you wanna scale your campaigns and business like the big boyz. “How I DESTROY My Todo-list Every Single Day”. “Since I started implementing this system, I've been 10x more efficient every day. I RARELY get into slumps, because this system works around them.” Let’s say that today you’ve got to: – pause a bunch of camps – check the stats on a number of risky ones – load up some new landers – ping a dozen of your AMs – make sure to check the lead quality on that nasty offer – talk to your VA – everything else for the day, like eat, breathe and workout What’s gonna happen is you’re probably gonna overthink every task before you get to it. In fact, your overthinking is going to take longer than actually finishing said task. That’s why you need systems and to-do lists. You just look the task: “ping AMs at X and Y networks around 9:30am” – done, no need to overthink, just pure action taking. As per @lyhras’ advice: You absolutely need a long term vision otherwise you’ll get caught in the blackhole of small day-to-day tasks. This is what causes burnout, fear and doubt. You have to “front-load” your planning. Meaning you need to setup weekly and nightly/morning routines. The nightly/morning routines are what makes lyhras crush his to-do lists every day. It takes just 10-20 minutes max every night but the results are stunning. An actual to-do system is a must. “Everything I’ve talked about so far flows into my todo-list system, and makes it more efficient than it would be without the preceding steps.” He uses Todoist to organise everything and put his plans and visions into place. Plus there’s one bit you should pay special attention to in order for your day to go 100% smoothly and seamlessly. You might wanna take a dive into the deep end of this thread because it’s gaining popularity fast. K.O. your To-Do List Here THE ZUCC DOESN’T LIKE GOOD WHITEHAT BOYS TOO It doesn’t matter if you’re running whitehat or blackhat. It doesn’t matter if you’re a good boy or a bad boy. The Zucc’s gonna lock you up and all you’re gonna be hugging are your disabled ad accounts. This guy with a super long nickname along the lines of @smittywerbenjaqweryyuiopasdfg-something asked how to stop Zucc from locking him out. “Whenever I'm working on a campaign, I often get locked out of my account for "suspicious activity" (i.e. editing an ad), and I'm forced to upload a photo and wait several days to hear back from them. “To add insult to injury, my account is currently disabled after (I guess) being flagged too many times by the algo. I've uploaded my photo ID, but haven't heard back from them since. All this time I have been running 100% white-hat campaigns in verticals such as refi, auto loans, and edu. I have done everything from the same device in the same physical location. I have only had one adset disapproved this entire time, and that was due to a minor issue that I subsequently fixed. The adset was then approved and ran as normal.“ See? 100% White-Hat Campaigns. Zucc don’t care. Zucc ban. However! After a quick diagnosis by Dr. Stickupkid, our resident FB mod and expert, it turns out that the cause of the illness is simpler than you may think… Plus the cure is something you absolutely must do for every account, every time. Everything’s inside. Another golden thread. How to hide from The Zucc WAAAH MY NATIVE CAMPS WON’T SCALE This innocent question by a crying newbie: “Hi there! I am all new to native ads & using taboola by spending daily budget of $500 for my first Whitelist campaign. But unable to get it scaled up (ROI) close enough to daily spend. Any guidance?” Basically turned into a monster of thread. It turns out that whitelist campaigns on native are a bad idea in general. @thedudeabides chimes in: “You're having trouble scaling spend or getting ROI? IMO avoid whitelist campaigns unless they're on big sites if you want to do bigger volume. A good enough offer should work broadly across the network without a ton of micro-adjustments needed.” Quite a few more experience native people confirmed this too, alongside other interesting details on how to scale. But the conversation then took a different turn – people mentioned James Van Elswyk’s courses and how, while they’re good, they may just be wrong. It’s a matter of weighing in ads vs landers and which one has a greater and faster impact on your campaigns. This is the meat of the thread despite the main topic of whitelists. Do yourself a favour and read through all the long replies and you might just save tens of thousands of dollars on your next native campaign... Things are not always what they seem

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Even Gordon Ramsay Would Be Shocked – Amy’s Baking THE Sweepstakes 101 Colossal Guide at Over 9000 Degrees

