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STM Forum was launched late one night in January 2011 with the goal of providing case studies, guides, high quality information on a variety of topics and to act as a core networking hub for industry veterans.

7 years later we are ​ the authoritative forum on affiliate marketing and our reach continues to expand. We now provide higher education, host conferences and local networking events, and are continuing to improve and expand what the forum offers every affiliate marketer.

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Wild Boar Liquidator Uses Hunting Skills to Tame the Instagram Beast

By Administrator • February 20, 2019

Wild Boar Liquidator Uses Hunting Skills to Tame the Instagram Beast You’ve heard of “wakeboarder” already. In case you haven’t (WTF), go see his profile here: And where he started his wild boar adventures: He started a wildly successful family-owned eCom business and it all grew exponentially after his first follow-along on STM. Now scaling aggressively to every single GEO he can get his hands on. And every once in a while now he posts his “Memo book” of important things he’s learned in the last month. Well this month’s issue is freaking mind-blowing. Wakeboarder has reached the next level. Just during this last month he’s built an uber-engaged Instagram profile with 5,969 followers for just 20 minutes a day of his time. All related to those wild boars of his (or rather, the hunting niche) The engagement rate alone is over 25%. The tips, apps, tricks and technologies in this thread is something we simply cannot reveal. You have to seem them for yourself. There’s also stuff on doing organic lead-gen with an affiliate-based, but heavily modified, lander. There’s the “IG tool of the month”, “IG Tip of the month”, other sneaky eCom tricks, using advertorials to promote your eCom products, retargeting and pixel tricks, call centers and the list just keeps going on and on. What a monster of a thread. Grab a shotgun and go hunt some STM golden nuggets How Would an Aussie Affiliate Meet Other Aussie Affiliates in Melbourne? ‘Tis a lonely world out the real world. Much easier to “meet” affliates on STM in our cozy virtual home. It’s convenient too - you can do it in your underpants and at any point in time. Not so much when it comes to meeting people in real life. Or affiliates. Aussie affiliates. In Melbourne. That’s what Mr. Grofit is after and he asked for help. One of our Aussie mods (and most positive people on the planet), Maynzie jumped in alongside STM founders, Affiliate World Conference and networking masters, big affiliates based in affiliate-ridden hubs around the world and they gave out some fantastic tips. Put on your trousers/skirt and get out there Where Do You Get Push Traffic for the Dating Vertical? Another snippet of information you can only find on STM. You shouldn’t just blindly throw in hundreds of potentially lost dollars across dozens of push notification networks and expect to get things to work right off the bat. Instead, just post a thread and ask what all the experienced people are doing. Simple as that. See which push networks are the best for dating offers Mysterious High Quality Push Subscribers and Where to Find Them Same idea as the previous thread. How do you build your own list of high quality push subs? One thing’s for sure - don’t use pop traffic. As for the rest? See for yourself. Go here

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99% of eCommerce People Are Crazy

