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SINCE 2011

STM Forum was launched late one night in January 2011 with the goal of providing case studies, guides, high quality information on a variety of topics and to act as a core networking hub for industry veterans.

7 years later we are ​ the authoritative forum on affiliate marketing and our reach continues to expand. We now provide higher education, host conferences and local networking events, and are continuing to improve and expand what the forum offers every affiliate marketer.

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1 Roasted Shopify Store Plz 🛒

November 25, 2020

1 Roasted Shopify Store Plz Member @kelvinhe requested that STMers roast his Shopify store...“PLZ”. He’s been building it for about 2 months full time. “I have not been profitable and have only made a couple of sales. My conversion rate is poo.” And oh boy did he get roasted by some legendary STMers. @jack_l reveals why the 2 products @kilvinhe’s running don’t convert at all (hint: they’re on native traffic) and how he can 10x his conversion rate. Then an old-school legend dropped by, Mr. Charles Ngo, and gave 7 super precise tips on improving credibility. >> Go check @kelvinhe’s store and either give...or borrow feedback << [SPONSORED] Popunder Traffic Myths Finally Debunked So, popunder ads are dead and the traffic sucks, right? But how come we still see it all over the internet? At PropellerAds, we’re pretty curious as well, so we’ve conducted a bit of research to find some answers - and our results will blow your mind! (Spoiler Alert: We have a gift for you to download!!!) Okay, are you one of those who believe in these Popunder myths? Let’s debunk some common myths: Myth #1: Popunder Traffic Has Poor Quality - The best way to disprove this myth is to look at the number of world-class advertisers are still working with this format (Spoiler: sooo many). Myth #2: This Ad Format Isn’t Effective - Also not true, and you’ll see that when you download the PDF. Myth #3: It’s Super Intrusive - Seriously now? Have you seen unskippable video ads? At PropellerAds, we’ve worked with popunders for almost a decade now, and we’re completely sure that this format is alive and kickin’. If you hear an affiliate talking bad about popunders, there’s a strong chance they’ve never even tried this awesome format. Below, take a sneak peek at stats you can find inside our FREE PDF: Top countries including India, Brazil, the USA, Indonesia, the UK, and France 830M+ impressions in India alone Average CPM for the top 5 countries is $0.63 Average conversion rates as high as 1.02% in some areas 5.72 billion mobile device impressions per month AND MORE! Ready to Get Started with Popunder Traffic? Download our Popunder Traffic: Benchmarks & Market Trends 2021 Report and see the numbers for yourself. GIVE ME MY COPY You Run Youtube Ads? Here’s a slightly olde thread recently resurrected. An STMer asking for a buncha great resources to learn Youtube ads. The primary recommendation seems to be Tom Breeze (YT channel) and his corresponding courses. @wakeboarder a few more great resources worth checking out. >> Go here if you want to learn Youtube ads << Can’t Scale on Outbrain? This STMer has their own ecom offer and they’ve successfully scaled Taboola to 15+ Tier 1 and Tier 2 GEOs. However, Outbrain turned out to be a different story entirely. From the proven GEOs, 20% turned out to be instant home runs with $0.80+ EPCs. 30% needed **major optimizations. And 50% of geos barely convert at all. This thread received some super in-depth replies from @platinum from The Optimizer and local native wizard @jack_l. >> Go here if you want to learn of the inner workings of Taboola and Outbrain’s algorithms <<

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Run Taboola @ $1M Ad Spend – STM Pro Tips

