One of the most important factors that will decide if your campaign will either make a ton of $$$ or will fail miserably is your angle.

An angle is basically the whole flow that will take a visitor from your banner to the offer and hopefully convert him.

Many affiliates that aren’t very creative sometimes have trouble coming with new ideas. So instead they just try to copy / paste what’s out there and hope for the best.

I’ve seen many guides on how to split test landers, how to optimize but coming up with an angle is something that is not often talked about.

The Offer

It all started when I was trying to promote a mobile offer for Android called CleanMaster.

The offer pays about 55 cents on F5Media at street payout for each android install.

As I always do before investing any time in an offer , I ran a quick $50 direct linked test to see if the offer was converting.

Good news , direct linked with generic banners produced a -55% ROI! This means that with a good angle ( lander + ads ) and a better payout there is room to make it profitable.

The nice thing about this offer is that it’s generic enough to allow you to play with different angles.

Here’s the description on the Google Play Store :

“Trusted by 50 million users and growing, Clean Master is the number 1 powerful memory booster and trash cleaner to increase the speed of your Android device.

Memory Boost/Task Killer – Boosting apps and games speed is much easier with Clean Master.
Clean – Delete those junk files (cache and residual) that take up valuable storage space
Clear – Protect your privacy by deleting personal information like your search and browser history
App Management – Move apps to an SD card, remove pre-installed apps and backup .apk files”

So basically being a cleaner app you can make ads about the phone being infected by a virus , being slow , losing signal etc.

The Process

The way I would have gone abo

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