By Administrator • February 13, 2019

99% of eCommerce People Are Crazy STM member “midsoufi” recently said eCommerce is driving him crazy. He says there’s the 1% who always find profitable products, but he’s always part of the 99% who just can’t get any profits. He tried spying on Amazon, Aliexpress, similar sites, spy tools and everything in between but nothing works. What came after were absolute “must not miss” post from STM veterans and mods. Some of which are hitting 7 figures+ numbers. It’s about angles. It’s about having a different approach. There’s no point in selling what’s hot - others are already way, way ahead of you. You have to know your market, think long-term and everything else falls in place. The hows and juicy details are inside the thread. Learn how you can REALLY make eCommerce work “All Your Clicks Are Belong To Us” STM legend, Matuloo, unravels the mystery of clickloss in excruciating detail. What does clickloss mean? Why does it happen? (there are natural and “bad” clicklosses FYI) What can you do about it? (if anything) What’s considered an acceptable clickloss? And so.much.more. See the definitive click-loss guide here An STM Tom Cruise tackles eCommerce with his deadly affiliate skills Queue Mission Impossible Theme Are affiliate marketing skills transferable to other industries? You bet! They’re transferable to ANY industry out there. If you master the traffic sources, niches and numbers, you can do practically anything. Lead gen? Pay per call? Starting your own agency? Check, check and check. And especially eCommerce. That’s what “kinged” just did in his follow along. He’s transferred his razor sharp affiliate skills to eCommerce and he’s already making waves. He’s even got a complex setup with quizes, funnels and back end. Plan is in place. There’s already more action than Tom Cruise’s insane stunts. What’s left is to optimize and hit profits. Keep an eye out for this one The Dark, Murky Waters of Facebook Audiences and Casino Ever wondered how people get a hold of insanely converting lookalike and retargeting audiences on FB, especially for niches like Casino? Before creating an audience you have to spend $XX-$XXX in video engagement ads. Then you need to answer these 2 questions: What’s your target audience? What’s your monthly budget? Once you have these in place, you take a niche like “online slots” Then you want to come up with 3 or 4 angles of attack in terms of audiences you can target. (STM member “cassshy” lists them all in this thread) Next you hit up the FB Audience Insights tool and that’s where all the magic happens, you get some proper suggestions based on your angle of approach above. Then it’s time to setup a whole bunch of audiences on your LP (ask your AM). And finally launching campaigns in a very specific way, which “cassshy” describes in detail in his thread - literally day by day, budgets, when to cut and optmise and so on. (this is where all the meat of the thread is). We highly recommend you checkout this thread, we just can’t reveal too much. All the juicy details are inside. Facebook Dark Audiences Here

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Here’s How You Can Turn Your Volatile Affiliate Campaigns Into Long-term Assets

By Administrator • February 06, 2019

Here’s How You Can Turn Your Volatile Affiliate Campaigns Into Long-term Assets STM veteran, superaffiliate and one of our most prominent members “vortex” (Amy) reveals her story of the good old SEO days, jumping into paid traffic and AM, and then considering going BACK to SEO after becoming a hyper-successful affiliate to diversify assets and build a long term business. The backstory itself is juicy. So.many.lessons! From the early and easy SEO days, to the ages of Google updates - it has it all. EMD (exact match domains) craze and its death. Penguins, pandas and all sorts of other animals swung down by Google’s mighty hammer. To OMG Machines and Greg Morisson’s guidance and insane SEO success. To adding a cherry on top by combining SEO AND paid traffic. Amy explains how you can reinvest your affiliate profits into outsourcing SEO and skyrocketing your success much faster than usual. It’s a self-reinforcing system that snowballs your profits. There are no catches either, this is a genuine STM recommendation brought forward by numerous requests from other affiliates. Go diversify now! Confused Newbie Starts “FUDDING” and Gets Taught a Lesson In case you didn’t know - “FUDDING”/”FUD”/”To FUD” is the new hip term for fear, uncertainty and doubt originating from the crypto world. All three are painfully familiar emotions in the world of AM too. It’s normal. Everyone goes through this at one point or another of their journey. That’s what Mr. “lukeman” is on about in his thread: “Can someone (especially a newbie) still run whitehat and be profitable?” … “From what I have read, it looks like running whitehat is already at a disadvantage as aggressive/blackhat campaigns have higher conversions than whitehat.” … “I have heard/read of Facebook banning accounts and affiliates having to use multiple/different ones every time” And so on and so forth. Is whitehat REALLY safer? Is blackhat dying? What am I supposed to do?! But watch what happens when all the STM veterans jump in clear all the confusion in just a few long posts. The conclusion is “it depends”, you’ll just have to see for yourself. Stop “fudding” now Follow Along Update: “Newbie” Now Hitting $XXXX/day We spoke about this in a previous newsletter. Newbie (not anymore it seems) “jack_l” just hit $XXXX/day in gross profits. He managed to scale things by being determined and consistent. He says: “I'd say that media-buying is very much like golf- fun, addictive, fulfilling, and EXTRAORDINARILY HUMBLING!” I mean, there’s no need to add anything to this! Go check Jack’s follow along again What Is The Best Platform for Collecting Your Own Push Traffic? STM’s founder Mr Green ask for some insights on the best platforms to collect your own push traffic. Stuff like: STM members jump in, dissect and provide a number of brilliant solutions depending what you need - marketing purposes or creating a platform. Golden nuggets everywhere! See the solutions The Most Professional Interview You’ll Ever See “twinaxe” one of STM’s many successful affiliate gets interviewed by Roman from ZorbasMedia. His interviews are top notch and extremely professional. Unlike anything you’ve ever seen. Even better than most TV interviews out there, seriously. Here’s a snippet from twinaxe’s intro in his thread: “Probably some of you already have seen one or another affiliate interview from Roman (ZorbasMedia). Well, now they caught me as well and I traveled to Russia for an interview about me and my affiliate life. ... But I have to say it was a very big challenge for me to do the trip and the interview. As I said, I usually try to keep in the background so it was a pretty strange feeling for me. Additionally I am somewhat frightened of flying so that was also not that easy for me. Nonetheless I thought it's better to face the challenge and don't run away from it and in the end it was the best decision. I met really wonderful people there, had an amazing time in Russia and already think about going back there. Unluckily in the interview you can't see the whole day and you can't feel the atmosphere but all I can say is that it were few days I will never forget. “ Do yourself a favour and go watch the interview How to Target Video Ads Like a Pro on Youtube The Legendary iAmAttila strikes again! Learn how to target video ads on youtube. We can’t reveal the whole thing but it has to do with stereotypes, lambos, thailand and keywords...and ad groups. See the lesson here