September 04, 2019

Even Gordon Ramsay Would Be Shocked – Amy’s Baking THE Sweepstakes 101 Colossal Guide at Over 9000 Degrees Gordon Ramsay is one savage guy: “My gran could do better – and she’s dead!” Hooh boy. Queue the awkward silence, please. Those searing burns do hurt a lot, as much as they crack us all up. (This all has a lot to do with sweepstakes. Just BEAR with me.) But y’know what? Those “f%#$ing donkeys” deserve it, in a twisted way. 1) Adults should know better. They’re old enough. And supposedly wise enough to know the lamb should not be raw. This is one of the reasons Gordon is always so kind and caring with kids. Kids are learning and they have to be making mistakes. Grown up and experienced chefs on the other hand? Shouldn’t be making anything even remotely resembling a silly mistake. (Unless it’s one of those extremely rare cases – ”happens to everyone” style) But hey, if you can’t even make a proper boiled egg in your own damn restaurant you deserve sick burns. Just copy-paste and search for “Gordon Dismayed That Chef Can't Even Cook a Boiled Egg | Hotel Hell” Thank me laterz. 2) Adults should grow thicker skin. Oh but this is so entirely true for all of 2019, the upcoming years and the last few. We’ve gotten desensitized to gore and ultra-violence but dare someone say something mean to somebody else and all hell breaks loose. Let’s not even mention that holding your cat the wrong way in a Youtube video can trigger a civil war. Anywhom, back to ze sweeps. They’ve been around for a long-long time and are here to stay. But what do you need to run them? 1) You need to be wise. Do you think The Zucc and his vicious algo-pitbulls aren’t going to laugh (and ban) at your “click here to take your fancy phone/voucher now!!1” ad copy? Or running that one sweeps lander on pops that has been running for the past ten thousand years? Don’t be a donkey. 2) You need to grow thick skin. The Zucc and his vicious algo-pitbulls are going to hurt you. You are going to see belly-up accounts, red ROIs and your pulled hairs on the floor. Case in point? In order to be wise and patient you need a guide through this treacherous jungle. You need an expert like Gordon Ramsay (except infinitely kinder, caring and more compassionate). Yup, Vortex is working on an absolutely massive sweepstake 101 guide as we speak. It should be finished within a week or so. One where we’ve the usual win-win-win STM scenario. Let me paste Amy’s words below: “Since the success of the first "What's Working in Affiliate Marketing" report last year, I've been wanting to come up with more ways to collaborate with industry leaders to achieve a win-win-win, where: -STM can provide more value to members. -Members can get more value from their STM subscription. -Vendors and super-affiliates can get more exposure (and thus more business, or more traffic to their blogs). Since one of the most popular FAQs of all time is: "Which vertical should I choose and how can I master it?" I thought it would be beneficial to write a guide for every popular vertical - starting with the sweepstakes vertical, as it's one of the most popular verticals for newbies and veterans alike. At first I wanted to write this guide myself. But because it's been a couple years since I last ran sweeps, I'd have to get back into the vertical and do some massive testing before I'd be able to write a comprehensive guide. That would take too long. Remembering what we did to produce the "What's Working in Affiliate Marketing in [year]" reports, I got thinking: Why not just interview industry experts and compile all the advice? That way it'd be fast and efficient, and more importantly, we'd benefit from the diverse experience from different areas of expertise - e.g. aff networks vs. advertiser vs. affiliates, pop/push vs. FB vs. email, etc. So I set out to contact super-affiliates, affiliate networks, and direct advertisers that have a main/sole focus in this offer vertical, to "get the dirt" on how to maximize success with these offers. Everyone I've had the honor of interviewing has been most generous with their tips - words can't express how appreciative I am for giving me their time and knowledge. Some of them I hit up multiple times with further questions. And every gold nugget I picked up from an interview made me mega-excited - for you, the reader! The more experts I interviewed, the more eager I was to get this guide written up and delivered to you.” In a nutshell, here’s what you should do ASAP: Go to the thread here. Then click “Thread Tools” -> “Subscribe to this thread…” Speaking of Colossal Guides...Matuloo Wants You to Take All The Pills Do you remember @matuloo’s upcoming massive adult guides? "How to run adult traffic in 2019" Yeah, part 2 just arrived and we’re about to enter the Matrix. You’re staring Morpheus in the face and the next thing you hear is: “Take both pills, Neo, there’s a lot of reading ahead and you may get a headache.” Seriously though, this thing is extremely detailed and super well organised as usual. The topic? Lesson 2: How to choose your first vertical and offer to promote? Matej even got a nice affiliate network to spill some of their stats in terms of what’s currently hot worldwide and what’s bringing in the moolah. In exchange for STM fame, of course. What follows are juicy, delicious details: The main verticals (meaning anything that you can buy traffic to that has made and is about to make you money) Conversion models (SOI, DOI, revshare, PPS and so on) GEOs (basically Matej tells you what to do and what to avoid at all costs, i.e. some Tier 1 countires are practically impossible to break into unless you’re Matej). Then there’s a Q&A with said affiliate network. Where to get your first offer (you can go either aff network or direct, but which one’s a better choice for a nooberino?) Lastly, an invaluable piece of advice you have to read at least twice. Pssst...Part 2 is over here, Neo SPONSORED: Adplexity’s the 007 Of Spy Tools This week’s adventures have been sponsored by our Adplexity family members. No one knows how they manage to always stay on top of the competitive intelligence game. Their ways remain shrouded in mystery. For the uninitiated, Adplexity is a set of industry-leading competitive intelligence tools that let you keep track of your competition’s most profitable ad campaigns on tons of traffic sources: Mobile Native Desktop Push eCommerce Adult Carriers (more of a tool that lets you use carriers to browse around) And they have been doing this for a very, very long time. The speed at which they gather data and launch new products is nothing short of pure Hogwarts magic. The products have become a standard and a benchmark in the industry – every affiliate and their cat have used Adplexity (or at the very least have heard of it). Also, if you click below you get a special STM-exclusive discount. Have fun! Check out Adplexity’s HQ here and choose your weapon Tip: How can you glue STM’s massive audience’s eyeballs to your company? You let us tailor your sponsored piece to perfectly match the newsletter that so many read every week. If you’re an affiliate network, traffic network, a marketing tool of some sort, spy tools, optimization platforms, marketing news providers, education programs or basically anyone looking to show off in front of a massive audience of active affiliate marketers then you should get in touch. Our doors are open but keep in mind there might be a looong waiting line... Shoot an email over to and we’ll send you our special offer for you to take a look and we can discuss things further. Productivity Hacks From Lazy STM Neo’s Arch-Enemy, Agent Smith Neo and Agent Smith are very much alike, believe it or not. They’re both determined to rebel against the system. But it’s how they do it that is the key. Agent Smith: “Never send a human to do a machine's job.” This is what we’re getting here from Mr. @lyhras. Our resident STM Agent Smith. Lazy Neo’s ways were disorganised and chaotic at best. Lazy Neo’s allergy to manual labour pushed him to his limits. Agent Smith’s goal is exactly the same, except his ways are entirely different. None of these guys wants to work their assess off, that much is clear. But Agent Smith managed to reduce his workload from 40+ hours a week to less than 5 by using systems. Systems. Frameworks. Templates, Mr. Anderson. To quote the man himself: “Almost as soon as I started making money from affiliate marketing, I started building systems around it. Because I work better with frameworks and templates myself It assures a consistent quality of output It makes the entire operation more scaleable in the long run Today, my entire business is built around systems and processes. Both through manual labor (done by others), but also through automation. “ ... “I'd love to share some of my tricks with you, to decrease your own workload. Even though we all work with different traffic sources and verticals, many of the concepts can be applied across the board.” … “These posts will go over: How I set up my tasks for the day, so I actually get stuff done (no shit, my productivity skyrocketed after I started doing this) How I easily get my employees introduced to, and started on new tasks (by making them create their own SOPs) Which questions I've asked when interviewing VA's to vet out bad hires (there's nothing worse than hiring someone, only to fire them again 3 days later... Been there) How I easily manage all my ad accounts (with a handful of neat Google Sheets tricks)” Oh yeah, the first part just got linked in the thread just last night. It’s titled “How I DESTROY My Todo-list Every Single Day”. Let me just leave another quote from there: “Since I started implementing this system, I've been 10x more efficient every day. I RARELY get into slumps, because this system works around them.” Perhaps we’ll cover it in detail in the next issue, fellas. Or you can just go in right now and check it out List Building on Native May Have Light at the End of the Tunnel “Hi, I'm looking to build an email list in the weight loss space, and I've been considering using native ads. (I'd go for Facebook but they're very unstable these days with account bans and all, particularly anything to do with weight loss. So I'm looking at more friendly places that have high volume and good quality traffic.)“ … “Have you tried list building using native ads?” We all know what happens with seemingly innocent and simple questions on STM. They turn into massive novels. This one bloomed into a beautiful piece of a thread. @thedudeabides, Kelly, our resident mod and native expert mentioned in the “What’s Working in 2019” guide that he’s turning towards building lead capture funnels. Our thread starter, @summitview, just asked him whether he’s made any headway. You can guess what follows. I’ll give you the low-down: @jack_l jumped in saying that it is possible to build lists, you just have to know the traffic sources better than you know the back of your hand. You need tight, relevant targeting at all times. But you can gradually increase the borders. @thedudeabides “Got most things figured out, but profits from email is still a lot lower than I'd like to see, working on testing longer sequences. Should have a better handle on that in a month or two.” There’s quzz ideas, segementation or just doing it the simplest way. Among many other things. As @jack_l said: “Yes... it's a fascinating topic isn't it? All questions I've pondered over myself ”. It’s also fascinating what this thread turned out to be. You Owe Amy a Thank You – Freshly Baked Sweep Landers Up For Grabs Not only are you getting a what is an invaluable sweepstake guide (that can easily be sold for high 5-figures) but you’re also getting all the sweep landers. If this isn’t babysitting I don’t know what is. Another win added to the win-win-win scenario from above. On a quick glance there are about 4 batches with at least 20-30 landers each. This is all in Amy’s latest Landing Page Depository. Thoughtfully updated with clean and ready-to-go sweep landers to aid your lazy affiliate bum with the sweeps guide. The least you can do is show your gratitude. The things we do for our STM family