November 18, 2020

Run Taboola @ $1M Ad Spend – STM Pro Tips If you’ve ever wondered how the big boys on STM run campaigns on Taboola, Outbrain and the likes, this is it. This is literally how the pros do their magic on native traffic with millions in ad spend. The veil has been lifted yet again. One member running traffic on Taboola for the past few months with over $1M in ad spend asked for tips. And oh boy did he get tips from some of STM’s greatest. There are tips for campaigns ranging from $X,XXX/day to $XX,XXX/day and beyond. See why you should stop optimizing placements. How to setup bids and budgets. Why you shouldn’t touch some campaigns. What’s working. And so much more. And that’s already giving up way too much. >> Go see for yourself << [SPONSORED] Vote for CrakRevenue It’s that time of the year! Awards season is upon us. mThink’s Blue Book Top 20 CPA Networks survey is already halfway through, and this year, CrakRevenue needs your support. If you are not already familiar with us (we advise you to go take a look!), here is a glimpse of what we have to offer: 10 years of amazing experience 100+ employees 100,000 all-time affiliates registered 100 Million $/year paid to affiliates Currently ranked 5th CPA Network worldwide, your vote can help us reach that top spot! Thank you for taking some of your time to vote for us, you can really make a difference in less than 4 minutes. >> VOTE FOR CRAKREVENUE << $XXXX Month Profits by @roiter123 Another day, another profitable follow along. @roiter’s persistence paid off with $1,724.60 in profits. $5,598.40 Revenue. 35% ROI. How? Push traffic and persistence. Plus, if you go back to page 4 and scroll to the bottom you’ll see one little-known trick @twinaxe lets out that can scale your campaigns big with little to no effort. >> Go here and read @roiter123’s follow along <<

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2 Big Milestones – $1974/day & $602.09/day

November 11, 2020

2 Big Milestones – $1974/day & $602.09/day @fastaj joined STM just 7 short months ago with no affiliate experience. Now he has a post over at the First $500/day milestone section with a $602.09 day. Check this out: And then, of course, there’s @jaybot, with his legendary follow along and insane dedication and focus. Some even say “he is a man of focus, commitment and sheer fucking will.” – Abram Tarasov, John Wick He’s got a post over at the $1000/day revenue milestones section with a $1974 day. It seems as if not even the notorious STM newsletter curse affects their campaigns any longer. Interesting… >> Here’s Jaybot’s Milestone and @fastaj’s Milestone << Looking to maximize your Chrome conversions? Look no further – TwinRed has an extensive inventory of Chrome popunders and full-page interstitial traffic to allow you to maximize your results on this high-value browser. Interstitials are available on specific sites for chrome, whilst others only serve popunders on chrome, or a combination. Check out our most exclusive Chrome Inventory below, and keep in mind that to test full page interstitials you simply need an iframe compatible URL. Spankbang .com Luxuretv .com Heavy-r .com Efukt .com Pornxs .com Bdsmlr .com Fantasti .cc Shooshtime .com Hdsex .org Bravotube .net Jizzbunker .com Anyporn .com Hotmovs .com Hellporno .net Crazyshit .com Alphaporno .com …. And more, exclusively at TwinRed. Join now to grab exclusive Chrome traffic! Plutus Offer Url Generator When you join a new affiliate network setting up offers is (at the very least) extremely bothersome. You have to set up a bunch of offers for each network before you start to (somewhat) remember the tokens. Only to forget them a couple of days later. So @plutus asks: Why should you remember this? Answer: There is NO reason. So he built a tool that makes everything dead simple -- all you have to do is paste in your offer URL. Literally. Here’s the cure to your offer URL nightmares: The Plutus Offer Url Generator “Everything is stupid simple. Paste raw offer url (copied from your affiliate network) Select Affiliate Network Select Tracker Done. Basic tokens like clickid, trafficsource ID, campaign ID are appended to the offer that you pasted. You can now copy it and paste directly into your tracker and go on with the campaign setup.” >> Go check out the tool here and send @plutus your thanks <<

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$2XX/Day Profit Consistently - @fastaj Delivers 💰 Zeydoo’s Secret to Profitability

