I am going to stm london skype group! Sign in!

Yo guys Heres another one of my legendary skype group invites.This time for stm london. If you are going add me on skype so i can add you in or leave your skypeid or pm it (so i can add you in) Skype: attilaodri Order Your Custom $40 Landers – $5 Banners at – www.bannerslanders.comRead […]

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Part 7: Statistical Significance And Picking The Winning Ads

So you’ve started a campaign and you’ve got some data in! It’s time to start optimising your way to profit. But first – how much data is enough? Why You Should Care About “Statistical Significance” If you flip a coin and it comes up “heads”, does that mean the coin will always come up heads? […]

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Part 10. Choosing Ads That Make Money With A Stats Calculator

You’ve probably had your ads running long enough that you’ve got some solid earning data by now: time to cut things down. This is the most reliable way to cut ads, and the last cut you’ll need to make: it determines whether your ad is meeting your earning goals or not. To do this, you’ll […]

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Another Free Landing Page ( PSD + HTML )

Preview: Download: dl.dropbox.com/u/5701400/STM-LP2.zip (Link is offline at the moment – we’re looking into getting it back – Caurmen) Description: Just getting my creative juices going with this one. Kinda different layout, but you never know until you test it ;-). The black part is a image rotator that is preconfigured for 3 different images, you […]

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