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Gollum hasn’t yet found the ring but still wants $200/day

August 28, 2019

Gollum Hasn’t Yet Found The Ring But Still Wants $200/day “We wants it, we needs it. Must have the precious. They stole it from us. Sneaky little hobbitses. Wicked, tricksy, false!” Gollum is what you call an unhealthy obsession. It wasn’t poor Gollum’s fault, nor those sneaky hobbitses. It was the ring. Ring = shiny object syndrome. Shiny object syndrome = jumping from one thing to the next. Trying everything and failing at everything in this scenario goes hand in hand – therefore there’s no way to dodge that bullet. These are the desperate newbie cries for help we’ve been hearing in this thread. This guy said he tried everything and is completely overwhelmed. “I have been watching video after video and studying all that i can. I'm a bit overwhelmed.” But then take a poke at this: “I have tried and tried and lost and lost and I won't give up. I just need more guidance. “ He won’t give up. Sauron’s not winning. He just needs to find the way on a low budget ($50/day) This story ends with countless STM veterans jumping in to pull this guy out of the mud pit. Literally anything you can possibly do if you were in this newbie’s shoes has been recommended here: Push traffic Goal setting tips Sweeps/pins Pops Building out all sorts of income streams and then using that budget to hit paid traffic with a baseball bat (there are some mega-clever ideas we just can’t let out in the public, netted our people 4-5 figures/month with ease) Marketing your special skills to build income Et cetera. Point in case is you always get directions on STM, no matter how lost you are. My Preciousss Your Personal Tireless 24/7 Assistant Now Wants to Work for Pennies Isaac Asimov’s 3 rules of robotics: A robot may not injure a human being or, through inaction, allow a human being to come to harm. A robot must obey orders given it by human beings except where such orders would conflict with the First Law. A robot must protect its own existence as long as such protection does not conflict with the First or Second Law. The robot in question is - this thing runs your campaigns on autopilot 24/7 without ever complaining. Native, pops, push, redirects, you name it. Why get a human wife when you can get a robot wife? I don’t know about you but I see an interesting future ahead. Anywhom, my friend Losid just said TheOptimizer’s advanced superhuman AI has decided to work for pennies and is offering a yuge discount (only for STMers). 69% Off, to be precise. If you take a look at their pricing plans you’ll notice how significante this is. Also 69% is a big number itself. Don’t know how long this is gonna last – what if the AI suddenly decides to turn into The Wolf of Wallstreet? Quaaludes, sinking an expensive yacht, crashing lambos and so on. Don’t Disappoint Asimov and Get Your 69% Filthy Sweeps? Can you run sweeps on the likes of Pr0nhub? Huh? Would this work? Short answer? Yes. Long answer? Be careful. Mr @grofit asked the question, btw. There have been and there are people running “filthy sweeps” but it’s tricky. For one, do you think advertisers want to see their innocent sweep brand image get ruined on such places? For two, you have to get very creative with angles. (that’s as far I’ll go here, rest is in the thread) For three, there’s a pretty big risk of not getting paid, especially if you’re a newbie. There are ways to do this right though. Just go check the thread. Filthy Sweeps Guide Here Clean Sweeps? They Bring in 110% ROIs Whaddya know, another day, another profitable newbie. Surprise. (sarcasm) Honestly, these have gotten so common I don’t even know how to pitch them any longer. This guy’s running sweeps in Zucc’s fertile lands. Humble beginnings but bringing in cash easy peasy. The methods are deceptively simple. If you want your accounts to last longer you need to tread lightly. You have to find a balance in between your ads, targeting, lander and all the way to the offer and the deep backend. What’s more important in this thread are the golden nuggets and guidance provided by our resident sweeps + FB experts @stickupkid and @itzpeter and other members who shall remain nameless for the sake of privacy (and for the sake of not leaking precious molten gold to the public). @itzpeter, if you remember, was a shy STM newbie turned pro and made about $500,000 pure profit not long ago. But basically, if you look at this thread you can jump in and start running sweeparoos yerself, just from the insights Clean Sweeps Guide Here STM Jon Snow Shows You How to Handle eCom Biz Across The Wall – Every Sunday @pekadis is one of our resident mods and eCommerce masters of the force. He’s doing some big, mega numbers. He’s building brands. He’s registering trademarks. He’s hiring peoplez. He’s running camps. He’s doing Amazon. This time around we’ve got delicious lessons from his latest trademark adventures involving a trademark atourney, numbers (as in how much said attorney’s getting paid, how much it would cost if they lost the trademark and even down to the domain name’s cost – 10 buckaroos). They’ve been getting threats from competitors. There’s wisdom when it comes to Amazon (in short, you don’t want to keep all your eggs in one basket, but the long version you just cannot miss). There’s affiliate stuff. There are books being recommended. And as a cliffhanger the story is yet to be finished. We’re all drooling over our keyboards – how do we survive until the next episode next Sunday? This is the new Game of Thrones on STM. You Know Nothing Jon Snow

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STM Slim Shady Goes From McDonalds to $410,592.15 to Consistent $X,XXX/day