November 04, 2020

$2XX/Day Profit Consistently - @fastaj Delivers @fastaj was given an ultimatum: Hit $XXX/day in 10 days before the STM Newsletter Curse strikes. (campaigns die when mentioned in the newsletter, or at least that’s the superstition. Not only did he deliver, but he over-delivered and did so consistently with over $200+/day profits! You have to have massive determination, dedication and persistence. And you need to read all of @twinaxe’s posts at least 10 times. Just as @fastaj did: “I pretty much read all your posts about push, case studies and your guide about push about 7-10 times each. I'm not kidding, I read it over and over the past 2 months since I started this FA.“ Will the STM newsletter curse strike down his profits? >> Stay tuned! << Zeydoo’s Secret to Profitability 🔥 This exclusive financial offer will literally blow your mind 🔥 Are you ready to dive into the world of high conversions and wealth? Then this offer is for you! Finance survey at Zeydoo – 1203 Vertical: Finance | CPL Rate: $0.02 – 0.8 ❗️CR = 3-7% (Popunder & Push Notifications) ❗️CR = 10% (Email & FB) More benefits of Fin Survey offer: 💰 Really simple questionnaire. You just need to answer a few questions, there’s no need to leave your email address 💰 Perfect deal for you if you earn on 1click or push subscribe offers as well as if you know where to buy large volumes of cheap traffic with high CR 💰 Any advertising format is available. The only restrictions: incent and fraud 💰 Offer has very easy conversion flow 💡 A little hint Push, pop and email are the best sources which show a decent quality. For better performance target solvent users, 18+ Reminder! Rates range from $0.02 – $0.8 for different GEOs >> Check out the offer << BTW, Zeydoo is a CPA-network with hand-picked profitable offers, 1 million conversions daily and 5000+ active partners. Powered by PropellerAds advertising platform, Zeydoo provides you with the top converting offers from first-class direct advertisers. The main verticals are leadgen, push subscriptions, extensions, utilities, sweepstakes, dating, finance, games, crypto and others. Everyone is able to find something profitable that fits perfectly with your experience and interests! Just start working with Zeydoo and enjoy the profit! Have some questions about other offers and hot verticals? Stay tuned and join our Telegram chat! How to Hire VAs The Right Way Just a quick thread on how STMers hire VAs. @John Jonas reveals a sneaky trick he uses to screen the VAs BEFORE the screening process even begins. @jeremie uses something similar to filter through at least 50% of the applicants too (plus 2 more ways to additionally narrow down your choices. One is to simply ask for a Linkedin link, if there isn’t one, simple remove the applicants. The second one is too good to reveal publicly.) @twinaxe reveals some surprising results – even some of his best candidates failed his initial screening tests. Plus there’s one more link to a piece regarding Noah Kagan (AppSumo’s founder) that goes in great depth on how you should go about hiring “rockstars”. >> Super cool thread, go check it << @Jaybot’s Monthly Win - $14,815 Revenue “If it kisses you back, you go for the throat.” - @jaybot Jaybot’s monthly update is monstrous: “$4075 Green for the month. Definitely a record there. That averages out to XXX/d for every day of the month. I think. That revenue tho. $14,815 holy shit! Preeeeetty sure that's a record. That cost tho. $10,740 geez. Don't tell my wife”** Go see what money he lost testing and why: > Go see how Jaybot continues crushing it <<

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⚠️ LITERALLY Your Last Hope to Get 1 Month Free on STM

