How I went from $xx,xxx profit per day to $500, then back up to $xx,xxx /day

There’s a saying “if you fall, get up again”.Unfortunately, its easy to say this but way harder to actually do it when all bad happens. I’ve been doing extremely well last few months, constantly pulling in $xx,xxx per day PROFIT.All was going great, and the usual until a traffic source blanked banned all my accounts, […]

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What’s Working In 2016? Traffic Sources And Verticals EXPOSED.

Affiliate Marketing moves fast – like, really fast. What was making fortunes in 2010 will just get your Facebook account banned today. That’s why every year or so we at STM publish a guide to what’s working now – not 3 years ago, not 6 months ago, now. And it’s that time again! I’ve surveyed […]

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Three of my mobile landing page templates for you

Here are three landing page template you can use and customize. I created them when starting out to quickly develop new landers using them as a starting point instead of starting from scratch every time. I’ll also be using them as part of a bigger company internal resources library with the team. Every one of […]

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The World’s First Affiliate Marketing Documentary!

People of STM! I’m excited to announce our latest game changing project that STM has been working on with The Angry Russian, Fernando and the 317 film crew. It’s called “The Angle”. Here is a little teaser: It will be THE World’s First Affiliate Marketing Documentary. The Angle:How a bunch of ballsy 20 year old […]

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[Braindump] 5 Years Worth of Aggregate Affiliate Marketing Notes

Over the years I’ve kept a running log of notes from blogs, forums, or conversations I found useful or wrote to myself. It’s about 70,000 words in a word doc. 9,000 in a Workflowy list. And I’ve distilled the most evergreen among them – about 2400 words – to share with you here, now. (Where […]

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STM London Speeches RELEASED! [VIDEOS]

The STM speaker line-up was no doubt the most experienced line-up in any affiliate event. We apologize for the delay in releasing these hot cakes. To those who missed the meet up consider yourselves lucky! We may not record them in the future . We’ll be releasing these gems over the next month in this […]

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4.49% ctr banner that isn’t a generic download now button

So lately many mobile display sources have really cracked down on the use of generic banners, download now, etc… Everyone knows these get great ctr, so how do you keep your campaigns profitable without them? One way is to focus on the type of app/site that you’re showing your creatives on. For example, weather apps. […]

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Get ALL of STM’s Free Landers Right Here! Dozens Of Landers For Dating, Adult, more

Need a landing page? Here they are. Over the years, STM’s mods and members have shared all kinds of conversion-tested landers in almost every vertical, from dating to car insurance. And I’ve spent the last day or so collecting every single one, checking the links, and making sure everything works. So if you need a […]

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Promo/Sweepstakes Money Money Tips*

Stackdaddies, whats going on?! Busy I bet, but can you believe its already March? Time stands for no man, so you better be working ya lil asses off! If you guys got the email from Stacks the other day, you’ll notice the shoutout to promo/sweepstakes – the ipad iphone giveaway yada yada shit. They have […]

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SO Many Landing Pages; All PSDs and HTML!

Here’s a big collection of landing pages we’ve shared on the forum before! – 90% of the screenshots have either PSDs or the HTML included in the zip file. – If i’ve missed any please post them, or share any of your own your not currently using. I’ll keep this thread with new landing pages […]

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