August 21, 2019

STM Slim Shady Goes From McDonalds to $410,592.15 to Consistent $X,XXX/day This is Peter’s story. Listen closely. Mom’s spaghetti. But first lemme paste this in here and let it sink in: “So.. I pretty much owe my life to this forum. Everything I enjoy now is because of this forum. Definitely was not easy... btw I'm not smart at all lol. Everything I learned was just from hard work and repetition…” Basically, Peter’s a mega shy guy and the chances of us hearing his ah-mazing success story were slim to none. Yet here it is. By the way, he thinks he isn’t smart but he’s got a philosophy degree – how does that even work? Anywhom, said philosophy degree didn’t land him any jobs. Queue McDonalds job. (Started from the bottom in the literal sense.) Then Peter “Lucky” Leung landed himself a $15/hour Wells Fargo job. Wanna guess how that went? Lookie here: “We had impossible quotas and meetings where our managers would literally CURSE us out for not meeting our goals“ We all know how this portion of the story ends. “I was done man... I couldn't afford rent/ I had to make excuses not to go out with friends because shit costs too much...Had to force myself to cook & I can't cook for sh** & I hate cooking lol... ” Queue a Peter hitting STM’s join button. 6-8 months of crying and trying and Peter’s camps were still at -50% ROI. He then decided to “hire” a mentor for $10k and get his wrists slapped daily – a shortcut to success if you may. Said shortcut got Peter $10k in the negative. In the red. Painful. Scammed by a gooroo, what a surprise. The most ironic part was that Peter owed $10k to a bank. What? Did you really expect some sort of Wolf of Wallstreet on a yacht type of happy STM story? Smooth sailing? No storms? But here’s the key to the story: Peter still went back to STM with $10k in debt and crumpled up hopes and dreams. And then he found out @stickupkid’s Facebook + sweeps tutorials and guides. His first campaign had 80% ROI. The rest is history. Just check out his testimonial below and then go read the thread: Watch the testimonial STM’s Eminem? Leadrock Rock’n’Rolling Unnoticed These guys somehow went under our radars. They’re called LeadRock. This is how every single affiliate network should approach affiliates and market itself. We’re talking about LeadRock’s seemingly standard post in “Official Network Threads” on first sight. It’s anything but standard as soon as you scroll down a bit. Not your typical “Hey we’ve got X offers hit us up!!1” 0 effort threads we so often glance upon. (Networks then wonder why they’re not getting affiliates and go belly up.) LeadRock have been constantly posting what are essentially entire delicious, diabetes-inducing, extremely detailed, screenshot-ridden affiliate guides in their very own thread. As our very own @matuloo put it: “Great info in your posts guys! It might be a good idea to post these as standalone threads, the info is solid so it definitely deserves more eyeballs! ” Every single update of theirs is worthy of a standalone STM thread. We’ve got stuff like: Statistical significance and effective testing Meta-data cleanup for FB images Launching FB accounts on Mac + Win Increasing CTRs through colour theory, angles, ad frequency and tons more Creating an endless number of BMs Gold and diamonds and oil This is how it should be done. If you’re an affiliate network then watch and learn because LeadRock are doing it right. Shoutout below: “Hey guys! You probably have already heard about the private affiliate network with the approval rate up to 100% on some offers and also with some exclusive private offers? If not, it’s about time to start working with us! We are LeadRock, the first affiliate network, oriented onto WhiteHat offers. Here we will be publishing announcements of offers and landings and other up-to-date news of our affiliate network. Follow our page on VK, where we teach how to work with foreign markets and also publish real cases from our webmasters, as well as announcements of offers and our functional. How is LeadRock different from its competitors: Approval rate for some offers reaches 100% Individual work with every webmaster Rare exotic GEOs Constant launch of new offers Strong positions on nutritions Proper converting leads and layings A big amount of WhiteHat offers LeadRock is the offspring of the F-media group company“ Go check these guys out because they deserve it. For Those About to Rock, We Salute You How to Write Native Ad Headlines That Sell (But Still Get Approved) Ironically, this is the thread’s actual title and it’s “very much on the right path” as another member put it. As the title implies @micoangelo needs helpz. “I've had 9/10 of my headlines rejected in every campaign... It's annoying to say the least. And, it's a slow process to get things re-approved. So I'm now at a point where it feels like I'm throwing darts blindfolded, because I don't know the "unspoken rules" of what copy can get attention, but still get approved. Any advice?“ It turns out there’s no real secret. No secret magic sauce. But there is gold to be found as is the STM custom. There’s a striking definition of CTR and how images and headlines relate to AIDA. There’s a tip on using a mix of aggressiveness when cranking out ads and some stuff on time frequencies. A swipefile from NativeAds. Among other juicy things. 1 Simple Click Shows You How To Crank Out 7 Headlines Per Minute

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Deadman’s Chest of STM Landers