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Non-Techie Newbie Commits with Blood, Sweat and Tears and “Magically” Hits Profits

By Administrator • January 24, 2019

Non-Techie Newbie Commits with Blood, Sweat and Tears and “Magically” Hits Profits “Bossbigpaws” is not a technical person and started his follow along as a complete AM newbie. He “magically” got to see green ROIs. Magically committed and worked his ass off. Magically tested 20-30 offers per week. Magically applied common sense and reason. Magically started tying all the dots together and seeing the big picture. Magically received constructive criticism and guidance from STM mods. It’s all magic! (For the unaware, that’s all sarcasm above. As it has been proven countless times on STM, it just takes action and hard work to get AM to work) Go see how people magically make money in AM Oh look! Another profitable newbie - you think this is magic too? Or coincidence? Nope. It’s hard work, commitment and action. This guy followed Amy’s brilliant 40-day tutorial (which is being updated for 2019 as we speak). And he found success. Notice a trend here? Almost every single newsletter we’ve got newbies hitting profits thanks to STM. You connect the rest of the dots. Hard work pays off, see for yourself What the hell happened to Native ads in 2018? Do you know the nitty-gritty details? Do you know what worked and what’s going to keep working in native? Or how about the new trends? There’s a comprehensive native ads report put together by the guys over at called “Native Advertising 2018 - The Year in Review” which they released on STM for free. These guys know what they’re talking about. Better go check the report Superaffiliate starts a native follow along One of the top STM guns, the veteran superaffiliate “thedudeabides” (Kelly Sheffield) just started a new native follow along on Voluum DSP. The idea is he’d teach you how to reach profits as he goes along. The goal is to hit $1000/day - which, by his words, is very doable and quick. The short-term goal is to hit those numbers with multi-GEO ecom offers. The long-term goal is to hit 5-figures a day with the same products on other big native traffic sources - Taboola & Outbrain. Oh...and he’s already profitable. Took him 10 days: Go see Kelly’s progress and learn from the big boys Time Sensitive: Want Chrome Push Subscribers from 200 million clicks/day? STM founder and super-mega-affiliate MrGreen just dropped this. There’s a limited window of opportunity if you want to build up your Chrome push subscriber database. It literally takes a few minutes to setup and tap into 200 million daily clicks. “That traffic is converting like crazy on push subscriber campaigns.” - MrGreen It’s dead simple to setup. But there’s not much time left. Learn how here (Straight) From the Horse's Mouth - Google’s Priceless UX Cheatsheet MrGreen strikes again with an amazing share from Google. This is a comprehensive UX cheatsheet showing you how to do things right if you want your lead gen opt-ins to only go up. Get the UX cheatsheet here The End Times are near for free trial offers - Mastercard drops the hammer Bad news ahead. Mastercard will stop free trials from automatically billing you once they’re over. Does this spell disaster for free trials and how big is the hit going to be? There’s some speculation going on in this thread and you may want to keep an eye on it. There’s also a huge discussion on social media too. STM Mod Matuloo also shared a simple but ingenious solution to the Mastercard problem. Where there’s a will, there’s a way. End the end times here

