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STM Forum was launched late one night in January 2011 with the goal of providing case studies, guides, high quality information on a variety of topics and to act as a core networking hub for industry veterans.

7 years later we are ​ the authoritative forum on affiliate marketing and our reach continues to expand. We now provide higher education, host conferences and local networking events, and are continuing to improve and expand what the forum offers every affiliate marketer.

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[SPOONFEEDING] Here’s Your Free Converting Campaign

April 07, 2021

Here’s Your Free Campaign - Lazy Neo Spoonfeeding STMers “Yes, it´s definitely converting.” - @twinaxe Basically, 2-3 things: Lazy Neo is once again spoon-feeding you a free, working, converting, live, campaign. It’s even better than the last one. Yer stupid if ye don’t run this ASAP. Yet another campaign guide (meaning it has a live, working offer) this time with a cherry on top. But first, what’s the offer type? It’s finance surveys and yes, not only do you get the exact network but the exact offer ID too. Finance surveys are literally a buncha questions and then you get a conversion trigger. That’s it. And you get the creatives. And the copy. And the targeting. All you need to know to run this offer. While we’re at it, he might as well jump in and set up your campaigns for ye... What’s the cherry on top? You get Lazy Neo’s fancy, hi-tech auto-translating lander in a cozy .zip file ready to plug’n’play. “What makes the LP so special is that it the language is dynamic and it autotranslates based on the browser language of the user so you can use the same LP for many different geos without changing anything. The offer page itself is available in EN, ES, PT, ID, TH, IT, DE, FR, NL, PH, VN, MY, RU and ARABIC so I prepared the landing page with all of these languages.” It literally does not get any easier than this and I don’t know how long this spoonfeedin’s gonna last. Once again, this is free money. Nobody does this anywhere else on the web. Launch this campaign now. Yer welcome. >> Go get your free campaign right now << [SPONSORED] Samaritan Gives Away Brand New Tesla! THE PROBLEM: It’s no secret - running paid traffic has gotten hard. Whether it be Native, Pop, Facebook, Google, GDN, or Email. Long gone are the days of launching easy campaigns to rein in the big bucks, without losing sleep or pulling your hair out. Prices for accounts have gone up. Nobody ever really knows which aff tools really work, or which forum really holds the answers you need to achieve success. THE SOLUTION? We at Supreme Media are constantly working our Supreme butts off, to figure out the answer to ONE question: “What Do Our Partners Need?” Is it: Affiliate tools? Access to informative affiliate forums? Spy tools? Sources of discounted traffic? Hybrid payout deals? Help with ad accounts? No matter what you may need, we “Affiliate Samaritans” at Supreme Media have got you covered! As Andy Dufresne said to Ellis Boyd in The Shawshank Redemption, “I understand you're a man who knows how to get things.” Consider us your very own Ellis Boyd! Having trouble launching campaigns? Not sure which creatives to use? Hit us up, have a chat with one of our knowledgeable Supreme Affiliate Managers, and we’ll get you on the road to success. THE GOOD NEWS: Supreme Media is giving away a brand new Tesla to their affiliates! Sign Up Now with Supreme Media and send 500 FTD’s in the month of April to win your brand new Tesla! (Stay tuned for Supreme Media’s latest promos, best converting weekly GEO’s and much more! Follow them on the Supreme Media Facebook Page.) @jaybot’s New Native Loss Pr0n Are you following @jaybot’s latest ad-venture - a native follow along? Hop in to enjoy these sweet early tears of red stats. “That being said... that first one at the top is an offer I just started this morning. -30% off the bat looks purdy promising to me. And that was with all my camps getting hit with a bunch of new (crap) sites at the same time (hence all the overspending). I think I shall drop everything else for now and focus just on that one. Oh. Also. I've successfully converted my first ** pill and several solar leads. So I'm not a complete retard. I just need to tighten up and stop blowing money on dumb tests.” Looks like it ain’t gonna be red for long. Only time will tell... >> Subscribe to jaybot here and while yer at it throw a few dollarydoos at him for the entertainment << Building a Digital Product Website that earns USD 10K Monthly @pwekkwong and co are building long term bay-bayh. You start to see such follow-alongs show up here and there. People are slowly but surely transitioning to building longer-term assets and are testing many a new water. ‘Tis a lovely sight to behold. But it ain’t without its trials and tribulations. These guys’ digital product store’s launch has been delayed. Such projects take time to launch – this ain’t a 3-question lander that has been ripped and passed along from affiliate to affiliate for the past 10,000 generations. But once it takes off, it’s yours. It’s all yours. The clients, the databases, the products (hell, the entire product’s yours), even the traffic. The community. The backend revenue. The complete freedom from Zuckerbook and any-other-book bans. And so on. >> Go ye here and keep a close eye <<