August 16, 2019

Deadman’s Chest of STM Landers Listen ‘ere ye landlubbers! Here be gold. One of our most treasured mods, Vortex, just dropped this piece of mega-news on our fellow shipmates. Ya’ll have heard of STM’s legendary generosity that only happens to be overshadowed by our win-win-win mentality. Ya know, pirates are true innovators. They were one of the first. And they always have been. Don’t believe me? Then do yourself a favor and read “Be More Pirate” by Sam Conniff Allende. Basically, pirates had a better “corporate structure” than 99% of today’s companies. They innovated work related accident reimbursements – i.e. If you lost an eye or a leg you get a few extra pieces of eight (I forgot the exact number). They invented the first true democracy. They challenged the status quo and won. A lot to be learned from that little book. But I digress. Just go read that book. STM now has what’s called “The STM Landing Page Depository”. Basically, after the massive success of the “What’s Working in 2019” we’ve had our eyes set on win-win-win-win-win scenarios. Let me quote @vortex below: “-STM can provide more value to members. -Members can get more value from their STM subscription. -Vendors and super-affiliates can get more exposure (and thus more business, or more traffic to their blogs). Quite a few projects have resulted from that inspiration since then, including: -The Affiliate Network Application Tool, which allows members to apply to up to 20 affiliate networks (and growing!) by filling out a single application form. -The Affiliate Contacts Directory, which contains contact info of representatives from a variety of vendors (affiliate networks, traffic networks etc.), along with info on vendor (traffic/offer types, and applicant requirements). -The "STM Member Discounts" subforum, where we're continuously reaching out to vendors to arrange special deals for STM members. (Where savings can offset a part of or even your ENTIRE STM membership fee!) Recently, we came up with yet another idea: Since affiliates almost always start their testing using the most-popular landing pages, and since STM has such a close relationship with Adplexity, why don't we provide some landers to members for free every month? Moreover, we could FIX THEM UP so they'd be ready to run (after you replace the outgoing links with your tracker click url of course)!” In a nutshell, you lazy affiliate bastards are going to get 100+ hand-picked landers each and every month on behalf of STM and our Adplexity brothers and sisters. These are all going to be all cleaned up and ready to fire. Only the most popular landers in each requested vertical/niche (chosen by you, more detaileroos in the thread). This way the following win-win-win scenario occurs: - Shoestring budget newbies get an easy headstart without the need for an Adplexity sub. - All affiliates get their lazy prayers answered and receive clean and ready to run landers - STM’s retention rate goes up, because value. - Adplexity gets more exposure as direct sponsors and bros. Win-win-win. Get your wins here Pr0nhub-style “Hand-in-Pants” Psychology Exposed What lies deep down inside every pr0n browsing addict’s mind? Have you ever wondered why the top ad spots have always been dominated by dating, enhancement and pickup artists instead of...other adult sites? It boils down to physics. Or rather fundamental practices. If you know how physics works, you know what your limits are, say, if you wanna construct a building and you don’t want it to fall apart. But you also know the freedom you have set within those limits and you’d know why your tests have failed. It’s the same thing when it comes to marketing to horny gentlemen. The marketing fundamentals are the same 100% of the time. You have to understand the audience’s motivations and exactly where their mind’s at. Once you know that, you know why dating, enhancement and pick artists work the best. You give people choices. What I’m trying to say is you should jump in and read @sarcher’s revealing post (no pun intended) to get a better grasp of WHY things work in the adult dating world. This guy has been generating between 200 and 1000 adult leads a day for many, many years and he has become one with the tube sites. Deep thoughts here Zucc’s Official Logic On Your Under-delivering Ads The newest addition to our mod team, @FaceOnAsia, a wicked-smart FB expert just shared this official Zucc infographic with us. Simple as that plus a few tips: 1.All cases vary from each other. Think critically and do your experiments. 2. FB is ever-changing platform. Follow the news and talk to experts. 3. This may look basic to many but 90% of issues are due to basic mistakes. A sound understanding on basics is always a must. This is straight from FB’s internal 2019 training, btw. Yes/No logic, pretty graphics and even an FB copyright symbol ©. Zucc Logic in Picture Format Here Amy Builds A New Google Search Engine Speaking of @vortex and speaking of win-win-win stuff and STM retention rates, how ‘bout this: Amy just basically built a search engine. (powered by Google of course) Said search engine allows you to easily grab images for your ads from your favourite image sites. Nice and quick. No annoying G search results. No annoying ads being run 24/7 by your fellow STMers. No ranking attempts. Just pure, direct results. Results you need to run your camps. Also, as an added win-win bonus, Amy shows you how to make your own search engine in 5 steps. There’s a nifty Chrome plugin involved. There’s other trickery involved. On top of that you need to be careful with TOSs of your favourite sites. STM-Powered Search Engine Tutorial Here Czech Beer & Affiliate Marketing Aiding our AffJobs brothers and sisters again. How about sipping amazing Czech beer and being an affiliate manager at the same time? That’s what ConvertingAds are trying to relay here fellas. Let me paste in the most importante parts: Job description: - Actively searching for new affiliate partners and negotiating with them - Motivating partners to cooperate with us - Evaluating current campaign - Online, telephone and personal communication with customers around the World - Help partners set up and optimize their online campaigns - Travelling to the conferences, where he/she will be meeting affiliate partners face to face Requirements - Excellent knowledge of English is must - daily communication - Great social and communication skills - Businesslike mindset and a passion for communication - people person - To have "closing-deals" skills - Nature talent to plan and manage - Be responsible and independent - Knowledge of online marketing- being able to create and run an online campaign (Affiliate marketing experience is a big bonus) - Results oriented and self-motivated - Must have valid working visa in the Czech Republic - Must be able to come for F2F interview Benefits - Fixed salary and uncapped commission – The sky is the limit! - Training in internet marketing - Modern offices in the heart of Prague - Team-building initiatives and ‘corporate’ parties - we always celebrate our successes together. There’s something sweet sounding when you hear “uncapped commission”. And “parties”. Czeck out this AM job here

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The Black Widow Subterfuge: Running $24 CC-Submit Sweeps On Pops