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Newbie hits $XXX,XXX/month (that’s 6 figures per month) in 10 Months with Facebook + Shopify

By Administrator • January 16, 2019

Newbie hits $XXX,XXX/month (that’s 6 figures per month) in 10 Months with Facebook + Shopify This specific post of “cawovt”’s where he posts his breathtaking update also drops some invaluable bullet points. The key takeaways are you should have a team, a single focus, building a brand, thinking in terms of niches and some some juicy details about creatives, offers and angles which you should read here Newbie is scared and thinks AM doesn’t work in 2019 - STM mod Vortex jumps in with a 1728-word essay and proves them wrong Fear is widespread in this industry. You keep reading and reading, doubt sets in, then this doubt turns into fear and you give up before you’ve even started. That’s what STM newbie “lukeman” just went through. “There’s too much competition!” “Some verticals are booming, others are not! I don’t know what works.” “Things have changed a lot since I read your What’s working in 2018 guide.” Adapt or die. Or get a 1728-word reply (basically an essay) from our veteran super affiliate, Vortex! This is what Vortex mentions in there: “It is still 100% possible for newbies to make good money from paid traffic. …. There will ALWAYS be people that will say "XYZ is dead" or "XYZ is saturated". I've been hearing that said about so many areas of online marketing, ever since I entered the online marketing world full-time back in 2006. 13 years later, there are still people making a fortune in many different areas. As to which type of traffic you should focus on - below are some options...” There are details on pops, push traffic, native, Facebook, eCommerce, paid search, list building and a lot of common sense. Do yourself a favor and read the rest of the post...especially if you’re a newbie 510,435 emails with 42.16% open rate - WTAFF’s founder Manu drops some diamonds That’s five hundred and ten thousand emails plus. You betcha there’d be lessons to be learned from that. And Manu delivered as promised. Says he “learned a thing or two”, ha! Do you know how excruciatingly painful it is to come up with a mobile ready email design? Manu’s says it like it is and he’s about to follow up with a brand new thread tailed specifically to crafting pristine email templates without any hiccups. Have you heard of DKIM, DMARC or SPF? You should have, because they’re extremely important for email deliverability. Manu also explains how to stop your messages from being clipped in Gmail. And how to test your emails before sending them (he gets 85-95% score with this app) And that’s just a tiny portion of the shiny diamond. Go get blinded by a shiny diamond Wild boars and straight-to-the-point facts Do you remember the wildly successful “wakeboarder” (Tim) and his pet project “The Wild Boar Liquidator” raking in insane amounts of cash in insane amounts of time? (no puns intended here btw) You better! Because he’s back. And he brings FACTS he’s learned during the past month of running and scaling his successful business. There’s: - Google ads (Google Ads Editor, Mobile apps, retargeting) - Automation (Instagram, wisdom, gathering feedback and a book recommendation on Amazon) - Ecom (Payment methods and what FB groups to join, emails, processes and outsourcing) Straight.up.facts! Get the facts here Is Christmas really over? The stats disagree STM mod Stickupkid shares some stats of his, proving Christmas angles and offers can work waaay after the holidays. Always be testing! Get the stats here A new year gift for STMers - free landing page protection script STM member “eurosen” decided to celebrate the new year by giving us a fancy-pants, difficult to detect landing page protection script. No more prying eyes on your landers. You can get the script here 8 Angles an hour (plus a shower) iAmAttila strikes yet again! This time he tells you how to come up with 8 angles in less than an hour. Features. Fears. Benefits. Scenarios. Limited time. And a shower. (details inside) Go make some angles $200 on...Apple products MrGreen, one of STM’s founders leaks an interesting concept. An ecommerce casino. There are some people out there raking in the dough with this stuff. You’ve heard of Fortnite. And possibly Overwatch. And their loot boxes making them billions of dollars. This is similar. Basically mystery boxes but with a pretty brilliant twist. Huge opportunity with this right now. Better go check it while it’s still not under gambling laws. Place your ecom bets here