October 28, 2020

⚠️ LITERALLY Your Last Hope to Get 1 Month Free on STM THE Ad World conference 2020 is just a couple of days away: the dates are 2-4 November. 20,000 affiliates, digital marketers, advertisers, networks and more online for the all-in-one advertising event. 3 days, 15 digital marketing tracks. The biggest names in the online advertising industry attending the world’s largest online advertising event in the world. Maybe you’re short on time, or you think you won’t be able to get affiliate marketing going. Either way, you get to try STM forum risk-free for 30 days and you can easily and quickly get your feet wet with simple campaigns thanks to our guides. And in the meantime, you get access to the world’s largest online advertising event in the world. You can launch your first affiliate marketing campaign this weekend with our famous “$1 Guide” – you only need to spend $10 total to buy traffic. It’s that easy. Right now is literally your LAST CHANCE to get 1 month FREE on STM! Or You can go back behind the fences, stare at Ad World’s massive speeches and the incredible opportunity you’re getting to try out STM Forum risk-free and launch your own first affiliate campaigns using our step-by-step instructions and moderator 24/7 help. Your call, but hurry up, this is the last time we’re doing this. >> Grab Your Ad World Ticket Here and Get 1 Month Free on STM – No brainer << [SPONSORED] More Gifts from Supremedia! We at Media500 have been sponsoring affiliate events all over the globe! We’re known for hosting some of the coolest parties ever seen by the affiliate crowd. Now that we’ve rebranded to Supremedia, this hasn’t changed! Check out the events we’re participating in – and don’t miss out on the gifts we’re giving out! 1.) We’ve secured an exclusive deal for Supremedia Affiliates! 2 FREE months for Adcost (you save $198!) Over 1,000 affiliates are using Adcost to maximize their Facebook campaign earnings. Create automation rules to kill losing campaigns and scale winning campaigns! Update FB campaign costs in your tracker automatically! Manage account “health” across unlimited FB profiles! Click here to check out Adcost! 2.) Win an all-expense paid, one-on-one training session with IMQueen! Find out how to enter the raffle here: 3.) Supremedia is proudly sponsoring the upcoming AdWorld Conferences on November 2-4. Their team will be available 24/7 to answer any questions you may have on affiliate marketing. Plenty of promos and giveaways will be revealed. So make sure you check them out! 4.) Supremedia is in the running for the Affiliate Space Awards by Conversion Club! Please help us get to the top, by voting for us in these categories: Best Crypto Affiliate Network Fresh Blood of 2020 Please vote for us now! 5.) We’ve just sponsored the Affiliate Virtual Summit as one of the leading and trusted networks. 10 lucky winners from AVS won $10,000 USD in adspend to spend ONLY on Supremedia’s latest high converting offers. Please stay tuned For results! Not an Supremedia affiliate yet? Sign up today to join the ranks of the coolest affiliates! Join Supremedia to Run the Highest-Converting Offers @offshore’s Follow Along Update – Days 33-40: Testing, Train wrecks, & New Traffic Sources! @offshore’s follow along got another big update. “Some great news, some bad news, and lots I'd love others insights on.“ He’s making money, split-testing and going through loops and hurdles in the meantime. Delayed Clickbank payments aren’t allowing his ad spend to go over $1k/day (talk about problems.), which in turn caused @offshore to go to other affiliate networks in search of offers. Plus he’s also been launching new and super promising campaigns on Revcontent in the UK. And a few ‘possible’ and ‘probable’ winners on days 39 and 40. >> Go read @offshore’s update here << Giving up on $XX,XXX/month ecom to try push...and then giving up again? @pierce’s follow along started as an attempt take a crack at push traffic. The interesting part is that he sold his ecom business doing $XX,XXX/month to jump straight into affiliate marketing. ...Only to suddenly realize it’s not as easy as he thought. Will he go back to ecommerce and start a new follow along, or will he take another shot at push traffic? >> See for yourself <<

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$790 Profit in 1 Day – Jaybot-san’s Follow Along 困るね。🤭

October 22, 2020

$790 Profit in 1 Day – Jaybot-san’s Follow Along 困るね。🤭 Jaybot-san hits $790 profit in 1 day. Observe: A new record has been set. What did it take? About 20 pages of persistent updates. Cost to reach these profits? About $1200. Where did the majority of those high $XXX/day profits appear from? >> Ye’d be surprised - see for yourself right here << [SPONSORED] Never Optimize Your Campaigns Again! What if I told you that you never have to optimize your campaigns again? Be done with all the tweaking but still get enough conversions to call yourself a proud affiliate? Too compelling to be true? Yet, it is true. Please, welcome CPA Goal: an AI-driven fully-automated cost-effective ...campaign optimization algorithm by PropellerAds. — And who’re you again? We’re PropellerAds, #1 traffic source for advertisers and affiliate marketers. People come to us to launch campaigns all over the world so we know the drill. — And what’s the drill? So, we have this smart pricing model, CPA Goal. It works for OnClick popunders and now also on push notifications — ta-daaa! It’s so smart that it only needs your desired conversion price to optimize the heck out of a campaign. In short, it analyzes how well your campaign converts on certain shares of traffic and buys out those that perform best. — How is that beyond human capacity? I can do the same by pumping the bid! Yes, you can. But then you’d be wasting money. If some clicks cost $0,05, why pay $1 for them? CPA Goal changes the bid dynamically. As a result, you get the most conversions at the most reasonable price. — Fine, sold! Let’s talk details. CPA Goal works best on simple offers with a short conversion flow. That means, it might get confused if, to convert, the user needs to register, provide their credit card info, buy life insurance and submit a recent drug test. So, try these: App Installs Single Opt-In registrations (SOI) In this case, your hottest verticals would be: Finance Sweepstakes iGaming Utilities So, how about you never do manual optimization again? Here’s What Hosting Expert STMers Use One newbie asked for hosting suggestions. “Hello, I am following @vortex tutorial for beginners, but still would appreciate suggestions for affordable and effective hosting for beginners. Thanks.” And STM mods and experts jumped in with suggestions ranging from: Dedicated servers Typical VPS services from Digital Ocean and Vultr When you should get a CDN and why sometimes it doesn’t matter Additionally, the newbie gets some much-needed encouragement to refrain from overthinking and to start taking action. >> Check this hosting thread out << Designing and Promoting Vacation Package Offer with Push “Doing this project is the most fun I've had this year.” This is a different follow along and a fresh take on a unique niche. @fastestexit is building up their own offer and making money while doing so. The follow along is already profitable. "I've negotiated a deal and created a mutually beneficial offer for a client and my organization. I'm also using less common tools and a brand new ad network. Marketing a timeshare exit company is incredibly difficult. People meet it with a lot of skepticism because there are a lot of companies that charge people thousands of dollars and later do nothing to help them end their contract. On Adwords, clicks go for around $20. Facebook is tough because people leave hostile comments on your advertisements multiple times a day, driving away potential customers. Being both budget-minded and technical, I wanted to find other traffic sources that might be more effective for my purposes. Push fits the bill." Quite different from the rest this follow along focuses on: Marketing a timeshare exit company And at the same time selling travel leads to a travel company Using mostly push traffic in Mexico Custom landing pages and super interesting setup Testing unique traffic sources. >> Go sub to this thread right away <<

