By sharing this story I’m breaking the one and only rule of the business that I started with my partner.
I will explain more later…**

But here goes, I’m going to tell you the exact strategy my partner and I used to turn our volatile affiliate campaigns into a solid and stable business that boasted $15,000,000 in revenue in its first year. And what’s even better, we achieved all of this purchasing less than 5% of the traffic ourselves.

Before I dive into that, I want take you back to where it all started.

My partner and I had been working on campaigns successfully for around four years. During that period, Facebook ads tightened up, Adwords tightened up, competition rose, rebills went into a crisis, pin submits got heavily regulated and a batch of affiliate networks went out of business. Our hard fought five-figure-a-day campaigns were murdered overnight. Our unique landing pages and banners were mercilessly ripped. Advertisers and affiliate networks missed their payments. There were just two of us so even when things were going well, we always hit a ceiling.

It was an endless battle. We were cult followers of the

“adapt or die” manta. But it felt like we were building on sand, quick sand.

We did however acquire a unique set of skills during this war against change.

  1. We mastered a wide range of niches (sweepstakes, mobile apps, pin submits, dating and rebills).
  2. We gained experience in a wide range of traffic sources (pops, redirects, media buys, adult, Facebook, Adwords) .
  3. We built up a database of more unique angles and creatives than our any of our affiliate colleagues (every single mobile spy tool has our landers plastered everywhere which we designed from scratch).
  4. And from all of these experiences, we were equipped with a never give up mentality.


So how could we stop merely surviving and start thriving? How could we bring together all we learnt and build something more stable and powerful?

Hire help!Well, at least this is what we thought.We tried hiring help to launch and optimise campaigns but our business changed faster than our junior hires could learn. There were too many moving parts to make our hires effective.Plus the idea of babysitting a team of media buyers didn’t exactly sound like fun.

Wars are not won these days with man power, they are won with technology. So technology we went!

We started plotting our plan for world domination. But there is no point in dominating the world if you don’t have fun while doing so. We wanted to build something with fun/gamification in mind.

Our first plan was to build a platform where we could view all of our campaigns, reports, and creatives in one place.Then we’d be able to optimize with a rev share deal where we’d be paid through the platform.Partners could have their own login and even compete with each other battling to the death (this is where the fun came in). Think of it like the fight club for affiliate marketing**.

The ultimate goal was to build an internally used platform that even our mommas and Granny Jean could start generating revenue within a few minutes.

First step, find a rain man to build the platfor

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