August 07, 2019

The Black Widow Subterfuge: Running $24 CC-Submit Sweeps On Pops Remember Iron Man 2? Black Widow + Happy “infiltrating” Hammer Security. We see Happy getting his ass handed to him before finally taking down 1 guy. Meanwhile Black Widow’s “1-shotting” over a dozen guys. Final view of the corridor from Happy’s sweaty perspective? Bad guy hanging from the ceiling by what I vaguely recall as his belt surrounded by all his mates on the floor. But there’s a point to all of this. If you run SOI sweeps on pops then good for you. But why struggle with low payout offers and CPMs when you can run high payout CC-submits? And pay CPA too. CC-submits are hard to get profitable on pops but this thread proves us all wrong. It’s an extremely detailed, step by step case study dissecting a mega-sneaky, Black Widow style way to get this stuff done. And no, there’s no cloaking or bending of rules involved. It’s just a waaay out of the box approach than what you’ve typically seen. What we regularly do is: - Grab landers - Grab SOI low payout sweeps - Struggle for a few days - Make a few dollars - Offer dies out - Repeat What this guy does is: - Grab proven landers + proven offers - Get data & optimize (juicy details inside) - Switch to proven CC submits for easy money and far higher ROIs (from 17% to 110%-200%) - Bank But then there’s the secret sauce (actually there are 2 in order to make this work). It’s an STM gem. That’s my secret, captain, I’m always angry How a Tracker Change Attempt Led to “The Great Tracker Battle of August” Here we are. Just a guy wanting to change trackers. BeMob to Voluum because it suits his needs better. Simple thread. Here’s the premise quoted for you: “ I just saw the promotion on ZeroPark where if I spend $2000 on traffic this month of August, I get 40% off Voluum yearly plans. I did the math and this 40% deal will actually save me more than 50% what I'm currently spending on BeMob every month.” Easy peasy lemon squeezy. @jonte_ also asked if there’s a way to migrate his campaigns over, to which Voluum replied along the lines of: “Sure pm us”. Roll the credits. Or so you’d think. This is where the battle began. Redtrack. AdsBridge. Thrive. Others. Sales pitches and ruptured tendons. Speculation. Pros and cons of each. Members chiming in. And so on and so forth. As @matuloo mentioned, competition has done us affiliate well over the years. So many trackers to choose from each with their own innovative solutions, UIs, price tags and discounts. We’re a bit spoiled, even. Hilarious thread here and lots to think about Hyper-intelligent Wild Boars Boarding “The Scaleship” – Plan on Scaling to the Moon Wild boars. @wakeboarder. Timotej. A ship. Yes there’s more boar gold coming your way, my friend. Another fantastic story in the making. This time around Boars & Co have decided to move to what they call “The Scaleship” for 100 days. A house in the middle of nowhere in Slovenia. The reason is they have something really promising in the making – personalized products. And what better way to focus than removing any and all distractions, setting yourself up in a quiet environment, eating healthy and exercising? What happens when there’s 4 of you that focused? One of their products generated 16,294.24€ and that’s what they’re scaling. Seriously let me just paste in snippets of the thread, it’s too good to pass: The Challenge “In the last few months, we have set up a mechanical infrastructure, developed a product, tested a few creatives and generated 16,294.24€ in revenue with 259 orders and received insanely positive feedback from our customers. Marketing wise this was pretty much on auto-pilot, but it was complex from the technical point of view. Vesna and Zan did an amazing job here and now we just need to “spread the word”. We will try to optimize our lives, workspace, and daily routine so that we will be the most productive and healthy as we can be. Here is the plan for how we will achieve this: - Early wakeup club - 6am - Proper food and nutrition, without junk food Without alcohol, drugs, and cigarettes - Proper fitness training and routine - Weekly plans and checking why we are not hitting our goals and what we can do to fix the situation - VERY FAST execution, from both Marketing and Development departments. MVP execution-style, fast experiments, and testing - Occasional BBQ and weekend relaxation, to rest our mind from scaling of the previous week - Sincere support and advice from board members. We do NOT TOLERATE bullshit, we are always honest to improve our situation and help each other out. - Constant self checks if we are on the right track or are we bullshitting ourselves and destroying our potential.“ Then there’s “The Team” (4 key team members), “The Marketing Game” (angles, advertorials, GEOs, Pinterest, Facebook). A lot to learn just from the intro thread. Not to mention all the up and coming updates. Just do yourself a favour and subscribe to Mr. Wakeboarder’s thread and bring popcorn. Lots of it. We’re all in for a treat. P.S. The first update has been posted but you’ll have to see it for yourself. The Scaleship has sailed, subscribe [STM Exclusive Offer] 2 Days Left to Grab 257 Adplexity Landers for Less Than a Coffee You probably got that email from our Adplexity friends. Let me summarize the deal again because there are now 2 days left before it’s all gone. All of it. Sales pitch below: Due to extremely high demand we did our best to convince our friends at Adplexity to extend the one-time offer just for you before it’s all closed (boy do we owe them a lot of beers). So what’s the offer exactly? Hear it from Adplexity: AdPlexity are happy to announce that we are currently running a once-in-a-lifetime offer, available to you STMers for the NEXT 3 DAYS ONLY! We’re offering the ultimate lander pack. You can pick up 257 of the hottest affiliate landing pages around, each one hand-picked by our team. Each landing page template is 100% clean and ready to run. They’re free of all unwanted scripts and malware, and we’ve optimised the code, to provide you with the ultimate collection of lander templates. We’ve selected only the most popular templates of 2019, on mobile, native and push. The pack includes pre-landers covering the most popular verticals, such as: Sweepstakes ED Gadgets Hairloss Nutra Health Insurance Binary/investment Muscle Skincare Weightloss Dating App Install - Alerts A lot more! And the best part? This comprehensive package is available for ONLY $1! Get the landers here for less than a coffee! Adplexity are offering literally hundreds of dollars’ worth of data, for just $1. The deal is available for ONLY 3 DAYS and ONLY for STMers, so don’t let it pass you by. Once purchased, you’ll get the entire landing page package sent straight to your email address immediately. Get the landers here! Regards, The AdPlexity Team Yep, that’s a no brainer for $1. Mind you I already had a look at the landers – neatly organised in directories by vertical and type, properly named, cleaned up code, basically ready to run. Hand-picked best performers. You’d be silly to miss this. Thread here

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6WAMC Better Than Engineering Degree – From -$10k to +$10k Per Month

August 01, 2019

6WAMC Better Than Engineering Degree – From -$10k to +$10k Per Month Yeah, except the real Heisenberg would have been an affiliate marketer, not an engineer. Honestly, at this point, is anyone even surprised? These success stories are as common as someone buying their standard overpriced morning Tripple-Pineapple-Pumpkin-Carrot-Cucumber-Lettuce-Vegan-Gluten-Free coffee salad. (I may have gone a bit too far but just picture I’m associating STM success stories with your morning coffee.) Negative $10,000 to Positive $10,000 per month, consistently. That’s $120k/year. That’s $120k/year and you goofing about in your underpants all day, you lazy affiliate bastards. In all seriousness, is this not so much better than a soul-crushing cubicle 9-5 job? Why live an ordinary life when you can live an unordinary one, I ask? The usual traits made it possible. Reiterated for over a thousand times now: - Hardships - Patience - Persistence - Determination - Grit - Synonyms here Thesaurus + insert synonyms gets tiring. The message is all the same. It’s painfully obvious as to what it takes to make AM work. Proven too - we have these stories almost every other email, fellas. It’s not easy. Obviously. But, obviously, it all works out if you put in the work...after you’ve joined STM. This guy sends his “best-est” regards to Mr. Zeno and the 6WAMC course for being a fantastic launch pad propelling him to his current ventures and numbers. He says the 6WAMC has been better than an engineering degree. All the way back in 2017. That’s like 100 years in AM years. Read this quote of his: “Anyway, it took about a year for me to reach 10% profit on my campaigns, the main issues were: 1. Jumping from one vertical to another 2. Trying a lot of traffic source - Pops, FB, Snapchat, Push and Native 3. The Blackhole of Blackhat vs. Whitehat 4. Not being patient to optimize the campaign to green” Currently? Getting 150% ROIs. Also this: “Personal note to Amy: thanks a lot for being an amazing person.” @vortex (Amy) can now easily acquire an unlimited number of beers/margaritas or burgers from this guy. For life. Anywhom, Amy is an absolute workaholic and always goes out of her way to help anyone and everyone reach success. One of our most generous and kind STM hearts. Such is the STM life. We’re all one big caring family. Since this is getting way too emotional for me just go and read the success story. Zinedine Zidane’s here y’all BEWARE: Wild Boars Now Invading Retail Stores Mr. Wildboar, a.k.a. Tim, a.k.a @wakeboarder, a.k.a. The Wildboard Liquidator and his army of vicious wild boars have successfully invaded multiple retails stores. In multiple GEOs. (Minus Germany, they’re not happy, but everyone falls under wild boar rule eventually, there is no escaping it.) More gold unleashed by the famous boar master in this nugget of a thread. It’s how to essentially get your own eCom product out into physical stores – wild boar style. Step by step too. But you’d be surprised by the sneaky tricks he’s got in store. (pun intended) Where exactly to find brands to reach out to and then scrape their emails and data by either hiring a dev or doing it yourself if you’re tech inclined. Cold emails with a big sneaky twist that also nets them views of their most successful wild boar video. Then a screenshot with stats showing how to land literal whales for clients. Calls. Another sneaky personalization trick for cold emails. (As crazy as that sounds it’s actually super clever as you’ll see inside) Tim has been killing it and he continues to shift gears. He’s always happy to share what he’s learned on this fantastic, explosive journey. And we’re even happier to learn and have our jaws drop every time. Wild boar tricks in here 2-y/o Dropshipping FB Post Nets 2M Likes and All The Ladies Are Crying Love was in the air with this one. So were a few potential million dollars in yer bank accountz. Or whoever ran this. Wouldn’t be surprised if this was one of the quieter STMers. As @athena put it: This can net you so many benjamins if you add upsells and customer lists. Who’s @athena? “Some of you may already know I'm part of a team that runs a dropshipping research software and thus have access to all of the raw data that runs through the backend.“ Now isn’t that just lovely. *rubs hands * I can hear you all drooling already. One of the many benefits of STM is there are so many extremely useful individuals and companies aboard. You just have to keep an eye out. Check the product here and maybe send @athena a PM? The End of Push is Nigh! Again. Ah, we love these threads don’t we? Insert fresh, brittle newbaroo. Insert FUDDing. (Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt) Insert shiny object syndrome. And you get the perfect formula for newbie-induced panic. This says he hasn’t yet taken the plunge and launched a campaign yet. But he has checked out a bunch of courses. And the What’s Working in 2019 Report. He wonders whether push traffic would be a good idea right now. Or whether he should also do that other thing. Typically, @maynzie and @matuloo (our two famous veteran mods) jumped in the water to rescue a drowning newbie. The rest is here

