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Q&A Video From Malan

Not sure if everyone saw this..found this on the other forum Great video by Malan about Q&A about AM

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How Do I Set Up My First Campaign?

Before you try to set up your first campaign, make sure that you’ve got everything in place. You will find it hard or impossible to start a campaign if you haven’t done the ground-work first. Check that you’ve gone through: The Most Important Element To Affiliate Marketing Success What Skills Do I Need Before I […]

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YouTube Ads: Could This Work

Hey everyone, I recently came across this video during one of my endless Youtube braindead sessions, and I’m starting to wonder if this could work for the affiliate/CPA industry. Ok for those of you that can’t stand long videos, here are the key takeways: 1) Youtube instream ads (those that you can skip after […]

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First campaign in over 4 years

Hi all, Thanks for taking an interest in my follow along.I started in AM in 2010 but quit when I ran out of money in 2011.I didn’t have much guidance (or persistence, or work ethic) back then so it was like shooting in the dark…blind folded…in a desert..on Mars (although the entire planet is a […]

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When Should I Stop Running A Campaign Or An Offer?

Knowing exactly when to stop running a campaign or an offer can be hard: it’s something that you will get a feel for over your career as an affiliate. Having said that, here are some guidelines for various situations you’ll encounter, whilst you’re developing your own instincts. The Four Key Rules Of Cutting Anything Rule […]

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HOW to Hide/cloak Lander 100% from Aff Network

Guys, i was optimizing an sweep offer named “win iphone 6 US” and my AM told me that use DMR to hide your lander because if publisher will caught your LP then they’ll ban you and you can’t run their offer. so i used voluum double meta refresh option and after few days they caught […]

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Situation Report! We are starting out again and we need guidance to hit X,XXX days

Hi all, Going to try to make this as concise as possible and not too boring, bear with me! I’m sure my story sounds a lot like many of you out there, but I feel like the tide has finally turned! Take a seat by the fire … (for those who want to go straight […]

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How Much Money Do I Need To Start Affiliate Marketing?

You DO need a budget available to you before you start Affiliate Marketing. Virtually no-one makes money straight away with affiliate marketing. You should expect to lose money whilst you are learning. You will spend most of this money on buying traffic for your campaigns, and a small amount of it on buying hosting and […]

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Glossary/Dictionary: Abbreviations and Acronyms in the IM World

I thought making a glossary of common abbreviations and acronyms would be helpful for newbies and people venturing out of their comfort zone. I haven’t thought through this thoroughly so post your own and I’ll continually cleanup the thread to keep things sane. I will add definitions for some things later. One pet peeve of […]

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How Do I Scale To $x,xxx And Beyond?

It’s the final step in affiliate marketing – going from being a “successful” affiliate to a “super” affiliate doing $x,xxx or $xx,xxx a day. So how do you get there? There’s no one path at this point. But here are a few tips, and some more STM guides, gathered from discussions with the many super-affiliates […]

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