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Affiliate Marketing Lessons – How to Fish 🎣

October 14, 2020

Affiliate Marketing Lessons – How to Fish This thread initially asked a simple Propellerads traffic question but it has turned into one of the usual STM golden nuggets, with 3 pages of content from STM’s experts. Multiple mods and members explaining in detail and teaching newbies ‘how to fish’. Burning questions get answered, such as: At what point do you stop testing and start focusing on a winner? Should you rip landers from Adplexity? Let’s say you found a spinning wheel lander, should you make 5 variations of that and test or is this a terrible idea? 1 dating lander gets dissected by @twinaxe – see why this 1-column lander won’t work, and how to make it better Why you should focus on offers first, landers second >> Make sure you see the entire thread << [SPONSORED] Get $250 Worth Of Exclusive Adult Traffic For FREE The TwinRed ad-network is excited to announce that due to increased demand we are extending our STM free credit promotion! Make sure you sign up and take advantage of the offer to test exclusive popunder / interstitial / pre-roll / banner / video sliders from high-quality tube sites: TwinRed’s exclusive, brand new sources of this week: Bravotube .net | Category Rank: 125 | 510k daily impressions Pornohirsch .net| Category Rank: 211| 1.1 M daily impressions Anyporn .com | Category Rank: 160 | 450k daily impressions Hellporno .net | Category Rank: 239 | 170k daily impressions Bdsmlr .com| Category Rank: 411 | 320k daily impressions Theyarehuge .com | Category Rank: 357|210k daily impressions Xbabe .com | Category Rank: 426 | 480k daily impressions Alphaporno .com | Category Rank: 843| 130k daily impressions Find more exclusive sources on TwinRed: Spankbang .com | Category Rank: 11 | 400k daily impressions Beeg .com | Category Rank: 33 | 1.5M daily impressions Hdsex .org | Category Rank: 93 | 2.2M daily impressions Xozilla .com | Category Rank: 90 | 1.8M daily impressions Jizzbunker .com | Category Rank: 219 | 1.1M daily impressions Megatube .xxx | Category Rank: 412 | 250k daily impressions Top geos across the network are US, DE, UK, FR, AT, CA and IT. These sites convert well for cams, dating, nutra, adult gaming, betting/gambling and VOD offers. To test these exclusive sites, and many more, ensure to sign up to our network using this link and get up to $250 free credit* with your first deposit! >> SIGN UP TO TWINRED NOW AND GET FREE CREDIT* << *Special promotion for STM users who sign up through this STM newsletter. First deposits to newly created accounts, not related to other active accounts, receive free credits of $50 from a deposit of min. $100 and from first deposits of $500 we will add $250 to your account. Free credits are non-refundable or transferable to other TwinRed accounts and will be applied to your TwinRed account after the first deposit has been received. Offer valid for 30 days. AM Insights - Maria from Alfaleads @twinaxe’s great AM insights interview series have just returned with the next guest: Maria from Alfaleads Here are a few of the insightful questions asked by @twinaxe ad answered by Maria: What trends do you see, what´s hot and what is going slow? Let´s talk about geos, are there specific geos that you would recommend? What geos do you recommend for affiliates who run your offers and why do you recommend it? How can the conversion quality be improved so that affiliates don´t have to deal with quality issues? Let´s switch from beginners to successful affiliates, do you see a pattern with your most successful affiliates that could help beginners as well? Tons more questions inside. And the answers are even better. >> Go read the full interview << First $XXX/day STMer @jeffff came back after a while and posted these stats: His first $XXX/day. Here’s a quote: “...I finally had my first $XXX day this month. Learned a ton with pop traffic, but ultimately applied that to other traffic sources to finally find some green. Took me a long time, but proof that if you stick with it, you'll eventually find your first $XXX day too!” >> Go give Jeffff some love! << @offshore Follow Along Update – Taboola Campaign Disapprovals! @offshore’s positive attitude and persistence have paid off numerous times already with him hitting some easy $XXX days! Just look below: As of right now, he’s transitioning to Taboola. The problem? After fixing tracking issues, his campaigns have been getting disapproved. What’s the next step? >> Sub right here and wait for updates <<