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STM Sherlocks Solve a Great Facebook Mystery

July 24, 2019

Facebook’s Greatest Product Launch Mystery Solved – Sherlock Takes Home $2k/day The other week we had STM Sherlocks in complete panic. Watsons bewilderedly scratching their heads. The sense of mystery was in the air. A true Facebook mystery. Let me re-slap this quote here as a reminder: “How often have I said that when you have excluded the impossible whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth.” - Sherlock Holmes If you remember, a hubby & a wifey launched a sweet, sweet product. They did everything 100% right with a textbook approach. There was no reason for those camps not to scale to the moon. Angles, targeting, creatives, budgets, bids, the product itself, raving reviews, all spot on. Campaigns set. Ad sets duplicated. Budgets sky high and ready to blast. LLAs confirmed hot. And then it all suddenly died. CTRs dropped in half and so did conversions. Mind you this guy has managed well over 7 figures in ad spend knows his ways around the treacherous fields of media buying. Queue a desperate cry for help. Queue STM Sherlocks jumping in. What do you think happened? We troubleshooted. We asked questions. We picked and we poked. We dug deep. I mean even a neurosurgeon isn’t so meticulous with his research and even during surgery. Then we came to the conclusion it was down to one very confused FB algo. Ok but why? Why when all the signs were bright green? At first we thought it was something to do with the audiences. Saturation and competition perhaps. The stats proved us wrong. Then we thought the bids and budgets may be the culprit. Enter bidding suggestions and a possibility of the great bidding wars. Well, nope. Turns out this product doesn’t even have any competition on FB. Just a bunch of unbranded Amazon sellers. It’s an open playing field ripe with conversions. It wasn’t the audiences or bids or the budgets or the competition. It wasn’t the LLAs. We went as far as to suggest changing the entire marketing strategy to ebooks, funnels, tripwire offers, emails and so on and so forth. But our very last unanimous suggestion was to test more angles and creatives. To unplug that clogged up algo. That worked out in the end but it wasn’t just the creatives that turned things around. There’s one other big lesson to be learned from this whole mystery. The other missing piece of the puzzle is FB’s weirdness when it comes to the end of quarters. The algos try to readjust themselves after rising CPMs and CPAs. They scramble as much as advertisers do. Hence why they wouldn’t start off immediately even under perfect conditions. Now back to the creatives – the absolutely main key point is that the ads need to have engagement and comments coupled with a good angle. One sneaky change to the creative approach and you can see the camps blasting off into space. That, coupled with the start of the next quarter and things blasted off faster than even Elon Musk’s rockets. Key takeaway? Stick to it and test more. And then some more. And then more until your fingers bleed. All those advanced targeting spells and incantations will do you no good unless you know how to market to your people. Period. Of course, this long email does the entire thread no justice at all. Everything I described has been torn apart in excruciating detail in the thread. The OP has done an incredible job of providing super long, detailed replies with stats and screenshots. They’re currently bringing in $2k+ a day and they sold out so fast they’re waiting for the next large shipment right now. He’s got time to prepare all the other sweet stuff like emails, SEO and other promotion channels and start outsourcing and hiring employees. We shall wait patiently for his next update. This is probably one of the most motivating threads we’ve had in quite a while and it’s full of golden nuggets. For a huge dopamine boost and huge golden nuggets go ye here Even Loki Would Turn Into a Good Guy For Stable 7 Figures a Month Don’t Ya Think? We all know and love Loki. That mischievous little devil. Witty, wicked smart and charming his way out of any situation with ease. And grace. In a way, us affiliates can relate to Loki. ‘Tis not an easy game this. You have to be super creative and on top of things 24/7. You can never let your guard down or kick back in your comfy sofa. Not until you have your teams in place or enough money to retire for a few lifetimes. Campaigns don’t last forever and our middle name is “Volatile”. Enter Hen Kinan. Affiliate for the past 6-7 years and been through it all - toolbars, eCom, leadgen, through both shady and normal stuff. But he found it all a bit too volatile for his taste. By his own words: “From an “easy money now” mindset we decided to move to a long-term operation. “ This mindset pays off handsomely in the long run. Hen decided to start a brand new company around viral content stuff. Pulling in 7 figures a month in a super stable manner, and they’re growing. With 24 happy employees. “We are generating 7 figures a month for some times now, all white-hat and big % on Facebook.” What his company does is it allows you, my greedy affiliate, to push viral content stuff and make moolah. Just the way we like it. We’re super allergic to manual labor like customer support, infrastructures, employees (for the most part) or having anything to do with your own products. That’s why we’re masters of every paid traffic source imaginable and we can run circles around “agency marketers”. The first reply in the thread is one STMer who has already made 6 figures with Hen’s company. Beat that. Better check out Hen’s success story thread, gold in there. Stable 7 figures and a great opportunity awaits right here SEO Sith Channeled All His Anger And Conquered The Galaxy with CPL Going to keep this one short because it’s worth reading the entire damn thing. This guy did SEO for low 4 figures. He says that you reach #1 on Google, rake in low 4 figure profits and then you’re stuck. You can’t scale. Then he jumped on STM and joined the 6WAMC courses (which aren’t active for the time being). He tried DSPs. 20+ Campaigns and no profits, quite in the red (-70% ROI). He tried FB with his whitehat SEO sites - no results. During the 6WAMC he found tremendous success with some app install offers, more knowledge from his training and sweet angles. As with everything, all good things must come to an end. Those app installs died out. Cue pay per call ventures and more anger at Revcontent’s reps. Cue overcrowded call centres not taking in your leads. More frustration. But