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Profitable Newbie Hits 300% ROI in 4 Weeks with Sweeps and Pops

By Administrator • January 16, 2019

Profitable Newbie Hits 300% ROIs in 4 Weeks with Sweeps and Pops Newbie Tey’s been able to get profitable in just short 4 weeks with sweeps and pop traffic with some help from STM members and moderators. He’s a web developer by trade who decided to take the plunge and start taking action. Considers himself an “advanced noob” as he’s a web developer by trade, and this definitely helps as he can clean up landers and sort out servers, trackers and domains with ease, but he doesn’t have ANY prior AM usual it paid off, and it’s going to keep paying off. His follow along is super detailed and organised, go check it out right now! SEO Expert Turns Newbie with Paid Traffic and Hits Profits STM user “patrickpeak” is an SEO pro who decided to give paid traffic a shot. His follow along turned out to be a success with his most recent report hitting stable XX/day profits, with the usual STM mods and members guidance. Standard procedure and, as expected, great results. Coincidence? Nope, action and STM are the answer. See patrickpeak’s successful follow along here STM Mod Erik Starts an Epic (and Profitable) Follow Along (80% ROI on Push Traffic) This is how follow alongs are done by our STM veterans! It took Erik just 4 short days to get profitable, and it’s been an amazing journey. It’s true that push traffic is the new pops. Erik’s running casino, sweeps and finance offers and writing down every.single.detail! After a little bit of optimization, adding in landers, chopping placements left and right he was able to get some of the offers profitable. A super high quality follow along you just can’t afford to miss. P.S. Each of Erik’s updates contain a Q&A section with priceless golden nuggets (speaking of golden nuggets, see below...) Time for an epic follow along, clicky here… Push traffic is the new Pops! Mr Braun drops the hammer STM Mod Mr. Braun strikes again! This time with an extremely detailed guide on running AV offers on push traffic. “Therefore AV - one of the best verticals in Push for me now. You can do even 1000%+ ROI with good offers and creatives!” - Mr Braun Networks, offers, GEOs, landers, creatives, live campaigns and 11 priceless tips all packed up and ready to devour. Go ye here! Breaking News! Gold Found in eCommerce Follow Along This one you’ll just have to see for yourself. An STM member drops in an eCom follow along and draws out his FB eCom testing method that got him to 5 figures a day profit...These golden nuggets appear in almost every thread you set your eyes on and they’re invaluable. Go dig some gold 8 Tips To Increase Your Shopify Store’s Conversion Rates by iAmAttila iAmAttila with yet another mighty thread with helpful tips and tricks to increase your store’s conversion rates. Photos, conversion copywriting, spying, graphics - it’s got all the bells and whistles. Go check it out You have no idea how important an FB page is for your campaigns in 2019 Things have changed again, and they’ll keep on changing. You have to adapt or die. Having an empty, meaningless, untrustworthy, 0 value page on Facebook is going to spell disaster. In this specific post, Mr Baffoe (owner of tracking software Prosper202) shares what you HAVE to do in order to stay alive on Facebook. Check his tips here (page likes, engagement, page age, feedback score and more) The Big Bad Bully Strikes Again - RIP Back button scripts Mr. Google Chrome strikes again and this time it ain’t pretty. To quote (and our very own “thedudeabides” mod): “A future version of the Google Chrome browser will clamp down on websites that engage in a little monkey business when it comes to the ‘back’ button. The firm is working on a tool that would prevent websites resisting the back button’s traditional functionality in order to prevent users from leaving the site, in a tactic Google calls “history manipulation.” “History manipulation” - if only… Read the rest of the bad news right here