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💀 Affiliate Marketing Dies Again 🤔Check Out Adsterra CPA

April 01, 2021

💀 Affiliate Marketing Dies Again Basically, this post by Charles Ngo sent shivers down an innocent newbie’s spine: And there ye have our thread - “affiliate marketing is dead”...again. But ye can’t run shady stuff that easily anymore! But ye can’t throw in 2 “CLICK HERE” landers, 3 offers and wake up to $1k+ profits the next day on an unoptimized campaign. But Facebook’s so trigger happy how do I run my shitty diet ads??? And the list goes on and on. Basically, go watch this video by Jesus himself, Topher from GiddyUp: Here’s a yours-truly summary in a nutshell: It ain’t as easy no mo (which is great, less competition) It’s huge-er than ever (go see Jesus’ video) Way more opportunities than before It has changed, is changing, and this is great AM keeps dying every year since ‘98 Scared newbies Drooling veterans Plus, basically, every AM veteran joined in on the thread to clear things up – always an amusing read. >> Rest in Peace Again AM - Clickie Here << [SPONSORED] Tired of Testing Offers? Check Out Adsterra CPA! Adsterra ad network (est. 2013; 18K direct publishers) has launched its CPA network for pro affiliates. If you're tired of weeding out poor offers to look for the diamonds, Adsterra CPA is your first choice. Let's list some benefits: Offers have already been battle-tested and proven to convert You get ONLY direct offers from reputable advertisers Access private offers with bumped payouts Your personal account manager & their A-class support are at your service What you get after registration: Multiple payment methods Regular payments and minimum hold Organized and detailed stats Postbacks, backlinks, and more no-traffic-loss tools. Just pick any offer and see your profits soar! Thirsty for details? Join our Telegram: What To Run on Outbrain @sportex needs offers to run on Outbrain. And @jack_l, @platinum and others turned this thread into so much more. Native Traffic Gold Inside, Go How Do I Track My Own Lead Gen Offers? Thinking of tracking your own lead gen offers? There are a few options inside. Even more show up if you use STM’s search bar. >> Track here << Alibaba + Shipbob? “Hi all, As I'm exploring the dropshipping world I stumbled upon an interesting product. While I can dropship the product from Aliexpress for $16 per unit with 4 weeks shipping time, there is a more attractive alternative. If I buy 300 units from Alibaba it will cost me around $2.70 per piece. Including the cost from Shipbob & shipping, it will total around $11 per unit. This will not only increase my margin but also allow me to offer faster shipping from the US. Is this too simplistic and am I missing something? Otherwise, this seems like a far better alternative than dropshipping via Aliexpress.” Is this guy on the right track? >> Find out inside, my friend <<

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💰 $1847.50 Rev @ 39% ROI 🌟 Get $50+ FREE from TrafficStars

