This week I tested a new angle. It bombed, was in the red. However I tried to take a positive out of that campaign, I found the lander had a decent CTR. So next I tried the same kind of offer, with the same layout lander, but with a different angle. It destroyed, it turned into a $16,000+ day campaign within two days.

Chapter 1 – “The Awakening”.

Over the past few weeks I have been coaching Team ASP for The F5 Hunger Games. At the start we were discussing angles, I was very surprised to find that not many people put much focus on angles.

What do I mean by a “different angles”?

Lets say you have an iPad giveaway offer, some angles for that are; weekly winner, quiz, survey, or a simple iPad giveaway.

For dating, some angles are; exclusivity, privacy and niche appeal.

Every single offer that uses a pin submit as a form of monetization is leveraging a different angle; ringtones, quizzes, giveaway, battery offer, dating, wallpapers.

The beauty of split testing angles is in most cases you don’t need to redesign a whole new lander around it. You just need to switch up the copy.

Chapter 2 – “Unfashionable”.

After giving feedback to quiet a few campaigns. I’ve noticed some trends. M

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