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SINCE 2011

STM Forum was launched late one night in January 2011 with the goal of providing case studies, guides, high quality information on a variety of topics and to act as a core networking hub for industry veterans.

7 years later we are ​ the authoritative forum on affiliate marketing and our reach continues to expand. We now provide higher education, host conferences and local networking events, and are continuing to improve and expand what the forum offers every affiliate marketer.

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Newbie "Failures Of the Galaxy" You Should Avoid

By Administrator • February 21, 2018

Newbie "Failures Of the Galaxy" Summary Some advice from member stickupkid to newbie affiliates on how to avoid failing at affiliate marketing. A Simple Way to Detect Bot Traffic in Voluum Member platinum presents an ingenius way of using Voluum to detect bot traffic, that requires no additional scripts or additional redirects. Even Rob Gryn is impressed! What to Do As a Beginner? New member zyggmunt asks for recommendations on which type of paid traffic to start with, and the community chimes in with solid advice - comparing different traffic types, and also suggesting types of offers that can be run on Facebook. Zero to $20k/day! Facebook + Nutra Member alexenns goes into detail on how he targets an unusual demographic in the weightloss niche to reach green. Lots of gold nuggets including targeting and angles. Vortex Gives Advice to Question: When to Move from Pop to FB/Native? In spite of increasing competition, pop traffic remains the easiest traffic type to learn, compared to most others. However, the potential for profits tends to be greater for other traffic types. Thus, it is advised for newbies to start with pop, then expand to other traffic types - such as Native, Facebook, or Adwords. But exactly when should one start moving away from pop? This post answers this exact question. 300+ Free Images for Nutra, Download Now! Running weightloss on Native? Member khzidan has generously shared some images you may find useful.

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STM Pays Tribute to Hugh "Caurmen" Hancock

By Administrator • February 14, 2018

In Memory of "Caurmen" "For those of you who aren’t aware, last night STM’s most loved and helpful member “Caurmen” passed away. He can be directly credited to launching 100s if not 1000s of affiliate marketers careers. He allowed many to reach financial freedom so they could lead lives they dreamed of. He was the master behind the biggest guides here. He would take time to answer anyone that came to him for help online and offline. We lost one of the best. One that will never be forgotten. R.I.P Caurmen. We have so much love for you." If you're having conversion trouble, check your language! Caurmen's last valuable contribution to STM - where he explained the importance of using correct grammar in your ad copy. The Most Important Element to Profit on Native - Filtering. "The only way to ensure you don't over spend and waste your budget is to filter away the non-buyers within your AD itself. The best way to do that is to CALL OUT YOUR AUDIENCE within the ad itself." Help a Newbie to Increase My CTR & CR in My Campaigns The STM community chimes in on one of the most frequently-asked questions. How to Get More Productive and Launch More (Successful) Campaigns? A slew of productivity hacks from the veterans. Optimization Process & When and How to Optimize? How much to spend on testing? What to cut first and when? And more. Pay Per Sale vs Pay Per Lead, Which is More Profitable? Matuloo drops gold on some payment models he's experienced the most success with.

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Crypto Strategies And Billions Of Dollars

By Administrator • January 30, 2018

My Journey From Affiliate Marketer to Trying to Build a Billion Dollar Business "Based on a popular interview I did with Attila a while back, I just finished writing the full story from my beginnings with affiliate marketing and building my first startup, up until today. I touch upon how I managed to move on from affiliate marketing (it's not easy), to delegating, hiring and I talk about the darker side of things." Performance marketing strategies & know-how to make millions with crypto "During the last months I’ve been been breathing, dreaming and pooping crypto. My last objective has been to find out the best, most optimized, investing strategy that can give me the highest returns, with the lesser amount of work and dedication, and assuming the lowest possible risk. So this post has 2 objectives: 1. Send my thoughts and findings to public revision, as I would love to have your feedback and corrections to keep optimizing the strategy, and 2. I hope this text can be helpful to people starting. " $3.5k budget, eager to learn, seeking advice on right direction Vortex writes the DEFINITIVE guide to the current question of the day: should you start with pops or FB in 2018? PSA: Remember to hit "Thanks" on great STM posts! "Just a quick reminder for everyone: if you see a useful post on STM, short or long, take a moment to hit the "Thanks" button at the bottom-right of the post. It's the green thumbs-up button. " Critical question about ecommerce Why would people buy from your store when they could buy from Aliexpress direct? The STM community answers that question in full. Google February 2018: Whats allowed vs. Whats not "The following ad types are classified by the Coalition for Better Ads – and hence by Google – as “falling beneath a threshold of consumer acceptability”." Tutorial How to Make Banners in Photoshop for Complete Newbies From the archives: Vortex's amazing guide to banner ad creation for newbies.