March 24, 2021

💰 $1847.50 Rev @ 39% ROI A mega-simple case study shared by @calipso showing you how to run PIN submits on popunders. And no, popunders ain’t dead. On the contrary, muy friend. Offers, GEOs and landers generously provided by his affiliate manager. Mainstream traffic CPMs at $0.95. Targeted 2 carriers on Android. Quick Stats, took a couple of days to get here, easy money: Revenue: $1847.50 Costs: $1327.707 Profit: $519.79 ROI: 39% A quick pro-tip summary from @calipso himself: Prelanders are the key CRs You need whitelists (as he put it, the bigger your whitelist, the louder the ring of coins in yer pocket...wise words) The size of carriers matters The size of your balls matters too because you needn’t be afraid to test The offer, lander and TS settings are in-side. Oh and btw, he didn’t even use a tracker. >> Go get this juicy case study << [SPONSORED] Get $50+ FREE from TrafficStars! TrafficStars is a premium self-serve ad network with high-quality adult traffic. It serves more than 3 billion ad impressions per day on our Exclusive Publisher xHamster and Premium Publishers such as PornHub, Spankbang, Sex .Com, GotPorn and many more. TrafficStars offers: Worldwide desktop, tablet and mobile traffic. Top 10 GEOs: US, DE, UK, FR, IN, JP, IT, BR, CA, ES. Expert support Dedicated Account managers assigned to each account CPC, CPM and DCPM pricing models Various Ad Formats: Banners, Native, Video, Push, Popunder, Full Page Interstitial Targeting options By Country, Region, Sites and Ad spots, Language, Category, OS, Device, Browser, Carrier, IP Range, Keywords, > Retargeting, Look-alike audience, Frequency capping, Dayparting Special Offer for STM subscribers! 🔥 Bonus on the first Deposit! For deposits up to $500, get $50 extra. For deposits over $500, get 10% extra! Use Promo code: TSSTM21 After creating an account tell your manager promo code and receive a 10% Bonus! >> Go ahead and sign up! << Free Profitable Campaign: Lazy Neo Wants to Give You Free Money Basically, if ye don’t jump on this right now I’ll call you dumb. And then I’ll jump in instead. Seriously. Lazy Neo is handing you, the newbie, a proven, tested, money-making offer. Let me repeat that - a money-making offer working right now. In other words, an offer that is bringing in Benjamins right now. He has tested it and it converts, oh it converts every few seconds: Payout: $0.30 Traffic: Propeller Ads Push Creatives used: 1 Landing Page: Slot Machine Cost: $88.637 Revenue: $198.30 Profit: $109.66 Why is he doing that? Here’s why: “the offer is so good that I maxed out the total cap for the offer very fast and now I have to wait for the quality check. Then I thought "Why not share it with the homies" “My cap for the offer was $150 and it only took few hours to reach it.” You get: The exact offer Pro-tips on exactly how to run it and how many campaigns to set up The creative Practically spoonfed a winning campaign Why we don’t see all the newbies sinking their teeth in ASAP is beyond me. It literally never gets any better than this. You get a bib put on and then a campaign is pretty much set up for you. Go NOW or I will. >> Go Get This FREE Campaign FFS <<

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🍳 Angle Brewing Secrets Inside

