Hey all! As I mentioned in this thread, we have put together the STM Thought Leader Global Council, where we acknowledge to those STMers who have gone above and beyond their duties!

The first STM Thought Leader I would like to introduce to you, is a family favorite. He always has a big smile plastered across his face.

Please welcome Mr Kokofai AKA Benjamin Yong!

Benjamin joined STM back in June 2011. Initially, he was too shy to post anything at all. In fact, instead of posting, he claims to have printed out, and read every single guide that was posted.

It wasn’t until his second month that he started posting. From what I read he seemed like an average, entrepreneurial-minded guy looking to make a little bit of money online. However, his personal circumstances were far from average…

I had absolutely no idea about all the struggles and handicaps he had to overcome to even get to that first month’s membership fee in the first place.

Benjamin had a rough start to life.

His dad abandoned him and his family when Benjamin was just 5 years old. Ever since then, he was raised by just his mum.To make ends meet, his mum had to work 2 jobs, from 9 am until 1am. every single day.16 hours a day, 7 days a week.While his mum was at work, there was no one was around at home to bring up Ben, no one was around to prepare food for him, no one was around to help him with his math homework. He was left to fend for himself.

At the age of 10,

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