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Make $ With $3/Day campaigns

October 07, 2020

Make $ With $3/Day campaigns @twinaxe launched these beginner series to show you how to build-up your first stable profits without losing too much and moving forward in small (but steady) steps. Here’s the gist of the guide: “I´d like to tell you a bit about good approaches that are not too complicated so that they can also be implemented by beginners about how to start, make first profits and the use all the stuff you learn along the way to scale the profits. It´s not about specific campaigns or so, it´s rather about things like: Smart planning Competitive advantage as a newbie Bulding a winning mentality to keep you hungry Working towards success not failure Thinking longterm” A good way to have more ‘yay’ than ‘nay’ moments, @twinaxe advises, is to break your big goal into several small goals. Like aiming for $3/day campaigns. Build those mini-campaigns up and you can get to $1350/month, easily covering your AM expenses. >> See the entire work plan right here, go go go << [SPONSORED] Turn Your Landers into Cash Cows Hey there! We bet you’re still looking for new methods to make more money on your offers. is the right place to come in order to increase your revenue. Here you can do extra monetization of your landing page with push subscriptions. This method doesn’t disturb your conversion flow. The user not only completes a targeted action on your page but also subscribes to push notifications, bringing you extra money. Quick steps to start earning more: Register in Put our Smart Tag on your landing page (any vertical, any offer). Drive traffic to your landing page as usual and additionally collect push subscribers and be paid for each subscriber. Profit! No matter the vertical is, you can additionally monetize your landing page. Now, the most interesting part — MONEY! Top CPS (costs per 1 subscription) rates* for mobile: New Zealand — $110 Australia — $90 Canada — $74 United States — $64 Japan — $60 Top CPS (costs per 1 subscription) rates* for desktop: New Zealand — $102.8 United Kingdom — $100 Canada — $100 United States — $98.8 Australia — $82 *Please, pay attention. The rates above are for the 1000 subscriptions, they are default and may vary depending on traffic quality, volumes, and few more parameters JOIN PROPUSH Here is the instruction on how to start working with us and here is the interview with affiliate marketer about monetization traffic with push subscriptions. What Was YOUR First Successful Landing Page? @plutus asks STMer a few top-notch questions: “What was your first successful landing page that brought you profits? 💵 Was that expected or just happened after extensive testing? 😎❓🤔 What was your thought process before launching a winner for testing? Quality over quantity? Or maybe other way around? 🙃 What was the vertical?” You can see some of our mods’ very first landers, such as @twinaxe’s untracked lander. Or how simply @matuloo got his first successful dating landing pages to make profits. >> Landing page secrets revealed inside, go now << Vortex’s 40-day Tutorial > Day 3-8: Setting up Links for Haka (FunnelFlux Amy just recently posted a massive tutorial on how to setup offer links for Haka using FunnelFlux. As part of the legendary 40-day tutorial. This tutorial is divided into 2 parts. The ACTION part (meaning the part where you take action…) 1) How to pick a GEO to target 2) How to setup the affiliate network on FunnelFlux Pro (including the postback) 3) Picking Haka offers to test The EXPLANATION part (which is the longest, grab some coffee) This covers topics such as why you should ask your affiliate managers for offer recommendations. Detailed overviews of what offer caps, requirements and restrictions are. Why you should choose developing countries and low payout offers. Plus tons more. >> The juicy details, as usual, are inside, go here <<

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