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Moscow Affiliate Conference! Adwords & FB Changes!

By Administrator • January 23, 2018

Moscow affiliate conference 2018 is coming! "What can you expect from MAC & Party 2018? First of all, the attendees from over the world: well-known companies, super-affiliates, whose approaches to business are many different. Moscow Affiliate Conference by Leadbit & STM is able to engage any kinds of guests, providing a scale of the event organization. Greatest networking is promised!" Don't Forget To Retarget for Bonus $$$! "I was having a discussion on the STM mod Slack the other day, and the topic of "what things don't affiliates do enough?" came up. All the usual suspects were mentioned - email lists, split-test more, and so on. But there was one thing in particular that we agreed where affiliates, particularly newer affiliates, tend to leave piles of money on the table: Retargeting." Circumventing Systems/November Policy Update "So, as a lot of Adwords publishers are aware, they did a pretty big update in November that has been knocking off affiliates left and right. I believe that (at least) some of the update has actually not been announced in writing. " An Interview From AW Asia 2017 With Andrew Payne "Andrew tells us about what motivated him to write his guides, coming back to affiliate marketing after a long break, mixing performance marketing with traditional brand advertising and his first time in Bangkok." An Interview From AW Asia 2017 With Matej "matuloo" Cechvala "The legendary matuloo tells us about how it feels to be in the affiliate industry for longer than some community members have been alive and what are the trends for 2018." Worth it going direct with nutra straightsale adv? STM's Matuloo offers hard-won advice on dealing directly with advertisers. Facebook Newsfeed Change - thoughts? The STM community debates the recent FB newsfeed change and what it means for affiliates. Need help scaling.. Need help with TrafficJunkie campaigns? Matuloo drops some knowledge bombs. Why Do You Need A CDN? Why should you use a CDN for your campaigns? A quick guide.

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STM London Meetup 5th Feb!

By Administrator • January 15, 2018

STM London Meetup: 5th Feb! "Join us for quality networking, amazing atmosphere, and last but certainly not least, a value packed panel on "The State Of Facebook Ads in 2018"" Review (1) Year Of Native Stats [Top Ads 2017, Top Networks 2017, List of Top Referrers ] "I believe I'm not the only one to think that 2017 was an important year for Native advertising in general. It was the year during which Native Ads went viral and everyone tried to jump on the running train and a seat." Tutorial Using Shopify With Conventional Affiliate Tracking (S2S / Postback) "Want fully-automated conversion tracking from Shopify to your affiliate tracker? Read this." Can I Make 1 Million Dollars With Crypto? Let's Find Out! An STMer sets out on an epic cryptocurrency journey - and sparks off a fascinating discussion of crypto trading amongst experienced STMers. Review POP Traffic: 45+ Billion Visits in Just 365 Days! "But, what happened during 2017? Which countries had the hottest converting traffic? Who supplied affiliate marketers with good converting offers? What about traffic sources? What traffic volumes did they serve and from which publishers? To better answer these questions, let’s get into a detailed review based on the information we found on two of the top rated Ad Intelligence platforms in the affiliate industry – Adplexity Mobile and SimilarWeb." That Feeling of Printing Money - 1100% ROI "I don't know what kind of business can give you ROI in a day like this, selling drugs?" If You Fail To Plan You Plan To Fail. What Is Your Ultimate Goal/Vision for 2018? "What are your goals for this year and how bad do you want it? How much are you willing to stake on it? And what resolve have you put in place to achieve your goals? How serious are you?" Need Advice for my targeting approaches Vortex offers advice on how to start narrowing down the dizzying array of choices AM offers you. Guide: When Campaign Performance Dives "For pop camps, when a profitable campaign suddenly stops being profitable, it's usually due to either the OFFER or the TRAFFIC." Top 10 Geopolitical Risks for 2018 "As globe-trotting, digital-nomadding affiliates, we're more able to adjust and react to world events than most. And that means it's a good idea for us to be aware of them. "

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Festive Tips From STM!