March 17, 2021

🍳 Angle Brewing Secrets Inside Ever wondered how STM legends craft angles? Yer in luck my friend. When it comes to landers and angles, @vortex reveals what has worked way too well in the past and will keep on working in the future. Learn how to apply psychological triggers to all your landers through web elements or copy. (all of these have already been discovered, it’s only a matter of how you choose to implement). Oh, how ‘bout using sweeps landers not only for iPhones, but mobile content instead? (example lander showed) Or how to take things a step further – putting angles...on the angles. >> Absorb Angles HERE << [SPONSORED] Money Strategy For Sweepstakes CC Submit Sweeps offers are EVERYWHERE, and you have a limited budget. So how do you know which ones to test? Here’s a quick and easy strategy you can follow TODAY to tap into the gold... 1)Focus on CC Submit Offers. Why CC submits? Two reasons: Higher payouts = potential for higher profit margins CC submits aren’t strict on quality, which means you can run as aggressively as your traffic sources allow! 2)Run with the Right Network. All networks carry sweeps offers. But only one network is 100% laser-focused on CC Submit offers. Seriously - CC Subs is ALL they’ve been doing - since 2017. They have great relationships with the best advertisers, have exclusive offers, and pay fast. The network is Other reasons for choosing LetsCPA: High-converting offers in 40+ goes Best fit for SMS, FB, pop, push and email traffic Fast payments - even DAILY for trusted pubs! *Special promo if you sign up through this newsletter. Within the first 2 months after you sign up, LetsCPA will add a generous bonus of $1k for every $10k revenue generated on any offers. Promo valid for 30 days. BONUS: Secret Trick Few Affiliates Know Did you know: Many CC Submit offers allow form prefills? This means you can collect user info on YOUR OWN prelander, then pass this data via link parameters to the offer page when you redirect the user… And voilà - the form fields would be filled in - you're getting the same conversion rate - while building a FREE list at the same time - to monetize however you want, forever! >> Sign Up to LetsCPA Right Now << Something we knew already; We Can Track mentions STM as #1 source for affiliates Affiliate marketing tracking solution We Can Track has listed the greatest sources of information for affiliates that will boost your chances for success massively: “Others can teach you to avoid the wrong choices and mistakes they made.” And by no surprise STM Forum is listed as #1 source for affiliates. Legendary Pro-Tip Re Mobile Content Speaking of angles, legendary @matuloo unveils one pro-tip that may change the way you promote mobile content offers...forever. Just sayin... And no, we can’t let this out anywhere near free-looting non-STM peasants. >> Ye’ll just have to see for yourself here << Unusual Follow-Along Launched – Is This a New Trend? What every YouTuber, every filmmaker, every freelancer, every sound guy, every small agency, and every marketer at some point in their career need are: - Film FX - Sound FX - Paper FX - All the FX What this STMer set off to do is give tools to the gold-diggers and he started a follow-along documenting his entire journey. A graphic designer/filmmaker by trade, he started an ecom store selling digital products. A marketplace, if ye may. This is one smart way ye can bring in more dollarydoos than ye know what to do with. The launch date? April 1, 2021 (getting close!). Yes, the store link’s revealed inside. Yes, they even have a pitch deck. Will they launch in time? >> Get the how, what, when where and why right here <<

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👉 Did You Get The What’s Working in Affiliate Marketing 2021 Report?

March 10, 2021

[Did You Get The Report?] What’s Working in Affiliate Marketing 2021 It went live just this last week and people are going crazy for this report. In case you missed it: The What’s Working in Affiliate Marketing 2021 Report is up for grabs. 300+ Pages LITTERED with gold nuggets from the very best experts across many – the world’s best affiliates, ecommerce experts, SEO experts, traffic networks, affiliate networks and spy tools. All in one massive birdseye view of what’s currently hot and what to expect in 2021. Don’t you dare enter 2021 without having gone through every single page of this sacred yearly report. Be sure to read @matuloo’s comprehensive summary. P.S. Yes the report is completely free - this is the way. >> GO GET THE REPORT ASAP << [SPONSORED] Gotzha’s 5th birthday brings hot new offers for us all to unwrap Gotzha is celebrating its 5th birthday with a rebrand, new in-house offers and powerful ambitions for its next chapter of growth. The performance marketing agency has unveiled a modern new look and redefined its strategy. An expanded network and fresh in-house offers are in the pipeline – starting with new offers in three hot verticals CC submit, VOD and VPN that you can start promoting now. CC submit sweepstakes has always been Gotzha’s strength, and these new offers are just the beginning of the network’s efforts to expand its range of high-performing products. What do you get with these offers? Stellar performance. We’re seeing thousands of daily conversions in 50+ goes. Tailored landing pages. We can deliver custom landers to you in just a few days. “We’re stepping into our sixth year with renewed conviction about who we are, what we stand for and what our ambitions are for the future,” said sales lead Stijn. “In an industry that’s known to be volatile, we want to help people make income that’s sustainable and reliable. And we’ve got the knowledge, the network and the technology to do this on a much greater scale than we did when we started out five years ago.” To get your hands on Gotzha’s new in-house offers or find out more about the new brand, visit And if you’re ready to smash your growth targets with customized deals and exclusive earning opportunities, sign up as a publisher or advertiser today. Is @jaybot’s Legendary Follow Along Coming to a Halt? Or would this merely be a brand-spanking-new beginning? These last few weeks Mr. @jaybot has been brining in decent chunks of green Benjamins. “A solid $924 Green for last week. Slightly less than last week, but I kind of expected that. Nice to see more green in the tracker tho.“ If there’s one STM follow along and pop/push journey ye should re-read at least 500 times – it’s this one baby. Now, STM street-rumour has it that he, the Jaybot himself, may or may not be considering starting a native follow along. …”This upcoming week... you are in for a treat “ - @jaybot Ye better stay tuned for this. P.S. Caution: Inside ye’ll find some love sparks between Lazy Neo (@twinaxe) and @jaybot. >> Tension building inside << Is it Too Late to Start AM? This is a question that pops up every year. Lazy Neo has heard it for his entire 15+ year career. Since ye-olde 2005. And it has been asked again. While the landscape changes, the market can only get bigger. Ring any bells? >> So what do ye think the answer is? See here. <<

