How I made millions on mobile in 2 yrs using 1 angle [Angle Revealed]

How I made millions on mobile in 2 yrs using 1 angle [Angle Revealed] If I had to sum up how i made millions with mobile, the short answer is perseverance and focusing on my strengths.Don’t waste time with what you don’t know, take what you do know and become the best at it. You: […]

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Stackman’s Guide On His Recent $X,XXX/day 2014 Mobile Campaign.

I’m going to explain why it doesn’t matter if you’re a pro or if you’re brand new, and how it all comes down to testing! Traffic: Mobile After Thailand i got back a little bit hungrier as i always do after work trips. Lately it’s been hungrier to start a mobile team, but i keep […]

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My 2014 Small Success Story After The Vegas Trip :D

So I went to Vegas, met up with a lot of top guys, where most of them are either doing mobile/adult. When I was told about the numbers they did on mobile, it completely blew me away… That’s when I decided to take mobile seriously… Back to Malaysia on the 22nd of Jan (yes I […]

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Create At Least 21 New Angles For Any Offer In Under An Hour

Need some angles? Well, you’re in the right place. We all need ’em, and we can never get enough of them. But this tutorial will help your angle shortage out. Go through each of these steps in order, and by the end, you’ll have at least 21 angles for whatever offer you’re pushing. Got paper […]

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The Perfect Mobile Banner Ad. (Template inside)

This is a little document wrote up that I thought I would share with you guys. I’ve been getting into outsourcing and documenting my tasks. One of them included creating mobile banner ads. I did a study of 50 different popular mobile banner ads. I noted down trends I saw between them so my Philipino […]

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STM Thought Leader: Kokofai (Benjamin Yong)

Hey all! As I mentioned in this thread, we have put together the STM Thought Leader Global Council, where we acknowledge to those STMers who have gone above and beyond their duties! The first STM Thought Leader I would like to introduce to you, is a family favorite. He always has a big smile plastered […]

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How We Turned Our Aff Campaigns Into A Business That Made $15,000,000 In 12 Months.

By sharing this story I’m breaking the one and only rule of the business that I started with my partner. I will explain more later…** But here goes, I’m going to tell you the exact strategy my partner and I used to turn our volatile affiliate campaigns into a solid and stable business that boasted […]

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from 0 to 100k+ profits in 4.5months with 6WAMC + STM london

Hi all,I like to keep a low profile, but since my achievements would not be possible without STM, i thought i would share my story to show people what can still be accomplished in a relatively short period of time with AM. Essentially, i went from knowing literally nothing about AM, tracking, aff networks, media […]

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What’s Working In 2016? Traffic Sources And Verticals EXPOSED.

Affiliate Marketing moves fast – like, really fast. What was making fortunes in 2010 will just get your Facebook account banned today. That’s why every year or so we at STM publish a guide to what’s working now – not 3 years ago, not 6 months ago, now. And it’s that time again! I’ve surveyed […]

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7months ago, STMBKK changed my life forever…..

7 months ago, i was taking a plane flying solo from chiangmai to bangkok. beside me sat a couple, who had issues with their tickets. it’s never in my blood to randomly talk to strangers, but this time i just felt the urge to try, so i started off with a joke about their ticket […]

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