then, he had a lightbulb moment. “Basically I decided I wanted to build a « moat » around my business, so no-one could easily rip my campaigns.” Basically pay per call except you get paid per lead. If that’s not a sweet enough deal he’s getting exclusive offers at each network. Just for his affiliate needs. Hello moat. Then he dug an extra moat, thanks to Mr. Tim Burd’s ways and now he’s set for good. More on that inside the thread. This is how it’s done ladies and gents Serial Entrepreneur’s Absolutely Serious Update This guy has had quite a journey, but let me just quite the last line from his latest update. This is not a humblebrag my dear friend. This is outright showing off. “And finally, as always, I appreciate all the help and expertise everyone here on STM has given me! It is a privilege to be a part of this wonderful community!” From a house flipper / real estate investor to SEOer to native traffic. Native is the keyword here. “Jack_l” tackled it horns first some time ago. Earlier this year (February) he was bringing in $500 pure profit a day. $2000 gross. “I've now been running natives for 3 quarters, and have learned an immense amount. “ As for right now, he posted a m-a-s-s-i-v-e update on what he learned during the last 3 quarters and we all feel super spoiled. It really is a huge post covering RevContent, Taboola and Outbrain. You can’t learn this stuff from Google Searches because no one would be crazy enough to share it. That’s not the case with STM family members. Feast your eyes Lucky Newbie Hits the Jackpot With TheOptimizer Subscription “anitaway” is our $1 Guide winner chosen randomly. The $1 guide was a massive success and something we plan on continuing in the future. By far the easiest way to get started in AM. By far. It’s so simple your lazy cat can do it while lazily chomping on your couch. Anywhom, one of the prizes from the $1 guide competition was a sub to “Anitaway” jumped in on STM and decided to start a mega-detailed thread describing how to use TheOptimizer. Mind you this is a complete newbie. The thread itself is like dropping tons of liquid chocolate in your bath tub, diving in and sucking all the chocolate out. It’s beautiful, delicious. Instant diabetes here Legendary STM God Matuloo Answers Newbies’ Adult Prayers You have heard of him. You know him. The one and only legendary STM mod Matej (@matuloo) has gracefully decided to start a massive guide on how to run adult traffic in 2019. This is the first post in the series. @spiritwarrior (first post in the thread) is as follows: “Wow! This is another goldmine. I've been mulling over on how to start with adult. Prayer answered (no pun intended).” Prayer answered indeed. Matej hears all prayers, all the time. I’ll just quote the start of the thread: “Oki dokie, so you you’d like to test the waters of our beloved “naughty adult industry”, but don’t know where to start and what the basic setup should look like? Is your budget low and you don’t want to blow it on tools that are not ABSOLUTELY necessary? No worries, this article is exactly what you are looking for. As with any business, there are some things you simple do need and there are some that can make your life easier, but they’re not really a must that you couldn’t start without. In most cases, the available budget is the limiting point, but there are also some tools that you can’t really take advantage of as a newbie.” The rest of the thread speaks for itself. Gigantic, detailed, well organized and straight to the point. As usual. Lander hosting, tracking and spying in meticulous detail. Prayer answers here, amen Newbie Migraines Are Rough but Lead to Light Bulb Moments (and Iced Half Caff Ristretto Ventis) Another happy $1 guide newbie joined STM. However, he suffered a massive migraine when it came to understanding tracking basics. That’s normal. Anyone completely brand spanking new to AM struggles with this in the beginning. It can get a bit confusing but it’s not the end of the world. What’s funny in this thread is that this guy bites and does not let go until he fully understands every single little detail. “Now I know some of you guys are casually sipping on your iced half caff ristretto ventis and you're shrugging and wondering what all the fuss is about, but I just feel so much relief since this seems to have sunk in. “ Also this masterpiece he created is a must see: There are details and screenshots. Revelation after revelation. Until he got it. It clicked. And the grand finale: “I really hope it might help someone in some way if you’re still struggling with this insane URL stuff – even if it just serves to give you confidence that one day, maybe right out of the blue, it WILL all make sense and you’ll finally be able to relax and just get on with it. Just don't give up struggling. Ever.” That last line is so crucial in regards to everything in life that you ought to have this on replay in your Spotify at all times. Until it sinks in. That light bulb moment is imperative, whether it’s tracking or your first $X,XXX day. And it is precious. Migraine cure here Lending a Hand to Our AffJobs Brothers and Sisters – Remote Affiliate Manager Position at DirectAffiliate Always happy to help, mates. We’ve spoken about this stuff in the past, man. Getting a job as an affiliate manager can really open your eyes. It builds connections. It piles up your knowledge so high no one can climb up that hill eventually. You work with crazy smart teams and crazy smart affiliates. You see the ins and outs of the industry. A birds eye view if you may. Plus you get noticed everywhere. You can attend conferences. Hone your negotiation skills. Plus you get paid handsomely. Anywhom, the affiliate network we’re talking about is DirectAffiliate and they’ve a job post on AffJobs. Here’s the low-down: “ is a leading affiliate network filled with in-house offers on the best possible terms. We have evergreen verticals such as Nutra and Beauty, while we are constantly expanding into other areas. Large-scale and thoroughly tested offers allow us to afford the best conditions for our publishers and for you – working in a much more pleasant way. We approach this task ambitiously - DA is permanently looking for the other possible relations in affiliation industry.” These guys are good and well known around the industry. The job? Affiliate manager with many, many tasty benefits. Can also work remotely if that’s your forte. Say from a beach somewhere sipping margaritas. Or you can work from their offices in Warsaw. (it’s a beautiful city) Go check it out. Direct link here

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