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⤵ [Download Now] What’s Working in Affiliate Marketing 2021 🎉 The Supreme Spring Surprise

March 03, 2021

[Download Now] What’s Working in Affiliate Marketing 2021 It’s here. It’s HERE! It’s live and it’s piping hot. The What’s Working in Affiliate Marketing 2021 Report is up for grabs. 300+ Pages LITTERED with gold nuggets from the very best experts across many – the world’s best affiliates, ecommerce experts, SEO experts, traffic networks, affiliate networks and spy tools. All in one massive birdseye view of what’s currently hot and what to expect in 2021. Don’t you dare enter 2021 without having gone through every single page of this sacred yearly report. Be sure to read @matuloo’s comprehensive summary. P.S. Yes the report is completely free - this is the way. >> Go get the report asap << The Supreme Spring Surprise (1) Sponsors If you’ve heard about Supreme Media (and we’re pretty sure you have). Then you’ll know they love a good sponsorship. They’re everywhere. In fact they are even sponsoring the upcoming Hookah Event by Conversion Club this week on the 5th in Kiev, Ukraine. As well as the upcoming “Extreme Event” also in Kiev on 20.04.2021. If you’re looking for sponsors and think you’d like the chance to work with them then make sure you get in touch. (2) Supreme Media are going “LIVE”. Supreme Media are joining forces with Attila Odree of iAmAffiliate. They will be launching their brand new podcast later this month and it’s going to be full of tips, advice, news, and all things Affiliation. Make sure you’re following them on Facebook to keep up with upcoming events. (3) HOT HOT HOT Title: The Supreme Affiliate Bundle That’s right Supreme Media have put together the official “Newbie Promo Bundle” Just for you newbies. What Can You expect? This Promo will include the following Traffic Source - Zeropark - 10% extra credits. Spy Tool - Visto - 50% off sign up : Promocode: Accounts - Farmer Jack - Discounted Accounts Available Tracker - RedTrack - 25% during first three months Contact A Supreme Media Affiliate Manager Today To Hear More (4) Enter Spring with New Tesla Supreme Media are giving away a brand new Tesla to their affiliates. If you’re not already, then Sign Up Now with Supreme Media now and send 500 FTD’s in the month of April to win your brand new Tesla. Is it OK to RIP someone’s landing page? Ever wondered whether ripping landers is OK? I mean, we have all been ripping each other for about over 15+ years. Would it ever be a problem? @jack_l explains that the world of copyright is somewhat ambiguous at best and explains what’s OK todo and (more importantly) what isn’t. Plus one STMer by the name of @bhal07 has a funny highly relevant story... >> More here << 1 Postback + 3 Trackers Possible? Is it possible to use 1 postback with 3 different trackers? After all, affiliate networks can only add 1 postback. So ye might think there’s no way in hell yer ever going to do this, right? Well, you’re wrong. Dead wrong. STM wizards have just revealed not 1 but 4 different ways this can be done. Here’s OP’s reaction: “I can't believe this problem could be solved in 4 different ways already lol (...) while a few days ago I was stuck.” >> Don’t believe me? Go see for yourself <<