By Administrator • December 29, 2017

Spent $10k last Christmas to gain affiliates. $280k return so far "Although I received 1 response from the candy canes, the cowboy hats brought in about 50% response rate, all positive. People love cowboy hats and this was the best conversation starter ever, some people even requested I send more for their team members!" A Popads campaign suddenly stop converting completely, possible cause? "Pop camps will die for no reason - it's very frustrating, but is normal (and unfortunately, increasingly so....) Try these: 1)Do a bot test to see if the placements that were converting well before, now has large percentages of bot traffic. 2)Set up a duplicate camp..." Why is first conversion the most important "Many guys don't realize, there is less difference in making 1k a day and 10k a day than is there from making 0 to making 100 bucks a day." Postback tracking shopify "Below is a starter for 10 that you can use for simple server-to-server (s2s) conversion tracking. I've tested it with voluum and it works." How To Find This Thread? A quick guide to finding things in STM's massive archives. A Killer FB Marketing Technique: Manychat Contests "It's working incredibly well on Amazon, and it costs almost nothing to give away 5 units in return for several hundred people on your list." The Explanation For Bitcoin In 2017 "The gross gambling market yield in 2016 was 450 billion U.S. dollars, under very tightly regulated conditions. Bitcoin just blew that market wide open." The Future of Native Media Buying Rob Gryn, founder of Voluum, recommends some resources on bot detection and prevention.

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Lessons from $1bn Ad Spend

By Administrator • December 19, 2017

The Future of Native Media Buying "I thought I would share what I’ve learned over the last 2.5 years since I made the decision to build Voluum DSP. To give you some background on the ‘market research’ that led to the decision to build a DSP: a few years ago I had one of our devs pull a report to see how much ad spend we were tracking in Voluum TRK and to my astonishment it was close to $1 billion." AWA 2017 is over and it was AMAZING!!! :) "Let me post some pics to refresh everyone's memories And please, in case you got some good ones yourself, post them here, to show those who didn't attend, why they shouldn't make the same mistake again " Facebook Scaling Mastery - Turn Your Affiliate Career Into a REAL Business! "If you really want to make money, no matter what traffic source you are using, you need to know how to scale! Having a one or two profitable campaigns is not enough, you need to have deep understanding of the scaling process." Facebook to Launch More BMs per Account "You now have option for more than two BMs within one Facebook!" 2017 ... what a year ... slime beats bitcoin! "Every single one of these has been used as an offer or an angle for affiliates to make lots of money this year." I get blocked on Facebook when I promote sweeps offers using AdsBridge. Why? "You get the clicks from FB Ad manager to the prelander, you get the clicks/conversions from prelander to campaign from network/advertiser/adsbridge dashboard." Case Study $9000+ in 4 Days with Email Marketing on Black Friday "Email marketing is dead. You'll hear this every time whenever you start thinking about starting an email marketing campaign. Even I read this on many blogs and forums. But something which intrigued me was my own behaviour." What to do on facebook? AWA left me more clueless than before STM's experts de-confuse the issue. Black or white hat? What vertical? And more.

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Simple Campaign => $150k Rev

By Administrator • December 05, 2017

Case Study Turkey: Simple offers + Simple LP + Popular sources = $150k rev. "Today I want to show you my results with Turkey. It's a very good GEO for POP traffic..." Introducing the STM Levels and Points System "As you must have noticed, over the past few weeks, select forum members have been assigned STM badges that say "LVL 10" or "LVL 9" or "LVL 8" on them. Today we have rolled out these badges to the rest of the community. In this post I'll explain how the system works." eCommerce Cookbook - Other PAID Traffic Sources For eCommerce "And so, we've come to the end of the Cookbook! In this last section, we'll look at the big, bold world out there beyond Facebook for traffic generation." Segmentation using Psychographics "Not sure exactly how you're intending to apply this because lots of affiliates are using psychographics in different ways, but since this is in the copywriting section, I'll put in my two cents. " The biggest FB Mistakes "If I were to choose my biggest ever mistakes for FB ads, that is..." How To Set A Goal: Specifics "Like the fact that you want to buy your mom a house, but as far as goals go, as it is now, this is difficult to quantify. So, you need to define your goal better, check what you need to do and then see if it would work. Example..." Traveling while logging into Business Manager Some tips on how to travel and not get your account blocked. Tips For An Unsuccessful Campaign An experienced affiliate gives a newbie tons of tips on what to do NEXT after their first campaign. Comment management Should you hide comments or not? FBQueen gives her take. How relevant are the guides from 2016-2015-2014? "The fundamentals in AM remain the same, for many many years. I'm in the game for 20 years already and I can confirm that many techniques and approaches that we started with, are still valid to date." Newbie going to AWA BKK. How Can I make deals? "Just a few general tips from my end ... 1. It doesn't cost any money to ask, so ask as much questions as you can. 2..."

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