Need some angles? Well, you’re in the right place.

We all need ’em, and we can never get enough of them. But this tutorial will help your angle shortage out.

Go through each of these steps in order, and by the end, you’ll have at least 21 angles for whatever offer you’re pushing.

Got paper or a text file open? Know what offer you want to go for?

Then let’s GOOOOOOO!

I’m going to follow along with practical examples here to show how each of these processes work. I’ll be using one of the most tired offers out there – PSafe, the Brazilian antivirus. Will this process let me come up with original angles? PLACE BETS NOW!

Note: what I’m coming up with here are rough angle ideas, not polished headlines. As headlines some of them will look pretty clunky, but it’s the core idea I’m looking for.

1) Explain what your product does in the simplest possible terms.

“Install PSafe on your phone to protect it from dangerous, illegal programs.”

2) Choose 2 of its features, and for each feature, explain the benefit. “Padded leather seats” is a feature. “Comfortable for long drives” is a benefit – it’s the positive result of a feature.

Looking at PSafe’s Google Play page, two features it has are real-time protection and speeding your phone up. So, benefits:

Angle #1: “Catch viruses before they have time to do any harm”
Angle #2: “Stop having to wait for your phone to catch up”.

3) Think of 2 groups of people who might use it: “kids bored at school” might be one example for a game, “lonely 40-something divorcee” might be one for a dating site. Write a specific angle targeting just them for each group.

An antivirus could be used by anyone, but two high-risk groups are older people – let’s say men – who don’t understand technology and kids who just install anything without thinking.

For older people, I’ll play on confusion with technology: “Phone behaving strangely? Don’t know what’s going on? You could have a virus – check now free!”
For kids, I’ll play on the parent angle: “Could you have installed a virus on your phone? Fix it quick before your parents find out!”

4) What’s something that people are afraid of that this product could prevent? Write an angle around that.

Sooooo much choice here. “When you bank on your phone could thieves access it? Don’t risk your savings – install an antivirus now.”

5) Pick a superhero. If he or she had to run an affiliate campaign for this product, how would they sell your product?

OK, let’s choose Batman. LOADS of options here – Batman’s all about the technology, so we could sell it on that angle. He’d probably lurk above the city streets and swoop down on people suffering from viruses on their phones – not sure how to work that into an angle but I’m sure it’s doable.

But I think in this case I’m going to go a bit retro ’60s Batman and play on the Bat-Signal. “Has Evil Captured Your Phone? Send Up The P-Signal!” Then I’ll probably draw a stylised version of the PSafe logo and use that.

This is definitely one of the more out there angles – it’ll either work great or not at all. But it’s worth testing, for sure.

6) Come up with two of the worst ideas to sell this product you can. Boring, offensive, stupid, whatever. Find a way to make them – or an idea that riffs off them – a vaguely plausible (doesn’t have to be

good) angle.

I’m good at this one.

“Phone got a virus from a dodgy porn site whilst you were having a wank break in the loos at work? Get PSafe!” Actually, I don’t think that needs any modification

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