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❤️‍🔥 These Native Offers Are Crushing It

February 24, 2021

❤️‍🔥 These Native Offers Are Crushing It @jack_l reveals the exact offer he’s crushing on native right now. Plus 6 more you should definitely try. The list includes a bunch from Clickbooth, an AV offer (legit one, mind you), a low-payout dating offer and search arbitrage all thanks to TheOptimizer’s integration with a particular network and @platinum for stirring up the arbitrage fires. >> GO SEE THE OFFERS NOW << [SPONSORED] RUNative - Number One Push Traffic Source for Crypto offers RUNative is the number one Push Traffic Source for Crypto - the hottest vertical around! With Bitcoin reaching new peaks, it is the best time to invest in Crypto offers! RUNative offers huge volumes of high-quality Push traffic that guarantees only the highest payouts on Crypto offers! Target over 1 billion users daily! If you are searching for new ways of boosting your revenues and leveling up your advertising game, you are in the right place! Here is what we offer to help you reach millions of users daily 👇 Fully self-serving advertising platform High converting Native, Push, Banner, and Video ad formats Best quality traffic for Crypto, Dating, Gaming, Gambling, and Sweeps offers! Lowest deposit required >> Start advertising with a deposit as low as $25! Premium Direct Inventory ...and much more! EXCLUSIVE OFFER FOR STM MEMBERS! Get $200 credit to start advertising with RUNative! Promocode: #STMRunative Scale your campaigns with us! The first 5 users that register to the RUNative platform, with the initial deposit of > $1000, will get a bonus of $200 to launch their campaigns with us! All you need to do is to create an account, send a promo code #STMRunative to your account manager, and launch your campaigns! >> Register here << New: In-Page Push format - reach millions of users across all devices and operating systems, including iOS! Great volumes of high-quality push traffic for your Crypto, Dating, and Gaming offers! >> Create Account << Here’s How STM Braces for iOS14 With iOS14 just around the corner here’s how STMers and trackers are bracing for impact. No one’s particularly worried. (Some trackers having solved potential issues ahead of time, plus tons more existing solutions) >> GO GET IOS14 SOLUTIONS << What Makes a Good Ecommerce Offer? With an affinity for e-commerce what offers do you push? A question many newbies ask. @jack_l strikes again and reveals all the types of ecom offers one can run on Facebook: Direct-response style funnels (this one offer in particular’s doing big numbers) A classic Shopify store that does it right Another classic Shopify crushing it on both Facebook and Youtube Ye also get a list of the top affiliate networks for said offers, enjoy. >> ECOMMERCE OFFERS RIGHT HERE, GO << Steal @twinaxe’s Optimizer Rules @twinaxe reveals the exact campaign optimization rules he uses to bring in big numbers with TheOptimizer And what you should do is go in there and copy them ASAP. >> YOU CAN COPY HERE << STM Gets Some Newbie Love “I'm new here as well and after looking for ways to learn affiliate marketing I gotta say STM is the best group I found. With all the information and discounts for certain services, $100/month price is kinda low. The moderators are great and all the members are extremely helpful as well.” - One happy STMer >> GO GET SOME LOVE <<

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💲 From Follow Along to $2.5M 🔎One Trick to Finding Profitable Campaigns