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1 Epic Follow Along + 1 Newbie + 5 Figures Profit + Priceless Native Traffic Tips

By Administrator • December 20, 2018

1 Epic Follow Along + 1 Newbie + 5 Figures Profit + Priceless Native Traffic Tips STMer Jack is killing it on native! Ever since he started a follow along he's made well over 5 figures running native, but he's also dropping insider info in each of his posts. "At this point I’ve started around 70 campaigns, and I am absolutely, unequivocally ADDICTED to native ads. I absolutely love everything about them." - Jack You MUST check out this one post in particular where he lays out the golden nuggets: Whether you should run "raw" or brands and whitelists Which GEOs worked for him Traffic sources Should you save widgets? Niche down? The what/where/hows for newbies, should you use Adplexity?' Seriously, there's too much stuff to list here, go click the link below and check it out: Jack's epic follow along (must see) Lookalike audiences from a ROAS-positive seed audience or no? "Dose a seed audience have to have a positive ROAS for you to consider making a LLA from it?" - one member asks, dozens reply. The answer is conclusive, but there are lots of other details revealed. Another must read. Go check it out, as usual the info is priceless. Affiliate marketing is dead! Is payout the only "competitive advantage" still left? When someone doesn't see a way out, others see countless opportunities. Just as it happened in this thread. One man's trash is another man's all about it here. STM Magic! Tey165(newbie)reachers profits in just 4 weeks This is one well organised and detailed follow along. Super motivating. This is what happens when people take action...go ye here. Lone wolf process and routine struggles This guy's making good money, but his disorganised approach is stopping him from reaching $XXXX/day campaigns so he asked for advice...and boy did he get some. Moderator Maynzie (most positive person on STM) jumped in with a big post, along with others. Just click here to learn how to improve your processes.

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I want to lie down and cry! 10+ Campaigns with 0 Conversions - Are the end times near?

By Administrator • December 12, 2018

I want to lie down and cry! 10+ Campaigns with 0 Conversions - Are the end times near? A member is about to throw in the towel on paid traffic, but as a last resort decided to ask for some actionable advice on "what's working" right now. What follows are replies from experienced affiliates with decades of combined experience explaining how things really work if you're on the verge of quitting. 10 Campaigns and 0 conversions later and you give up...what? If you're a newbie still struggling to make your first conversion or to reach your first profitable campaign, you'll find enough advice and motivation from this thread to keep you going. Persistence and determination will prevail! Fight or flight? See for yourself 3 Steps to Fix Disapproved Facebook Ads Is Facebook disapproving your ads and giving ambiguous reasons? Never fear - use this 3-step process (step 1 has 4 sub-steps) of elimination technique to find out EXACTLY why your ad was disapproved, then fix it and resubmit to get it approved! Selling to Germany? New Law in Effect Jan 1st 2019. Are you going to be the scapegoat? If you sell physical products to Germany - even if only online and low-scale - you need to deal with this immediately! As member pekadis puts it: "What usually happens with these things is that they find a few scapegoats that are made an example of what happens in case of non-compliance to scare everyone else into complying." Don't end up being one of them! Looking for scapegoats, resistance is futile. Better read this... Creatives for Male Enhancement - Should you do them dirty or clean? Matuloo, vortex and other members jump in to help. Lots of amazing advice on banners, landers, targeting, traffic sources, and angles. A must-read if you're thinking of breaking into this vertical. How many enhancement pills does it take to screw in a lightbulb? Click to find out!

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