February 17, 2021

💲 From Follow Along to $2.5M 2 short years ago Mr. @wakeboarder, a.k.a. Tim, a.k.a. Lord of the Boars started a follow along. A few threads, actually, each more invaluable than the next: 🐗Wild Boar Liquidator and Wakeboarder JV 🏄 🚢Wakeboarders' 100-Day Challenge: The Scaleship Project – where he scaled to $XX,XXX/day 👻Warming Up for Q4 With Snapchat Follow Along Wild Boars are Attacking YouTube Ads 🐗 With ever-growing numbers like these: But now, this one is where he returns victorious. (also, look at the URL itself…it ends with ?50000 – coincidence? Methinks not.) Quote from @wakeboarder: “Two years ago I opened a follow along Wild Boar Liquidator & wakeboard JV and at the beginning, I definitely didn’t think the project would become so big. I’m confident to say that Black Fire is one of the fastest, if not the fastest-growing hunting brands in Europe. At the moment we’re doing low-mid six figures a month and I believe this is just the beginning.” The key point here is that he’s still using his deadly affiliate skills to scale way past their competitors. “We’ve managed to get on-board the biggest retailers like Decathlon and other biggest niche-specific retailers. We’re still using my affiliate skillset/mindset to compete against companies that are using traditional approaches (trade fairs, PDF catalogs lol, exclusive distributors, etc) and it looks like we will continue to do so.” - @wakeboarder In the numbers: 8 full-time employees (5 production line workers, 3 management) 3 part-time employees 6 total products B2B vs B2C revenue ratio = 62% vs 38% 80% of revenue comes from 2 countries 6% of total What’s even better is this isn’t just a success story thread. Oh no – inside, as usual, you’ll find golden nuggets. In this thread, Tim shares his 5 tactics that helped grow his brand to over $2.5M in just 2 years. P.S. Make sure you copy-paste his exact cold-email template (post 2) somewhere safe. >> Go here and keep an eye on these wild boars, will ye? << [SPONSORED] One Trick to Finding Profitable Campaigns Start creating campaigns that draw attention. Use what is already working for other affiliates to create your own campaigns that will yield results! AdPlexity is the legendary intelligence tool for tracking the ad campaigns of your competitors in the worldwide market. Thanks to the biggest database, you can see what your rivals are doing and how they're doing it. AdPlexity gives you immediate access to campaigns running on Native, Mobile, Push, Desktop, and Adult traffic. Search, find and copy the winning ads that are striking right now, analyze them, find weak spots, and improve them. Voila, you're the king! AdPlexity allows you: Access real-time data on top trending ads Narrow down your search results by using 10+ filters like dates, GEO, language, aff networks, and traffic sources, and more Search by keywords, URLs, and Publisher’s See entire campaigns: Ads, offers (& affiliate networks), landing pages, traffic sources, placements, etc. Bypass any Cloaker on your competitor’s landing page and see the real money page Find detailed campaign details like ad trends, pre-landers, ongoing and outgoing URLs, top-publishers, and more. Download Landing Pages and Ads in one click Save your time and make more money Crack the affiliate marketing, becoming the one everyone else is trying to imitate! Start creating winning ads and earning money making working campaigns with the #1 intelligence tool AdPlexity! >> Choose your weapon and get a LIFETIME DISCOUNT OF UP TO 30% OFF for BOTH MONTHLY AND ANNUAL Subscription! << @stickupkid Pops Vitamins Make sure you give this one an instant sub. @stickupkid, one of our resident FB expert mods, seems to have an affinity for domain-flipping. “Until I stumbled on (ignore the content/design etc) for a very soft price. After some months of planning to flip it I decided to execute now. There are enough websites with vitamin info, but most websites have a lot of whistles and bells, heavy loading time and bad usability.” ... “I am not going to target the fitness people, I want to educate the majority *which are taking shitty multivitamins daily without knowing what they actually do. Last year the *dutch vitamin market was around 140 million, if I can take 1% profit out of that I am happy.” >> Read more <<

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